Shadow Hills (Shadow Hills, #1)

Shadow Hills (Shadow Hills, #1)Loved it I would have never guessed that this is Anastasia Hopcus debut novel She is an extraordinary writer Original, addictive and wonderfully descriptive It is a fast paced and gripping read that had me constantly guessing When one mystery was solved another would arise One scene also had my heart pumping and gave me chills I also loved the paranormal element in this story is refreshingly different from other books out there A mix of science, magic and mythology Phe, the main character, is awesome She is a strong character who stood up for herself, never gave up and went looking for the answers she needed Also she had great music taste She is definitely somebody I would want to be friends with Zach is gorgeous, sweet and smart I liked their romance as it didn t overwhelm the story It also had a great mix of supporting characters with Graham, Toy, Brody and Adriana who had me laughing The ending wraps up nicely no cliffhanger , leaving only a few unanswered questions Although, the minute I was finished this I looked up to see if there was going to be a book two and looks like there is a good chance Her website says she can t officially confirm that, but she is working on a little project she likes to call book 2 Yay I need .This would definitely have to be one of the best debuts of 2010 Definitely a book I would recommend So go ahead and read Shadow Hills you know you want to This is a book I have been really excited about, I saw it at BEA and was pining after it but could not manage to get a copy But when I got to ALA and saw it again I was lucky enough to get a copy and I think I even did a little happy dance when I did This is another book that I started and finished in one day, even though it is almost 400 pages, but I am on vacation so reading is taking priority right now One of the things I like about this book is that the paranormal element is not what you think it is There are no vamps or werewolves running around which is a little refreshing Don t get me wrong, I love the vamps and werewolves, but sometimes it is nice to read books that don t have anything to do with either of those species This is that book I was intrigued with the strange town of Shadow Hills and it s residence, but there is also something going on with Phe that you are not quite sure of This added another layer of mystery that I was eager to get to the bottom of.Phe has strange dreams that have a tendency to become part of her reality, and that is not always a good thing The dreams always seem to happen at the same time during the night, which is odd to her, but she is diligently keeping track of the dreams in her sisters old journal to try and decipher them There are so many mysteries shrouding her life and they all begin with the death of her sister Now her sisters journal and Shadow Hills seem to be the only clues she has to discovering the truth behind her dreams.And what good paranormal doesn t have a little romance Enter Zach, a Shadow Hills local, who seems to pop up wherever Phe is There is something not quite right about him and Phe is determined to figure out what it is In the mean time, there is quite a bit of chemistry going on between the two of them They quickly stop avoiding each other and start to explore the spark between them I think my favorite line from Phe to Zach was So don t You will know what I am talking about when you get to that point of the book and I think you will agree with me Either way their attraction is undeniable and it is deliciously fun to watch unfold.Another element I really enjoyed about this book was all the musical references I really like when authors are describing their characters and go into their musical preferences Being a lover of music, I always find it interesting to see what other people are listening too I think it tells youabout who they are and helps shape their character Well, Phe is definitely a music lover, actually there is one point in the book where she says By the time I hit middle school, discovering new bands had become a contest between us By us she means herself and her sister Athena So her musical preferences do not include typical pop music icons, they are bands that may not be as well known, but are sweet, like the Pixies Personally that just makes me like herWhen it comes to music I like finding new bands too and I amof a punk lover myself so Phe gained big points in my book with her taste in music There were quite a few bands in there that I have never heard of so I had to underline them so I can look them up later, which I am excited about.The book does end nicely and you are left satisfied with the information that you have, but there are still numerous questions swimming through my head I am stillthan a little suspicious of some of the remaining characters, but I will just have to keep those thoughts to myself for now I am hoping there is going to be a sequel because I would love to get caught up in this world again Won t you please write a sequel Anastasia Language Love Fear was spreading through my chest like thick creeping ivy.Love it I can feel her fear jumping of the page almost like it is crawling on me too Great sentence. Shadow