The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker

The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker What Fortune Awaited Sweet, Timid Percy Parker At Athens Academy Hidden In The Dark Heart Of Victorian London, The Romanesque School Was Dreadfully Imposing, A Veritable Fortress, And Little Could Percy Guess What Lay Inside She Had Never Met Its Powerful And Mysterious Professor Alexi Rychman, Knew Nothing Of The Growing Shadows, Of The Ripper And Other Supernatural Terrors Against Which His Coterie Stood Guard She Saw Simply That She Was Different, Haunted, With Her Snow White Hair, Pearlescent Skin And Uncanny Gift This Arched Stone Doorway Was A Portal To A New Life, To An Education Far From What Could Be Had At A Convent And It Was An Invitation To An Intimate Yet Dangerous Dance At The Threshold Of Life And Death

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 324 pages
  • The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker
  • Leanna Renee Hieber
  • English
  • 14 September 2017
  • 9780843962963

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    The title is a misnomer I would have titled this The Twistingly Tangential Tale of Miss Percy Parker instead Good lord, how this story wandered.I m going to be quoting a lot from this book in this review The quotes are too priceless not to be used, and they give a pretty good impression of the entirety of the book and the writingwhich is not a good thing The writing tries too hard to be poetic and 19th century, and instead sounds like an author s flowery rendition instead of actual, believable prose and speech The result is a laughable, melodramatic arrangement of prose that is even absurd given the clich d characters and the confoundingly confusing plot.The story takes place in the Victorian Era and revolves around a group of six people who are summoned to meet each other through mysterious means They each have special strengths, for example, the Intuition, the Artist, the Heart by your powers combined, I am Captain Planet Oops, wrong group of people They see spirits, and are awaiting a foreseen Seventh power, that will either enhance them if they choose the correct person, or destroy them and the world if they choose wrongly From then on, they begin working together, and two of them work together at the Athens Academy, an institution of enlightened learning that also accepts women, a fairly rare thing given the time period.Twenty years later, a young woman comes to Athens Academy She is an orphan, with deathly pale skin, the whole of her white as snow Glasses shaded her pale eyes, which, through their glass, appeared almost violet Persephone Parker is as Mary Sue as they come She believes she is sooooooooo ugly and hideous, due to her appearance Naturally, anyone with pale, flawless skin, a fine featured face, pearlescent hair , and opalescent eyes has got to be hideous Am I right And me with my brown hair and eyes It s a wonder that people look at me without turning to stone.Percy is the special snowflake The Chosen One The Prophecied One You see where this is going, right As clearly as my palm is going to my forehead.Percy still doesn t believe how pretty she is, even when heads turn at her entrance, no matter what she s repeatedly told I think it is lovely, your face You are like a doll I do not know the nameone of those that break if you drop them She also speaks any number of languages, except Mandarin it s one of her weaker languages She picks up languages easily, and even speaks Aramaic Freaking Aramaic But she s not altogether flawless, for example she sucks at