The Ruins of Gorlan

The Ruins of Gorlan They Have Always Scared Him In The Past The Rangers, With Their Dark Cloaks And Shadowy Ways The Villagers Believe The Rangers Practice Magic That Makes Them Invisible To Ordinary People And Now Year Old Will, Always Small For His Age, Has Been Chosen As A Ranger S Apprentice What He Doesn T Yet Realize Is That The Rangers Are The Protectors Of The Kingdom Highly Trained In The Skills Of Battle And Surveillance, They Fight The Battles Before The Battles Reach The People And As Will Is About To Learn, There Is A Large Battle Brewing The Exiled Morgarath, Lord Of The Mountains Of Rain And Night, Is Gathering His Forces For An Attack On The Kingdom This Time, He Will Not Be Denied

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  • Paperback
  • 249 pages
  • The Ruins of Gorlan
  • John Flanagan
  • English
  • 16 October 2018
  • 9780142406632

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    It s been a while since I read a classic sword and sorcery fantasy novel, but I enjoyed this one a lot In fact, it had no sorcery at all, which was kind of refreshing It was a believable, well grounded alternate medieval earth In Flanagan s world, young wards of the state have to choose professions, and Will is reluctantly recruited to become a ranger The relationship between Will and his Battleschool rival is particularly well portrayed, and Will s training as a ranger makes for great reading The novel was a bit long on the explanations for my taste a lot of telling about the characters especially at the beginning when showing would have sufficed but that did not stop me from enjoying the book On a purely technical note, this was one of the few books I ve read that uses third person omniscient point of view and actually pulls it off We know what most of the characters are thinking all the time, and yet it doesn t get confusing I will definitely look for the rest of this series.

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    No Ashley Put the book away But Mooooom I m at the part where he kills I don t care It s two in the morning Go to sleep She snatched the book one of Rangers Apprentice, The Ruins of Gorlan right out of my hands She told me goodnight and slammed the door behind her.Snap That s the third time this week she took it from me I was at the good part too Well, it s all good The action, the adventure, the surprises My favorite part, especially, when the boys got in a fight Will and Horace Brilliant Will is a fifteen year old boy with no parents He lives in the Ward with his friends Alyss, Jennifer, George and Horace Sadly, when you live in the Ward you are orphans and you basically take care of yourself But Will s past is a mystery He was found in a basket with a note saying only that his mother died giving birth and his father was a Hero.In this land, when you think or the word Hero you think of a knight and the only way to become a knight is battle school Sadly, Will does not make it to battle school so he believes his life will be one of a farmer Until, a Ranger comes and hold the key to his destiny in a piece of paper Will finds the paper and sees that he is to become the one thing people happen to fear A Ranger.Oh man, just thinking about the beginning made me excited Remembering the dangers Will has to face like Wargals and Kalkaras who do nothing but the bidding of Moragrath, the bad guy Then the suspense of wondering if a life is taken or if will can save Halt The best part of it all though you never know exactly what s going to happen next.It s full of action, adventure, and soon to be revealed mysteries Yeah, if it sounds like your kind of fantasy book then read it But, be sure you don t read it till two in the morning or your mom will take it away and, trust me, you won t want to put it down once you pick it up

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    3.5 stars Yippee Hooray..EXCELSIOR I found a quality YA fantasy story that I really liked Before reading this, I had been in a bit of a slump with this sub genre and had been considering a permanent separation Thank goodness my literary guidance counselor asked me to give it one try and recommended this book I am very happy I stuck with it I really liked this story and was surprised with how quickly and effortlessly, I go sucked into the narrative Now, granted, this book is incredibly derivative of all of the fantasy that has come before it and there is nothing here that I could point to and say, ah, now that is a very unique concept In fact, before reading this story, I thought that this lack of newness might have been my problem with the whole sub genre I was wrong Turns out I was just looking for a well told story with an engaging cast of characters I found them both here I really liked the tone of the narrative and the pace was absolutely perfect It never felt rushed and yet moved along without a dull moment despite having to introduce the world of the series to the reader something that often hampers pacing in a first book I also genuinely liked the characters from Will and Horace and the Ranger Halt and the Baron, Sir Rodney Finally, I found the fantasy elements to be well done if standard This book proved to me that I wasn t necessarily burned out on YA fantasy books but that I just wasn t enjoying the one s I was reading While I don t think I will immediately read the next book in the series, I will certainly buy it and keep it on the short list for the next time I reach for this kind of story I hearty well done and thank you to the author John Flanagan You have restored my faith in an entire genre P.S I listened to the audio of this book read by John Keating and he did an absolutely PERFECT job His tone and voice added a significant about of enjoyment to the story I highly recommend it for fans of audio books.

