It's Not About Him (A Second Glances Novel, #2)

It's Not About Him (A Second Glances Novel, #2)After Passing Out At Jeff S Party, Susie Becomes Pregnant Because She Has No Idea Who The Father Is, She Considers Having An Abortion, But Decides To Place Her Baby For Adoption Instead Everyone Seems To Have A Strong Opinion About What She Should Do, But It S Her Decision To Make, And Hers Alone Following Through Ends Up Being Heart Wrenching Than She D Imagined, But She S Determined To Do The Right Thing For Her Baby She S Not Ready To Be A Mother Jeff Feels Guilty About What Happened At His Party, And He Offers To Marry Susie So She Won T Have To Give Up Her Baby Like His Birth Mother Had Done With Him But Susie Refuses, Insisting He Should Marry Someone He Loves And Not Marry To Rescue Her From Her Painful Situation After Susie Places Her Baby With A Couple She Trusts, She Expects To Be Abandoned, But Jeff Sticks With Her Despite Her Attempts To Discourage Him They Grow Close As Jeff Tries To Comfort Susie While She Grieves The Separation Will Jeff See The Good In Susie S Decision And See That What She Did Is Not About Him, But What Is Best For Her Child I enjoyed writing this story I hope you like it, too. It s Not About Him by Michelle Sutton picks up with two of the characters we were introduced to in Michelle s YA novel, It s Not About Me Both Jeff and Susie are young, struggling Christians with serious issues to face Susie, who is pregnant when the story begins, has decided to give her baby up for adoption Jeff, though not the father, wants to take care of Susie and her baby Having been given up for adoption himself, and plagued with his need to know why, he believes that Susie is making the wrong choice In the midst of this conflict is a burgeoning romance There s not a subject this book doesn t approach Alcoholism, rape, sexual temptation, death Michelle takes on each of these, and shows how her characters overcome their pain and temptation with God s help My favorite part about this book was the completeness of the journey, starting with Susie s decision to give up her baby, and ending with the resolution Jeff finds at the book s conclusion I don t want to give any away than that Next fall the third book in the It s Not About series comes out and it picks up with Tony I m glad, because I like and sympathize with his character, and look forward to seeing him conquer his struggles through Christ Good job, Michelle Wow This is a moving story I was crying in the first 45 minutes I think the first book in the series is still my favorite, but book two is amazing also I love Jeff He is great, however, Susie got on my nerves She had major trust issues, but by the end of the book she has worked through them, and I ended up loving her too This whole story is just amazing, and Sutton is a great writer She writes such moving books that make you cry, laugh, and think I love them All I can say is what a terrific book This isn t you re everyday fluffy romance It s Not About Him deals with issues such as alcoholism, abortion, rape, and sex in a way that is relevant and real for today s young adults I was truly captivated by this book from the very beginning and I stayed up preeeettty late and woke up early to see what happened next You definitely won t be bored with this one and you might even cry Jeff is a sensitive, caring hero who as a new Christian is still dealing with temptations from his past and Susie who is also a new Christian is facing her past and consequences of it in a very real way I felt sorry for Jeff at times, Susie was so reluctant to acknowledge her true feelings but I was really pleased with how everything worked out for both of them and baby Melissa I m really looking forward to reading Book 1, It s Not About Me yeah I know I ALWAYS end up reading series books out of order to learn about the story behind Annie and Dan, two terrific secondary characters in It s Not About Him who are very important in Susie s and Jeff s lives If you are a lover of romance with strong Christian themes It s Not About Him is definitely a book you will want to pick up If you re a parent of an older teen I really think this book and probably the series would be great to read and discuss together It s Not About Him is definitely highly recommended. It s Not About Him by Michelle Sutton is the second book in the Second Glances series Susie Ziglar is trying to make the best of the horrific situation she s found herself in After passing out drunk at a party, she was raped and ended up pregnant While at first she was determined to abort the baby, she instead ending up giving her life to God and decided to put the baby up for adoption She just wants to do what s right for a change, and that means keeping her distance from Jeff, despite his insistence that he loves her and wants to marry her Jeff also recently gave up his hard partying ways and turned to God, and now he wants to make a life with the beautiful