Out with the In Crowd (The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt, #2)

Out with the In Crowd (The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt, #2) Skylar Hoyt May Have Vowed To Change Her Partying Ways, But It S Not So Easy To Change Her Friends She S Trying Hard To Live A New Life, But Her Old One Is Constantly Staring Her In The Face After All, How Do You Choose Favourites Among The People You Love Most The book is amazing and I love it but I can t download it on my phone and it s very frustrating but other than that I would kill for the book good work Stephanie Morrill Hovering between 2 and 3 here I am conflicted Same deal as the last one Some deep stuff sprinkled through lots of teen drama I found it both compelling and annoying The underlying story with her parents and her sister and her family in general is I think at the heart of it, and the heart I do like I just don t know about all the off again on again jealousy and stupid decisions It s realistic, I guess, but it doesn t make it any less annoying to read.I felt like the bombshell with her dad had no real build up or foreshadowing and the entire book I had a little trouble believing it as a center of the other events. Just exciting enough while still being completely, utterly real Enough fiction and enough realism It takes a skilled writer to create this I love, love, love these books. Skylar is back and ready to tackle the school halls but is she truly ready for the trials ahead In Me, Just Different, the first book in the Reinventions of Skylar Hoyt series, Sky decides she no longer wants to be known as the school s party harty girl Instead, Sky slips from the it crowd and makes changes in her life Meanwhile, her younger sister is about to go through some changes all her own In this book, Sky is faced not only with her sister s pregnancy, the constant reminders of her old self, but the choice between love or duty.Teen pregnancy plays a big part in this book and goes into detail about how the girls deal with their consequences Another great teen pleaser voiced in Out With the In Crowd is relationships boys, friends, enemies During the book, Sky is faced with backstabbing friends and a boyfriend stealer Stephanie does a fantastic job of setting Sky in real life circumstances and getting results that any teen girl could relate to Although The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt might be in some places categorized under religious fiction there is absolutely no preachiness or anything that some might find offensive to read In short, I d recommend to anyone without hesitation I think Stephanie s books are a great alternative for fans or non fans of it girl novels Instead of reading something about a party girl, you get to see someone fight against it to realize there is something than hanging with the it crowd.Recommendation I believe I enjoyed reading this second installation to the series even better than the first Great read for teen girls ages 14 Don t forget to read Me, Just Different first Content Some kisses and intensive family drama PG 14 and up because topics are a little heavy for younger readers.The Last Straw Randome passage, pg 129.He pressed a kiss onto my hand as a smile crept into his face Sorry girl You can t get rid of me so easy Pages 249 Publisher Revell Published Jan 2010 Price Soft 11.99 Genre Contemporary fiction, romance, high school, family drama, relationships Age Group YA, ages 14 Content PG Series Yes, The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt Order Book 2 Enjoyed It 5 5 Content 4 5 Cover 4 5 Overall 5 5 Courtesy of booksandliteratureforteens.blogspot.com While reading this series I neglected to review out each one as I finished, and now having finished, all three books have meshed together in my mind and it would be nearly impossible to try to distuinguish them again for the point of three separate reviews So instead I have decided to review all three in one review of the whole series MINOR SPOILERS Book One It drew me in, so it gets points for that, if for nothing else The opener was inciting and the characters immediately intriguing I really liked the way the series started on Skylar s life change, rather before it gave it a slightly different feel than other Christian YA I ve read I liked the way Skylar was ready to change Though at times it felt drawn out, for the most part it was concise Book Two Book two was probably the most boring of the three Nothing really happens that couldn t have been condensed between books 2 and 3, much like almost every other trilogy ever So that was a downside Yes, she goes to Hawaii and has a life change Yes, Owen is born But those two events don t need their entirely own book And the extra drama around Eli Connor was unnecessary, too Book Three Also as typical with trilogies, it was the best in the series For the first time, I actually really liked Skylar and Connor on this below I really liked Abbie and Owen and Jodi and all the others They became my real friends Eli is finally told off and Skylar finally gets the