He Scores

He ScoresGood story, but wacky timelines threw me out several times in May two years later, Terry was watching Adrian play hockey NHL hockey In May Then after that it was spring, and the playoffs, and then it was finally summer and off season.Also, while I was fairly caught up through most of the story, somehow the ending was weak Much like the previous book I read by this author my first , I was left dissatisfied, as if I found out the inside of my Tootsie Pop was hollow It was sweet, then it was gone, and in a dissapointing way. Meh m m romance about a young guy who gets together with a pro hockey player in town for the summer I still haven t recovered from sorting out all the unclear pronoun references. Terry lived in a little town in Canada Even if Canada could be a little open than other country, being gay in a little town is the same all over the world And so Terry is the object of all the bad jockes in high school He is only waiting to be eighteen years old and to leave for Toronto and the anonymity he will find and a big city.And then Adrian, a twenty years old hockey player, young but just a champion, comes in town He has inherited an old house just outside the town and wants to renovate it And Adrian is a good guy, gentle and friendly, and gay And so the last summer for Terry in his hometown could be also his first summer as man while he discovers love in the arms of Adrian.But Adrian is not out and he cannot be out to the risk of losing his professional carreer and he has also a destructive relationship with a teammate that he claims to love Adrian is very clear and open with Terry, for him it could be only friendship between them and sex, yes, but not love Between the two, even if Adrien is sexually experienced, it is Terry who is the mature in understanding his feelings It s Terry who accepts what he can have from Adrian, and it s Terry who asks forgiveness to Adrian when his feeling becomes too strong and it s Terry who sees clearly how Pierre, Adrian s lover, really is.D.J Manly is very male in his stories When I read one of his novel I always feel that the characters are driving first by their bodies and then by their heart Love without sex is not taken in consideration and the way he describes his men is always very physical And as always his novel flows smoothly and in a bit, and in the end you will want.http elisa rolle.livejournal.com 17 Couldn t give this one four stars, because of some pervasive grammatical issues throughout the length of the prose Too many instances where sentences clunked, where third person slipped into first not in the actual structure, but in the vein of the narrative, and the random um, that stuck out like a sore thumb.There are a few aspects of this book that keep it from being a light, fluffy romantic read Namely, Adrian s pervasive lover, Pierre, who doesn t move out of the picture until the final chapter of the book.Terry spends the entire book pining after Adrian, Adrian spends the entire book pining after Pierre, and Pierre is a largely underdeveloped character presented as a closeted narcissist.Adrian s character is sorely lacking in many respects, and the menage scene between the three of them wasn t hot at all, it was sleazy and made me want to puke for Terry.Sadly, I think the underlying moral of the story is love is stupid Or something equally jaded and cynical Because the happy ending is virtually anticlimactic. Terry Donaldson Can T Wait To Turn Eighteen In A Few Weeks So That He Can Graduate And Leave Norwich, The Small Town In Ontario He Lives In Since Junior High, He S Been Teased, And Called, Terry, The Fairy, By His Classmates His Best Friend, Eve, Intelligent Than The Guys In Her Class, And Slightly Overweight Is Also A Social Outcast, And Terry S Only Friend But Life Is About To Change Drastically For Terry When The Gorgeous Adrian Vincent Turns Up In Town Nicknamed The Flash By His Fans, Vincent Is The Star Hockey Player For The Rockets, And Rud To Have Been Born In Norwich When He Asks Terry To Help Him Fix Up His Grandfathers Old Farm, They Become Fast Friends, And Terry Finds Acceptance And Love But, Terry S Happiness Is To Be Short Lived When Adrian Announces That He Is Leaving To Play Hockey Again, And To Reunite With His Lover

I write not only for my own pleasure, but for the pleasure of my readers I can t remember a time in my life when I haven t written and told stories When I m not writing, I m dreaming about writing, doing something wild and adventurous, or trying to make the world a better and open minded place to live in I adore beautiful men, and I know I m not alone in this Eroticism between consenting

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