The Ask and the Answer

The Ask and the AnswerI won t lie, I am really disappointed in and exhausted by this novel The Ask and the Answer is very little like the first book in the trilogy The Knife of Never Letting Go If the first one is a fast paced chase kind of story, which keeps you hooked by gradual revelation of the New World s mysteries of Noise, Haven, Viola s origin, etc., this book is basically an account of a civil war between Mayor Prentiss s army and the resistance called here the Answer The book raises various issues of genocide, war ethics, torture, and holding onto one s identity under pressure All issues are interesting, but I find myself surprisingly uninterested in them, mainly because in this book I am strangely detached from Todd and Viola In these tough circumstances they are nothingthan naive petulant children used as pawns in various evil plans They are described as so strongly attached that they are willing to do almost anything for one another and yet they are so easily led to mistrust each other.This mistrust constantly gets them and people around them in trouble, it s painful to read I think pretty much in this book you simply can t find even one likable person Todd is the one I dislike the most at this point No matter how hard the author tries to make us believe that Todd still holds on to his innocence and thus is better than everybody else, it s pretty hard to swallow when you know what Todd has done for no good reason other than his dear girlfriend left him.In addition, there are the same plot holes as in the first book I still don t understand the specialness of Todd, there is still a lot of build up and allusions to various secrets that end up being not that interesting or important.I have to give Ness some credit for skillfully creating an atmosphere of urgency in his books and showing that nobody is truly innocent in war, but unfortunately, this just isn t enough for me Gray shades are great in theory, but I would like to see some clearer morality in my books, especially in the books written for young adults I find that at this point the only side I would want to succeed in the story is Spackle Not sure if Ness meant it this way thoughReading challenge 1 N. This was an alright sequel, I didn t love the plot but the ending has left me very curious to see how the trilogy ends I hope there is lotsaction and intensity in the final installment We Were In The Square, In The Square Where I D Run, Holding Her, Carrying Her, Telling Her To Stay Alive, Stay Alive Till We Got Safe, Till We Got To Haven So I Could Save Her But There Weren T No Safety, No Safety At All, There Was Just Him And His MenFleeing Before A Relentless Army, Todd Has Carried A Desperately Wounded Viola Right Into The Hands Of Their Worst Enemy, Mayor Prentiss Immediately Separated From Viola And Imprisoned, Todd Is Forced To Learn The Ways Of The Mayor S New Order But What Secrets Are Hiding Just Outside Of Town And Where Is Viola Is She Even Still Alive And Who Are The Mysterious Answer And Then, One Day, The Bombs Begin To ExplodeThe Ask And The Answeris A Tense, Shocking And Deeply Moving Novel Of Resistance Under The Most Extreme Pressure This Is The Second Title In The Chaos Walking Trilogy This stunning sequel to The Knife Of Never Letting Go manages to measure up to its predecessor in a way I never thought possible After reading the first book, I felt sure that Ness would be incapable of delivering something equally brilliant But he did.This is an evenimportant book than part one, though admittedly not quite as fast paced It deals with feminism, terrorism, war and genocide The alternating narrative works well and develops the reader s bond with the character of Viola For me, it was an even darker novel than the first book, with Ness sparing no details on the violence and torture undergone by those suspected of being members of the Answer.It s a very shocking story and it questions what makes a person good and whether an individual is solely responsible for their actions or if society and social factors can be blamed Ness openly tackles the possibility of redemption in the most dire cases and he carefully blurs the lines between hero and villain Is it okay to sacrifice one innocent person for the greater good How about a thousand Is terrorism a crime or a fight for freedom The answers you think you have now may not be so easily applied when reading the book It may make you question all that you ve ever believed in.