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Fat Cat An Experiment So Bold, Anyone Might Think It Was A Little CrazyCatherine Locke Is Smart, Ambitious, And Okay, Not The Slimmest Girl Around But She S Always Cared About Her Brain Than Her Body So Far That S Gotten Her Where She Wanted Into The Most Advanced, Competitive Science Class At Her High School, Where She Ll Once Again Face Her Fiercest Rival, Matt McKinneyThe Guy Who Once Broke Her HeartIf Cat S Plan Works, She Ll Win It All A Huge Improvement In Her Body And Her Lifestyle, First Prize At The Science Fair, Admission To The College Of Her Choice, And Best Of All, Revenge On Matt McKinneyBut As Every Scientist Knows, Even The Best Experiments Can Go Wildly Out Of Control

Robin Brande is an award winning author, former trial attorney and law instructor, martial artist, teacher, entrepreneur, and certified wilderness medic Connect with Robin at

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  • Paperback
  • 318 pages
  • Fat Cat
  • Robin Brande
  • English
  • 13 April 2018
  • 9780615952734

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    This book reminded why I love reading so much I learned so many new things without being banged over the head with textbook mumbo jumbo I almost fell out of chair when she talked about the Tarahumara indians it s a joke in my family Cat is well fat and is carrying around a lot of resentment She is smart and she has good friends but again she s fat Every year she enters the science fair and this year she plans to beat Matt no matter what happens The experiment that she takes on is pretty extreme She is going to eat like the caveman did and limit her access to modern technology With her diet of diet coke and chips and her habits of a modern day person this will be no easy task.Slowly we see her start to lose weight and all the changes that comes with that We come later to find out exactly what is the huge grudge she has against Matt, and get to see her attempts to test the waters with guys I laughed so much when I read this story, and zipped through it like there was no tomorrow Along her journey you can tell she feels dare she say it pretty and not only that but happy than she can remember I actually felt compelled to take a look at what kind of junk I d been putting in my own body and how dependent we all are on technology Sometimes you have to turn everything off No interent, TV, phones and just really think Though I could never become a vegertarian they had some good points but I love eating juicy burgers way too much Good books make you analyze your own life and it did just that I got kind of annoyed at Cat sometimes though The grudge she is holding is justified in a way I think she was a little too hung up on it She kept saying traitor and you betrayed me and well I just can t see a teenager doing that They d be like there are such scum insert colorful language here There was a bit of that, but I think Cat made it out to be worst as the years went by I m not saying what Matt did wasn t hurtful but I m surprised how long she kept hating him I think it s because it happened in her middle school years very difficult time growing up and she liked him so it hurt that much That aside though this book is worthy of anyone s time to see sometimes that we are the only ones in they way of our own lives.

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    Happy sigh This was absolutely fabulous If I try to come up with anything I didn t like about this book I m drawing a total blank Our narrator Cat is awesome, she s smart and witty and she made me laugh out loud at regular intervals throughout the entire book I also loved that even when her pounds melted away and she regained some self confidence she stayed true to herself I kind of expected the story to go like they all do and was prepared for Cat to turn into a total bitch but luckily this never happened Sure, she experimented a little with her sexuality and how she could influence the male population but she always stayed the same loveable science geek who doesn t really care about make up and clothes and wants guys to like her for her personality and not for her looks She stayed the sweet girl who s loyal to her friends and cares about her family.This was one of those books I simply couldn t put down, the plot captivated my attention from cover to cover and when I realized that the story drew to a close I got really sad because I didn t want to say goodbye to all these great characters just yet As I already said, Cat herself is awesome but so are her friends Amanda and Jordan and also Matt I know, what he did back then was awful but he was only thirteen and at this young age you sometimes just do stupid things like that and I actually found myself feeling bad for him because it was just so obvious that he had absolutely no clue what he had done I also thought the whole situation with him and Cat was a realistic scenario I remember being that young and not having the guts yet to stand by my opinion, no matter what the others thought or said and I also know how I didn t confront friends about stuff like this The fact that Cat and Amanda were almost running a restaurant by themselves, on the other hand, struck me as a tad bit unrealistic but didn t really bother me The additional information on how to eat healthy was interesting as well, though I must say that the author was not exactly subtle about her pro vegetarian message Luckily it was still within tolerable limits.What I probably liked best about this one was the love story It was the kind of romance that makes you grin like a fool and feel warm all over This is definitely a book I m going to re read someday Loved it

