Superman: Ending Battle

Superman: Ending Battle Superman S Secret Identity Has Only Ever Been Known To A Select Few That All Changed The Day Manchester Black, A Gifted Telekinetic, Uncovered Clark Kent S Alter Ego, Setting In Motion One Of The Hardest Days In Superman S Life Looking To Avenge His Prior Defeat At The Hands Of Superman, Manchester Black Amasses An Army Of Super Villains Over The Course Of Hours, Black S Army Of Villains Systematically Attack All Those Close To Superman Until They Meet In An Epic Showdown Collects SUPERMAN , ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN , SUPERMAN THE MAN OF STEEL And ACTION COMICS

Geoff Johns originally hails from Detroit, Michigan He attended Michigan State University, where he earned a degree in Media Arts and Film He moved to Los Angeles in the late 1990s in search of work within the film industry Through perseverance, Geoff ended up as the assistant to Richard Donner, working on Conspiracy Theory and Lethal Weapon 4 During that time, he also began his comics career

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  • Paperback
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  • Superman: Ending Battle
  • Geoff Johns
  • English
  • 03 June 2018
  • 9781401222598

10 thoughts on “Superman: Ending Battle

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    Though this story was much darker then I like my Superman stories to be, it truly spoke to the character of Superman and what he stands for.

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    Eu reconhe o que n o a melhor hist ria do Superman mas eu amo demais assim que se faz um superman O confronto final com o vil o da hist ria, que n o posso falar porque legal se surpreender, genial Aquilo ali limpa o ch o com Injustice e o Superman do DCEU Tamb m lindo os momentos onde a Lois descreve o Superman e diz porque o ama Ver o homem de a o ser colocado no limite de tudo, contra praticamente todos os seus vil es atacando quem ama legal de se ver Mostra o lado bom do personagem, o quanto ele se importa com todo mundo, at com os professores que ele teve na escola, mas mesmo assim, n o vai matar por ningu m.

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    Kto odkry , e Superman to Clark Kent i nasy a z oczy c w na ludzi bliskich Clarkowi, wi c Clark zbiera ludzi w jedno miejsce i leci wkurwiony szuka winnego Nawet Mr Mxyzptlk te si pojawia, ale widzi, jaki Clark jest wkuriowny, wi c ma nope i bez niczego m wi swoje imi od ty u, eby znikn Tu jest r wnie pokazane, dlaczego nie lubi Injustice, bo pokazuj to, co kanoniczny Clark robi, kiedy Lois zostaje zabita.

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    Again a comics that you can avoid The art is horrendous and all over the place Was never able to finish this.

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    This wasn t a great story, but it was action packed and lots of fun Manchester Black is under utilized as a villain, so it was nice to see him get some play.

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    When I first heard the plot of Superman Ending Battle, I thought it would be much better Instead we get a disjointed eight part story of Clark Kent s acquaintances, friends, and allies being attacked systematically by random supervillains.It turns out the villain is Manchester Black, who has figured out Superman s secret identity What entails is a lot of fights, but not enough With a title and cool plot, I wanted action.One of the best fights in the book is where Superman takes on a horde of new and unknown villains He takes them all on with super ease, but they begin to wear him down The fight scene is sort of ruined by the subplot of a Senator who is against metahumans He really didn t need to be there and he ruined the flow.I was hoping for a few badass scenes of Superman, and I could point out only one Superman knocks Neutron into space and then uses him later as a weapon against villains.I think the only thing that would have made this better would be if each part of the 8 part story was a different fight against a team of villains, and if the art wasn t so inconsistent I didn t care for Rouleau s art, which is a bit cartoony with stretched faces He did the art for part 4 and 8, and it kind of ruined the finale for me.Even though Superman does fight a lot in this volume, I still think it needed a few badass moments from the Man of Steel They could have shown him go into full power mode and deliver fear into the hearts of his enemies, to show how truly powerful he was All in all, Superman Ending Battle is only okay It had a few good moments, but I feel the artwork for parts 4 and 8 were lame and it needed cool moments for Superman.

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    A very routine story Superman s secret identity is discovered leads to a mixed bag of fights between our hero and many, many villains Mr Mxyzptlk shows up, and does nothing Some of the creative teams across this story splintered four ways do good Geoff Johns plots are ho hum, but his dialogue is warm Joe Kelly and Duncan Rouleau deliver on the meaty parts of the story, though Rouleau s art is too cartoony at times The other writers are saddled with having to talk about Steel or being given plotting chores for mindless fights Reading the many headed crossover as a whole is a jarring, acquired taste that works fine if you aren t looking for auteurs singular vision.

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    Remember when Geoff Johns wrote a hopeful, proactive Superman who relied on his human relationships and not the mopey hopeless god in a cape who is currently inhabiting the nu52 This was a bittersweet read, as this is the Superman and Clark and Lois that I love, and one I wish would show up again in the nu52 Also, an amazing Lois Lane, again, which seems to happen sparingly since the reboot A lot of action, but the heart of it is that Superman, while with enormous powers, has a huge heart with which he cares about so many, and that while Kryptonite can hurt or even kill him, in the end, it s through the people he loves that one can hurt him most.

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    Loved this period of Superman when his chest S crest had the black background Really loved DC comics period of around 1997 to 2011 Haven t really been to thrilled with DC ever since the New 52 began Have yet to read much of the Rebirth material But will But I d rather read or re read the stuff from pre 2011 Collecting these older Superman trades for a re read Not sure if I ve read everything collected here.

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    Ye gods this is disjointed.Basically 7 or 8 issues of.HERE IS A HUGE VILLAIN RANDOMLY APPEARING FROM SUPERMANS PAST THEY FIGHT SUPERMAN PUNCHES THE VILLAIN AND WINS HERE IS ANOTHER HUGE VILLAIN FROM SUPERMANS PAST PUNCH WIN Until the escalating cascade of 40 or 50 villain punch combos brings us to the final villain of the piece, who Superman defeats BY NOT PUNCHING It s like, symbolic, innit.Tosh.

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