Medieval Exegesis, Vol. 2: The Four Senses of Scripture

Medieval Exegesis, Vol. 2: The Four Senses of Scripture Originally Published In French As Ex G Se M Di Vale, Henri De Lubac S Multivolume Study Of Medieval Exegesis And Theology Has Remained One Of The Most Significant Works Of Modern Biblical Studies Available Now For The First Time In English, This Long Sought After Second Volume Of Medieval Exegesis, Translated By E M Macierowski, Advances The Effort To Make De Lubac S Major Study Accessible To The Widest Possible Audience

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❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Medieval Exegesis, Vol. 2: The Four Senses of Scripture Author Henri de Lubac –
  • Paperback
  • 453 pages
  • Medieval Exegesis, Vol. 2: The Four Senses of Scripture
  • Henri de Lubac
  • English
  • 15 September 2018
  • 9780802841469

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    De Lubac killed the forest for the sake of the trees The book did explain medieval exegesis, so I give him credit on that And many of his quotations were quite interesting, even stirring so that s good But he drowned his argument for the sake of piling on citations Within 226 pages of text, I counted a total of 2,563 citations, leaving 208 pages of endnotes So what s his argument I m not sure I m kidding On de Lubac s reading, allegory isn t the wax nose that it would later become Rather, Allegory is when one thing is being accomplished and another pre figured de Lubac 7 Sounds a lot like modern typology The mystic sense of Scripture refers to a reality hidden in God and then revealed to mankind in Christ 20 And the movement from history to eschatology anagogy isn t completely arbitrary It unfolds within the prior historical moment of the Incarnate Word The object of allegory is a reality of things to come 94 It is an opposition of sign and thing signified within a single duration 95 History, in short, can never fully contain that which it foretells Allegory, then, is an irruption from the historia into the allegoria, what de Lubac calls another dimension 95 Interiority not necessarily the inner life, but the interiority of the mystery 97 These hidden facts have an inside, which is salvific 98.Conclusion I m not sure if I recommend this book It is very expensive and crowded with citations that don t always add to his argument, leaving the actual argument in fog And I say this as someone who loves de Lubac s work Read Boersma instead.

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