math.THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR REINFORCING YET ANOTHER STEREOTYPE THAT GIRLS ARE BAD IN THE MATHS AND SCIENCES THIS FUCKING BOOK Aside to the author if you re going to have your main character be a language specialist who picks up any dialect at the drop of a pin, it s best not to have her make stupid grammatical errors in a simple language such as French Even in French 101, we know better than to say ma amie It s mon amie I cannot enjoy Percy s character She s supposed to be the prophesied one, but she is so simple minded She does not act like someone who will bring about change She does not act like someone who can inspire She does not act like one who is remotely capable of anything besides breathing and eating I didn t mention pooping, because this Mary Sue of a fluff certainly does not do anything so basic as taking a shit like the rest of us I cannot believe Percy is supposed to be who is, and I find it completely reasonable that the other characters in the book have their doubts, as well.Percy is also hopelessly infatuated with her teacher Alexi Rychman is the professor, the love interest, the head honcho of this entire ultra secretive He s twice her age, not to mention her instructor Her very, very personal instructor and tutor In this day and age, we call that an abuse of power And ugh, what a stereotype Mr Rychman is Lustrous dark hair hung loosely to broad shoulders A few locks turned out in an unkempt manner contrary to the rest of his appearance, while a few strands clung to his noble, chiseled features a long nose, high cheekbones, defined lips like a Grecian sculpture and impossibly dark eyes. Their relationship is quite limited, to the extent that he growls at her constantly in anger yet is inexplicably attracted to this strange young woman half his age , and she simpers and blushes prettily in response No need for apologies, he replied I was the one asking the questions Thank you, sir And there s no need to thank me the professor snapped I m sorry Oh dear Percy murmured, biting her lip and yearning to retreat into her corset. That pretty much sums up the entirety of their entire relationship.Alexi is the rough, blunt, angry, dark Heathcliff of a man, resistant as all hell to the finer emotions, with whom Percy, that twit of a simpering schoolgirl inexplicably loves And how she loves him, sighs over him, swoons over himAlexi is her math teacher, and she s obsessed with looking at him than focusing on her lessons no wonder she s failing Percy groaned Oh, that class remains my bane I pay attention, take countless notes, but all I remember is the sound of Professor Rychman s voice Every syllable he speaks is like a hypnotic delicacy, like dark velvet I try to grasp his explanations, but all I can see is how his robe sweeps as he moves, how his presence commands the room, how his brow furrows in thought, how his eyes blaze, how he calmly brushes a lock of dark hair from his noble face Did you hear that That s the sound of me gagging Percy makes Bella s mooning over Edward seem rational and reasonable.But that s enough of how much I despised the main characters But wait, there s not just two characters Noooooo That would be too easy We are introduced to six characters in the original group, and rest assured, we are constantly informed of them and their various enterprises There s also your supporting cast of various girlfriends, ghosts, and a false Seventh The massive cast, the minor investigative plots, the barely controlled and infuriating student teacher sexual tension all adds up to one thing a massive headache for the reader.

