FeralLoved it No instalove, no gratuitous sex, no angst due to miscommunication between the MCs Just an Omega wolf who was treated like dirt by his alphaso much so that he believed he was useless And a rare cougar who it seems everyone just wants to hunt down The poor guy just wants to be left alone.They needed each other They grew to love each other slowly and i felt the honest caring between them.For a shifter book, which aren t my favorite mm, i loved it Onto book 3, Lynx. Just an average werewolf storyWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 6 10PROS The shifting process is different here than I remember it being described in any other shifter story The characters don t just effortlessly change from one form to the other It takes a huge toll on their bodies, and I thought that was fun to see the author explore Ethan s struggle between functioning as a human and functioning as a cougar is written well And it s interesting that Bram is thepowerful partner when in human form but Ethan ispowerful when shifted It gives a new angle to the shifter story The plot goes a direction I didn t expect it to go toward the end see CONS below also CONS I found the writing just a bit off at times, like the rhythm was jerky or something The sentence structure and or the word choice is just a little awkward sometimes The ending felt anticlimactic to me There are several confrontations or obstacles that are navigated very easily, and the whole thing is over with quickly Overall comments I got the sense that I was reading a book in a series rather than a standalone novel, and when I did a bit of research, I learned that this is a book in a series and I ve read the first one, Marked Clearly it didn t make much of an impact on me, as will be the case with this one, I m sure I wrote a review for the first one, even and I thought the same thing back then, about 8 years ago, as I thought this time about the awkwardness of the writing. meh, an okay in between book with lots of sexual tensionNot really a masterpiece but it was alright Wow I was totally taken surprise by this book It s been on my TBR for quite a while now, but to be honest, I had no real intention of reading it I read and liked the first one but didn t feel too compelled to continue Further proof of why I love reading challenges They force me to read books I would have otherwise never looked twice at.Back to the book, Ethan is a rare cougar shifter and is considered feral He hasn t been human in about 8 years due to some horrific things in his past He has since been captured by wolves and is being cared for by the pack s omega, Bram.Poor Bram, being pushed around and forced to do things he knows are wrong But he did develop a backbone and finally did something about it He was a very sweet character who never received the affection that he deserved He kind of felt like the way he was treated was because he did something to deserve it Luckily, Ethan wasn t going to let him get away with feeling that way.I really enjoyed these two together and their slow build relationship So many times in shifter stories there s the insta erection and YOU ARE MINE syndrome eyeroll So you can imagine my relief when that didn t happen here.Lots of action, pretty fast paced and sexy times were had Yup, it s a keeper. This turned out to be a very good story I really thought for awhile that I was going to have to mark it as a 3 star because the chemistry between Ethan and Bram was lacking and I really wondered if they were going to be the MC s or if someone else was going to be introduced Ethan, a cougar shifter, is captured and held by werewolves and held in their compound apparently to study feral cat shifters Ethan had been feral for 8 years before capture and Bram, the pack s omega, finally caused Ethan s shift by constantly providing him with human touch Ultimately Bram helps him escape and Bram himself leaves the compound to run as a feral wolf, fearing he d be killed if found Once this part of the story ended, and Ethan started to live as a human, the story began to getinteresting and the relationship began to develop Without going into detailed spoilers, the crux of the story is the developing relationship and the threat that hangs over their heads from the former pack alpha Doug Bram had overpowered Doug to get Ethan out and knew that somehow Doug would find a way to get even It was a good story overall and I ll definitely read it again in the future. Having read several of the author s books, I can say Feral is one of the better offerings The engaging and sympathetic characters are the focus while the action taking place is a distant second to the growing relationship and emotional connection This is definitely a character driven story and allows easy resolution to the various problems that come up, keeping the focus on Ethan and Bram The writing is thankfully concise without much exaggeration or embellishment keeping the drama and angst to a very relatable and believable level, even considering the paranormal setting.The plot is interesting in that the capture and eventual escape of Ethan takes the first third of the book, even though the escape is actually simple and very easy The story focuses on Bram and Ethan s connection and interaction, creating a strong dynamic between the men which survives their time apart after Ethan s escape with Bram s help The next part of the story focuses on Ethan s new life and finding Bram then as the two adjusts to each other, while worrying about outside forces The actual time Bram and Ethan are together is very minimal one week while Ethan is captive and one week when Ethan finds Bram after being apart for several months Yet the story focuses on those short times making them seem longer than they actually are.Ethan is an appealing character with his yearning for companionship yet knowledge of betrayal every time he gives in Ethan s mind refers to himself in two unique