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube It s 4.5 stars Not perfect 5 stars because the first part was a little slow and boring for me, but THEN the final chapters were so awesome and full of twists and turns and UGHHH Patrick Ness just loves to kill the characters I like Anyway, this book was so much better than the first one I think that s because we get to know not really, though mayor Prentiss He s one of the best villains EVER.Also, I ship Todd and Viola so much. What would you choose if you had the faith of someone you love in your hands Would you betray your beliefs I must confess that the only honest answer I can give you is Of course I d be so proud if I was able to say that I d do the right thing whatever it takes, and I want to think I d do it Really Of course there are situations where what to do is obvious because one of the possibilities is utterly bad But sometimes sometimes there s no such thing as a right choice The Ask and the Answer is supposed to be a children s book Yes, for sure it is I mean, that seems crystal clear, huh The main characters are young, aren t they Yes But still Is it enough to tell Really Because this book It actually made me thinkthan most of those I ve read for years And I read a lot The Ask and the Answer gives rise to ethical reflection and disturbs us What is it that makes you a good person Is there a boundary line Where is it, I m asking, where is it Is it what you do What you think What you allow others to do WHERE Blur And they seem to unnerstand That s the thing They unnerstand waythan a sheep would Make no mistakes, I hated Mayor Prentiss President Prentiss something fierce I really did, from the beginning Then, I never liked a lot this Mistress Coyle either But these choices our characters must face They re difficult Harsh blush Can I say itI only wanted for Todd and Viola to be safe To be together To be happy Yes, I can be idealist that way And maybe it makes me a coward, maybe it makes me weak, but There was a moment I was just thinking one damn thing Run Fuck em all, and run shut up But of course it d be selfish Of course life isn t so simple And of course the story would be over, and way less interesting I may be a romantic but not that dumb I know that But still I m just saying I thought about it Fortunately for us, readers who want to be moved but oh my god that s so harsh Fortunately for us, Todd and Viola are amazing characters and oh sostronger than me.I ll let you know something This book is a gem, a real one, but that was painful Cuz she s out there somewhere please be out there somewhere please be okay please I ve said my heart ached for Todd in The Knife of Never Letting Go Scratch that It just broke in this one All over again I sure can t say that I agreed with all the choices he made It d be far from the true some of his actions are really unforgivable view spoiler one word 1017 hide spoiler Objectively, this whole series so far has been fabulously written Really, really skilled author.Objectively, the book deserves five stars.But I m only human, and subjectively I wanted to rip this book apart and then burn the shreds because it both makes me furious and scares me to death Chaos Walking is the kind of story where every character is evil and corrupted in their own way and you re at a loss for someone to like support To make things worse, the main characters are children thrust into and twisted by a cruel world, driven to horrible acts by horrible circumstances Through Ness unique writing style, the reader can follow along right in Todd s head, and it all feels a little to close and real for comfort.This series really shook me, and I think I need a little time before I can finish the last installment. Some spoilers for those who have not read the first book I just wrote an exhausting review of this novel, but Goodreads screwed me and lost the entire thing Pissed does not even begin to cover what I feel right now All of that brilliance, now lost to the cyberspace void forever I didn t so much read the first book in this series, The Knife of Never Letting Go, as inhaled it Original and disturbing, Ness is not afraid to take some risks as he tells the story of Todd Hewitt, a boy about to become a man in Prentisstown a town inhabited only by men As we read, we find out that Todd lives on a colony planet so distant from Earth that it takes decades to get there Upon arrival, the first colonists went to war with the indigenous inhabitants, the Spackle In a desperate effort to defeat the invaders, the Spackle release a germ that kills all of the women The men survive, but with a strange side effect they can hear each other s internal monologue At least this is the story Todd was always told, but when he discovers a real girl in the swamp Todd is forced to flee for his life and learns that everything he thought was true is a lie The Ask and the Answer picks up where The Knife of Never Letting Go left off Todd and Viola, whose uneasy truce forged a devoted friendship, are separated when Mayor Prentiss the antagonist from the first novel names himself President, quarantines the women from the men, and establishes martial law in New Prentisstown As Mayor Prentiss exerts his power, a female rebel force known as the Answer rises against him, and Viola finds herself swept up by their cause Meanwhile, Todd is forced to do President Prentiss s bidding in order to keep Viola safe He s put in charge of managing the enslaved Spackle workforce being used to build the New Prentisstown envisioned by the President.What is so fascinating about the novel is how Ness explores the