Ten What a great little book Not at all what I expected Maya is a soccer crazed 11 yo in Malaysia in 1986 She starts a soccer team at her all girls school and teaches herself to play Her English father and Indian mother announce that they are getting a divorce and Maya hatches a plan to get her father to come back Lots of 1986 World Cup soccer play by play Although soccer is featured prominently, I think the book would appeal to non sports kids too. A girl named Maya likes soccer but, in her town boys play soccer only Are you carrying the ball for your brother What a helpful girl It s mine Oh Yours I thought it was a soccerball It is Oh This quotation is powerful because tit s showing sexism because the aunt is showing that girls are not allowed to play soccer.Maya s parents fight all the time She can t play soccer because she is a girl, and her town girls can t or are not allowed to play soccer, but boys are.Her family is poor,her dad doesn t have a job.At a point it s so difficult Maya s parent break up Dad goes to England to find a job so he can send money.Meanwhile mom is trying to find a job in Malaysia too.Inspirational Because she plays soccer even if she is not allowed to This rule doesn t stop her from being her self Rajiv has soccer coaching and he says other boys schools have it too This text was found in page 22 chapter 5 That the girls don t have a soccer coach or a soccer team Because soccer is not allowed to play soccer because of it s religion.Religion In her religion girls are not allowed to play soccer But boys are allowed and are the only people that can play In Malaysia in 1986, soccer is a boys game This is founded in the book jacket Next to the title.Boys are only allowed to play soccer Because in Malaysia soccer is not a girl sport , or even a thing for girls.Sports This story is a soccer story and soccer is a sport.It talks about Brazilians, would cup and anything related to soccer.Ten a soccer story This the title of the story The captions in the front of the story says My first soccerbal and Me I m going to be a soccer star A sport s fan or a girl.Because Maya is a girl this is a inspirational book for girls And for a soccer fans, this is a book for ya ll. Ten Year Old Maya Lives For Soccer But No One In Her Small Seaside Town In Malaysia Shares Her Obsession Her Brother Prefers Hockey, The Girls At School Think It S A Boys Game, And Her Grandmother Just Wants Her To Be A Good Indian Girl , Even Though With Pale Skin And An English Father She S Already A Disappointment Maya Has Other Problems Too Her Parents Are Constantly Arguing, The New Girl At School Is Getting Everyone In Trouble, And, Worst Of All, Brazil Has Just Lost The World Cup But Maya Is Determined That None Of This Will Stop Her From Becoming A Professional Soccer Player The Only Problem Is She S Never Even Kicked A Ball A story about ten years old girl who loves football I thought she is going to write all about football Instead, she raised up some cultural issues being minority in this country A good book to read to open wide eyes seeing the real Malaysian living in this country. This book called Ten, a soccer story by Shamini Flint one of the best books i have ever read This book is good for people who like soccer and short stories that is about dream finding adventures.This book reminds me of one of my friends it tells a story about a young 12 year old girl named Maya Maya is a big huge fan of soccer and she loves to watch soccer ,she has never actually played in the beginning of the story but toward the ending of the story the she had a chance to play and she won the game, now she has a chance to go to England to watch her favorite team On the other hand her family broke apart and now she was trying to get her dad to come back to the family but it is unsuccessful This genre of the story is realistic fiction and soccer The setting of this story is in Malaysia in 1986 Some of parts of the story maya changes, in the middle of the story maya decided to make a soccer team for her school and she changed her attitude because she did not just want to sit around all day and watch she wanted to play This story is all about Maya and how she trained herself to play soccer and how she loved soccer so much This book describes what maya looks like and a description of her by saying she has brown hair and brown eyes.The main conflict in this story is character vs character because when maya found out her dad is leaving she tries to find a way to bring him back but she had to just except that her dad was not going to come back Another conflict that is in this book is conflict vs society, maya is really into soccer and wants to be on a team except the school does not have one because they consider it a boy sport The theme of this story is that you should never give up on what you want and chase your dreams.The mood of the story varies from happy to sad throughout the story The tone of the story is confident because he is making the character confident.The word choices the author used were pretty good for some sentences, the author had interesting word choice The author did not use have a special writing style because he did not use big actions Overall this author did a tremendous job on this book because he put a lot of good ideas into the book which made it really interesting I did not really like when the author did not put description in some parts and made it a little confusing but after a few times reading it over i understood what he was trying to say I would recommend this book to people like really really like soccer. I had high hopes for this book because there aren t enough good fiction books about soccer The shelves are saturated with books about