When the Eagle Hunts

When the Eagle HuntsCada vez m s novela y menos Historia G nero Novela hist rica Lo que nos cuenta La familia del general Plautio naufraga camino de encontrase con el patriarca en Britania y cae en manos de fuerzas hostiles a Roma, la logia de los druidas de la Luna Oscura Adem s de enfrentarse a los grupos locales que tratan de detener el avance de las legiones, Cato y Macro se ver n envueltos en el intento de rescate de los rehenes Tercer libro de la serie de Quinto LicinioCato Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite Dastardly Druids have captured Roman citizens who they plan to burn alive Marco and Cato are sent to attempt a rescue and must battle incredible odds aided by Marco s new girlfriend Boadicea Yep it is far fetched and yes it stretches history I am sure but for a totally diverting thrill a page adventure look no further. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers You d think the II Legion Augusta would have had a easier ride hiking through the south west of England If you know about this side of the country, you d know the stereotype easy going, farmers, cider drinkers Take out the first and third term, you wouldn t be far off the mark The land is fertile and would provide land based food stuffs for the Roman forces, instead of relying on produce brought from overseas A marching diet generally consisted of gruel, oats, watered down wine, dried and salted meats such as beef, pork and sometimes horse Tasty What they need is fresh produce Legate Vespasian and his II Legion also need to rescue General Aulus Plautius family whom were shipwrecked due west of Dover from the clutches of The Dark Moon a fictional sect of druids whom preformed human sacrifice to appease their god Did human sacrifice actually take place during this period I believe it did, evidence points to this most recently in the last 3 years a discovery was found in wind caves somewhere in Yorkshire I forget where exactly, I could look but academia is out for the summer What they found was a family of Roman s, the archaeological find showed scarring to the bones that strongly suggest de fleshing i.e skinning of the flesh These bones were dated between 50BC 70AD Make your own mind up on that Arguably the springboard to begin offensive operations would have been around Reading the 2nd make camp around this area when they are forced with a choice by the Chief of the druid sect release druid prisoners the Roman s have captured or Plautius s family would be torched inside a wicker man shudders Macro and Cato are selected to lead a small force into the Dark Moon s territory to recover the General s family What they don t bank on is that they would be lead by the Iceni pair Boudicca and Prasutagus yes I laughed to especially as Macro had a fling with Boudicca previously In future years both would become heavily involved in attempting to oust the Roman s from Britain I won t damn the novel for this, as ironically Boudicca came across how I d imagine her to be in the early years of the invasion inquisitive, wanting to know who she faced one rule know your enemy Better yet, keep your friends close and your enemies closer Why not It s plausible that s how some of the British tribes would have been Optio Cato really begins to develop as a character, he begins to realise the bonds of brotherhood he is making with his Legion chums, especially the Sixth Century who Macro leads For this one, the dynamic duo are left to their own initiative as I said above The four of the party become steadfast friends, something I enjoyed reading seeing how their friendship developed during their attempts to locate and rescue Aulus s family We get to learn a great deal about both Cato and Macro, the background helps to give the reader understanding of background There were a few faults with the novel, the author seemed to get confused between Cohorts and Centuries a few times When Marco and Cato are with the Fourth Cohort, searching for raiders early on in the novel, the writer saysthe Cohorts formed upthen in the next paragraphthe Fourth Cohort and the Second Cohort aligned with each other. There s only one Cohort there buddy It s a minor thing, not like Cato turned into Macro Simon doesn t skimp on the brutality of the Moon Druids, it gets a bit grim in places, but then that s the reality of what Rome would have termed a barbaric people Hundreds of bodies are discovered dumped in a well women, children, elderly and even animals None are spared Nowadays in war we ve got bombs and missiles, back then, it would have been up close and personal can you imagine how such a discovery would have affected a person Tough men, for a tough era Again the pace is set by the tone of the battles and skirmishes Vespasian is again always second guessing his own abilities He seems paranoid how he interacts with his betters which you can imagine how it would have been, especially from someone who is seeking services in public office at a later date Cato again is always concerned about how he interacts with his fellow legionaries Effectively these little side tales help to slow the