Oh My Gods! (Mythlopedia)

Oh My Gods! (Mythlopedia) The Oh My Gods A Look It Up Guide to the Gods of Mythology is a 128 page book about most of greek gods, like Zeus and Poseidon, Titans, like Cronus, and other creatures, like Pan It includes what their symbols are, some of their fun facts, and information on them It also talks about who their parents, siblings, spouses, filings, offsprings, friends, enemies, and some even who their pets are Included through their description are some stories about them, how they were created, and Also, in the back is a family tree with who created who and who started it all Within the book are lots of pictures, and don t worry about nudity pictures of the gods, because they are all covered up in cartoon swimsuits I really liked this book because I m really interested in greek mythology Soon, I m even going to read the three other books, called What a Beast A Look It Up Guide to Monsters and Mutants of Mythology, She s All That A Look It Up Guide to the Goddesses of Mythology, and All in the Family A Look It Up Guide to the In Laws, Outlaws, and Offspring of Mythology It has also helped me with my world history class because I m learning about greek mythology right now, so it s even a great educational tool I really liked this book, so I would highly suggest for you to read it Love Action, Deception, Romance, Power Struggles, And Mythlopedia Is A Series Where The Superstars Of Greek Myth Meet The Modern Age Complete With Profiles, Headshots, And Family Trees Fascinating Sidebars And Irreverent Surprises, For Readers Ages This a fun, entertaining romp through Greek Mythology It makes learning mythology exciting and humorous for kids and adults alike And you don t have to worry about nude statues and such as all pics of statues that would be otherwise unclothed have boxers or swim trunks or similar attire Highly recommended This was great for what it was If I were an elementary school kid, I would have eaten this up It s humorous, filled with pictures, broken down in an easy to follow fashion, and the book tied it back to how you see it today I m looking forward to the rest of the series This is a fact book on greek mythology, yet it is told in a very modern and colorful way Each god or goddess has their own profile as if they were on social media, and while it is written in a narrative form the facts are accurate and there is an abundance of them I would recommend this book for grades 5 8 as it is a little bit mature information when it comes to stories involving affairs and such This book would be a great read for an individual student, a student s conducting a presentation on mythology, or to conduct a lesson on mythology. ARGH I LOVE THIS BOOKI first read this book in third grade because THE TROJAN WAR and I loved it On Monday I checked it out from the Oswego Library because IT WAS CALLING TO ME and, surprise, I STILL LOVE IT It s just too darn funny If this book was a Try Not To Laugh video, I would fail EVERY TIME I mean, come on If you don t laugh at the God s Status Updates at the beginning of the book, not sure what else to call them , you DON T HAVE A SOUL and YOU BELONG IN TARTARUS If you do happen to go to Tartarus, though, say hi to Cerberus for me A good overview of myth for younger readers, though it watered things down a bit too much for my tastes. I did not like this book It was confusing and organized in what I thought wasn t a good way Some people might like the way that the book was set up in, but it just wasn t the book for me. Super FUNNY D I asked one of the 6th grade library patrons which book on Greek mythology he liked the best He immediately handed me Mythlopedia Oh My Gods I asked him why this book was the best and he said it had EVERYTHING He loves to read fiction based on mythology, such as the Percy Jackson series and this book helps him figure out who all the god and goddess are, how they are related to one another, and how they get along Plus, it was funny and it wasn t boring Not a bad recommendation from a 6th grade boy.Mythlopedia Oh My Gods is a look it up guide to Greek gods and goddess It looks and feels like a DK book there are pictures, charts, images, photos, maps, textboxes all over the place There is different color fonts on each page as well as lots of cartoon drawings of the specific gods and goddesses It s busy, but informative There are different profiles on 17 different gods goddesses from Apollo to Zeus Each section about a specific god or goddess starts with a profile that gives specific information such as a pronunciation guide, Roman name, aliases, generation Titan, Olympian, other , divine powers, attributes, top 10 things to know about him her, and a list of family, friends, and foes From there, the following pages go over details of his her life and the stories that surround him her I can see how Mythlopedia Oh My Gods is appealing to upper elementary and middle school students In 6th grade students study Ancient Rome and Greece and are introduced to Greek mythology Also, there are quite a few popular fantasy series that deal with Greek mythology such as Rick Riordan s Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus series Peter Lerangis Seven Wonders series and Anne Ursu s Cronus Chronicles As students get into these books, having a Mythlopedia to explain who the gods and goddess are is very helpful I think that high schoolers would find this book a bit too juvenile I have to say that I found it clever the way the editors put colorful bikinis on the naked statues, or added other outlandish clothing to famous paintings to cover up nakedness They also put things such as sunglasses and gold chains so that everything looked cool Students don t get embarrassed by naked bodies and librarians and teachers don t have to pull the book because parents are angry.

I ve counted books among my friends for as long as I can remember I was born in Santa Monica, California, though that beautiful city is just one of many places I ve called home my family moved ten times before I graduated from high school Moving so frequently gave me many opportunities to experience new places, meet new people, and make new friends but it could be lonely, too, especially

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  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Oh My Gods! (Mythlopedia)
  • Megan E. Bryant
  • English
  • 07 February 2018
  • 9781606310588

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