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    This book was a pleasant surprise for me I really had no expectations going in and I didn t read anyone s reviews beforehand so I ended up being completely blindsided by this awesome story, which is definitely a good thing I ll admit I wasn t expecting much, I figured I d get a good time waster and a fun story, but I never thought I d be moved to tears by the honor, loyalty, and friendships forged within This is the story of Will, an orphan raised with fellow wardmates, and it tells the tale of his growth into a young man and Ranger, who are the eyes and ears for the fiefdom At a certain age the castle wards each must choose a Craftmaster to study under, such as the castle s chef, Horsemaster, or Battlemaster Young Will is a bit scrawny but he has always dreamt of becoming a mighty knight, because although he never knew his father he believes he died the heroic death of a brave knight Unfortunately, the Baron has other plans for Will, and even though he s crestfallen at not being able to enter Battleschool, he has a much important fate awaiting him the Rangers.Will is a great character not too smart, not too cocky, not too bratty but full of heart In the beginning we get to meet him when he s still living with his friends before they ve all chosen their crafts and it s shown that the kids don t always get along There s a particular boy, Horace, who bullies Will relentlessly Will isn t exactly an angel though as he ends up mouthing off to Horace and riling him up constantly These two are at each other s throats for the majority of the book and it s fascinating watching their relationship change and mature Two of the scenes with these boys were the ones that made me tear up I don t know why it got to me, but their camaraderie really turned into something special in the end.I also really enjoyed Will s budding master apprentice relationship with the Ranger, Halt Halt is a prickly character who almost never smiles He s brutal on Will but he does so because he sees his potential The last scene with these two at the end was another one that filled me with emotion because I couldn t help but feel proud for the two of them myself.Will s point of view is the main one throughout most of the book, but we do get glimpses of what s going on in other characters heads, and up until the halfway point almost each chapter switches back and forth between Will and Horace, though that didn t bother me at all I really enjoyed the fact that even the horses, as well as some of the monsters, had thoughts that we were privy to, and I think this added some depth to the tale without being overwhelming or difficult to follow.There are some really great themes throughout this story that I think are great for kids to read about There s the aforementioned bullying and teasing that eventually gets resolved, there s emphasis on hard work and discipline, and there s the stress placed on following your gut and doing what s right There are also monsters, archery, sword fighting, learning to sneak around unseen like an assassin, and all sorts of fun stuff that boys and some girls enjoy reading about I think this would be a great book for reluctant readers since it s action packed, suspenseful, and heartwarming as well It s the type of book you can t put down because you need to know what happens next.I really loved this book and I had no idea the wonderful story that it contained This is a middle grade epic fantasy that I think people of all ages can enjoy, and I highly recommend you give it a shot.

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    I wrote this review quite some time ago but I had to come back and improve it a little after reading several other books of this wonderful series I am officially a big fan I read many positive reviews before picking up this book and I was afraid that I might be too old for actually enjoying this I was WRONG This book was such a pleasant surprise and definitely deserves all the positive reviews.I didn t find the beginning of this story very original but my opinion changed very quickly as the story developed This book begins the story of Will, an orphaned boy with his own dreams and insecurities who struggles with who he is and who he wants to be The entire series is a tale of his growth into a young confidant man, finding his right place in the world I have to say that the author does a brilliant job with his young characters gradual growth Many characters are slowly added to the story as the series progresses and it s quite wonderful to see them all change and help each other grow, from young ones to grownup adults There are many memorable characters that I have come to really like Back to the story of this book, the most pleasant surprise for me was when the book switched from Will s point of view to Horace s I did not expect that at all The story immediately became very different and unique and showed great potential for improvement It was quite wonderful to read about such realistic characters in a well thought fantasy world Thanks to the POVs, we get to see that Will, while a very lovely and pleasant boy, isn t really an angel He too can be mean or selfish We also find out that the boy he doesn t like is not the devil himself Life isn t exactly black and white and it moved me that this book managed to show that with such a simple but fascinating story It s nice that we also get to know what s in other characters heads which definitely makes the story much pleasant and easier to follow I did not find the story rushed and characters grow the way they should The main characters are children after all and it s nice that they stay as one while growing considerably and they don t end up taking missions to save the world single handedly I am always annoyed when that happens and there isn t a single adult in the big picture What I loved the most while reading this book was the relationship between Will and Horace AND how it gradually changed and matured, becoming something very special at the end The Master Apprentice relationship between Will and Halt is also very adorable and I have come to really like this gloomy ranger who never smiles XD The ending scene was perfect for this story I find it very beautiful when young individuals come to see the truth of their existence and choose it over their childish dreams or who they think they should be to find any acceptance or approval I recommend this book to those who are looking for a fun and light fantasy book with beautiful concepts such as true friendship and honor hidden in the pages of it.