memo she should avoid her other friends and that Connor is indeed the one for her After page after annoying page of annoying Skylar, it felt very refreshing to see her finally see things Is the delay in these situations true to real life Absolutely Is it always the best course of action to draw out upon when writing a book series No.Book summaries over, here we go Characters I loved Skylar, but she also drove me absolutely crazy I loved her, but I also couldn t stand her Consequently, I read this book in breaks I couldn t do too much at one time, haha Like I ve mentioned, I finally really liked Skylar in book three, but before that she was just so annoying Her relationship with Connor was the main part that irked me She was so blind, but the problem isn t with that as much as it is with the fact we were given example upon example upon example upon example of her blindness It drove me crazy The seventieth time she ditched Connor I was ready to throw the book across the room We get the point And I also disliked the fact she couldn t seem to grasp the idea that she had to stop hanging out with the bad influences She spoke as if seeing them was absolutely inevitable, but how small of a town do they live in that she s seriously running into them at every corner Ditch them and move on they re bad infleunces Do you not get it, Skylar You re trying to turn your life around, yet you can t let go of all former influences Can you still be a light to them Yes once you re distant and stable enough UGHH Now Jodi eventually ended up being great, but that wasn t until the last few chapters And don t even get me started on Eli UGH Though really I hated Skylar s actions toward him than Eli himself, who I thought was kinda wimpy and pathetic when it came down to it Abbie I adored I absolutely loved her When the book started I hardly expected her to be developed much, as siblings usually aren t, but she surprised me by being one of the most developed characters in the series I loved her heart Similarly Skylar s parents were fantastic and real, too Connor was Connor Sometimes I hated him, sometimes I didn t I was mad at Skylar because they re so obviously meant to be together Girl, when you find a loyal, honest, Christian guy who loves you, you can t just ditch him Yes, it possible he s not the one, but when you find a guy like that you gotta give him at least a few chances I felt sometimes the author was trying too hard to make him fictional crush material but other than that he was great not too goody two shoes perfectly righteous Christian guy, but not a bad boy either The writing wasn t anything incredible It was a lot of dialogue and little description, so it was solely the characters and nothing else pulling me through the story I still don t know what Jodi or Connor or Eli looks like, but I knowwhatthey re like That sort of thing Some of the emotion at times was a little unreal or not deep enough, but for the most part it was good.Soooo yeah It was a little stereotypical, a typical girl finds Jesus and her life changes type series, but it was pretty unique Not cheesy for the most part, and simply a journey of following Christ 4.0 stars.Like my reviews Follow my blog I liked Morrill s writing style The book was easy to read and full of interesting characters.I liked how she portrayed Skylar s struggles in a realistic manner how she deals with her parents pending divorce, a younger sister s pregnancy, her boyfriend and her past and former friends.I ll admit, I was a bit lost at times, not having read the first novel It was kind of like jumping into a mini series in mid stream However, I think this complete series would be one I could safely pass along to the middle school girls I work with.While Skylar is a senior in high school, I m not sure this book would appeal to older girls However, I know many of my gals especially those in seventh, eight and probably ninth grade would read Skylar s story with interest.Morrill attacks some tough subjects in a light and easy to read way without a lot of preaching It truly shows a young girl struggling with changing who she is as a Christian without losing the quirky things that make her unique.One thing that jumped out to me, is how Skylar attempted to change herself based upon clothes and, I assume, other outward markings to show that she was a Christian I think this is a realistic idea I know as a teenager, I thought being a Christian meant I couldn t listen to anything but Contemp Christian music I thought my Christian faith meant I had to live in a certain mold or ideal I think remember, I haven t read the first book , Morrill is trying to use Skylar s story to show that becoming a Christian is of an internal transformation than outward change.I will probably purchase the first and third books, so I can put all three in our church s library the girls have been asking for good, solid Christian novels I can see these books providing me with a way to talk to some of the girls about a variety of issues in a non threatening way. This book really made me think about a lot of