brainwashing and mind games employed by each side as they use Viola and Todd as expendable pawns in their quest for victory Viola struggles with the terroristic tactics used by the Answer against innocent civilians in the name of their cause, while Todd is forced to face his shame in killing a Spackle in the first novel as he witnesses the dehumanizing treatment of the thinking and feeling alien race As Viola and Todd try to navigate the labyrinthine truths, loyalties, and beliefs that are relics from a war that occurred before either of them were born, they begin to question themselves and their trust in each other This psychological complexity is heightened by the fact that the reader still isn t sure who the bad guys and who the good guys are if, in fact, there are any good guys There are no easy answers and Ness forces readers to think through the complex issues of war, justifiable violence, and racism Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder This trilogy is so freaking brutal I m just sitting here trying to convince my heart to keep on I am so stressed Read books they said It ll be fun they said Well I am so stressed I really love that this had no sniff of sequel blues though, despite beingya know, blue as a book itself I do think it was a bit long and the tedium of Viola s and Todd s separate work situations could ve been faster but other wise WOW I M OBSESSED.THINGS IN PARTICULARLY I LOVE never going to get over the unique formatting and how great it is Todd is a precious soft son and I love him so much also have decided Todd AND Viola are Hufflepuffs, fite me but I will not be changed I was surprised Viola was narrating in this one but it was perfect and i loved her perspective plus her voice vs Todd s was really different which was great Todd s raw emotion was just seeping onto every page and as much as I nearly hated him for things he did I love him sobbing honestly the plot my feels didn t want to be together anyway i love how it contrasted two teams of war and how everyone sucks lowkey think the moral of this series is men suck character development was A and I hurtI loved the whole plot trope of Viola and Todd being separated and so close yet so far It s enough to drive anyone uP THE WALL which is where I live now Hello from up here I am cross but also desperate to know what happens next And there was so much emotion for both of them, because they re kind of each other s life rafts even when they re apart.There is a lot of cloak and shadow war going on in this one And I felt it was an interesting exploration of how tyrants often wheedle their people into believing they re doing the right thing This whole series is basically a dissection of power and control, over yourself and others, and it s SO interesting Like not only do I love the characters and the plot, I adore the psychological aspect to TODD AND VIOLA LET ME CRY.I pretty much adore Todd the most, but I think that s because we spent all of book 1 solely in his head 3 But this book is about breaking, and lies and twisting the knife into my heart So I just ached for Todd view spoiler Seeing him in shutdown mode after the spackle died, SO SO HURT He s so depressed and so cut off and just ajfdkslad And how he couldn t believe Viola came back to save him Todddddd you re poor smol son hide spoiler So, who are you then, Todd Hewitt He says What makes you so special Now that, I think, is a very good asking What a crazy ending I enjoyed this one a lotthan the first I wasinvested in Todd and Viola s characters, and accustomed to the writing style so I could fully focus on the story Yay for second books So Todd and Viola found their way toHavenonly to discover it was not the safe land they were hoping for Pitted back against Todd s old nemesis Mayor Prentiss, Todd and Viola become separated each on either side of an ongoing war One between the people of Haven, calling themselves the Ask and those having escaped Haven and fighting against those in power The Answer.This book was full of chilling scenes, including the torture of civilians, namely women Some of the themes were extremely powerful, sexism, violence, terrorism, to name a few The Noise is still rife in this book yet Mayor Prentiss has chosen to provide the cure to some of his chosen favourites I m intrigued to see where Ness will go with the final book This series seems to redefine genre with elements of Sci Fi, Fantasy, Dystopia and maybe even horror.The ending was mad view spoiler I can t get over the arrival of a Spackle army they are such weird creatures, I still don t fully understand them hide spoiler

Patrick Ness, an award winning novelist, has written for England s Radio 4 and Sunday Telegraph and is a literary critic for The Guardian He has written many books, including the Chaos Walking Trilogy, The Crash of Hennington, Topics About Which I Know Nothing, and A Monster Calls He has won numerous awards, including the Guardian Children s Fiction Prize, the Booktrust Teenage Prize, and the

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