The Mindful Child

The Mindful Child The Techniques Of Mindful Awareness Have Helped Millions Of Adults Reduce Stress In Their Lives Now, Children Who Are Under Pressure Than Ever Before Can Learn To Protect Themselves With These Well Established Methods Adapted For Their Ages Based On A Program Affiliated With UCLA, The Mindful Child Is A Groundbreaking Book, The First To Show Parents How To Teach These Transformative Practices To Their ChildrenMindful Awareness Works By Enabling You To Pay Closer Attention To What Is Happening Within You Your Thoughts, Feelings, And Emotions So You Can Better Understand What Is Happening To You The Mindful Child Extends The Vast Benefits Of Mindfulness Training To Children From Four To Eighteen Years Old With Age Appropriate Exercises, Songs, Games, And Fables That Susan Kaiser Greenland Has Developed Over Than A Decade Of Teaching Mindful Awareness To Kids These Fun And Friendly Techniques Build Kids Inner And Outer Awareness And Attention, Which Positively Affects Their Academic Performance As Well As Their Social And Emotional Skills, Such As Making Friends, Being Compassionate And Kind To Others, And Playing Sports, While Also Providing Tools To Manage Stress And To Overcome Specific Challenges Like Insomnia, Overeating, ADHD, Hyper Perfectionism, Anxiety, And Chronic Pain When Children Take A Few Moments Before Responding To Stressful Situations, They Allow Their Own Healthy Inner Compasses To Click In And Guide Them To Become Thoughtful, Resilient, And Empathetic The Step By Step Process Of Mental Training Presented In The Mindful Child Provides Tools From Which All Children And All Families Will Benefit

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Mindful Child book, this is one of the most wanted Susan Kaiser Greenland author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➿ The Mindful Child  By Susan Kaiser Greenland –
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • The Mindful Child
  • Susan Kaiser Greenland
  • English
  • 09 February 2019
  • 9781416583004

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    This is a new topic for me, but I was inspired by a workshop I attended that included mindful practices There s a lot to sink into here and I do believe that it truly works, but I have a hard time convincing myself I can turn this into reality with my own children For example this morning I must have appeared frustrated to my four year old son as I chased his younger brother down to get ready for school He told me, Mom, take a deep breath That s what you tell me to do So I did And it helped Not even an hour later as we drove to school I thought it was worth another shot and so we tried to send wishes out for our upcoming day That same four year old said, I wish we could all pee in our pants all day long It s a work in progress.

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    This is one of those books that will stay on my bookshelf as a reference for a long time I won t go on too long about it, but it, along with many other books I m currently looking at on mindfulness, have really helped shape the way I interact with my own children I don t raise my voice and yell at them from the other room, I go in to them, on their level, and calmly help them resolve issues And, holy moly, it works One recent anecdote my two children were fighting over something we ll call it object A and I went into where they were playing, and very calmly asked my daughter if she d please return it to my son She did, and even hugged him and said, I m sorry Wow Mindfulness is an area of study and a way of life that I am quickly embracing in many ways This particular book was academic than the one I read by Goldie Hawn, and it seemed to have examples and exercises to practice on the road to mindfulness Stress levels are way down in my household Take a look at this one, parents.

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    I definitely learned something from the author describing her experiences working on mindfulness with children, but the book still felt a bit narrow and shallow for the subject.

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    I wanted to read this book because Gabriel was having trouble separating to go to school last year and we wanted as much info as possible to help us out His return to school this fall has been much easier and better for all of us althoughI do anticipate that he will struggle again when he enters kindergarten in a new school come september Anyway, the first half of this book well, maybe first third is pretty good with lots of ideas and such I do have to admit that I slogged through the last part of it and skipped some non essential chapters which I may return to as necessary.

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    There are some good tips in here for incorporating mindfulness training with your kids, but it reads a bit dry and like a reference manual for someone looking to teach a mindfulness class to a group of children rather than parents looking for simple strategies to use with their own children Some of the simple language she uses to speak about breathing and meditation to children is helpful, though.

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    Practical Straightforward and useful for children AND adults.Not all techniques work all the time but the book is full of enough exercises and tips to give you options to try.Easy and quick read.

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    Good book but not for someone starting out on meditation and has no knowledge of it.

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    O livro tem boas t cnicas, e a grande maioria aplic vel tanto com adultos, e suponho que com crian as tamb m Existem alguns conceitos e analogias sobre Aten o Plena que ela explica melhor, em minha opini o, do que alguns outros grandes nomes da rea, como o Siegel e o Kabat Zin Por outro lado, acho que o livro carece de um forte trabalho de edi o Era dif cil saber quando suas anedotas acrescentavam, e o quanto, evolu o do que estava sendo proposto Por vezes, fiquei profundamente entediado, e o ltimo ter o do livro, foi custoso para remar A impress o que tive que a autora deve ser uma excelente instrutora de medita o e estudiosa de Aten o Plena, mas enquanto escritora, na melhor da hip teses, med ocre.

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    General mindfulness explained for children I really found the book wonting in a clearly explained mindfulness based program There s little exercises interspersed throughout but not a straight up program I wanted a Full Catastrophe Living but for kids Book is worth reading if you don t already know the benefits of mindfulness and why those benefits are helpful for children I ve found it much user friendly to subscribe to the Headspace app and am using their kids library with my child.

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    This book explores a wonderful possibility for helping children with a multitude of problems mindfulness It requires a lot of effort, but I am optimistic about the possibilities I have gained from reading this book, but it wasn t quite as helpful as Ms Greenland s other book, about the application of these principles in the form of mindfulness games.

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