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    Fat Cat is what I call a light YA story done right It s not overly depressing being an issue book and all that , or immature, or oversexed It is story of an overweight girl who turns to healthy lifestyle as a part of her science project and in the process of getting her body in shape, gets her inner self in shape too Cat is an extremely likable character In spite of her hang ups that she tries to eat, she is a smart and fun girl, a great friend and daughter.You will not find drugs, alcohol or promiscuity in this book and it is a great relief It seems to be some kind of standard these days to portray teenage kids as jaded and vile creatures and it s a pleasure to finally read a book about normal young adults, young adults I used to hang around not that long ago What you will find instead is this great messages about eating and leaving healthy, responsible sexuality, value of friends and a lesson about not getting stuck on what people say or do behind your back and being a guide of your own destiny and happiness.The push for vegetarian life style gets at times a little too heavy, but overall the book manages to stay away from being preachy and is simply a quick, fun read about health, friendship, with a little bit of teenage angsty romance thrown in.

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    there will always be a soft spot in my life for young adult fiction, but not crap like this.Fat Cat is a fat girl s cinderella story the incredibly fictional account of how one science oriented young woman lost a ton of weight, became incredibly hot, and dated half the swim team in her personal quest to get her one true love to admit he s a tool and fall in love with her.or something i wanted to like cat i think any female who s ever struggled with weight issues or felt uber nerdy and unappreciated wants to like cat but the reality is cat just isn t that likeable she s holding on to a grudge several years in the making she s in complete denial about her feelings for most of the book, and she seems highly impressionable for someone the author wants us to look at as strong and, since the premise is about cat wanting to be like the female homo erectus, feral.my biggest gripe about the book is the heavy handed treatment of cat s diet this feels shameful to me in the same way Twilight pimps vegetarianism to its audience, Fat Cat shoves the concept down our throats instead of letting the reader, as cat does, come to their own conclusions about her diet, we hear about the dangers of pumping our bodies with chemicals and hormones that coupled with cat s physical transformation and her ability to capture the attention of oh so cute boys, well, i d expect a fair number of girls to adopt a similar paleo veggie diet in their quests to lose weight and become hot.totally the right reason.

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    Definitely an inspiring and motivating story as the main character embarks on an ambitious experiment to see what would happen if she cut out processed food, artificial sweeteners, technology and motorized transportation It was amazing to see Cat morph into a new person both in body and attitude and refreshing to hear her tell her story in such an inspiring and snarky voice I had a great time following her through her journey.About the book Catherine Locke and Matt McKinney have been arch enemies for over four years It all happened the day she displaced her best friend in a science fair competition by taking first place and hearing him say something horrible about her to another student It s now their junior year in high school, and she vows to take revenge and teach Matt a lesson As part of her science project, she aims to take the prize once again and as part of her experiment she goes on a strict eating regimen to lose the weight that earned her the title Fat Cat.I loved Cat s voice because she sassy, smart and completing honest The journaling that included her progress was interesting to read and it was amazing to see how the food we eat and the habits we practice affect our body and mind Definitely recommend this book as I enjoyed it much.

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    This book was adorable And sexy Adorably sexy I m so pleased with having picked this up I found it a little slow at times, which is why I gave it a four instead of a five, but overall I adored this read Definitely recommend to anyone searching for a witty contemporary.

