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My Lupine Lover This was a really good book I love Sasha and I realized that I should have read this book before I read her series The Tri Omega Mates Vadim Miroslav always dreamed of finding his mate He just never expected his mate to find him by running into his study hiding from his Alpha and two betas Sasha is the omega of his pack he has been used and abused at the hands of his Alpha Valeriya and his friends After Vadim claims Sasha he finds him being attacked in the kitchen of his home and he attacks killing the Alpha Valeriya and his two betas that was attacking his mate with the killing of Alpha Valeriya it makes Vadim the new Alpha of the pack The pack lives on Vourdala island, a nice sized isolated island off the coast and inhabited solely by werewolves Vadim never wanted to be the alpha of his own pack He avoided all costs and now he finds himself responsible for leading a pack that has been in fear of an Alpha who has used an abused his people for many years Alpha Valeriya was so bad that he made pack members pay taxes for having cubs and if a couple gets married they have to spent time with him first This was a really good story that I enjoyed very much Sasha was abused so much by his former Alpha that he wasn t aloud to have friends or even work and it made him afraid to trust others This book was also very hot the sex scenes were crazy good and I loved reading them I have become addicted to reading paranormal m m and Ms Glenn is my go two writes for these story This book was very well written like the rest of her books and I am looking forward to readingof her stories If you like reading paranormal m m than you will like reading this book. Very catching story, that I tremendously enjoyed reading It s the case where some editing errors could not spoil such a great read at all.The werewolves world that Stormy Glenn started to write in her Tri Omega Mates series back in 2008 became fascinating at least to a shapeshifter fan like me I also liked how Stormy worked with the personal names and places names She didn t just come up with typical fictional names that are often used in books, but worked with foreign Eastern European and Slavonic names That may have confused readers a little, especially those from Eastern Europe, but I think it s very unique.I don t think I ve ever seen this much of love, passion and possessiveness in other shifter books as I ve seen between Vadim and Sasha.And I love it that Vadim and Sasha appear in Tri Omega Mates books, so you can see the development in their family, the birth of their 3rd child daughter Riana.I hope there will be further appearances of Sasha and Vadim in future books Dream come true would beof them in a series of books. Silly but still likeableWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 6 10PROS I love the idea of eternal love and soul mates, and very few storylines can get away with that as easily as the werewolf meets his mate one They see each other the first time and just know that they were made for each other see cons below also The characters are cheesy and stereotypical, but I must admit to finding a guilty sort of pleasure in reading about small, victimized men who are rescued by their heroic, strapping lovers Sasha is THE stereotype of a helpless damsel in distress like those so popular in the bodice ripping romances of years ago And Vadim is, of course, the perfect Alpha Strong and imposing yet utterly selfless and kind He s quick to anger, but only when someone s being taken advantage of or he discovers injustice in the world There s never a shortage of action and drama in Glenn s stories The characters get over one hurdle, have sex, get over another hurdle, have sex, misread each other and separate, make up and have sex, and so on This story takes the mental communication between werewolf mates to a deeper level than I ve seen in other stories I liked not only seeing Vadim and Sasha carry on entire conversations no one else can hear, but also seeing other mated couples engaged in discussions no one else is privy to and having to guess at what they re saying based on their body language.CONS As much as I love stories about werewolves and their life mates, the idea that a character can meet someone and automatically be in love with him seems to me like a lazy storytelling technique sometimes The author doesn t have to put any effort into establishing an emotional connection or building up sexual tension It s just there Bang In this story, the characters have performed the mating ritual which is basically akin to marriage, with no option of divorce before Sasha even knows Vadim s name The writing tends to be shallow and repetitive sometimes This occurs near the beginning, for example The little man was his now and then a few paragraphs later The sexy man beneath the desk was no longer theirs He belonged to Vadim now The whole book reads like a first draft that was written in about 2 weeks and then never edited There are obvious editing errors throughout, and the story incorporates a large number of clich s and hackneyed phrases Some of the typos are so blatant it seems like the author didn t even read the story over before it was published, much less an editor.Overall comments Glenn s stories have a tendency toward over the top drama, as is evident at the end of the first paragraph of this story the two main guys meet and immediately recognize that they re mates, and Vadim is stunned I didn t add the exclamation point it s in the book But I keep reading her stories, because in spite of their soap opera feel, they re entertaining little diversions. So I was reading this for the fourth or so time and it occurred to me that even though I really like this book and it has been a bit of a comfort read for me, when I really think about itI feel like I need to drop my rating to two stars The second sentence of the book has a mistake Second sentence There are quite a few mistakes that