Hills has been a hotly anticipated 2010 release around the blogosphere, and now I know why Anastasia Hopcus has delivered a great story combining elements of gothic mystery with Greek mythology, shady town secrets, great characters, and one of the hottest YA romances I ve read in a while If you ve been getting a little tired of the same old paranormal romance, then this book is for you I can guarantee you won t have read anything quite like it before I raced through this book in one sitting, and have been totally left wantingI liked the character of Phe right from the start She s come to Shadow Hills to attend Devenish Prep, the subject of her dead sister Athena s last diary entry, and the place that has been haunting her dreams Phe is a great protagonist her character is so well written, and she s very likeable and easy to relate to I also loved the fact that Phe is by no means perfect She s a complex character, who is dealing with a lot of grief, she makes mistakes, likes to party, and takes a lot of risks.One thing I really loved about Shadow Hills is that it has a great cast of characters all round I really love character driven novels, and I often complain when I finish a book and don t feel like I know the characters at all That didn t happen here Even the fringe characters are beautifully described Phe has some great friends, each with their own unique personality and quirks I particularly loved reading about Adriana, who I thought was going to be a stereotypical beautiful mean girl , but turned out to be one of the characters who made me laugh the most, and the opposite to what I was expecting I also loved that the not so nice characters in this book were not just one dimensional, and pure evil Even the ultimate villain of the piece has understandable motivations, while Zach s cousin Trent and sister Corinne are just characters you will love to hate I have to mention the relationship between Phe and Zach These two are instantly drawn to each other, and their romance is hot Phe falls hard for Zach, and he sounds totally dreamy, but I liked the fact that in embarking on this relationship, she didn t ditch her friends like so many other characters in YA fiction And why would she ditch these friends They are awesome I loved that the story of Shadow Hills was completely unique Often when I pick up YA fiction these days, I am just waiting until I encounter a vampire, werewolf, fairy or angel that s all well and good, but sometimes you want something a little different, and that s provided here This was such a refreshing read, with a really interesting storyline that is meticulously researched This book kept me guessing right to the end There are lots of twists and turns along the way, andthan a few surprises Overall, Shadow Hills is a great debut and one of my favourites of 2010 If you re looking for a really great read with lots of mystery, suspense, action and romance, then this one is for you Highly recommended Shadow Hills was so engrossing, I couldn t put it down I found myself almost frantic, needing to know what was going to happen next The story is a compelling mystery with an amazing mix of science and magic I don t think I have ever read a book like this before I loved every scene, no, every single word of this novel I can say, without a doubt, Shadow Hills is going to be one of my top picks of 2010, as it has already been added to my short list of favorite books of all time.After the death of her sister, Phe lost herself While trying to figure out who she is, she s becomingthan she was before It s an enjoyable mix of self discovery and unexpected changes Phe is very likeable She s not the girliest of girls, but you get some great girl talk moments while she s hanging out with Adriana, the princess ey rich girl, and Toy, the techie.Readers will easily find an appealing male character among the boys of Shadow Hills You ve got Graham, the friendly sensitive guy, Zach, the mysterious and kind of edgy guy, Trent, the good looking but obviously bad boy and Brody, the laid back stoner.Phe s dreams play a large part in Shadow Hills I consciously avoid books that have multiple dream scenes because dreams are, by nature, hard to follow and randomly nonsensical Phe s dreams are the complete opposite I couldn t see where they were leading but they made sense and the ties to the story were obvious.Is this the beginning of a series Oh please, let it be so The story is complete, the mystery is solved and everything is resolved, but I do not want to leave the characters Anastasia Hopcus has written a mind blowing debut novel that I loved beyond my wildest dreams If Shadow Hills is any indication, she is going to be a major literary rock star Boarding school has never been as mysterious, thrilling or suspenseful as it is in Shadow Hills. My first review yaay Ok, so I couldn t finish to read the book, I honestly couldn t bring myself to do it I read almost the whole book, I only had a few pages left First of all the Phersephone is stupid, I won t say that she is copletely dumb, but she isnt very smart Second The love between Phe and Zach doesn t touch me at all, it is not convincing, they don t even know each other and they are saying I love you