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    Honestly This was garbage It spins a message of self acceptance that comes only after the main character has literally transformed her physical appearance and as a direct result gained the affections of her true love.The fact that Matt once called Cat UGH, I KNOW fat when they were 13 and that she held an active grudge against him and refused to speak to him for over three years, had NOTHING to do with the fact that she wanted to lose weight Riiiiight.The author tries to make the reader believe that science whiz Cat wants to lose weight as part of a NATIONAL science fair project becausescience to show how much people have changed since they were Neanderthals Yeah, it doesn t make sense You re telling me that the teacher of this science class that the reader is made to believe is the BEST and intimidating and pushes his students readily accepts the premise of, lol I want to diet for school, as a science fair project Again, for the NATIONAL LEVEL Ok, suspending my disbelief for that absolutely insane premise, Cat is TERRIBLE at going through with this actual project That she made the rules for Sigh The project literally, immediately, on day 1 starts to unravel, but that s ok because Cat just continues to change the rules She s not supposed to use technology phones cars, etc , yet she constantly is using phones cars, etc but justifying it because she needs to talk to a boy or go to the mall Also, she was only supposed to eat what Neanderthals ate, meaning whole grains, nuts, berries, vegetables, etc Instead, again, after DAY ONE, this is too impossible granted, it would be hard but crumbling on day one and so Cat once again bends the rules to an absurd level She eats oatmeal with milk every day, she makes bread, she has pizza, she has muffins, she has SO MANY CARBS You know what they didn t have in Neanderthal times Bread Eggs Milk Sugar A blender A stove So Cat is actually just going on a diet where she eliminates processed sugar, soda and chocolate and well, that s pretty much it The book takes an incredibly sanctimonious turn preaching constantly about a healthy lifestyle and how everyone should eat this way so that people don t die yes, it actually says we will all die if we do not change how we eat Now, I am not opposed to a healthy eating lifestyle it s fantastic will than likely prolong your life expectancy But I m not going to write a novel trying to guilt it s readers into living that way under the guise and promise of getting your crush and a super hot bod at the end of it all.The author tries to convince the reader that Cat is only doing this for herself and to better her life, which she is most certainly not as she herself will repeatedly tell the reader Sure, she has moments where she tries to convince herself that it has nothing to do with boys but, good Lord, does it but it all comes down to Matt in the end Change everything about your physical appearance and people will like you What a horrible message for young girls, or people in general.

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    I finished this book in one day so that must say something about it It was a fast pace book even though there wasn t suspense or action in it The chapters are fairly short and the writing style is modern and easy In the first half of the book I was sure I was going to give it 5 stars because Cat was so funny, smart and just a really great girl with so much drive she is definitely into science The whole eating and being like cavemen thing was informative I learned a good amount and few of the things she said I already knew so that was reassuring I liked her friends and how they really seemed to care about Cat I really loved the fact that Cat tries to develop a good relationship with her little brother and doesn t hate her parents Cat makes some good points about eating better and all that but low and behold I still ate chicken soup that same day that I finished it I still eat meat too.The second half I didn t like as much as the first because of her guy problems I really shouldn t go any further about it but I ll say that she wasn t too smart about it she may be smart about science but boys are not her forte She makes things complicated when they come into the picture, but she does what s right in the end She harbors this huge grudge on one boy who did something that terribly hurts Cat s feeling when she was in the seventh grade I think You find out what he did and I ll say that it was pretty hurtful However, Cat is like what 17 She still hasn t got over it even a little I probably wouldn t like the guy either but I wouldn t loathe him for years to come You d think with how much she hated him he killed her dog or something he didn t by the way Given the fact that I didn t completely like Cat s love life in the second half of the book I still really liked it and would absolutely read it again.

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    Ahh yes, words How they can kill you and destroy your world when uttered by someone you care about Especially if those words are said when your thirteen years old and the guy your crushing on, your very best friend, calls you Fat, behind your back.Yeah, boys totally suck.Fat Cat is such a great book It s really smart, entertaining and completely captivating I devoured this in one sitting.I really enjoyed Cat She has issues, but she s smart and feisty and so very brave That project was crazy and ingenious and very amusing I enjoyed her character instantly, she has a such a great cynical sense of humor that just makes you laugh and shake your head at I also loved Amanda and Jordon, great secondary characters who are loyal and supportive, not to mention adorable I think everyone should have friends like them.Matt, yeah, he was a jerk once upon a time, but when your young you say and do stupid things I found myself hoping for him the entire time The Valentine was very, very cute Fresh, enlightening and inspiring Definitely worth a read