would have been caught if anyone, ANYONE, had given this a quick read before throwing it up for sale beating on a long dead horse here, I know Then there is the sex It is never ending JustI get you are both virile and sexy and hot for each other butYou are having so much sex that I am bored Bored over sex That is just wrong So wrong cries And I keep noticing things that really bug me and then make me start questioning things shrug I can t even adequately describe what I mean But things like someone thinking or talking about something here and then a few paragraphs later being surprised by the same subject or having a completely different response than before Other little niggles like Vadim s father coming to Vadim s house, where Vadim is the Alpha and basically ordering him and Sasha to Vadim s study to talk I know I m probably totally nit picking here and it shouldn t bother me because he is older than Vadim, he is Vadim s previous Alpha, he s Vadim s father and he is doing it because he is concerned But I really thought that there should have been some acknowledgment of Vadim being the top dog, so to speak, in the particular place and time In fact, I noticed so many problems this time around that I m not sure I can read it again huff This is what happens when you pay close attention to things instead of getting distracted by hey a butterfly When I first started reading the Tri Omega Series I missed this spin off book so to go back and read about these two s beginning was interesting.If I hadn t already been aware of this world the beginning would have totally thrown me It was almost like jumping right into the middle of something without being aware of what s going on. oh wait. scratch the almost..I quickly got a grasp on it I had fun reading on what they went through to get to where they are later in the Tri Omega Series Sasha, an omega, was stuck in an outdated thinking pack with an obsessive alpha After meeting his mate Vadim his alpha freaks out and attacks Sasha Vadim, like any good alpha mate, protects his new mate and tears alpha and betas apart He learns later having forgotten this fact in the heat of the moment that he is now the new alpha of Vouderla Pack.Vadim has a lot of work ahead of him to turn this pack around from all theextreme and unjust laws the previous alpha had going on Dealing with a few major troublemakers along the way and helping Sasha believe in his own worth makes for an interesting trip. I have to say that this one did not work for me Here s why view spoiler 1 In the first 5% they are mated Sasha doesn t even know Vadi s name.2 TOOOOOO MUCH SEX There I said it and I am not even ashamed Seriously, can people be anyrude about sex Joking around about it is one thing, but doing it while your dad is fixing you something to eat in the next room Having sex in front of your brother and best friend while they both jack off NOT COOL 3 UmmmVadi has 2 kids, but we got what 2 scenes with them Vadi doesn t even hold his own kiddo when they first get to the island or even say hi to them Kind of weird.4 I wish we could have seen the fight scene with Casimir and Sasha 5 Did I mention there was too much sex 6 Seriously, Vadi, you have to rip every single pair of pants hide spoiler It s actually not a bad story but the editing is so bad that I simply won t recommend it I hope that this was an error and that they mistakenly put up the rough draft for purchase instead of the final edited product because my version and the excerpt posted for it do not match I have emailed Siren with problems in the past and they have ignored me so I don t know if they will look into this or not Even if it was a mistake the version I got was not edited properly If it isn t a an error in version than the group of people it takes at Siren to put a book out, from author to editor to publishing house and everyone in between can t be bothered to do a cursory reading of their own product before they offer it for sale A basic reading of this book before it went out would have easily caught thethan 30 editing errors I found in 199 pages. Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Werewolves Vadim Miroslav Always Dreamed Of Finding His Mate He Just Never Expected His Mate To Find Him He Is Captivated By The Sweet And Giving Nature Of Sasha, And Sasha Is Stunned By The Way Vadim Seems To Respect His Omega Status Little Did Vadim Realize That By Claiming Sasha, His Entire Life Would Be Changed ForeverVadim Never Wanted To Be The Alpha Of His Own Pack He Avoided It At All Costs, Even If It Meant Appearing Inadequate To His Own Pack But, In A Bid To Save His Newly Claimed Mate, Vadim Does The One Thing He Has Always Tried To Avoid He Takes On Sasha S Abusive Alpha And Wins, Becoming The New Alpha Of Sasha S Pack Can He Take The Control Of An Isolated Pack Of Werewolves And Still Keep His Mate Safe 3.5 starsHmmmmm, I had to give some thought to my rating on this one because I did enjoy the story, it was a bit odd and yet entertaining, but also lacking in some aspects that would make it a solid 4 for me The one big negative was the editing was sub par.Really the actual plot although similar in many elements to the typical wolf shifter saga had a few twists and turns that made it quite original and unique And, damn it was a pretty steamy read Really, I get kinda jaded because I do read a lot of smut, but this one was outstandingly smutty in parts There was one particular scene that involved some voyeurism that put it into my so hot my Kindle imploded shelf So I am glad I read it it s very original in many ways for your typical insta love wolf mate saga. Great paranormal I picked up this author on advice from my own pack I m so glad I let them talk me into it The ability to write emotions like Stormy does is amazing I laughed at Sasha s antics, my heart wept at the love between Vadim his mate I ve already purchased books 2 and 3, I see future purchases coming soon.

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