Blood Crimes

Blood Crimes On February Year Old Bryan Freeman And His Year Old Brother, David, Brutally Murdered Their Father, Mother, And Younger Brother The Teenage Neo Nazi Shinheads Were Inspired To Slaughter By Their Movement S Violent Credo Now, Veteran Author Fred Rosen Takes Readers Inside The Tortured Minds Of Bryan And David Includes Pages Of Photos Original

American true crime author and former columnist for the Arts and Leisure Section of The New York Times Rosen s published works in the genre include Lobster Boy, There But For the Grace Survivors of the 20th Century s Infamous Serial Killers and When Satan Wore a Cross.He is also the winner of Library Journal s Best Reference Source 2005 award for The Historical Atlas of American Crime, and has w

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    Sad story of a devout family of Jehovah s Witnesses with two sons who become violent thugs It s very frustrating to see the parents try to cope when they obviously don t have the tools or skills to deal with their unwanted situation.

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    good, but I felt there was something missing There were moments of tangents that really derailed the story and in the end, I still felt like there were so many questions.

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    Bryan and David Freeman, along with their cousin Ben Birdwell, killed their parents by brutally beating and stabbing them to death along with their 6 year old brother Erik These boys had been angry and violent throughout their lives What started as anger at the harsh rules and lifestyles of their Jehovah s Witness parents, evolved into becoming Skinheads, claiming to hate all non whites etc Each gave conflicting stories of the crime and even after the trial, we probably will not know the whole story.What came out though is that these boys had a history of acting out and David even spent time in a reform type school because his parents could not control him Part of the problem seems to be a desire to keep it all in the Church so proper intervention really never happened They were out of control, and very very angry A sad story which is even relevant in this time of increasing hate groups and hate crimes.

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    This book is about the murders of Dennis and Brenda Freeman along with their son Eric They were murdered by their 2 other sons, David and Bryan, and their nephew Ben Birdwell The book gave a well described past leading up to the murders and all that surrounded them I found it very interesting It was well written and well researched The three teenage killers were neo nazis, a group that is unpleasant to read about, to say the least, but here, it was interesting and easy to follow I found it interesting when one of the witnesses in the cases testified against them saying that yes, they believed in white power, but you don t kill your family I liked the book and do recommend it It does not dwell on the gory parts of the murder, but rather, the facts and sometimes the emotions.

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    This book shouldn t even really exist, honestly If you ve read other real crime trials story, this is way too open and shut to be worth reading This was mostly an excuse to write about Skinheads and Jehova s Witness 1 for meandering talking about Skins and JWs wayyy than necessary and pointless authorial self insert which seem to be on brand for Rosen 1 for being poorly edited typos, repetitions of the of the , nonsensical sentence structure in some places

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    True Crime storyThis is an average true crime book The author makes a stab at the cause of the crime, but does not make a study of them The major interest in the book is the skinhead beliefs of the defendants but the book makes clear that the boys were generally resentful and would have taken up any cause.

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    Good true crime storyGood true crime story Just enough of the boys character to keep me interested in reading through fairly quickly Would have liked to know about the old JW man in the courtroom who scribbled notes madly I read this book because I wanted to know why the three boys came to belong to the skinhead movement.

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    Interesting read Picked up through a Humble Bundle package Well written but pretty depressing

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