Virgin: Prelude to the Throne

Virgin: Prelude to the Throne Volume Da S Rie Tudor,iniciada Por Di Rio Secreto De Ana Bolena E O Bastardo Da Rainha Os Fortemente Lascivos Planos Da Pol Tica Sexual E Internacional, Combinados Com A Electrizante Prosa De Maxwell Contribuem Para Esta Cativante Fic O Hist Rica , Escreveu O Publishers Weekly Numa Cr Tica Muito Lisonjeira Desta S Rie De Robin Maxwell Nesta Aventura Liter Ria, A Religi O, O Sexo E As Personalidades Mais Fascinantes Do S Culo XVI S O Entretecidas Numa Rica Tape Aria De Trai O, Busca De Poder E Amor Kirkus Rewiews

Robin Maxwell began writing novels about the historical figures she had been obsessing about since graduating from Tufts University with a degree in Occupational Therapy Her first novel, The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, now in its 24th printing, won two YA awards and has been translated into fourteen languages The Wild Irish an epic tale of Ireland s rebel queen, Grace O Malley closed ou

[Reading] ➸ Virgin: Prelude to the Throne By Robin Maxwell –
  • Capa Mole
  • 286 pages
  • Virgin: Prelude to the Throne
  • Robin Maxwell
  • Portuguese
  • 23 August 2019
  • 9789727311590

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    I loved this story of historic fiction I have recently become a huge Tudor obsessive and Robin Maxwell is my favorite author in the fictionalized versions This book covers a fairly short period of time, from the death of Henry VIII to the execution of Thomas Seymour and it mostly concentrates on Princess Elizabeth and her relationship with Seymour There is much angst and confusion in the life of the poor Princess.

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    I have for a while now, been fascinated by the early years of Elizabeth I What created this great woman who was one of the greatest rulers of England ever, the queen who refused to marry though her suitors included some of the most powerful monarchs of Europe at the time.It has been theorized, that the Elizabeth, whose mother was branded a whore and executed when Elizabeth was only three years old, and a few years later a similar fate meted out to her young stepmother Katherine Howard, never married because she associated marriage with death.In this exciting and moving book, Robin Maxwell explore the young princesses life at Chelsea House where she was sent to live with her stepmother the Queen Dowager Katherine Parr, after the death of her father Henry VIII, and the ascension to the throne of her younger brotherEdward VI.While the Queen dowager gave Elizabeth love and was the only mother Elizabeth was known, Queen Katherine s husband Sir Thomas Seymour, charismatic and irresistible to women, sets his sights on the vulnerable and innocent young princes Elizabeth.Seymour lures the young princess into sexual interplay, and in a strange twist there are incidents where the Queen Dowager herself, driven mad by the evil of Seymour, helps him to abuse Elizabeth.Through suffering Elizabeth is strengthened, into the great ruler she will be, but as an abused pawn, it seems at the time far off her ever being the most powerful person in England.An insight into Elizabeth,s painful early life, her mother butchered onHenry VIII s orders, the little princess ignored and bastardized by her father, the mother figure she had trusted and loved she saw turned into a mad woman, and the man who had beguiled i her into giving him all her heart and soul, tried to rape and destroy her.A fleshy, moving and evocative novel of the life of the young princess Elizabeth, who would be one of the greatest figures in England s history.

