Altered Heart

Altered Heart As A Werewolf And An Enforcer For The Committee For Supernatural Behavioral Enforcement, Mick Matranga Has Seen His Share Of Lowlifes, But Kevin Sutter, Pack Alpha, Is One Of The Lowest He Has Forcibly Turned And Taken Prisoner A Young Human Mick Has Been Assigned To Affect A Rescue And Bring Sutter To Justice Dispatching The Bad Guy Turns Out To Be The Easy Part Of His Assignment Sutter S Prisoner, Rio Hardin, Turns Out To Be A Smart Mouthed, Sassy Brat With The Face Of An Angel Who Takes Mick S Heart By Storm He S Also A Runaway Turned Hustler Who Has Suffered Numerous Abuses In The Course Of His Tumultuous Life Bound By His Code Of Honor And Determined That Rio Be Protected At All Costs, Mick Makes It His Personal Duty To See To It That No One Hurts Rio Again If That Includes Ignoring The Instinctual Knowledge That Rio Is His Mate And Rio S Own Desire To Be With Him, So Be ItThere S Only One Flaw In His Plan Rio Is About To Go Through His First Shift, A Very Painful Process Which Can Only Be Made Tolerable By Applying A Certain Amount Of Distraction Sexual Distraction Mick Has Two Choices He Can Leave Rio In The Hands Of His Very Capable Brother Or He Can Give In To The Mutual Heat And Need Between Them And Indoctrinate His Young Charge Into The Ways Of The Werewolf Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Male Male Sexual Practices, Sex For Money, Sex While In Shifted Animal Form, Violence

As a kid, from the time I learned to read, I ve treasured books Fiction mostly, because I m the type of person who likes to be taken on journeys of imagination I guess it was only natural I d try to orchestrate some of those journeys myself, and share them with others Writing can be fun, frustrating, and sometimes even frightening, but it sings a siren song that entices And whether you end up

❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ Altered Heart Author Kate Steele –
  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Altered Heart
  • Kate Steele
  • English
  • 07 August 2017
  • 9781596328570

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    3 Tortured, Grieving and Painful Stars Everybody s got something in their lifeThey think they have to hide.Rio has felt pain and hardships, from the time his mother died and he left home at sixteen But nothing compared or prepared him, for the agony and life changing experience he receives, after being bitten by a werewolfor the weeks that follow after his taken .Mick a werewolf and enforcer, has a job to bring in a pack alpha, who has committed horrific crimes against humansand save the human he currently holds as prisoner Seems easy enough It would be, if he could resist the pup under his careand not feel the need to protect the hurt and damaged, Rio.Despite all his been through, Rio isn t a weakling His feisty and isn t afraid to make his opinion and needs known And that includes needing and connecting to Mick.who soon learns that not all rules are followed And emotions and fate, overpower common sense When you talk to me, when you touch me, it goes away All the bad things go away and I feel clean again

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    Typical werewolf romance Even though I appreciated Rio s strength, and humor, the lack of balance in the relationship, the age gap, and Mick s almost paternal attitude left me a bit cold Not bad, but it blends in with every other story in this genre I ve read A bit formulaic.

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    4.5 starsMy first experience with Kate Steele s story and I must say that I m impressed Her writing is really good I loved how she describes the process of shifting from human to wolf, like a magical ritual The idea of having sex to help handle the pain of shifting for the first time is fleshed out wonderfully The story has likable characters, emotion, conflict, and a lovely ending that made me totally satisfied And oh, I really, REALLY, loved this line because it totally mirrors what I feel inside I think that s hard for a lot of people to accept but really, when it comes to sex and maybe especially love, the gender of the two people involved should take a backseat to how they feel about each other I don t think it would be right for love to be thrown away just because the stuffed shirts of the world don t think it s right for two women or two men to love each other Well said.

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    Awwwwwww the love between wolves So, about this book I don t know from where start to tell you how much I enjoy this werewolf paranormal romance There is drama Rio kidnapping at the begin of the story is veeeeeery disturbing , love, suspense I LOVED IT I certainly enjoy this story, and recommend to all Mick and Rio love story is incredible sweet 5 stars

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    Could have been so good But wasn t.I was all jumping for joy with the great potential of hurt comfort going on in this book.But unfortunately the execution was not great.My main problem was Mitch He was a bit too cold for my taste And he was pushing Rio away right until 70% when he decided he wants him and loves him Right.

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    An easy, enjoyable read Loved the resolution with Rio s dad, pretty basic my major vice is that I felt there could ve been a lot world building.

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    3.5 stars. Pleasant enough m m werewolf romance, finished it in an afternoon Despite the promisingly dark start, it all turned a little bit too sweet and bland for me personally I made no highlights on kindle so sorry no quote.

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    Just re read this one after a year and loved, loved, loved it all over again Fabulous shifter story about Rio, a young drifter who is turned into a werewolf against his will and Mick, the big, strong Committee for Supernatural Behavioral Enforcement Agent who helps ease him into his new life as a shifter Yum If you like sexual tension, this one has it is spades Melt your kindle, baby Also, smokin hot sex, lost of angst and comfort and a spectacular HEA If you ve already read it, it is SO worth a re read.

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    This is a slight variation on the werewolf theme Set in a world of otherwordly beings, we don t get to really see any of them, but knowing they exist makes a difference It made the story real for me, consistent The characters being werewolves wasn t an add on , like it is in some stories, they were somehow fundamentally different.I liked Rio a lot He has been through absolute hell, but his inner strength has helped him to survive While it isn t surprising that he falls for his rescuer, his thoughts about what was going on convinced me that it was than an automatic reaction That would have made everything just too convenient.Mick is the typical growly loner in one sense, but he is also a very caring being who has suffered a lot himself While he tries to do the right thing stay away from Rio because he sees him as too young , that actually made me angry at him in this case I guess it was because Rio s need for him was so clear and convincing.Overall, this is a great love story about two characters who look very different from the outside, but are both wounded and need each other to be happy Oh, and the fact that, while they were mates, this wasn t overemphasized, was a nice difference versus some other werewolf stories as well I really liked this book.

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    After multiple reads, I ve upped the rating and added this one to my favourites shelf the shifter books I read, the better this one appears in comparison This is one of the better shifter books that I ve read there were no clunky paradoxes in the world to spoil the story the paranormal aspect was so beautifully portrayed that I was surprised to emerge back into the mundane real world where paranormal beasties don t live side by side with humans sigh although the age gap between Mick Rio stretched my comfort zone, it stayed millimetres away from the icky because the werewolves looked much younger than they actually were the smex was smokin hot and I m a smidge disappointed that there doesn t appear to be a sequel pout if you like shifter romance but are often disappointed, I think you ll find this book worth the read.

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