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    4,5 stars sigh I dont know how to write a review for this one CAUSE IT ROCKED Am I the only one who struggles with writing a review for a book she really really liked Rants are so easy to write Awesome books Umm, not so much.Let s start with what I didnt like.Umm Cant remember.HA.Ok, Now let s talk about what I liked EVERYTHING To be honest, after reading the synopsis I thought this book would be really medicore But boy, was I wrong First of all I loved I mean LOVED the characters Cat is smart and sassy The side characters were interesting and charming Cat s family was supportive, and were realistic portrayed family members No OMG, my parents don t understand me and I hate them I also hate my life I wanna die or My parents are too damn selfish to be there for me so I can do whatever I feel like without any consequences shit I really liked that this book had a super supportive friend for Cat I feel like a ton of YA books have the main character with zero friends or crappy friends who she has to discard but Amanda was awesome Let s throw some confettis for real friendship ok Not to worry, she said Matt McKinney will never get within twenty paces of you if I have anything to do with it I ll defend you to the death, even against my boyfriend, no matter how irresistible he is Thank you My pleasure If that s not the real friendship I dont know what it is.Side note request can we get a sequel about Amanda and her boyfriend Jordan cause OMG I LOVED HOW AWESOME THEY WERE Is it just me, or is that Jordan is the coolest boyfriend ever invented It s not just me,right _ I also loved and cared about the love interest I loved how the whole conflict between the characters were dealt with.But most of all I loved the realism The book deals with weight really well and makes an interesting commentary on how appearances do make a difference Cat s development from bitter girl with a low body image to a happier, healthier, energetic, and creative young woman was done so awesome Plus, the book was really great at hinting at the harmful effects of our modern day materialistic, processed consumerist culture The Story This is Cat in the beginning of the book It s not that I m hideous, but I m also not stupid I know how people see me I might spend an hour every day straightening my hair and getting my makeup just right and picking out clothes that camouflage at least some of my rolls, but the truth is I m still fat and everyone knows it When I wake up in the morning it s like I m wearing this giant fat suit, and if only I could find the zipper I could step out of it and finally go start living my real life HA First of all another side note this reminds me the movie called Handsome Suit It has that dream come true premise for Cat and involves a magical suit that makes its wearer attractive Amazing movie I highly recommend it Second of all I loved that Cat s insecure because she s fat but she doesnt act too depressed because of that She s like I wish my situation was better but this is who I am now She is insecure but she s also in peace with herself So yeah, I loved that she wanst overreacting to things Which made things so much interesting and realistic when she decided to become prehistoric for a class project To do an actual science experiment On herself For seven months To see whether modern humans benefit from returning to the eating and lifestyle habits of the early hominins which means giving up on all of this No candy No modern food any kind only natural foods they could have found back then No modern technology No car A bunch of no s that make our lives easier and happier. My first reaction to this BITCH YOU ARE CRAZY Then I can never do this shit cause I m obssed with my phone the way Daenerys is obssed with her dragons But when we find out why And this is supposed to prove what Amanda broke in Other than that you re crazy That we ve screwed ourselves up, I said That somewhere along the way all of our modern advances have gone too far and we ve let ourselves get lazy and soft I think if we just went back to living a simpler life, we d all be a lot better off OH OK That makes sense I still cant do it though Cause that s me everytime I cant find my phone Anyway, when the first phase ends up with some great results there comes second phase Effects on male population of changes in female appearance As you can see while the first half of the story focuses on Cat s science project, the second half discusses her relationships with other people I mean, her experiments Hahaha this phase was so much fun Amanda can t stop analyzing my love life now that I ve finally given her something to analyze It must have been hard for her before, with nothing to go on. These two Ahhh real friendship 3The Romance was done very well Cat has a few love interests but the main guy is Matt Matt is a tortured soul, Amanda insisted He s Heathcliff and you re Cathy He s Rochester and you re Jane Eyre He s Darcy and I m Elizabeth I get it And you re wrong We ll see ee, Amanda sang As far as I m concerned, the experiment lives on Hehehe Enough said I loved how realistically portrayed Cat and Matt s relationships was I loved how it developed from friendship to enemies and finally well no suprise there, right to lovers I loved how the conflict between them was resolved and how both parties took a part of the blame instead of just blaming each other My only resentment about the whole relationship is view spoiler them getting together towards the end of the book sigh I wanted to see of their relationship hide spoiler

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