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    This is the only book of mine I ll ever rate, and while it won t be the best book I ever write, I ll remain particularly partial to it After a decade long journey to publication, my debut remains the book of my heart.

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    Cross genre books are a hard sell And unless the author has the skill to pull it off, the book will not find a readership When it comes to The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, this could have been a problem This novel is a Victorian Gothic Paranormal Ghost filled tale with romance that both teens and adults can read The sensuality is subdued enough to fit the time period of 1888 London, England Emotions such as the yearnings of love and lust are meant to pushed way down What Leanna Renee Hieber has done with her very unique character of Percy Parker is shown that these intense feelings of desire and the sense of belonging cannot be ignored Percy is a very confused young woman deserving of love And when she finds this love with the stoic, brooding and equally confused Professor Alexi Rychman, it is a wonderful, beautiful and sweet story.Percy Parker begins in 1867 with six young teens who have been called to protect London and perhaps the world from evil A wondrous sight meets them She is a goddess who brings forth a prophecy and especially connects with Alexi Rychman who will be the leader of this group that will be called the Guards of The Grand Work These six youngsters, Rebecca, Elijah, Josephine, Michael, Jane and Alexi will be responsible in maintaining balance between this world and the one beyond They must fight the Darkness from taking over and destroying all that is good There is a seventh that will join their circle and must be chosen carefully because there will those who claims will be false ones It is up to Alexi to find out who she is because this woman will be his one true love.Twenty years after the goddess first appeared to the guard, the six have settled into a routine Rebecca is the headmistress to the Athens Academy where many bright girls and boys attend Alexi is a professor there who teaches math Michael is now a Vicar, Josephine and Elijah carry on a secret affair Over the past two decades they have fought the Darkness and won, but things are becoming deadly The Darkness is building strength and has found a possible way to destroy them Not only has he created a specter knows as Jack the Ripper that is causing death and terror all over London, but one of his servants knows of a way to invade the guard She will pretend to be a woman on the run who goes by the name of Lucille Linden, a very attractive and seductive woman who will make Alexi fall in love with her.Around the time that London is going to hell in a hand basket, a young woman the likes of which London had never seen arrives She is Miss Percy Parker, a bright eighteen year old who was raised in a convent, speaks many different languages and can see and hear ghosts Percy is used to the strange looks that come her way because she is an albino And because Percy has always been ostracized, she feels she is a freak of nature Poor Percy may feel ugly, but her nature is one full of love and kindness She wants to belong and to be accepted If she can keep her visions that plague her night and day under control, then perhaps she can have a normal life.When Percy becomes settled at the school, she does make a few friends She also must attend math classes Percy hates math with a passion Numbers and equations do not make any sense to her She will be in for quite the surprise because her reaction to one of her professors unlocks her deep passionate urges that have still been untapped The moment Percy lays her eyes on Professor Rychman, she falls head long into love Some would say this is a girlish crush because what can a young girl like Percy know about love But something about Rychman calls out to her She knows any future with the professor is useless because he is a much older dashing man.Alexi doesn t know what to make of Percy He knows she hides under scarves and glasses because of her looks He also knows she is horrible at mathematics Alexi decides to tutor Miss Parker Percy is on cloud nine even though she is a bit fearful of the Professor because he is demanding, cold and never smiles As their tutoring sessions commence, Alexi and Percy get to know one another Alexi wants Percy to accept herself, from her visions to her ability to see ghosts, to embrace how different and unique she is Alexi doesn t see Percy as the beast she thinks of herself as He thinks of her as someone with so much to give to the world.As Percy and Alexi build on a tentative friendship of sorts, one that goes beyond the simple teacher and student relationship, a storm is brewing Everything Alexi has believed for close to twenty years is breaking down All the signs point to Percy as being the seventh guard But how can Alexi act on his feelings for Percy when there is Lucille who seems to embody everything the goddess told him Even though The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Percy Parker is heavy on mystical and supernatural action, the true enjoyment in reading boils down to the character of Percy Leanna has written a wonderful character that shines from the inside out Percy s innocence and need for approval is wonderful to read Even though Percy wants love, her quest is one we all have experienced at one time or another Watching Percy moon over Alexi may seem silly, but it is endearing I never truly understood what swooning was until Percy does it.And what can I say about Alexi I think I was as far gone over him as Percy was My favorite scenes are the ones where Alexi tutors Percy in his office There is a nice sense of closeness between these two Alexi is not necessarily a tortured hero, but he is one who has so much responsibility to deal with He broods wonderfully Is it wrong of me to say I wanted him to keep brooding And guess who Alexi reminds me of If you have seen Richard Armitage play John Thornton in North and South, then you know what I mean Richard would be perfect to envision as Alexi I definitely did as I read.The Strangely Beautiful Case of Miss Percy Parker is a bit lyrical and poetic in its telling My imagination and senses were very much engaged If you are in the mood for a book that is very different from your normal read, I recommend you give Percy Parker a go Leanna Renee Hieber is one welcomed debut author this year who will bring so much to the publishing world for the years to come.

