Me, Just Different (The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt, #1)

Me, Just Different (The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt, #1)Skylar Hoyt, A High School Senior Whose Exotic Hawaiian Looks Have Propelled Her To The Height Of The In Crowd, But Who S No Longer Sure That S Where She Really Fits New Friends, Old Friends, A Reluctant Romance, And A Family Crisis Swirl Around Skylar As She Tries To Keep It Together And Figure Out Who She Really Wants To Be

Stephanie Morrill is the author of several young adult novels, including the 1920 s mystery, The Lost Girl of Astor Street Despite loving cloche hats and drop waist dresses, Stephanie would have been a terrible flapper because she can t do the Charleston and looks awful with bobbed hair She and her near constant ponytail live in Kansas City with her husband and three kids You can learn

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  • Me, Just Different (The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt, #1)
  • Stephanie Morrill
  • English
  • 12 January 2019
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    I just put down the last book in The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series For the second time I can only remember one other contemporary YA series of novels that I have ever read The Diary of A Teenage Girl series by Melody Carlson, the Caitlin O Conner books I read that series twice, too, but not within a few months of each other In fact, I can t remember when was the last time I read an entire series or even one book, for that matter twice in half a year My To Read List is just that long.Which should tell you that these books are just that great.I first heard about the Skylar series when I came across the Go Teen Writers, run by the author, to which I am now an avid subscriber Even if you disregard this review, saying These books aren t for me, if you re a young writer, stop by Go Teen Writers Trust me You ll thank me later The thing that continually amazes me whenever I glance at these three books smiling at me from the bookshelf is that Skylar is nothing like me She is a high school student and I ve already graduated On the whole, I usually pick up historical setting novels I don t read much set in modern times Add to that the fact that Skylar is anything but a strong Christian at the beginning of the first book, and I should have been shaking my head at page one.But despite our outward differences, Skylar and I connected And the rest, as they say, is history There is one page number I have memorized in Book One, Me, Just Different, page 205, that contains a quote I have read over and over But what happens after your best friend takes you out for ice cream You feel better for a little bit, but eventually the pain comes back God is the only one who can heal the pain you re carrying around Whatever author Stephanie Morrill has published next, I will definitely be scooping up.

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    I started this book yesterday when I had free time between two events It was so good that I finished it instead of giving myself enough time to get ready for Important Event 2 Books before looks, though.Fantastic story of redemption Content Warning This book discusses teen pregnancy, so please use discretion This story does take place 5 years after that, but deals with the aftermath.

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    I review books according to five things Story World, Plot, Characters, Language, and Romance While my reviews are longer, they are thorough and will help you decide if you want to spend time reading a particular book Since this book is contemporary, I won t be discussing Story World in this review.PlotSet in the same realm as her Me, Just Different books, this is a novella about Skylar s younger sister Abbie The story line follows 20 year old Abbie as she raises her five year old son and the insecurities she has as a former teen mom and young mom of a five year old CharactersWhile I can t relate to the situation, I think Stephanie Morrill did a fantastic job of touching the subject of teen pregnancy without judgement or disdain, as some do Abbie knows she made a mistake, but she doesn t regret her son The characters are well thought out For those who are fans of Skylar, she does make a few appearances LanguageClean No bad words are used.RomanceAlso clean Abbie does have a love interest and Skylar does as well Its touched nicely While I think some situations are a little unrealistic, I also think this book is pretty awesome Yes, its fluffy and for those of you who know my reading preferences, you know I don t typically do fluffy But this is a book I wouldn t mind reading again I mean, I wanted to start over a little while after I finished.OverallI liked this book a lot Did I love it A little Was it my favorite No But it does have me interested in the other books in the series, as well as the Ellie Sweet series from this author, which I ve been eyeing for a while anyway I would recommend this book Its free from the website and I happened across the PDF link I do believe the author gives it away if you sign up to her newsletter or something like that However you choose to do it I would read it again and it s definitely a light read I read it in one sitting Great for when you don t want to read something with too heavy a topic.

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    Yeah I wasn t a huge fan of this I enjoyed Ms Morrill s The Lost Girl of Astor Street , and the blog she coauthors Go Teen Writers has been a tremendous help and encouragement to me, but Throwing Stones didn t impress me It just felt shallow and teenage drama y And y all, drama is not my thing xP

    Another thing I didn t care for was the references to view spoiler Abbie s pregnancy and her previous boyfriend hide spoiler

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    Anyone who knows me in person or has a well rounded acquaintance with my online persona probably knows two things One, I m not a big fan of dating stories and two, I m passionate about orphan care.I adore Stephanie Morrill, but her books don t exactly work well with my anti dating thing This one lured me in by being free and about a teen mom Teen moms kind of slide into that orphan care passion category even though they re not orphans Anyway, I really enjoyed Throwing Stones, even without reading the Skylar books I think I did read Me, Just Different years ago, actually, but I m not 100% sure And while there is some heart fluttering and kissing, it works with this story.Abby Hoyt just turned twenty and she has a five year old math You can do the math and the fact that everyone does makes Abby self conscious and defensive Something in the jumble of past hurts and present loneliness makes Abby hold the guy who loves her at arms length Chris stayed with her through her pregnancy and after, even though her son isn t his, but it s been a long time since she s let him get close and he s losing hope Is it too late

