Full Moon Mating (Wolf Creek Pack #1)

Full Moon Mating (Wolf Creek Pack #1) M M Erotic Romance Sheriff Joe Nash Couldn T Have Been Surprised When He Answered A Call To A Shooting And Discovered The Sexiest Man He Had Ever Seen His Extraordinary Response To The Man Told Him Immediately Nate Is His Mate Taking A Chance, Joe Takes Him Home, Hoping To Convince Him To Stay But Nate Summers Is On The Run From Someone, Never Staying In One Place For Than A Few Days The Tall, Handsome Sheriff And His Offer Of A Safe Haven Intrigue Nate, But He S Afraid That If He Sticks Around, The Sheriff Will Discover His Secret, A Secret That Could Make The Sheriff Hate Him A Siren Erotic Romance

About MeI believes the only thing sexier than a man in cowboy boots is two, or three men in cowboy boots I also believes in love at first sight, soul mates, true love, and happy endings.I live in the great Northwest region of the USA, with my gorgeous husband and soul mate, two boxer collie puppies, one old biddy cats, and three fish When I m not being a mother to my six teenagers or cleaning up

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  • ebook
  • 177 pages
  • Full Moon Mating (Wolf Creek Pack #1)
  • Stormy Glenn
  • English
  • 24 October 2019
  • 9781606013007

10 thoughts on “Full Moon Mating (Wolf Creek Pack #1)

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    I don t usually leave awful reviews, but I found this book to be awful In the beginning, I thought it had a lot of potential and I was happily devouring it Then, on page 33, at a POV change, the entire story hit a cliff edge and dived off The character, Nate, goes from being a vulnerable enigma to a pathetic child Characterization that had been established, suddenly changed with no real understanding as to why For 33 pages, I was led to believe that Nate can t talk The author did a good and believable job of having him communicate in many other ways It was compelling reading Then, he can talk and just says, Of course I can talk Oh, yeah, of course Insert eye roll here It gets worse from there This story needed to be edited in the absolute worse way Nate tells his back story to Joe Then he tells it to Joe s father Then he tells it to some other people The same thing over and over and the author never realized she could skip it after the initial telling and start a new paragraph with, After Nate told his tale Nope, I was subjected to it multiple times The retelling of several things occurred throughout the book In another glaring editing blunder, they make a big deal out of their two month anniversary, then Nate says it s their three week anniversary A little later, Joe is outside the car, but still manages to bang on the steering wheel, which is plausible, but not at all set up that way in the scene Other than the need for a competent editor, I began to actively hate the characters I m not even going to bring in my personal dislike for fluffy sappy stories with heaps of melodrama, because written well, I can still enjoy the story I m talking about the fact that Nate didn t just denigrate into a chick with a dick character He became a child Worse, a preteen Joe treated him like a child so much so that baby quickly became a label rather than a term of endearment Nate actually comes to Joe s room, pillow in hand and asks to sleep with him and not in the carnal sense Nate is sent to his room, which, to be fair, he realizes is a thing you do to a child, but he never actually addresses the issue Nate is sent upstairs to go get your blanket so they could cuddle, wherein he conveniently falls asleep in Joe s lap Please insert eye rolling I hated Joe with a passion because not only was he inulting, he was an incompetent blow hard.There were tons of other completely nonsensical issues including the fact that Nate is raised for twenty years in a hidden facility, escapes from it because he wants to live his own life, but then has no qualms about the new imprisonment he is warned will be his life as a werewolf mate The fact that he is a most excellent cook regardless of the fact that he states he only ever read about cooking before was another eye roller For me, this book goes into my very small bin of Completely Unreadable books It also gave me several headaches from the eye strain I would tell my best friends to avoid this one.

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    Ugh Boy I sure am bombing out in the MM mate department Stupid..

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    I seem to be in the minority here, but I really really disliked this book, mostly because of Joe The cop were shifter.He was a major asshat in my book for a lot of reasons, but when Roger broke in Nate called and said someone broke in and I bashed him over the head and tied him up, what happens then Huh Joe acts like an arrogant overbearing stupid jerk, and I m being nice here Sowhat does Joe and big Daddy do They treat Nate like a small stupid child sending him to his room, and not even asking him what happened, just believing Roger HELLO Joe is supposed to be Sheriff and he doesn t think there is something fishy about the whole thing Small Nate overpowering and dragging big bad wolf into the house really he didn t even listen on the phone close enough to remember wht he said Didn t ask him hey, babe, what happened nope, send him to his room and take care of the little baby Uhg Then he comes up and Nate has locked the door, so what does he do breaks down the door and has sex with him, in my book it doesn t matter that Nate got into it, for me it was at least dub con Then after the punishment, is there a talk between out MC s you ask NO..no apology from Joe that he didn t even talk to Nate about what happened, and Nate doesn t give Joe a piece of his mind about that either Idiots Thenwhen at the end Roger is with the Teacher, Joe glares at Nate, like it s his fault for not asking for retribution.I m not even going to get into the part where he wants Nate to just stay at the house and wait for him all day..and take care of him, and talk about having kids before they even have spent 2 days together..I actually have a lot I hated about this story..but I ll only mention one thing..remember we are talking about the Sheriff here..but he walks right into a trap, that he knows is a trap with only one other shifter to help him The other shifter is shot immediately so of course poor Nate has a gun held to his head, because , do I need to say it again Joe is stupid