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    What a unique and interesting story I don t read that many fantasy books, so this was a big departure for me I liked it, but things that were new and interesting to me might be common in the genre I m just not familiar enough with it to say for certain.I really liked getting to see so many different points of view The main focus of the story was Alexia and his fated love, but we got to see a lot of the rest of his group of six The dynamic between them seemed really genuine They laughed together and had issues with each other, and they all liked to mock Alexi for his brooding ways That was also a negative in their favor, but it still seemed real.I loved the mythological focus I am a total sucker for Greek mythology, and I love seeing new incorporations of it I really like the way it was brought into play here We slowly learned bits and pieces of what actually occurred to the goddess and her lover I like that things weren t info dumped, but I do have to confess to shaking my book in frustration a few times because I didn t know what was going on.I wavered between liking and disliking Percy throughout the book I liked how real she felt Her completely understandable insecurities dominated her life and made her timid and shy She practically cringed whenever she was spoken to sharply While I did appreciate how well her personality fit in relation to how people reacted to her, I also had a hard time feeling satisfied with her as a lead She felt true to her age, actually she felt younger, and that really made the age difference pronounced I just had a hard time with how needy she was all the time I was especially mad at her forgive and forget attitude at the end after someone cut their ties The style of this book took a little bit to get used to Everyone was extremely emotive It felt rather melodramatic and flowery most of the time Every time I turned around someone was bursting into tears I have never seen so many people cry so often It was a small thing, but it made me roll my eyes every time I saw it.In the beginning of the book I really liked the members of the group of six Well, I always had a problem with Rebecca, I found her extremely selfish and hateful But I liked the rest of them Until they decided that they knew better than their leader and took steps to make sure they got their way I was pleased that Alexi was cold to them, but I wish he hadn t have been such an idiot and went along with their plan at all.While I liked the mythology and the idea of it, the group of friends irritated me to no end I spent a large majority of the book wishing I could reach through the pages and strangle someone I plan to read the second book shortly, but those people better stop being douches

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    There aren t enough words the Internet Thesaurus dictionary can describe for how in hearts I am with The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker This book was a re imagined homage to the Victorian romantics such as Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte mixed with the supernatural aspects of Sherlock Holmes This book brought to life what is so often missing in contemporary romance, the ability to build romantic tension with nothing than stolen glances and a poet s heart I was swept away, back to the times where a single touch of the hand was deliciously erotic than any sexual act I will say, it s not easy to fulfill the appetite of contemporary readers who are used to the physical interactions of the characters as a necessary form of romantic fulfillment I cried, I laughed, and was strangely fulfilled, even though the biggest climax of the book was when they kiss This brought me back to why I fell in love with romance in the first place.I think we ve all felt at some point in our lives a little awkward, needing to be accepted and the painful journey towards finding that acceptance Miss Percy Parker is a character that is reminiscent of Jane Austen s Persuasion and Charlotte Bronte s Jane Eyre Timid, ghostly looking, Percy Parker tugs at your heart with her quiet strength and resilience, who s shyness and tender heart make the reader love her even Raised in a convent, Percy is accepted into the Athens School at the late age of 19 Excited and nervous to venture outside of her convent, Percy braves her new adventure with a quiet determination and steadfastness Despite her ghostly looks, Percy desperately wants to fit in and finds herself thinking that she just can t help feel that she is destined for something bigger Something, extraordinary.Mathematics Professor Alexi Rychman, is part of a prophecy His life is not his own, he is part of a group of guardians that have been awaiting the 7th installment of their group, one who will save the world from the prophesied evil that was revealed to him as a young man Alexi has lead an emotionless life, keeping all his feelings to nothing than a cold politeness, he is on the brink of despair He is getting older and has lost faith that his goddess will not return to him and reveal their 7th member This 7th person is destined to be the woman he is fated to fall in love with, he just doesn t know he s already met her.Enter Miss Percy Parker, gifted with languages, a lover of literature and wretched in mathematics and science, she is destined to die a painful, slow death of embarrassment from her regular tutoring sessions from the delicious Professor Rychman She despises her ineptness and each day falls a bit deeper in love with the Professor If you are yearning for something fulfilling than the what s currently on your bookshevles, the odd, yet beautiful adventure of Miss Percy Parker is a romance not to be missed.Rating 4 1 2 Stars

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    DNF at about 50% This is a perfectly enjoyable book, but there s just no real tension The direction of the story is pretty obvious, and there s not much wondering about who the villains are or what they re up to So while the characters are mostly charming, the atmosphere murky and moody, and the writing sharp and enjoyable, none of it has been holding my attention Part of that is just the mind frame I ve been in during a very tense summer, and is no reflection at all on this story But when I finished the second book I ve read instead of picking this one back up, I decided it s time to give up Sorry, book Side musing Did anyone else who s read this keep seeing Professor Alexi Rychman as Alan Rickman playing Professor Snape Are those two names deliberately so similar