pace down, otherwise this story would race away and become a blur of engagements and no character development When The Eagle Hunts wasn t up to the standard of the first two novels, which isn t a bad thing as I know they get better as they go along Enjoy This is by far the best book of the series yet The book is about a pair of Roman legionaries and their adventures as army officers which include leading from the front to solo spy and rescue mission, the setting is Roman invasion of Briton The book is perfect mixture of historical facts and creative embellishment, while the timeline, battle style and strategy are historically accurate, the adventure and the one on one fight are realistic and not mystically heroic, only the characters and plot are made up for enriching the reading experience The take on Boudica and Prasutagus are wacky, fun and totally unexpected This book has darker tone then the previous ones in the series, with the Druids bringing the stakes up Did feel the middle kind of got boring, still by the end it was super intense It s a light read, trademark of Simon Scarrow. Si no hubiera sido por mis ex menes , estoy segura de que hubiera acabado este libro antes En este tomo podemos ver como el protagonista principal el optio Cato cada vez va evolucionando cada vez m s y como cada vez tiene m s sentido de la estrategia mejorando sus habilidades como soldado no solo en la lucha que es importante sino tambi n a la hora de trazar planes como ha sido vital en este caso por una misi n casi suicida que junto a Macro ha tenido que realizar Sigue teniendo todav a sus luchas internas sobre lo que est bien y si debe hacer ciertas cosas ahora como soldado y algo que me gusta es que en el fondo sigue siendo l mismo aunque haya cambiado un poco En cuanto a Macro se puede ver que a pesar de su aspecto de hombre duro y fr o por la vida que ha tenido con mucho sufrimiento , en el fondo tiene sentimientos tanto que puede enamorarse y adem s estima y quiere aunque no lo diga mucho a Cato como un hijo Pasando a los personajes secundarios reales en este caso todos me han caido bien aunque ha habido uno que al principio por lo bruto que era y arrogante llamado Prasutago , que a medida que avanzaba la historia que hasta una persona as que se cree el mejor en alg n momento puede flaquear y tener miedo como todos.Pasando a Boadicea que en serio que os puedo decir de ella , es el tipo de mujer que me gusta , fuerte , inteligente y astuta , valiente , decidida , que no necesita a los hombres para hacer nada ,adem s de que es muy tierna con los ni os , sin duda ser a una gran madre Vespasiano sin duda para m es el mejor comandante de todos , porque realiza las mismas cosas que realizaban los soldados rasos CDesde luego en este libro hay m s crueldad y acci n que en los otros adem s de que se conoce a m s etnias de Britania , con ganas de leer el siguiente que el final me dejo con ganas de mas Le doy un 10. Finally a book in the Eagle series that didn t feel like a huge waste of time reading.It has taken this far in to make me actually enjoy slightly too strong a word one and if I m honest, if I hadn t been over eager and bought all the books before having read any, I probably wouldn t have bothered with the series again.This book can neatly be summed up as Macro Cato versus some typically evil as hell Druid bastards who ve captured some Romans the family of General Plautius himself no less and the story essentially revolves around the rescue attempt.Most of the irks I had with the previous books in the series don t seem as much of an issue any as it s either significantly different or it s been long enough between books for me to only see the previous books in a boring, staid light compared to this That said there are similarities between this book and the last specifically how the plot feels awkwardly bent and warped solely to ensure that Macro Cato two relatively anonymous middling officers are at the very centre of the story all the way through, at the expense of credibility.Other historical fiction manages to pull of making it appear that the lead characters are set on this path thanks to the decision of others, incidental choices and just the way life goes, you know, a casual sense Whereas there s the distinct feeling in this book that the narrative was almost intentionally mangled to put them in the limelight.There appears to have been a lack of either a competent proof reader or mistakes by the author himself, as on one occasion the word cohort is repeatedly used instead of the word century think hundreds of men instead of less than 80 and there are typos too.There is also one particularly glaring error where, as Macro Cato are attempting to sneak into a Druid village, Scarrow makes a point of describing the village as having an outer palisade and then an inner enclosure with it s own second palisade, making it doubly protected Yet as he describes the action, neither palisade is even mentioned again as if the characters have somehow teleported themselves from outside the palisade to right bang inside where they want to go.All that said, the reason I still gave this