Midnight in Death

Midnight in Death Note Originally Released In The Anthology Silent NightThe Number One New York Times Bestselling In Death Series Explodes With Intrigue, Passion, And Suspense Now, Nora Roberts, Writing As JD Robb, Propels You Into The Darkest Night Of Lieutenant Eve Dallas S Life When A Killer Comes To CallEve S Name Has Made A Christmas List, But It S Not For Being Naughty Or Nice It S For Putting A Serial Killer Behind Bars Now The Escaped Madman Has Her In His Sights With Her Husband, Roarke, At Her Side, Eve Must Stop The Man From Exacting His Bloody Vengeance Or Die Trying

Nora Roberts The futuristic suspense series stars Eve Dallas, a New York City police lieutenant with a dark past Initially conceived as a trilogy, readers clad for of Eve and the mysterious Roarke Leverage in Death, on sale September 2018, is the 47th entry in the series.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 90 pages
  • Midnight in Death
  • J.D. Robb
  • English
  • 17 July 2019

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    Just love these two.

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    Picking up where 7 left off this was a perfect extension of that book LOVED RoarkeLOVED Eve I m still enjoying all the side characters too Feeney and his bags of nuts Got to love the guy.Peabody and her dry humor She is the perfect partner for Eve McNabb is new and I like him I m figuring he will get tangled up with Peabody But I could be wrong.Dr Mira is wonderful I love their relationship.Mavis wasn t in this one but is her BFF and these two couldn t be any different which is perfect.Summerset still drives Eve crazy These two barely tolerate each other But there is something there I can feel it A change is coming And last but not least Galahad the cat.

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    5 Well Deserved StarsI ve said it before and I ll say it again, there are very few authors whose novellas I enjoy Most of the time they seem incomplete or uninteresting I m happy to say that JD Robb didn t disappoint on that aspect of her writing.This novella was just as good as her full novels The story was cohesive, the mystery interesting and the killer worthy of attention This author can really do no wrong.

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    Short but sweet novella which picks up immediately from where the last book finished Poor Eve and Roarke seem to have every holiday disrupted by yet another murder Not that they let it get them down They still manage to enjoy some very close moments in between the police work I really enjoyed this little taste of In Death land and it left me keen to get on with the next book

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    This one was a novella, but read like a longer book Enjoyed it Took up straight after the previous book finished Eve and Roarke what s not to love For a moment that was all there was The taste of him, the feel of him pressed against her, the need they created in each other time after time erupting inside her We don t have a thing for New Year s, do we No party or anything LOL Love how Eve is not the party animal my kind of girl You re what I want, Eve, the woman who leaves her home to stand over the dead And the one who knew what a copy of Yeats would mean to me.

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    4.5 stars Festive fun and joy at Christmas with Roarke and Eve.

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    This is a novella taking place between Christmas and New Year.Eve chases a serial killer who has escaped prison and is after the one s who put him away in the first place, including Eve and Dr Mira It is intense but nothing like her full length novels.

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    Very good for a rather short story Obviously all the characters are present and excellent as Always

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    Suspense 4.5 stars Romance 4 starsShort, but intense story.Bloody merry Christmas

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    Read this with the J D Robb group Love this story Making a short story this entertaining is a gift And, Nora J D., has it She manages to intro characters and still put an exciting story in it Putting one of my fav characters in jeopardy was terrifying Reread June 2018 This book dives into the middle of the action just days after the Christmas attack on Peabody Eve is facing a serial killer who escaped from prison She already put the guy away once and now he s back to finish his work This time he plans to torture the people who put him in prison, including Eve and Dr Meara.

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