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    I kept picking up mentions of these books here and there, so finally got a copy from my library Also, I have a soft spot for Rangers Blame Professor T.It was a bit cruel to this book to read it in the middle of a reread of Megan Whalen Turner s The Thief series, because the contrasts in quality rather jumped out at one I was inclined to spot it a few points because it was its author s first book, till I reflected that so was The Thief On the other hand, while Turner s book is classified YA, this one is clearly labeled Children s Fiction by the Hennepin County Library, so I think it is aimed at and probably hits a younger target audience, the chapter book crowd in librarian parlance.The start of a coming of age adventure series, The Ruins of Gorlan chronicles the initial education of Will, a young orphan raised as a ward of his baron in a sort of generic alternate England like scene similar to the one so well described by Diana Wynne Jones in her The Tough Guide to Fantasyland Will, in a scene that reminded me of the opening to Pratchett s classic Mort, is chosen, last and least, to be apprenticed by an unexpected patron, the grim Ranger Halt.Despite a depth of worldbuilding similar to an RPG game, a tin ear for language and history that includes kilometers and potatoes in this medievaloid setting well, all right, I probably have to allow him the potatoes, since Tolkien gets away with them , and horses that run like cars, the author manages to endow his collection of stereotypes with increasing charm as the book runs its short course The pacing and the action scenes are good.It is all very blokey, as if the last half of the 20th century never happened, which, it might be argued, in this world it hasn t There are a couple of girl characters among the set of five wards we meet at the beginning, but they drop out along with the scholarly boy till the end, when they bring pies and a first kiss as rewards for the two action boy heroes the story does follow I don t know if their tales are picked up later in the series If it is the case, as mentioned on the back flap but occluded by a library tag , that the author wrote it first for his son, much is explained and might charitably be forgiven But I did get flashbacks to my older brother s Boys Life magazines, which I used to snitch and read back in the late 50s.Nevertheless, one must wonder how such a society manages to reproduce with so few women Perhaps they practice polyandry Later, I ran a quick check to see if, given the gender imbalance, there was Ranger s Apprentice slash Well, of course there is There is slash for Edwin Abbott s Flatland, too I leave you to contemplate this Also, just a tip never, ever, ever contract to become the mother of a hero You will have a remarkably short lifespan even by medievaloid standards In the extremely unlikely event that you do survive childbirth, you will certainly be taken out before your heroic offspring hits puberty Just sayin.Not recommended for jaded fantasy readers defensive about their intellectual status, Gorlan is doubtless just fine for chapter book readers first venturing into the world of books without pictures, likely to keep them coming back for , which is just what we want I would have eaten it up in 5th grade myself, despite not being a boy and only in part because I was oblivious to such gender political concerns back then I might well read some of these, if only to see how the writer develops with practice And also to find out if the girls lives ever get any air time the author does have daughters as well, I see.Ta, L.

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    3.5 stars rounded down Will, a fifteen year old orphan, has been raised among other orphans his entire life Will was found on a doorstep as a baby with nothing but a note with his first name and that his father was a hero All of Will s life he holds onto this fact and hopes one day to join the Battleschool in order to become a great warrior like his father On the day that all of the skilled masters choose their apprentices, Will applies for and is rejected by the Battleschool But he passes a test he was unaware of, and becomes and apprentice to the local Ranger, Halt Will goes to live with Halt and learns a myriad of new skills from archery to cooking to being stealthy But soon, a threat faces the kingdom Will lives in and he must accompany Halt to fight a returned evil.This is a fantastic book for tween boys Will and the other characters spend the beginning of the book feeling like they do not belong where they are, a struggle for many young tweens There is a lot of detail on fighting and weapons, all things that young Rangers and warriors would need to know and that young boys are interested in Sometimes, the time lapses were very strange, such as some events were written in great detail, just for the author to elapse time very quickly after But the plot was good, the story of a young boy who faces his self doubts and becomes a strong and confident young man It teaches the reader that if they work hard and tell the truth that good things will come to them and that they will have honor The character development of Will and Horace is one of the best parts of the book, Will finds his confidence, and Horace discovers the importance of perseverance and loyal friendship The villain was not present for much of the book, but he is a strong one and obviously is the Voldemort equivalent of this series This book is a strong start to a series, and it is clear that the following books in the series will only get better Just a small note, this review is geared toward my tween advisory project, so it will written a bit differently than my normal reviews If you are a friend and would like to see the tween advisory blog, please pm me Thanks