and distinct parts talking about his human self and his cat It s not until the second half of the book when Ethan is readjusting to being a human again that he blends to two parts of himself and simply is Ethan again Ethan struggles not only with awkward interaction with other people but also with the knowledge he has very few skills and is illiterate Combined with eight years living as a cougar, Ethan has some adjustment issues He attaches to Bram perhaps as the first kind human and perhaps due to the common ground of feeling lost and betrayed.Bram is a similar figure with his struggles within his pack and need for companionship Bram is the pack omega, which in this particular world is an appointed position of weakness rather than an inherent personality type Bram has a lot of anger that he suppresses and accepts abuse and negligence as his due Bram s actions in helping Ethan escape are a rare show of strength from the usually obedient man, even knowing it means he must live without the pack he needs and wants no matter how badly he is treated Bram s slow acceptance of Ethan once they are reunited is lovely as any fans of angst driven characters will sympathize with Bram s internal conflicts.Their relationship is an interesting one without either man really emerging as dominant Both men have fears, problems, unexpected strengths and weaknesses Each had subtly and complexity to their characters which kept either man from becoming a stereotype or typical Their connection was sweet, slightly dramatic and angst filled but never too outrageous or over the top The action scenes were thrown in to keep the conflict from being solely between the men but each external problem was handled very simply from the escape to Ethan s new life and even the end resolution was over in a blink.There are some secondary characters, some that appear from other books in this same world and some that are supposed to be a main influence, such as Trey and Doug However, no character eclipses Bram and Ethan and the other characters are not given any weight except to progress the external drama Due to the ease and simplicity of the conflict, this story could have been better by focusing on what the author really wanted the main characters and their relationship The writing was tight and although the pace was not even with several jarring moments such as the first penetration scene which came out of nowhere the book was an easy and quick read Not the best book ever but certainly not the worst. Seduction Is His Only Chance For Freedom And Love Is A Death SentenceEven Among Shifters, Ethan Is A Rare Breed So Rare, He S Spent The Last Eight Years In Hiding From The Werewolves Who Once Captured And Tortured Him Now A Tranq Dart Has Cut Short His Feral Existence Waking In Human Form In A Locked Room Is Than A Living Nightmare It S Reliving His Worst OneYet In The Troubled Eyes Of One Of His Captors, He Senses A Weak Link One He Can Use To Escape By Seducing His JailerBram S Life As Pack Omega Isn T Easy As Long As He Obeys His Alpha He Is Protected However, There Are Some Things He Just Can T Bring Himself To Do Keeping A Precious Cougar Shifter Prisoner Is One Of Them, Especially One Who Has Somehow Managed To Capture His HeartSetting Ethan Free Could Be A Death Sentence For Both Of Them, For Bram S Pack Doesn T Take Betrayal Lightly And The Alpha Is Set On RevengeWarning Explicit M M Sex And Violence I love Joely Skye She just hits the right mixture of danger, mystery, love, insecurity, angst, and hurt comfort This is another typical shifter story but it s done so well that I have to force myself to not buy everything in the series and read it all right away I want to savor them I love the cougar I love how broken both MCs are, how and why There was way too much sex but at least it had the purpose of showing them coming out of their shells And it was hot.I was disappointed that one thing never happened view spoiler At one point one of the MCs says he sees the other has his mate but he hasn t found the right time He never does That s a huge omission for me She does have POV changes mid scene which drives me crazy.Because of these last two things, I only gave it 4.5 stars But I rounded it up because I loved it anyway hide spoiler I really liked this story about Bram a werewolf and Ethan a lonely werecougar It had a good plot, great characters and some unusual elements that leave me hoping there will be a sequel.Bram has faced suppression and abuse from his pack alpha Doug for years They capture Ethan, who has stayed in cat form for eight years Doug says he wants to avoid him being hunted down and killed and insists it s necessary to make him stay in his human for to achieve this Bram is supposed to help and quickly forms a bond of friendship with Ethan When htey finally flee all hell breaks loose and theyhave to call in help from an old friend to try and stay safe.I loved the interactions between Bram and Ethan, both wounded in their own way but helping each other heal. First half of this story is good Ethan, a cougar shifter, is caught by werewolves pack Bram, an omega in the pack, has a job to tame him Bram develops a kindred feeling to Ethan and he helps Ethan escape I like this first part How the two bonded inside the cage room But after both escape, I feel like the story slowing down to a point where I think, Get ON with it, please There arequestions than answers, like WHY the wolves pack is so interested in Ethan, what is the relation with Lila, the wolf who died, who seemed to be Ethan foster mother Instead the story drags on how Bram wants to teach Ethan how to read HUH It s a nice premise but the execution could be better.

Joely Skye has written for years than she can remember Her latest writing passion is romance and shapeshifters She lives with her husband and two children in Canada.To learn about Joely Skye, please visit

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