woman Susie has become Sutton depiction of a woman s decision to put her child up for adoption with exquisite attention to detail Susie s gut wrenching pain, occasional worries that she made the wrong decision, and fierce determination to do what s right for her child are brilliantly rendered Susie and Jeff s romance happens in stutters and leaps and huge steps backwards, making it realistic and sweet Sutton has a special talent for dialogue she doesn t keep it squeaky clean, but keeps it real I could easily hear the characters talking to each other She also portrays well the struggle that men have with the temptation women present with revealing clothing It s a gritty, realistic view of twenty somethings, but with a message of hope. In It s Not About Him, Susie must deal not only with the heartbreaking decision to give her baby up for adoption, but the aftermath of that choice Meanwhile, Jeff feels guilty for not protecting her Adopted himself and longing to find his birth mother, Jeff doesn t want to see another child go through what he has and tries to convince Susie not to go through with it In the end, Susie and Jeff discover it s not about either one of them It s about what s best for the baby And through their sacrifice, God works all things to good in their own lives.Michelle Sutton creates real characters who act the way real people would She doesn t shy away from the ugly truths or the cold hard facts Young people can relate to her characters, because they speak from the heart.Michelle dedicates this book to mothers who have recognized the needs of their children and chosen adoption over abortion As one of those women, I d like to thank Michelle for addressing such a sensitive subject with such honesty and compasion. Another great read After reading It s Not About Me, I had no compassion for Susie whatsoever for the things that she had pulled in the first book in the series Michelle had assured me that I would change my mind about her in this story Indeed the woman was right My heart went out to Susie The things that poor girl had gone through broke my heart I thoroughly enjoyed reading Susie and Jeff s story The challenges they had to face And seeing their relationship unfold Michelle kept me reading late into the night Once I started reading I couldn t put it down The ending truly was perfect Jeff got the closure he needed and Susie got closure too Michelle did an excellent job writing about the subject of open adoption And the view of adoption from the birth mother The emotions that she goes through The struggles she faces Susie s story was both moving and heartbreaking Another wonderful read from, Michelle Susie wakes up after a party knowing something isn t right When she discovers she is pregnant but has no idea who the father is, she decides to place her baby for adoption with an infertile couple from church Following through ends up being challenging than she d imagined But she wants to do the right thing If only Jeff would quit trying to marry her so she ll keep her baby Why doesn t he understand It s not about him it s about what s best for her child Meanwhile, a man shows up in her life that looks irritatingly familiar Could he be the father The thing that s so great about Michelle Sutton is that she isn t afraid to be real It s Not About Him is a gripping story about two people struggling to make right choices despite their past mistakes The plot is filled with tough topics of rape, drinking, premarital sex, and murder, but Michelle deals with each scenario in a realistic way that proclaims Christ as the answer to all sin and reminds readers that He can work through any tragedy Michelle weaves a series of plots that both break and warm the heart It s Not About Him is the perfect sequel Michelle has written another honest look into the world young Christians struggle to live in every day I praise God for the way she shows her readers that they can stay pure if they lean on Christ and make good choices I pray these books will change lives I m so looking forward to book three. I am adopted and this is the first book that I have read with the point of view focused on the birth mother and the couple adopting the baby All of the emotions in the story were real and raw I felt everyone of them What is great about what Michelle Sutton is that she isn t afraid to write about what is real This stuff is really going on with our YA today and she writes about it honestly and right in your face I didn t want to put the book down This is an absolutely beautiful story It shows that an birth mother and the adopted family can work together for the good of the child This is a definite must read, it s one of my top 10 for the year I give it a lighthouse and shine a light on it for pointing a path to God

Michelle has written over two dozen edgy, inspirational novels She is a book reviewer blogger, and a supervisor for the State of Arizona.

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