a three out of five is that is still one of those books that you find yourself almost galloping through the pages and, even if it s one of those books that lets you check your brain in at the door, doesn t feel like you ve wasted the time it took you to read it.Overall, an improvement on the previous books in the series yet still some way short of being of the level to set it apart from the scores of other Roman fiction authors out there.Hopefully though the next book in the series will continue the upwards trajectory as, to be honest, the only reason I started this book at all was to clear space on my shelf, rather than any particular devotion to the series. I saw on the jacket a comment from Bernard Cornwell that I just don t need this competition He s wrong there is no competition, Scarrow is by far the better writer Cornwell wrote the Arthur trilogy of which he can be justly proud and nothing else of worth in all his many books Scarrow writes with increasing confidence with each of these tales of Macro and Cato I could wish he hadn t used Boudica as a character in this one in the way he did and Prasutagas was a very odd confection but I think I can see where he is going in his longer game His war fighting scenes are not as true as Simon Turney s but they are very visual and place me right there in the middle of the action.Scarrow and Turney both fill me with pleasure as two of the best British historical writers of this genre. Continua a saga Uma boa hist ria e bem contada Por vezes o ritmo hipn tico.Obrigado, Simon. No Terr Vel Inverno De DC Vinte Mil Legion Rios Estacionados Na Brit Nia Aguardam Impacientemente Que A Primavera Chegue Para Retomarem A Conquista Da Ilha A Resist Ncia Bret Est Cada Vez Mais Aguerrida E Os Nativos N O Perdem Uma Oportunidade De Minar Os Esfor Os Da Poderosa Roma Quando Os Mais Selvagens Resistentes, Os Dru Das Da Lua Negra, Capturam A Mulher E Os Filhos Do General Aulo Pl Ucio, Necess Rio Recorrer A Uma Medida Dr Stica Dois Volunt Rios Da Segunda Legi O Que Se Infiltrem Em Territ Rio Inimigo Numa Tentativa Desesperada De Resgatarem Os Prisioneiros Essa Sorte Cabe Ao Centuri O Macro E Ao Jovem Cato Na Calada Da Noite, Abandonam O Acampamento Com A Miss O De Encontrarem A Fam Lia Do General Antes Que Seja Sacrificada Aos Deuses Negros Dos Dru Das Os Dois Homens Sabem Que Se Encaminham Para Uma Morte Quase Certa E A Sua Nica Esperan A Que, Com Coragem E Engenho, Possam Ludribiar Os Inimigos Mais Selvagens E Cru Is Que Alguma Vez Combateram Essa Sorte Cabe Ao Centuri O Macro E Ao Jovem Cato Na Calada Da Noite, Partem Procura Da Fam Lia Do General Antes Que Seja Sacrificada Aos Deuses Negros Dos Dru Das Os Dois Homens Sabem Que Caminham Para Uma Morte Quase Certa E A Sua Nica Esperan A Que, Com Coragem E Engenho, Possam Ludribiar Os Inimigos Mais Sanguin Rios Que Alguma Vez Combateram Wow Definitely the best addition to the Macro Cato series so far Throughout these epic novels, Scarrow seamlessly switches from the personal POV of Macro and Cato to the view point of the army as a whole, to the ongoing invasion of Britain, and back again without a glitch It s very cleverly done and keeps you hanging on to every word He doesn t bombard the reader with technicality or historical terms that might leave people like myself scratching their heads over it I really admire his style for this it is quite some skill.As for When The Eagle Hunts , it s a fast and furious read with non stop action and dilemma Scarrow doesn t really need to set his main protagonists up, however he does describe their roots enough for new readers of the series to be able to enjoy it without going too far and re explaining everything to veterans to the books Although Scarrow s plotline hides fresh suspense round every corner, his characters are immense and really enjoyable to follow Fresh faces Boudica and Prasutagus are very well rounded and likeable, alongside some of the familiar comrades Vespasian for example, with his softer qualities but stern exterior is a particular favourite of mine Scarrow gives even the most minor of characters a full bodied personality, and it s for this reason that the reader can easily grow attached to the likes of Maxentius and Diomedes despite them only appearing for a handful of pages.Macro s touch of brutal humour is always welcome to break up the serious and bloodied battles that are consistently encountered, and the way that the great Prasutagus is revealed as the novel continues only adds to this relief And Cato Cato got awesome It s not often that a series gets even better as it goes along, but Scarrow is a master of his genre and I m looking forward to The Eagle And The Wolves.

Simon Scarrow is a UK based author, born in Nigeria, and now living in Norfolk He completed a master s degree at the University of East Anglia, and, after working at the Inland Revenue, went into teaching as a lecturer at City College, Norwich.He is best known for his Eagle series This is Roman empire military fiction, starting with the second invasion of Britain, and continuing with subsequen

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