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    When Eli rescues eighteen year old Skylar from a bad situation at a summer party, she is so relieved that she agrees to start dating him But she is also making some life changes No parties, and she s going to start going to church But her friends and family aren t making that an easy thing to do Eli is always jealous and won t come to church with her, her little sister has a secret that Skylar is forced to keep, and her parents marriage is falling apart The last thing she needs is for Connor, the guy down the street, to start butting his nose in where it doesn t belong This was an engrossing read Stephanie Morrill writes a story as addicting as any TV teen drama I got sucked into Skylar s circle of friends, with all their issues and cattiness, and was rooting for Skylar to ditch the wrong people and stick with the right ones I loved how the whole story came together It s a sweet teen romance that doesn t skimp on the backstabbing girlfriends and clueless boys I liked it a great deal Looking forward to the next book in the series Highly recommended.

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    I didn t read this until I got it for free, because it didn t look like my kind of book.It s not, really.But for some reason I quite enjoyed reading it anyway It had some compelling stuff going on, in the midst of the crazy teen girl drama I don t understand in real life, never mind fiction I liked faults and blame on both sides of the conflicts and the unintentional hurt the characters good and bad caused each other Even though I saw the romantic pair from the beginning, it became apparent that this person was not Perfect Human Being while a blocking character was not Complete and Utter Jerk, which I appreciated It seemed a lot like real life and real people There was PDA and kissing than I really liked I m not sure if I d get much out of it on a second go, either But like I said, not really my kind of book So I m very satisfied with my solid 3 star reading experience.

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    What I liked I love how this story weaves real teen issues into it s content, and isn t too in your face preachy It was also a very easy read, and the spiritual side to this story seemed real, not too cheesy.What I disliked Sterotypical characters that weren t as developed as they possibly could ve been There wasn t anything special about the plot, really It was just another chick flick novel for teens about high school drama Although it was an easy read, Stephanie Morrill s writing was annoying at parts She used a lot of telling instead of showing, and could possibly add imagery Other comments I would like to read the rest of the series, because I did like this book and I would recommend it, especially if you re a fan of Christian teen chick flicks Although the plot was similar to other high school drama novels, I liked how the author seemed to understand the spiritual side to personal teenage issues, such as pregnancy, rape, alcoholism, appearance, etc.

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    I loved this book because it was so close to real life I actually mostly read 18 hundreds books, but this one was quite modern.Skylar is supposed to live the perfect life of the popular, pretty girl with a nice boyfriend But in one horrible night everything changes She promises herself she won t ever party again and starts going to church But then everything seems to go wrong for her Her best friend turns on her, there is this annoying guy, she has problems with her boyfriend which she secretly doesn t even love or anything, her sister makes her keep a horrid secret and her parents keep fighting Seriously, what else could go wrong Follow Skylar through her life struggles as God leads her to a life He really wants for her.I also liked this book because it was realistic Everything didn t turn picture perfect for her in the end as it so often does in life I am REALLY looking forward to the next books in these Skylar series Recommend it to many especially teen girls

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    Skylar Hoyt has it all and doesn t know if she wants any of it any She s the leader of the popular girls, has a boyfriend who s off the cute meter, is known for her exotic Hawaiian looks and is seriously wondering what it all matters A near disaster at a party when she had too much to drink scares her back to the straight and narrow but when her family s tossed into crisis, she has to think it s too little too late Her parents are constantly fighting Her little sister confides a secret that could very well be the ruin of life as they all know it And to make matters worse, the only person who understands her sudden desire to change is a guy she does not want to talk to, does not want to like, and definitely does not want dating her best friend who may or may not still be her best friend Why can t life just be simple And why s it so stinkin hard to change Me, Just Different is the book to read for teen girls this year It plunges the reader into the mind of Skylar and holds them captive until they turn the last page What I absolutely adored about this book is the way Skylar is utterly relatable, utterly real, and, because of that, utterly lovable Even in her less than stellar moments She fights, she fails, and she picks herself back up She learns the hard way that it isn t easy to be who you want to be if you can even figure out who that is and that to do it at all, you need Someone a little bigger to help you out.Stephanie Morrill has penned a winner, and I can t wait to get my hands on the next two books in The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series Skylar is a character you re going to love to root for, one with real struggles and a real heart Friendship, boyfriends, guy friends, and relationships with family are all challenged in these pages, and you ll come away from it looking at your own life a little closely This is one of those books that you finish but never leave behind it s going to stick in your mind and heart forever.

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