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    If you re a follower of my blog, then surely you know that of all English monarchs, Elizabeth I is in No way my favouriteSorry but that s just the way it is There s just something cold, calculating and non feeling about her for me..yet, I keep reading and books on her There s something intriguing about her that s for sure Or maybe, I just won t allow myself to believe that what you see is what you get and nothing so far has really moved me to change my opinion of herUntil Virgin Prelude to the Throne, by Maxwell This is the story of Elizabeth from about the age of 13 to 15 don t kid yourself, this is not children s literature Major things happen to Elizabeth and England within these two years to spur England into a series of dramatic turnabouts that it would be impossible to write off this important time period.Elizabeth is being raised by her step mother, the Dowager Queen Catherine and her husband, Thomas Seymour With Kat as her guardian lady in waiting, you would think that Elizabeth had a dandy ole time with this wonderful mom and dashing dadPoor Elizabeth, nothing could be farther from the truth.Elizabeth endures such traumatic episodes that no child of that age should ever go through The abuse, betrayal, confusion and major incidents that happened to her would for sure leave a mark on her forever For me, this book helped explain so many things The poor child was torn between guilt, so called love, shame, loss, confusion and almost treason with the risk of death.I think I ve never despised a character than Thomas Seymour And what a change of heart for me to say that Elizabeth endeared me to no end Her story literally broke my heart I felt so much tenderness for this young girl who had her innocence cruelly taken away What could she experience aftet having lost her mother in the harshest of ways, her father rejecting her when she needed him most, and then this cruel man luring her heart and young blossoming passions in such a pedophilic wayall for his own glory Poor, poor Elizabeth She trusted and loved this slime ball and felt guilty for thinking that she may have been the one to lure him on These are the typical feelings of youngsters who go through abuse of this sort Yet, after all she went through, horrible damage to her soul and person, our beautiful young royal, came out standing tall, proud and majestic than ever, and I rooted for her all the way I must say that I am utterly surprised that after reading so much history, I ve never read anything in such detail about this particular time in Elizabeth s life There s always bits and pieces alluding to this horrid period but never in such detail and never so real Even Catherine Parr s death solved a few questions I had this book is a must read.Virgin, is a must read for all Elizabethan fans and historians who feel there is a missing link in Elizabeth s life Robin Maxwell has helped put the pieces together for me and now Elizabeth appears as a whole new different person Her depth in character, her choices in life, her destiny and her ruling have roots from a far deeper place I understand her so much better.I highly recommend this beautiful, heart wrenching and enlightening read to all Fantastic book Thank you so much Robin Maxwell

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    The historical part of this story is not very believable I give a 2 however the enjoyment factor ofthe story I give a 4 making it a 3 I enjoyed it but did not believe it I learned long ago to seperate the two because I m not a historical scholor nor a literary snob but I like what I like and my historical FICTION does not have to be always spot on accurate I m smart enough not to believe anything that is in the FICTION realm Some authors should not call themselves historians however I m not making any sense am I Well sorry if you want an enjoyable story loosely dealing with the Life of Elizabeth 1 and THIS authors view of her life then this is ithowever if you want ACCURACYthen look elsewhere That summed it fact it seems to be a running theme with Maxwells books ENJOYABLE to read but NOT FACTUAL.

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    The title s a bit melodramatic, but this book was pretty good It s about Elizabeth I, covering her dangerous infatuation flirtation with Thomas Seymour Elizabeth was in her early teens at the time, but was very intelligent and astute However, she still fell into the snare of Seymour, a cold, ambitious, manipulative, yet overwhelmingly charismatic man.Maxwell does a great job with portraying the ambitions of the Tudor nobility and the courtly intrigue they engaged in She s also terrific at making Elizabeth young and naive and at the same time keen witted and strong so that the reader can really see how Elizabeth became the kind of ruler she was That, combined with the snappy pacing and smart prose, made this a very enjoyable historical novel.

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    I usually love historical fiction, especially about the Tudors, but this was poorly written and the characters were unbelievable The random jumping of point of view also contributed to the lackluster reading experience Sad that such an interesting story was told so poorly

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    Interesting novel looking at Elizabeth s life when she was living with Catherine Parr and Thomas Seymour, and the period after Catherine s death leading up to Thomas execution.Well written and researched It all hangs together plausibly A good read for any fan of Elizabethan fiction.

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    This was an interesting read which shed light on the patriarchy of the time period and the ways in which things were done Overall, I enjoyed the book, though I wish it had covered a few years rather than quickly summing them up at the end.

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    One of the finest novels in the English language, but unputdownable.

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    Maxwell touts this as a part of Elizabeth history that has been largely ignored until now Not sure I agree with that as this was not a new story for me It is interesting take on some of the events when Elizabeth was residing with her step mother and Tom Seymour.

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