Wilderness Aaron Newman, A Respected Writer, Witnesses How A Woman Is Shot And Killed In Bright Daylight, And Goes To The Police He Can Identify The Perpetrator As Adolph Karl, A Brutal Gangster Against Who The Police Have Never Found Any Proof A Few Hours Later Newman Arrives At His Home And Finds His Wife Janet Tied Up In The Bedroom An Unmistakable Threat Newman Withdraws His Statement, But Realizes That, Even If He Keeps Silent, He Is A Constant Danger To Adolph Karl So He Decides To Act Together With His Wife And Chris Hood, A War Veteran, He Plans A Murderous Chase In The Wilderness Of North America

Robert B Parker.Robert Brown Parker was an American crime writer His most famous works were the novels about the private detective Spenser ABC television network developed the television series Spenser For Hire based on the character in the late 1980s a series of TV movies based on the character were also produced His works incorporate encyclopedic knowledge of the Boston metropolitan area Parker was 77 when he died of a heart attack at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts discovered at his desk by his wife Joan, he had been working on a novel The Spenser novels have been cited by critics and bestselling authors such as

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    This is a story of revenge and the quest for justice It s a stand alone novel, the first novel by Mr Parker that does not involve his famous characters Spenser, Jesse Stone or Sunny Randall.This plot evokes the stories of El Leonard in that it is a story of ordinary people trying to extricate themselves from extraordinary situations involving criminals another coincidence is that Mr Parker also started out writing westerns, just like Leonard The idea of justice forms the core of the book When a couple are threatened with death to keep from testifying, and with that threat hanging over their heads indefinitely, and the cops can t help you, well then you gotta do what you gotta do It also entails people looking for inner strength, as husband and wife pit themselves against hardened bad guys in the depths of a forest in Maine At times the writing is weak, and the dialogue can get pretty amateurish, especially between husband and wife, where the word f k is used rather awkwardly I m not sensitive to profanity if it is used believably in the right context, but in these cases it just didn t fit.So while I liked the plot, the writing often faltered.

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    If this had been my first exposure to Robert B Parker s work I would not have read another of his offerings The plot is amateurish, naive simplistic, the characters elicit no empathy nor are they even likeable They react in ways that are improbable from a socio psychological point of view If I had a wife who acted the way this woman did, I d gift wrap her and sent her to the bad guys with a note suggesting they finish the job In real life a Ruger Blackhawk, a bulky, difficult to conceal copy of an old coyboy s gun, would be the least likely choice for a professional killer They are not particularly accurate and are single action they need to be manually re cocked for each shot Robert Parker has never been realistic with regard to weapons and their usage and it remains true in this effort He has a bad guy not being aware that a 1911 Colt Auto was out of ammunition and clicking the trigger trying to fire another round The pistol, like most semi autos, will stop firing with the slide locked open after firing the last round in its magazine Impossible not to know it was empty, and impossible to click it In real life the Police would not rely merely on one witness once aware of the crime they would look for other ways to support a charge In real life a killer facing a death sentence would not assault and threaten the wife of a witness, they would eliminate the witness.None of it is plausible Heroes who cry a lot and are married to cold, self centred bitches don t hold much appeal.

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    4.5 stars I m very stingy with 5 star ratings But WOW What a change from the Spenser, Randall and other series he s written This was written in 1976 from what the hardcover says An independent stand alone novel unlike any of Parker s that I ve ever read BIG on suspense and totally un put downable, right from the get go This is a violent mystery thriller, but not gory It is also a study in human characteristics and relationships The main couple Aaron and Janet Newman actually have a strange relationship as a back story He s a writer, she s an accomplished business woman Aaron runs to keep in shape and one morning on his run he witnesses a murder and identifies the killer to the police When he gets home he finds his naked wife tied up, her lower belly cut superficially with the killers initials, and she s madder than blazes that he wasn t home sooner to untie her She s not scared, she s mad, and an enigma to the reader through out the novel What a strange woman From that point on their lives take a drastic turn in the road, and it takes a journey through The Wilderness to find resolution A truly riveting dilemma Loved it