I m not saying that every story that has love at first glance sucks, what I m saying is that the author didn t work it very well Third The story has many flaws It was too superficial, the emotions weren t deep enough, she lost a sister and it didnt move me at all and I m not heartless, I ve cried reading many times, my mom may even think I m crazy because of that haha The author just didn t build it believeble enough Another poit is, even if you are investigating something, you need caution on doing things, you can t just open any door without thinking in the consequences, without having a plan I mean, if you she got caught as she was when she was opening a secret room in the library goodbye investigation, goodbye school, goodbye Zach But that wouldn t happen because EVERYTHING IS TOO EASY there is no complication in this story, everything goes smooth, I mean, all the doors are open for her, i think that in that town thare is no such a thing as a lock, she goes wherever she wants whenever she wants I mean this town has a SECRET, and a school campus full of students that shouldn t know about it, but hey, lets leave the key of a SECRET ROOM, full of SECRET INFORMATION in a public space ok, the key was inside a box with a code, but still, the code was too easy and the box still shouldn t stay in the open where anyone can see, I mean, it is a school full of teenagers who likes to play pranks Another thing, Zach tells her the secret about the town after a few days of him knowing her , breaking the rules, what coud have resulted in his banishment, he tells his sister, untill there no complain but that he told Phe his secret But after that everyone acts like they know she knows, Broody just talks about it with her with no restrains If the council knew Zach told her, he would get punished so I don t think he would go telling everyone that he broke the rules, I mean, they can READ MINDS Oh, another point that i almost forgot, it is not so important but i think it is a little odd it was supposed to be a scientific fiction, the powes they have are a mutation, it is evolution, but then, in the middle of itthere is a goddess It could have worked, but I think how they put it was just weird That is all for now, thank you for reading PS This is just my opinion, each one of us has one, if you liked it, good for you PPS Sorry fr the misspelling, english is not my first language, and how do I add pictures to my comments Shadow Hills is an intriguing mix of Greek mythology, mystery, romance, and a hint of suspense From page one, readers will be sucked in to the captivating world that Hopcus has created It is vibrant, full of life, and descriptions.The premise of Shadow Hills is completely engaging You enter into the novel believing that Phe is mainly wanting to find answers about her sister s life But what you get is so muchThis is really a story within a story And I have to applaud Hopcus for being so through It is rare that I find an author that can so completely give me the back story that I crave And thankfully, she did that and much .This novel is breath of fresh air Hopus writing is so fluid that at times it hardly felt like I was reading While the novel is a little thick at 400 pages, it certainly does not read that way The pages fly by with entertaining characters and a mystery that you will be dying to find the answers to.Shadow Hills is definitely a novel that you will have a personal interaction with You will laugh. you will scream at the characters you will totally love this novel Hopcus is a fantastic addition to the young adult genre And I for one am looking forward to so muchfrom her. After Her Sister Athena S Tragic Death, It S Obvious That Grief Stricken Persephone Phe Archer No Longer Belongs In Los Angeles Hoping To Make Sense Of Her Sister S Sudden Demise And The Cryptic Dreams Following It, Phe Abandons Her Bubbly LA Life To Attend An Uptight East Coast Preparatory School In Shadow Hills, MA A School Which Her Sister Mysteriously Mentioned In Her Last Diary Entry Before She Died Once There, Phe Quickly Realizes That Something Is Deeply Amiss In Her New Town Not Only Does Shadow Hills History Boast An Unexplained Epidemic That Decimated Hundreds Of Its Citizens In The S, But Its Modern Townies Also Seem Eerily Psychic, With The Bizarre Ability To Bend Metal Even Zach The Gorgeous Stranger Phe Meets And Immediately Begins To Lust After Seems As If He Is Hiding Something Serious Phe Is Determined To Get To The Bottom Of It The Longer She Stays There, The She Suspects That Her Sister S Untimely Death And Her Own Destiny Are Intricately Linked To Those Who Reside In Shadow Hills A cutie description Since the death of her sister, Phe has felt empty, aimless, and lost, her world now turned upside down with grief and regret When she starts having strange dreams similar to ones her own sister had suffered from before her death, Phe searches for answers Answers which she believes can be found at Devenish Prep in the small town of Shadow Hills, Massachusetts Little does she know that this small town not only holds the key to her understanding herself and her sister, but it s guarding its own dark and deadly secrets.cutie starts to ramble on about the book