The Warrior Song of King Gesar

The Warrior Song of King Gesar The Gesar Epic Encompasses A Vast Range Of Ancient Central Asian Cultural And Spiritual Traditions As Its Center, Gesar, King Of Ling, Battles Tirelessly In A World Riven By Greed, Confusion, Fear, And Religious Ambition To Open Pathways To An Enlightened Society The Warrior Song Of King Gesar Follows The Unbroken Heritage Of That Warrior Tradition And Presents The Saga Of Gesar S Life, From The Hardships Of His Youth Through His Great Battles Against The Demonic Enemies Of The Four Directions This Ever Evolving Epic Tradition Continues To Inspire People In Diverse Societies By Showing That, Despite Failures, An Unsparing Spiritual Journey Is Integral To A Secular Life And That, Despite Defeats, Such A Quest Is Inseparable From Working Toward True Social Harmony The Venerable Tulku Thondup S Introduction Is Uniquely Valuable For Its Profound Scholarship And Contains The Only Account In English Of King Gesar S Mind Teachings I Hope That The Wisdom, Imagination, And Humor With Which Douglas Penick Has Conveyed Both Gesar S Story And The Energy Of His Being Will Rouse Unconditional Confidence Throughout The World Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Head Of Shambhala International, Author Of Making The Mind Into An Ally And Ruling Your World The Warrior Song Of King Gesar Maintains Traditional Asian Epic Genres And Conventions While Simultaneously Transforming Them Into A Completely Contemporary Vehicle Of Expression The Book Captures In A Remarkable Way The Nomadic Warrior Traditions From Which Gesar S Inner Life Emerged While Uncovering The Personal Reality Hidden Within Them This Work Then Is Not A Re Telling Of The Gesar Saga, But An Authentic Continuation Of That Tradition Which Thus Becomes Available To Modern Audiences In New And Provocative Ways Kidder Smith, Former Professor Of Chinese History At Bowdoin College, Author Of Articles On The East Asian Classics, Lead Translator In The Denma Translation Group S Sun Tzu S Art Of War Most mythological texts have the problem of being overly verbose especially with names of people that never show up, and repetitive refrains This version of King Gesar s epic has the opposite problem in that the author has overly condensed most of the story into synopsis, leaving only the lyrics of the songs sung in the epic intact which while giving an authentic flair are the parts that are overly repetitive Would rate lower but it s so short that I don t really regret reading it. A beautiful text, concise and to the point The story alternates between the plot and poetic songs sung by the main characters What comes through are insights into Tibetan spiritual beliefs and ideas on consciousness. Kindle version has some problems in the conversion, otherwise a good summary of a much longer epic.

For a long time, I ve been committed to work that might help renew a culture of inwardness, particularly in reflecting on the relationship between society and nature To this end, I worked on Emilio Ambasz visionary Universitas Project at MOMA in NY which explored new alignments within the forces capable of re designing the man made environment I then withdrew from that arena to study, practic

❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Warrior Song of King Gesar ✪ Author Douglas J. Penick –
  • Paperback
  • 172 pages
  • The Warrior Song of King Gesar
  • Douglas J. Penick
  • English
  • 21 August 2019
  • 9781936107070

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