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    Aaron Newman is a successful novelist who, on an early morning jog, happens to witness a murder When he identifies the suspect, Adolph Karl, to police, he goes home feeling like he s done his duty Except Karl s thugs have already got there first, stripping his wife Janet naked and tying her to the bed, with instructions that he must recant his evidence or worse will happen Humiliated and cowed, Newman does as he s told but then he, Janet and their neighbour Chris Hood decide the only way to really be free of Karl is to kill him.I like Robert B Parker a lot but this is the first non Spenser novel of his I ve read and if I d started here I m not sure what I d have done Newman isn t a likeable character, for the most part and his marriage with Janet is perhaps best described as dysfunctional she likes to control her environment, he loves her than she loves him and they clearly wind each other up Worse, since their love life is in tatters, when he sees her tied up, rape crosses his mind which is very unpleasant and even if it was a product of its time this was published in 1979 it s very jarring The rest of the characters are as well sketched as all Parker s tend to be, from the thwarted man of action Hood to the distinctive and quite scary Karl whilst the best ones, ironically enough, are a very much in love assassin called Steiger and his wife of twenty years Angie The locations are well used Newman lives in Boston and eventually trails Karl to his weekend cabin in the backwoods of Maine and Parker is at home as much as in sleazy city sidestreets as he is in the middle of a forest.Perhaps because he couldn t get away with it in his Spenser novels, Parker seems to revel in his opportunities for swearing and explicit sex here and also ups the ante with the violence, though he uses it superbly when people get killed, that s it, there s no extended death scene, the plug just gets pulled, which is as refreshing as it is unpleasant.If I didn t know Parker from the Spenser novels, I d probably have enjoyed this but Newman remains unlikeable for a long time and his transition from a gym loving writer to a cold blooded killer is quick though not as brisk as Janet s transformation There s also a lot made about him being 46 and not over the hill, which is around about the age Parker was when he wrote this.Well written and briskly paced, this isn t a bad novel at all taking all of the above into account and I d recommend it.

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    I m a little surprised that this book is so highly rated on Goodreads This was my least favorite JBP book that I ve read It was written in the 1970 s, and that ethos is throughout the book Almost all of the characters are jerks There s no one you really pull for The main character is a 40 something year old author who thought about raping his wife when he walks in and finds her bound and gagged Ohhhh kay And his wife can do nothing but belittle him and basically spit on him When they are intimidated by thugs, the local police call him a big wimp because he s scared about the thought of them raping and killing his wife Nice And there s this whole fixation with male bodies throughout Muscles are minutely described through the whole thing Not to mention their sex life that is basically about her unspoken history of sexual trauma There are definitely some cool moments as they chase the bad guys down in the woods And the dialogue is crisp But the only people that are bounded in reality are the killer for hire and his wife And he s gutted for being a good husband.

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    I ordered this by accident, thinking it was an early Spencer Sadly, it wasn t I m not quite sure what it was some kind of thriller, Lord of The Flies type story about man s descent into violence man witnesses murder, man s wife is threatened by mobster, man, wife and psycho friend decide to take matters into their own hands and plot revenge Quite apart from the basic story line, there is some random psychological stuff going on, exploring the relationship between the man and his wife, the psycho friend, relationships between men and women, control issues, etc I really should go and read up on Parker, to see if he was trained in psychology in some way, because these things tend to creep up in his novels.Long story short, I read this expecting Spencer, it wasn t Spencer, I didn t really enjoy it It was like eating grits for the first time I thought they d be sweet, took a mouthful, and actually they were salty almost an out of body experience Not that salty is necessarily bad, but it just wasn t what I was expecting.

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    Reviewing The Robert B Parker Companion, I realized that I had read this book a few years ago The description there is a short synopsis of every book written by Parker not the title reminded me that I had read it.This was before mine and Jeff s effort to read the entire Spenser series so Robert B Parker just didn t click with me at the time If I remember right, my favortie bookseller, Vanessa, suggested it knowing I love mysteries Just see how you like his writing, I m sure she said What a great book it wasand worthy of a re read anytime Knowing so much about Parker and particularly the Spenser series, I can t compare it with anything I ve read of Parker recently, but the plot of the book was outstanding with great solid character descriptions It just enticed me with every page I turned and recall reading it quickly because I had a difficult time putting it down.

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    Robert B Parker is known for his series of mystery novels featuring the wisecracking private detective, Spenser Wilderness , published in 1979, is one of Parker s very few stand alone, non series books It s a straightforward revenge tale told with for Parker an unusual amount of grit and suspense, and a notable absence of humor One of Parker s best, I think.

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    Brilliant, scary, exciting.

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    last 50 pages are the meat

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