Dynasty of Desire

Dynasty of Desire Not sure what to call this one, though maybe Frankenripper is an apt description as any.The first 200 pages has several instances of macabre taboo rippery happenings, and some reminded me a lot of Melissa Masters Barbary Bride Barbary Bounty No rats eating themselves out of ribcages or cannibalism, granted, but a couple eyebrow lifting episodes that were a smidge beyond your garden variety ripper rapine and maimings.However and this is what eventually tanked this book as a whole for me the writing was pedestrian shite The author really loved her exposition, to the point where character development and plot goings on off page were given the cursory Well, this is what s been going on with these people and what s happening in the world and delivering it like a report rather than actually showing the damn stuff.So, needless to say, the evolution of a couple characters lost a lot of impact At many points, it felt like I was reading a biographical history of these people, rather than seeing their flailing dramas arcs acted out organically Characters were pushed around as need be to serve whatever the author wanted to do with the story at any given moment One character has been amoral to the bone for years, but all she has to do is have a meet cute with a widowed rear admiral in a toy shop and suddenly get fascinated by philately The road to redemption is really so very easy and weird.Likewise, quite a few passages of the settings and historical events was tedious to get through The author had bought a historical dictionary and was going to use it, dammit Despite the aforementioned few eyebrow raising moments, for the vast majority, it was your standard multi generational Historical Fiction family saga The plot became meandering, months and years would pass with just a sentence or two it spans from the 1860s to 1914 , and people fall out of the story without so much as a by your leave There s also the inevitable twists and shockers that a savvy genre reader can see coming a mile off.But for those readers who do like the thick family sagas, it s a shame that it was prefaced with lolzy stuff like dwarf gang rape governess disemboweling in the shadow of the pyramids within the first 60 pages that would scare them off, because 85% of it is your average historical fiction brick with a bit of smut and a stable of recognizable character types tropes from the genre.Barely 2 stars of endless tedium and disappointment. I am still reeling from this book It s Hustler magazine on mescaline meets Downton Abbey I have never encountered a book like this Not ever.There is violent death along with gang rape by midgets Yes, midgets Incest runs rampant throughout the book and even lesbian incest Then of course there is betrayal, kidnapping, drugging, a secret baby, wealth, politics, prostitution, adultery which seems the least of the sins at that point and even marriages of convenience To top it off, it s written well It kicks the crap out of most authors for its pace, content and originality I didn t find anything to quote, but I was too busy picking my mouth off the floor I was dumbfounded throughout the entire book Five stars for making even my jaw drop at the midgets. NTS See Caroline s review. WHAT WAS IT ABOUT THE WOMEN OF THE MONCRIEF CLAN What Was Their Mysterious Power Over Men What Was It That Thrust Them Onto The Center Of The World S Stage That Fatefully Bound Them Up In The Boldest Enterprise Of The Th Century The Herculean Effort, First By The French, Then By The Americans, To Build The Might Panama Canal Against Man S And Nature S Most Fearful Odds This Is The Saga Of The Beautiful, Passionate Moncrief Sisters Petra And Darcie, And Their Daughters It Is A Story Of Bizarre Events, Of Dark Secrets, Of Sister Against Sister, Of Love Fulfilled And Love DeniedIt Is The Story Of The Failure And Rebirth Of A Dream That Was The Scandal And The Glory Of An Age It Is, Most Of All, The Story Of Four Unforgettable Women, Struggling To Forge ADYNASTY OF DESIRE

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➤ [Epub] ➞ Dynasty of Desire  By Elizabeth Zachary ➮ – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 638 pages
  • Dynasty of Desire
  • Elizabeth Zachary
  • English
  • 16 September 2019
  • 9780440020240

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