different things, much so than many books do I like a book that makes me think and brings out emotion in me My first thought was the similarity between Skylar s transformation and my own, although I was in my mid twenties when I decided it was time to reinvent myself and get my life on track I was a hardcore party girl and I could relate to Skylar s experiences with all the life changes that take place when you turn your life over to Christ It really does feel almost like too much at first, but it is all worth it as Skylar learns I really do wish I had read the first book in this series so I could see Skylar s life before Jesus was a part of it I felt the author did do a good job of getting the reader up to speed on Skylar s past, her friends, and why she made the decision she made, but I do feel like I missed out by not reading the first book I found Skylar to be a very likeable girl and I wanted so much for her life to become joyful with Jesus at her side I don t know what Skylar was like before, but the author made her very easy to like and root for.One question I asked myself several times while reading this book is Is high school really this dramatic these days It was hard to believe the stress Skylar was under, not just at home, but at school as well She had to face things that would drive many adults over the edge I really admired her for not giving up Even when her tender, new faith was being questioned, God always came through and proved to her that she could trust Him.Overall, this book has many lessons for teenagers It is written exceptionally well and is a great conversation starter for parents and their teenagers I am really looking forward to the next book in this series, but I highly recommend getting a copy of the first book, Me, Just Different in addition to Out with the In Crowd so nothing is missed.This book was provided for review by Revell. Skylar is going through a lot right now Her parents can t seem to decide if they are together or not, her fifteen year old sister is pregnant and not dealing with anything , her boyfriend seems just a little too friendly with his ex not to mention that she is also Skylar s ex best friend , and on top of all that she can t seem to decide what she wants to do with her life Wouldn t you be stressed This is a great book and I love that this series is an ongoing story Each storyline blends into the next book so you know that the best is yet to come It isn t a cliff hanger ending, but it certainly shows that Skylar and the other characters still have some changes to make, and some growing to do I m really looking forward to the next book in this series and seeing how everything ends up with Skylar From what I read in the beginning of this book, it takes up pretty much where book 1 leaves off Sklar is returning to school after Christmas break facing her last semester of high school with her wonderful boyfriend and without the in crowd of friends she has hung out with for the last four years.Skylar s uncertainty seems very true of high school girls or anyone who goes back into a situation with friends who aren t friends any Nothing is glossed over and Skylar s emotions and uncertainties are shared throughout the book On the outside Skylar looks very put together, but on the inside she is a typical unsure teenager.In this book she is also coming to grips with her refound faith and what it means to truly forgive people and trust people Her life hasn t exactly been perfect for the past few months and with her parents dealing with problems too, her trust level is way down Conner, her boyfriend is one of those people you want to be Understanding, forgiving and just friendly no matter what the circumstances and while Skylar wants to be like him, she has a hard time giving up her own wants and whims Though some of the things her and Conner start to fight over are what she believes, getting Conner to believe them is another story.The book keeps you turning pages and even without reading the first book in the series, I felt like I knew Skylar within the first ten pages You get enough backstory in this book to understand what has gone on without feeling like you missed much and I am guessing it s not too much backstory if you read the first one I do plan on going back and reading the first one and I can t wait until the next one.As a Christian book, this one pulls no punches and does not show ideal life Skylar s younger sister is pregnant and Skylar herself has lead an interesting life before turning back to the Lord The situations in this book feel real along with the characters and that is what make this a great read.

Stephanie Morrill is the author of several young adult novels, including the 1920 s mystery, The Lost Girl of Astor Street Despite loving cloche hats and drop waist dresses, Stephanie would have been a terrible flapper because she can t do the Charleston and looks awful with bobbed hair She and her near constant ponytail live in Kansas City with her husband and three kids You can learn ab

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