basketball, football, and baseball Great books mind you, but it would be nice to have on soccer Ten is about Maya, a girl living in Malaysia and obsessed with soccer In Malaysia, girls are expected to be proper, and focus on doing things that will attract a good husband According to her grandmother, soccer is not one of those things Maya doesn t listen After her parents give her a soccer ball for her birthday, she takes it to school, and slowly girls begin joining in Finally they have enough girls to form a team, and Maya gets to experience the excitement and pressure of her first game While this is happening, Maya s parents drop the bomb that they are getting a divorce and her British father is moving back to England Both she and her brother are upset about this, but Maya thinks she has the power to convince her dad to move back.The reason I m giving this book 2 stars is that the content is too dated for such a recent publication date The World Cup players Maya is obsessed with are from the 80s The author should have known to use recent players that kids would know about All the talk about behaving in ways that will attract a man is a turn off, especially for girls who play sports I realize the main character is bucking that norm, but she is definitely holding back in her protest Lastly, the divorce part is over the top It hi jacks too much of the plot There are three messages going on in this book Get a man Save your parent s marriage Play soccer Two negatives One positive Girls aren t going to go for this book. so much to love about this one the protagonist and family, and friends the short chapters and their progression the way you wonder what will happen along various strands even as you are content to just hang out in the company of Maya and learn about her self, her family and her culture the voice and tone of a charming and lively and earnest young person navigating some pretty difficult territory the story doesn t take the easy way out, and it maintains the integrity of the characters whether you care for them or not the balance of optimism and realism Flint covers a lot of ground and neither rushes beyond or lingers too long I adore the use of soccer in similes it is so natural to the voice and it allows for some refreshing new descriptions to situation and expression this is an obvious choice for soccer fans of any age, really , but I would recommend this for book club Flint offers plenty in the way of conversation and while the story shares its thoughts, it doesn t oversimplify or tell the reader how to think about something it just tells a story TEN calls to mind Kate DiCamillo a good thing in characterization and her protagonist s personality, but in the end, TEN feels like a story that only Shamini Flint could tell and I love this feeling the book is that well attuned to teller and reader listener.so effortlessly enjoyable. Flint, Sahmini Ten A Soccer Story, 155 pages Clarion, 2015 6 Language G o swears Mature Content PG mentions of drunk streaking Violence G.Maya is a young soccer fan living in Malaysia with her complicated family She decides its finally time she plays soccer but its easier said than done Not only is it considered a boys sport, but her family isn t exactly made of money and soccer equipment is expensive, adding to the complications is that there are no other girl soccer players or teams But Maya persists, and through some luck ends up with a soccer team and even a tournament to play in This book only slowly ramps up to the soccer portion which may be off putting to soccer fans who are reading it for the sports component It s of a realistic fiction story about a tenacious girl, real life family issues, bullying, and bravery Also its fairly rare to have a diverse character that also features cultural information in seamless way mostly I just see token diverse characters who are either not featured on the cover or are not in touch with their heritage I would add this to my library.EL ADVISABLE Stephanie, Elementary School Librarian Authorhttps kissthebook.blogspot.com 2018 Ten year old Maya lives for soccer But no one in her small seaside town in Malaysia shares her obsession her brother prefers hockey, the girls at school think it s a boys game, and her grandmother just wants her to be a good Indian girl , even though with pale skin and an English father she s already a disappointment Maya has other problems too Her parents are constantly arguing, the new girl at school is getting everyone in trouble, and, worst of all, Brazil has just lost the World Cup But Maya is determined that none of this will stop her from becoming a professional soccer player the only problem is she s never even kicked a ball I read this awhile ago and pasted the review to remind me what it was about I found the novel a little slow to begin with but it is worth persevering. A little book with a big heart about a little girl coming to terms with her parents divorce and her father moving away She finds the strength to deal with the upheaval in her life through her love of football, the camaraderie of her team mates and the support of her family.Set in a small, seaside town in Malaysia and culminating in a denoument at Wembley Stadium, it is a touching, multi cultural story of the universality of human values.

Shamini Flint lives in Singapore with her husband and two children She began her career in law in Malaysia and also worked at an international law firm in Singapore She travelled extensively around Asia for her work, before resigning to be a stay at home mum, writer, part time lecturer and environmental activist, all in an effort to make up for her evil past as a corporate lawyer Shamini write

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