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    This story started with Joe, a cop in the small town of Wolf Creek, responding to a robbery and encountering an out of towner Nate Joe felt an immediate pull to this guy and it wasn t even the full moon The new guy, Nate, was skittish and seemed uncomfortable talking.Eventually, Nate trusted Joe and revealed he was hiding out from someone pursuing him Joe returned this trust by revealing that he was a shifter, a werewolf, and that he believed Nate was his mate It seemed that the two lovers would be okay until their relationship was threatened both by an inside threat and an outside threat These threats force Joe to make decisions as the enforcer of his clan as opposed to Nate s mate.I have to say that the narrator wasn t good He made Nate feel adolescent and it made it weird to hear the sex scenes I think the writing contributed to that because sometimes Nate acted like a kid and so Joe treated him like such He didn t discuss things he should with a partner, but instead, Joe made decisions for Nate I liked the relationship Joe had with his family and how accepting and protective his parents were of Nate That added to the sweetness of this story It s a book one, so I hope the author will spend time developing both her characters and the overall plot of the story There is potential here and I hope the next book takes the series to the next level Audiobook given by author in exchange for an honest review

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    I must admit, starting this book I did have my reservations there are ALOT of mm shifter books out there and some of them just don t make the cut in terms of plot, relationship feasibility, intrigue and most importantly sex But Full Moon Mating had steamy sex, an endearingly vulnerable main man in Nate, a massive turn on in the form of the dominant and posessive Joe and something that i personally have an addiction to super powers other than being a werewolf of course P So, overall I quite enjoyed this book even though i was mainly hungover while reading it D Maybe 3.5 4 stars

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    I m giving every book in this series two stars because they re badly written and the characters are all obnoxious clich s, but the story is interesting enough for me to want to find out what happens in the next one.

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    In the shapeshifters genre in general, not gay romance in particular you can have two type of hero, the big and strong alpha man, a bit mourning, who is always running away from his life, regretting the lost of a normality he has never had, or you can have a shapeshifter as big and strong, but who is totally helpless in the hands of his little mate This second type of hero usually leads to light and funny stories Are they realistic No Does it matter Absolutely not First of all, I m obviously not reading a paranormal romance to find reality, and second, it s within the genre that the partner of an Alpha Male is usually a omega, meaning that he or she is physically weaker but way clever than the partner, in human words, you can say that one is the body the strength and the other is the mind the intelligence , the both together make a perfect couple So yes, Nate, the small omega man, is all shy and skittish, he clings to the bigger Joe like he is his personal tree to climb and search shelter from the big bad wolves, and since he likes Joe, it doesn t matter that, searching refuge in his arms he is putting himself in the hand of a even dangerous wolf Nate sits on Joe s lap, he is the perfect housewife, he pleads for sex in a so wonderfully submissive way, he has even a good relationship with Joe s mother, arriving to exchange sexual tips with her on how to deal with a werewolf mate Does it seem to you that Nate is a bit too feminine Maybe yes, but this is often the case in a gay romance between Alpha and omega, as it s clear that the supremacy is only physical, and Nate is perfectly conscious that he allows Joe to be the leader of their small pack made of two men like a prince who grants a privilege, Nate is allowing Joe to love and cherish him When Nate arrive in the small town of Wolf Creek he doesn t know that he is stumbling on his better luck Joe, the town sheriff is gay, and being a werewolf he also immediately understands that Nate is also his mate From that moment on Nate will have not to worry of the men who are searching him, the same men he is running away from for the last two years From that moment on, Nate will only worry to please Joe, and Joe will unconditionally love him back If maybe sometime Joe will behave a bit too much like an obtuse and treat Nate like a three years old baby unable to take a decision, well, Nate will probably save the information for a later time when he will use it to force Joe to do what Nate wants after all, it s Nate the mind of the couple.

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    wtf did I just read.I mean seriously.what.the.fuck I rolled my eyes so much while reading this garbage that I thought my eyes were going to get stuck honestly this just sucked.Sooooo Nate escaped some facility where he was being controlled by this Teacher guy because he wanted to be free..Yada Yada ONLY to end up with Joe who pretty much treats him like a kid At least that s how I saw it This big giant dude holding this 5 7 dude in his lap like he s a baby while he takes a nap Sends him to his room for disobeying him but didn t ever tell him why but still decided to come up stairs and fuck him into the mattress without uttering a word I just COULD NOT get down with this one and I ve been reading a lot of books out of my comfort zone lately and they have been AMAZING ,,so I tried to stay on that path this book has caused me to take a break from that It was really really that bad.

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    I like Stormy Glenn style But for me she really miss the mark on this one This was a little to dang set back in time It one thing being positiveit s another treating one as if they lived in 1950 And go to your room really

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    This one was ok I finished it because I started it but didn t have a burning desire to know how it ended There just wasn t much action and despite dealing with alpha werewolves, they were pretty sappy Just didn t feel much for the story.

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