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    As I ve almost reached eighteen years of age I ve tended to drift away from reading YA fiction I read mostly classics or adult fiction nowadays And yet there are some series which are capable of bridging age gaps despite having been written for a younger audience I believe the best stories can cover all age brackets making them accessible to a wide audience This novel is one of those books in my opinion Or at least the development of the series is.I could spend time reviewing the entire series but I ll stick to reviewing the first novel from the perspective of the series The Ruins of Gorlan is a good novel but it does draw very strongly on other fantasy novels such as Lord of the Rings in the creation of its Warguls and Morgarath Yet what is most impressive about the series is that it develops from then on From the third book onwards the series branches out into a world of its own that draws upon our history to establish its own thrilling tales The world of the Ranger s Apprentice books becomes not dissimilar from a middle ages version of our own There is an England replacement, a Japan replacement, a French replacement, a land of viking like people and a whole load of exotic races and lands There is no magic really in the series strictly Although I must state that Morgarath uses a sort of psychic link with his Wargul forces to control them The lack of magic makes for a refreshingly different fantasy read.I enjoy the world John Flanagan has created but what really keeps me buying the books is the characters he s created Each individual has his or her own personality The women are not weak or mindless characters either which is a refreshing change But back on that you have Will who is basically of a trickster and uses lots of words Horace who s a laconic kind of character and tends to be a methodical thinker Alys the quick thinking and astute woman Halt the grizzled old ranger who is perhaps my favourite character with his wry wit and grimmer attitude and a whole ton of characters I can t describe without ruining the story I d read these books for the characters and their interactions alone because they are stellar.These are books I believe adults and youth can read My mum s a fan of them and I ve been a fan ever since I picked up the first novel in grade eight I would have been about thirteenSo if you haven t read this series begin because even though there is ten or so books each can easily be read in a day Actually each can easily be read in a day because they are simply so engrossing.14th June 2012 Note I have to feel a sense of glee over the fact that I got my sister, who reads very few series in a row in fact she rarely reads many series or many books hooked on this series She s reading her fifth one right now and she s been racing through them The next stage of the plan will be to introduce her to Lord of the Rings hehehe and then maybe one day she ll read as much as I do and as much as my mother does.

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    The ruins of Gorlan Ranger s Apprentice 1 , John Flanagan The Ruins of Gorlan is the first novel in the Ranger s Apprentice series written by Australian author John Flanagan Flanagan first conceived the world of the novel in a series of short stories he wrote for his son to incite his interest in reading Ten years later, he decided to turn them into The Ruins of Gorlan, the first book in the Ranger s Apprentice series 2012 1391 372 1 21 2004

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    3.5 Ruins of Gorlan was a book I read when I first started high school, which was in 2010, I think I graduated last year so I refuse to acknowledge maths It s a book I ve hunted for a while now, and I m so glad to have my hands on it that it s ridiculous I did have problems with this book during my re read though Maybe because it s a middle grade book, probably not However, this book reads like an introductory novel We barely get much action but are instead introduced to the world of the story.The story we have is about a 15 year old orphan named Will In his kingdom when a ward of the Baron turns 15 there is a chance for craft masters to take on apprentices, to train them to be a great knight, cook, or diplomat Will, a small boy, has his eyes set on being a knight However, when the Choosing Day comes he is not given a position that will grant him knighthood, he is however chosen by the mysterious Ranger a craft no one knows much about bar from the Rangers It is rumoured they know magic from the way they blend into the shadows At first, Will has an aversion to the position But, as Halt, his master, and him grow closer he learns to love his craft.That is basically the plot of this particular book We get several perspectives in the book, but the two which continue to pop up are Horace, a ward who Will grew up with, and Will Also, despite the plot being slightly boring, the descriptions are beautiful and the characters are developed beautifully For example, the Baron, and the fact no one seems to understand his sense of humour CharactersWill is our small main character At 15 he is quite scrawny and aims to be a knight It s all he s ever wanted since he was put on a doorstep of the castle without a second name He has created a story after being told his father was a hero As a Ranger though he finally feels at home with Halt Will was a pretty interesting character As a young boy it wasn t as interesting to me considering I m an 18 year old girl, but I still loved his perspectives view spoiler Him and Alyss have always been my otp as well hide spoiler

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