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    The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker is one of the strangest romances I ve read in a long time Author Leanna Renee Hieber has penned a tale worthy of the title gothic and just about as understandable.Miss Percy Parker is an albino Abandoned as an infant on the steps of a convent in Victorian times, she grew up with only ghosts as friends When she arrives to the Athens school in London, she is ever hopeful of finding a purpose for her life and equally fearful of the jibes and scorn of those who fear anything and anyone different She s quickly taken by her dark and mysteriously handsome mathematics professor and dreams that he might not find her hideous.Alexi is part of the Guard of six who are in search of their seventh as foretold to them when they were young teenagers Each was granted a gift that helps them fight evil spirits and lay them to rest Alexi is their leader and especially anxious for the arrival of their seventh as he feels that she will be his love But the prophecy revealed to them also foretold of a trap and a traitorand now, not one but two women have appeared that may fulfill their prophecyand Alexi and his guard must make the right choice or doom humanity to the demonic force that is the Ripper.A strange amalgam of history the Ripper , gothic romance G rated, if that , and lore Persephone and Hades I confess that the mixture was rough going for me Portents and omens and prophecies oh, my that were lain out without much explanation and only partially explained later in the plot I m sure there are many readers who will enjoy a modern version of the classic gothic paranormalbut I m not one I found the writing, while true to form, stilted and difficult to follow I was actually relieved to finish and a bit disappointed with the ending even though I won t give it away Like a true gothic, the ending isn t happy for everyone and some readers may find that a letdown On the plus side, an albino as a heroine is unusual, even though she often in my opinion acted like a ninny.

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    Twilight for adults I felt I d scream if a had to read about the hero s good looks and rich voice one time And perhaps Ms Hieber should employ an editor or proof reader to help her get her thee s and thou s right and find a balance between quaintly historic, badly done Irish brogue, and too modern for the timeline diction And to keep her from calling a group of people beloveds GAAAAH English is not my first language, but even I could see how bad the English was And every time a German, French or Italian phrase was used, I was tempted to throw the book away then and there Hey, the USofA are practically crawling with people who speak non English languages fluently How hard can it be to find somebody to check on phrases and keep an author from making three mistakes in a one word sentence Badly written, badly edited, whiny heroine, whiny but always right hero, and altogether too many people you really wouldn t want to know If the balance of the world rests on these people, as the book suggests, we re done for The best place for this book is in the paper recycling bin.

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    I desperately wanted to like this book because I am all out of series to read I read a glowing review and double checked goodreads before I purchased this ebook I should know that anytime a book has a rating lower than the 3.9ish range, I should never read it The writing was not terrible, but I just did not click with any of the characters They lacked depth and were at times extremely irritating Normally I have soft spots for meek heroines who have inner strength, but Percy made me want to tear my hair out If I had a dollar for every time I read a variation of you won t commit me to an insane asylum, will you I think the book would have paid for itself as well as a few books And the scene where she was begging, it was cringe worthy I couldn t stop myself from rolling my eyes Sympathy I had none After I finished the book, I went back to read Nalini Singh s Guild Hunter series, the Kate Daniel series and the Mercy Thompson series I wanted to end my night on a good note.

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    I am not sure what to say that won t sound trite I loved this book Utterly loved it It was a beautiful, lyrical, haunting tale that was remarkably well told I don t think I have ever read anything quite like it The weaving and layering of mythological elements was done so skillfully with little things that were just mentioned early on becoming heralds of significant things later Parts of it were quite harrowing about 60 pages or so from the end I was positively drowning with anxiety but in the end it was just magnificent.I am so glad that I have the second book sitting right here, because I am diving in immediately I can t wait to see where the story goes

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