I absolutely adored reading this novel Let me splain why 1 The characters are fantastic Phe is feisty and impulsive Brave and fun Witty and sweet Yet, she shows good sense when it is needed Zach is adorable, swoon worthy, smart, yet protective and nommy I definitely am crushing on him hard core Brody, Graham, Toy, and Adriana are a great supporting cast, not to mention, were a pleasure to meet and read about 2 The premise is unique and awesome, in my humble opinion I love the idea of two vastly differing paranormal abilities for lack of a better term melding together in one book It s Greek Mythology meets every SciFi geeks dream come true I found it refreshing and a great twist 3 I enjoyed Ms Hopcus s writing style It was fresh, witty, fast paced, and poetic at times She drew me into the story and demanded my attention Not only that, but her handling of not only two differing paranormal worlds, plus a suspense mystery story, plus a love story, PLUS the musings of a young girl who is trying to deal with the loss of her sister was well done I tip my hat to her.Things I am hoping for That this becomes a series I know right I just totally typed that A few little bitty issues with the book A few of the characters specifically Graham, Toy, and Adriana completely dropped off the face of the planet toward the end of the book It made me sad that they suddenly disappeared from the story Annnnd, where were Phe s parents In all honesty, this was just a question that came to me once I had finished the story I realized that at no point did she have any interaction with her parents Overall, I thought Shadow Hills was fan freaking awesomeness Ms Hopcus has gained a faithful fan, and I will be eagerly awaiting news of the next installment Did I mention Zach is wonderful hm daydreams End ramble. My Thoughts The back story of Shadow Hills is so deep and well developed that you can t help but suspect everyone right off the bat, even though you re not sure what exactly you are suspecting them of The first chapter is a fabulous opening It s informative, visual, and suspenseful You get a small dose of everything the book has to offer.The characters all have a unique personality that doesn t get lost, no matter how many twists and turns Anastasia puts them through Phe is ballsy and headstrong She s not afraid to speak her mind but she also knows when to shut up Graham, one of the first characters we meet, is funny and charming with a rich and refreshing vocabulary He creates diversity amongst the group of teens because he does not act like an adolescent when the others do The familial relationship between Zach and Corinne is intense and electrifying Some of the characters, like Phe and Adriana, are polar opposites, but Anastasia makes their friendship seem easy and natural.The interwoven Greek mythology is fascinating, even to someone like me, who isn t familiar with the particular myth or it s background Anastasia s research, both into the mythology and the spurts of biology throughout the book, is in depth and interesting without being overly informational.This book will constantly have you on the edge of your seat and screaming DON T GO IN THERE I was constantly thinking about how stupid Phe was being, not in the you re really dumb kind of stupid, but the horror movie I know you have to but why kind of stupid I don t think the story would have worked without some of the stupid decisions Phe made And, boy oh boy, can Anastasia write one heck of a horror scene I could see every bit of it and it had my skin crawling This was the kind of scene that gives me chills just thinking about it I commend Anastasia on her ability to use comic relief when a scene got too heavy It was nothing that ruined the mood, but when a particular scene was feeling bogged down, it was easily rectified by one character s actions or a bit of dialogue.The Verdict A fabulous mix of suspense, horror, mythology, and comedy, Shadow Hills is a fabulous read for fans of any genre. There is always a set amount of mystery and suspense when it comes to pretty much any, if not all, paranormal books that I ve read, but Shadow Hills really tops it off in the what the hell is going on category This book left me guessing through out the entire story and I couldn t for the life of me guess what the paranormal element could have been, that s pretty impressive when a book can keep me on my toes like this, so needless to say, I had a lot of fun with this book.Phe is a very likable character, invasive, smart and can totally handle her own I like the fire in her.Zach is such a sweetie Together they have some great electric chemistry that really sparks Overall I really loved this one and can t wait for the sequel since there were some unanswered questions that lingered, but I m glad that it didn t leave on a cliffy.Remarkable writing, intriguing characters and a plot that never lets up Shadow Hills is an amazing debut Loved it Want

I m a YA author and addict My debut novel, SHADOW HILLS, is out July 13th 2010 from Egmont I love going to see bands, singing in the tiny rooms at Austin Karaoke, and making an idiot out of myself at the Alamo Drafthouse sing alongs.

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