The Heart of Devin MacKade

The Heart of Devin MacKade H Muito Tempo Que O Xerife Devin Mackade Anseia Pelo Dia Em Que Ter Nos Seus Bra Os O Nico Amor De Sua Vida Cassie Connor Mas Ela Acabou De Se Libertar De Um Casamento Doloroso, Que A Traumatizou E Que Traumatizou Os Seus Dois Filhos Quando Cassie Aceita O Convite De Rafe Mackade Para Ser A Gerente Da Sua Pousada, Uma Mans O Restaurada E Assombrada Por Fantasmas Da Poca Da Guerra, Devin Preocupa Se Ainda Mais Com Ela E As Crian As Para Piorar A Situa O, O Ex Marido De Cassie Foge Da Pris O Agora, Devin Ter De Tomar Uma Decis O, E Sua Escolha Dever Ser Regida Pela Voz Do Cora O

Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name

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  • Capa Mole
  • 320 pages
  • The Heart of Devin MacKade
  • Nora Roberts
  • Portuguese
  • 07 June 2019

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    I loved this story It s the most violent in the series which makes it the most exciting I think the two little boys stole the show in this book and the one before it Excellent

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    Lovely Cassie Connor married the man she thought was the image of her dreams, but Joe was quick to anger and abusive Cassie endured years of brutal beatings, hiding the truth and the bruises from her friend, Sheriff Devin MacKade and from all of the townspeople, too However, when Joe took his anger out on their two kids, it was over Joe was locked away in prison and Cassie mercifully granted a divorce.So, Cassie and her kids started over, but their emotional scars took a long time to heal Now that Cassie was single again, Devin wanted to let Cassie know how he felt about her, but she was still a little gun shy about any kind of relationship Slowly, Devin started to wear her down With patience, love and understanding, Cassie caught a glimpse of what life with Devin would be like.Meanwhile, Joe was doing his best to be a model prisoner His good behavior got him assigned to a prisoner road detail working just outside of Antietam There, he bided his time, waiting for the moment when he could escape and go back to teach Cassie the lesson he thought she deserved.Spousal and child abuse are tough subjects and I applaud Nora Roberts for handling these problems in the form of an inspiring and uplifting story This is a testament to the strength and power of an enduring love, the kind that lasts for a lifetime.

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    Yes I knew it Since I read the first book, I knew Devin would end up with Cassie The third book in the series was different I was getting used to women with a strong temper, but Cassie was like a sensitive butterfly Until the end It s impressive how love can change a person s attitude I hated Constance Damn it How can a woman be so stupid Or better said, how can a mother be so selfish and blind Connor poor boy I totally understood his confusion and actions He had a hard childhood and he acted like it But everything is fine when the story has a happy ending right

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    Soube muito bem ler este livrinho Previsivel mas delicioso

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    The third book in Nora Roberts The MacKade Brothers series Devin MacKade has been in love with Cassie for years But before he could show his interest she married another But her ex was abusive and Cassie finally got away and is getting on with her life and raising her children She is working at Devin s brother s Bed and Breakfast Devin is now the sheriff and his duty to watch out for Cassie is his pleasure than work.I have liked Nora Roberts for many years and when I found this one I was excited Sure, it s an older book and a category romance but it had charm and I enjoyed it.

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    Sigh What will I do once I finish this series Only one book, sniff I just don t want it to end, I m having such a great time with it.Again I wasn t disappointed by this series This book was everything I wanted it to be I had been wanting to read about Devin and Cassie since I started this series, so you guys can imagine I was exhilarated once I got my hands on this book Devin MacKade is the town s Sheriff, former bad boy who nobody ever thought would make something important of his life Nobody gave a penny for the MacKade brothers but they just prove everyone wrong Then there s Cassie divorced a year ago from an abusive husband and trying to make life better for her and her lovely children Devin always had a crush on her, so once he believes Cassie is ready he makes his move Will lovely and delicate Cassie give him a chance This was a great story, it was fascinating to see how their relationship evolves sometimes little by little while others very fast Seriously this story was great and the ending was just a piece of art, LOL, loved it But most than anything I just love the way everybody gets along with everybody We read about this amazing family and how they will do anything to help the other The MacKade are just wonderful and definitely worth your time And I still wanna highlight the fact that you will fall badly in love with every single character of this series because they are so very different from each other You will never mix up one with the other because each is so unique A must read series IMHO, short but meaningful stories that will give you a marvelous time This series was definitely a surprise for me so I wanna share it with everybody, only please let me know if any of you gets to read it and your thought about it I don t think I can pick a fav between the 3 books I read so far, I loved them all but they are all very different, which is what I adore the most about this series.

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    3 3.5 HEAVENLY DEVIN LY STARS Ok so this the third book in the series and this was the one I d been waiting for Sheriff Devin MacKade has been in love with Cassie Dolan for twelve years and seen the abuse she has suffered at the hands of her husband Now though, she is divorced, her husband is behind bars and he is ready to make his move He knows he s got to tread carefully with her and her young children but it s time But can Cassie overcome her fears and shame over her past and allow Devin into her family and her heart Easy to listen to and i enjoyed it Funny in parts with the paranormal story continuing.

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    I had high er hopes for this one than the others in the series after all, Devin can t really afford to be a rage monkey with Cassie what with her history of being in an abusive relationship Unfortunately, not so much Well, he s not really a rage monkey and he s never abusive But I expected gentler from him than we get The plotting is or less what you d expect and I m glad to have a wrap up, finally, to the Joe Dolan plotline, but I just wanted .

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    It s been a decade or two since I last read a book by Nora Roberts, and unfortunately this one did not impress It could that the grating male narrator s reading has a negative impact on my overall opinion of the book It could also be that the plot and dialogue seem a bit dated Sheriff Devin Mackade waited 12 years to declare his love for traumatised single mum Cassie Dolan, who is just starting to pick up her life again with her 2 kids following the arrest and incarceration of her abusive husband Twelve years of waiting patiently on the sideline watching the woman he loves marrying and being bashed and disrespected by someone else He s decided Cassie has had enough time to heal and his patience has come to an end So he literally bullies her into submission, not physically but emotionally, this poor, vulnerable woman who has had her self esteem pulverised, and who does not have the fortitude to say no to anyone Instead of giving her the time to process his declaration, he turns petulant and angry that she wants him to wait some So she gives in to him because of his insistence, not because of her readiness That made for uncomfortable reading, their first time together Poorly tackled, given the extent of her trauma The kids were well written I like that his relationship with them is as important to him as his relationship with their mother I cheered when Cassie s deplorable mother got her comeuppance Just enough with the tantrums though, Dev

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    The Heart of Devin MacKade4 StarsDevin Mackade has been in love with Cassie Dolin ever since he can remember, but the timing has never been right for them Now that her abusive husband is behind bars and Cassie is discovering her inner strength, the opportunity for the romance that alluded them is finally presented Can Devin and Cassie overcome their reticence to be together Devin is the most patient and caring of the MacKade brothers, and Cassie is a sweetheart While it is impossible not to root for their well deserved happiness, their romance falls short precisely due to the nature of their characters Devin is far too self possessed and accommodating in his interactions with Cassie, and she is too timid and apprehensive around him Consequently, it is difficult to suspend disbelief and accept Devin s eventual demands for and Cassie s sudden willingness to fight for what she wants The minor suspense plot does ratchet up the tension and the inclusion of details concerning the ghosts is intriguing In sum, a heartwarming romance, but my preference is for heroines with backbone and heroes with daring Shane s book is next and it will be interesting to meet the heroine who can put an end to his womanizing ways.

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