Trouble Wil Is The New Sherriff S Deputy In Town, A Job He Likes, Especially When He Meets Max On A Routine Call He Thinks Max Is Unbelievably Sexy And Wants To Get To Know Him Better A Lot Better Max Is Pretty Much Trouble With A Capital T He Has Trouble Keeping Jobs, Gets Into Fights In Bars, And Does All Sorts Of Other Things A Law Abiding Man Might Not Approve Of He Can Hardly Believe His Luck When He And Wil Hook Up, Sure He Ll Screw Up Their Relationship Like He Does Everthing Else Can These Two Survive All The Trouble That Finds Them And Make A Life Together

Sunshine and light breezes, the scent of sea drenched skin, dewed grass under foot Cowboy hats, tuxedos, painted on jeans Blue eyes, grey eyes, green eyes, crinkled at the edges eyes Snow, rain, wind Love in the morning Love in the afternoon Love in the evening The sole of a man s foot, a working man s hands, a strong back, the curve of an ass.These are a few of Mike s favorite things.Want

☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Trouble By Mike Shade ✑ –
  • ebook
  • 140 pages
  • Trouble
  • Mike Shade
  • English
  • 06 June 2019
  • 9781933389684

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    When I got the book I was thinking, Hmm, an opposites attract tale This should be good I was thinking there was going to be a good story, character development, nice love scenes and them eventually overcoming social prejudices from living in a small town.No such luck, unfortunately What I got was an over abundance of sex scenes strung together by occasional events It was like sexscenesexscenesexscene oh, by the way, this happened sexscenesexscenesexscene The sex scenes go on for pages, both men instantly hard again after just having an orgasm, ready for another round Each sex scene was painstakingly drawn out to the point where I found myself skipping over them until some semblance of plot appeared, which it didnt until around page 80 out or 188 And the events that happen well, just happen The events seem to be just a precursor or reason for the two heroes to get it on afterwards If something happens, you could be sure needed sex was soon to follow.There was very little, practically zero, character development In the blurb it says that Max was trouble which was said like 1000 times in this piece Okay, possible over exaggeration, but believe me, it s a lot , but was never given a glimpse as to why or how he became that way The reader just had to take the word of the townspeople To them, Max was a bad seed because he drank and got into fights none of which were started by him Max is generally disliked by the townspeople so much so that even when attacked or defending himself in a fight with bigots, he would mostly likely be the one to be arrested Other than a few jerks, people seem to accept the fact that he s gay and dating Wil, so that can t be the entire reason why he s deemed to be trouble his background is never gone into, so the reader or me will never know Mentioned between sex scenes, we find that Max is an artist who occasionally gets work making stained glass windows for patrons that s basically it.Wil is the deputy sheriff, new to town at the beginning of the story and working the night shift That s pretty much all you know about him You do get a glimpse into his past when he describes a childhood trauma he had regarding his pet dog and that one of his first anal play encounters hurt a lot, which explains the first 30 pages.Trouble is basically on of those Meet, Fuck, Instantly fall in love stories where the characters are saying the L word mere days after meeting There was no getting to know you period or at least none that was written or not about what the characters like during sex , so I was left scratching my head as to how they went from screwing, to falling in love, to moving in together.

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    Everyone who knows Max call him Trouble he always makes trouble and who dare to join him obtain only trouble One night, after the usual bar s fight, he knows Wil, the new deputy Wil is a plain guy, lean and simple, who immediately feels good of this short cowboy For him Max is not trouble at all he is open and friendly and Wil wants so bad someone to love First impression you have is that Wil is the stronger character, but he hides his pain under a nice facade he has had a not simple childhood and now his loves life is made of one night stands that cannot fulfill his needs of love Max has nothing worth in his life, but when he meets Wil, he knows he has found someone special and he will do everything to build a better life for him and his new lover So, after all, the stroger character is Max, who cares and protects Wil from the bitterness of the world outside their love s cocoon In this book you will find a lot of sex, but also two beautiful characters with their fears and trouble, but also with so much love to share.http elisa 54

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    I almost stopped reading this about 20 pages in I should have There was very little plot The dialogue was mostly incoherent Everything in the beginning happened WAY too fast and then it was of the same throughout the entire book There was A LOT of sex, which I understand because of the type of book it was But it was BAD sex I found myself skimming over parts of the book because it was so bad I kept hoping it would get better but it didn t.

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    Mostly a sex fest Little plot.

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    Huh.max and wil were a cute couple Lots of I love you It was basically an insta love story Not much plot but the romantic in me rooted for them.

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