I'm Not Cute!

I'm Not Cute!Little Owl Wants To Be Strong, Smart, Brave, Fearsome And NOT Cute But He Is Cute, And No One Can Resist Telling Him So Luckily His Wise Mother Comes Through And Lets Her Little One Know That He Is Everything He Wants To Be, And Just A Little Bit Adorable Too With Appealing Art And A Universal Theme, This Picture Book Is Sure To Delight Young Readers Everywhere

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I'm Not Cute! book, this is one of the most wanted Jonathan Allen author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • I'm Not Cute!
  • Jonathan Allen
  • English
  • 10 June 2019
  • 9780954737382

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    Jonathan Allen has a wonderful knack of hitting the emotional nail on the head with this piece, geared for young readers or those who like to listen attentively While out for a walk, Baby Owl comes across a few friends who cannot help but tell him how cute he seems to be Not wanting the baby attention, Baby Owl retorts that he is NOT cute, but a ferocious beast His anger mounts until Mama Owl agrees with his description as a mean owl, only to have Baby change his tune Much like other little ones, emotions switch at the drop of a hat Neo liked this piece as he readied himself for a day of camp He disagreed that he would ever say one thing and then completely change his mind in a minute And that, my friends, is proof that I have a lawyer on my hands

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    This is an adorable and funny story about a fiercely independent, stubborn, and somewhat indecisive little baby owl who doesn t want everyone to tell him he s cute, but still wants to be cute after all It reminds me of my three year old Our girls enjoyed this one immensely and my three year old read it to herself again after we finished.

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    This is a story about a baby owl who goes for a walk before bed time and is unhappy that everyone he meets thinks that he is cute, rather than the fierce and deadly hunter that he would like to think of himself as It s an entertaining story which works both for children and adults, and the illustrations are perfectly adequate I like the fact that it speaks to what I believe is a universal experience the difference between the way we are seen and the way that we see ourselves something that could be explored further in a class activity It also packs a lot of adjectives many of which are repeated, and could be used in class to introduce descriptive vocabulary, which students could then use in their own creative writing.

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    Owls are fierce and deadly Owls are NOT cute, no matter how cute they are.

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    A baby owl who wants to be seen as a grown up That s why he doesn t want to be called cute.

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    Made me laugh out loud Cute book I m curious to see other books by this author.

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    Now I know I am not cute but the baby owl in Jonathan Allen s splendid and nicely illustrated book is obviously cute The difference is that while I would not mind someone telling me that I was cute, this baby owl hates people telling him that fact Misguided or what I d take it any day of the week However, when the baby owl went exploring in the woods he thought nobody would bother him How wrong he was, first Rabbit came along and told him he was cute and small to which Owl told him, I am a huge and scary hunting machine with great big soft and silent wings Then came Fox and he also told owl that he was cute and that he was so fluffy before giving him a big hug Once again Owl denied being cute and fluffy, this time telling Fox, I am a huge sleek hunting machine with great big see in the dark eyes Squirrel was next with the praise and he told Owl that he was cute and had big baby eyes This time Owl was most upset and stamped his feet as he denied the praise Then along came Owl s Mum and after being asked how he was, Owl replied, It s not fair Rabbit, Fox and Squirrel all say I m cute But I m not To pacify Baby Owl, Mum tells him that he is not cute and repeats what Owl told Rabbit before giving him a big hug aah Owl pondered for a moment and then thought, But I am cute I am I AM Mum decided that Owl was tired and put him to bed and read him a story as he drifted off to sleep Just as he was dozing Mum then told him again that he was cute, adding so as not to upset him, for a huge, scary, sleek, sharp eyed hunting machine, that is And Owl went to sleep happy.A lovely little story that can be told and told over and over now about that cuteness

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    It s about a little owl that wants to explore the woods but is repeatedly disturbed by inhabitants of the forest.The owl is perceived by rabbit, fox and squirrel as a cute, fluffy and adorable owl However, the owl doesn t want to be perceived this way He wants to be seen as a much stronger and a sleek hunting machine He becomes quite frustrated, about how the animals see him and confides in his mother She agrees with him and just then after a thought baby owl switches his mind and instead does want to be a cute and cuddly owl and falls asleep Although this was a fun, simple read and enjoyable to be read to, I couldn t see a particularly exciting storyline, or a particular message conveyed The ending for me was quite quick and somewhat, abrupt In essence, the owl wanting to be something that he wasn t, then suddenly after thinking about it, deciding that he did want to be who he was, and THAT was pretty much it Having said this, it will always be memorable to me and my son enjoyed reading it many many times

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    Excellent story for my little brother We first got it from the library and now it is a firm favourite at bedtime It is short enough to be read several times in succession Chunky pages make it ideal for small children as paper often gets ripped or crumpled It is a very calm and sweet story which is ideal for girls and boys alike It has simple illustrations, only a few characters so it s easy to invent enough character voices , it is easy to add actions, and it bears repeating without being tiresome for me It is a really simple story but well written It would be suitable for reception classes.

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