True of Heart (The Draegan Lords, #1)

True of Heart (The Draegan Lords, #1)The narration isdry Rote The characterization didn t work out either People don t just do things for no reason and I felt there was way too much emphasis on nature vs nurture To avoid getting into a philosophical debate about human psychology neh, too late for that, maybe , I ll just chalk it up to a dissonance between what we are told and shown We are told that the MC has a bunch of barriers and whatnot, defenses, reservations, the whole nine yards What we see is some dude who is altogether too aware of himself at times and at others all too unaware of what he s supposed to be thinking view spoiler I also don t buy that Gaige could just deepthroat Keiran I m assuming that it s Gaige s first any kind of sexual relation, but he seemed altogether way to eager, untroubled by his supposedly troubling him conscience, and knowledgeable in the whole whatnot Actually, apparently I m wrong about the Keirnan thing being Gaige s first sexual experience, but for some reason, it read like that up until the whole I m the one who usually does the fucking thing Oo Oh, and draegans are magical sex machines that create their own lubricant But what did the author mean by dry lubricant Doesn t that defeat the purpose of lube Draegan males, clearly a notch higher on the evolutionaryscale than humans, secreted a natural dry lubricant when theywere sexually stimulated As Gaige understood it, it camethrough the skin of the draegans cocks and was invisible andunnoticed until moisture activated it His saliva had done sotonight The lubrication gave a draegan the added advantageof a pleasant, non friction entrance to whatever orifice hechose to plunder See Magical sex machines that have dry lube Now that I think of it, how would Gaige come to understand it as such How would anyone other than other draegan or the sympathizers know I don t exactly see the Bryam dude or anyone who follows him studying how draegan males fuck Him raping them, maybe, but him taking a close look at draegan cocks hide spoiler Heard about this series in a post by one of my friends here at GR It tickled my curiosity because it s about shifters but not the usual wolf or cats Though I m a fan of paranormal romance in all its genres, I m kinda tired of the myriad shifter romances, they have become interchangeable See mate, must have mate, hot mating sex ensues, voila HEA The formula works and nobody wants to move beyond it Blah With that in mind, I have to say that True of Heart was amazingly good, way beyond my expectations It s the perfect mix of fairy tale, romance, erotica, angst and the struggle of good vs evil A new at least to me and incredibly effective formula for a shifter romance, precisely because the shifting itself is not the most important plot point, as tends to be the case.There are many things going on at the same time in the story, keeping this reader hooked from page to page, trying to catch the signs and get a feel for what s coming next The main characters feel real, even in a fantasy story Yes, the good guys are good and the bad guys are evil incarnate, but the good guys have flaws and the bad guys have weaknesses that you can sense will be exploited by the good guys I have a feeling I know what will happen, as I continue reading through the series, but it s not a disappointment because I cannot wait to read what will get them to their very well deserved HEA.Last but not least, this story contains some of the most beautifully written homoerotic love scenes not just sex, but love making I ve had the pleasure to read The author devised some required aids to be part of the character s physical make up in a very clever way, allowing the scenes to flow effortlessly Ah, the beauty of fantasy fiction If you want a different take finally on m m shifter romance, you ll enjoy this series. A Hundred Years Ago, The High Sorcerer Of Velensperia Launched A Swift And Deadly Attack Against The Draegans A Race Of Dragon Shapeshifters Who Had Always Lived In Harmony With The Humans The Draegans Were All But Destroyed, With The Few Who Remained Scattered And In Hiding Now, A Group Of Them Have United And Begun To Fight Back Their Leader, Keiran Hareldson, Seeks To Free His People From The Cruel Repression The High Sorcerer S Reign Has Imposed On Them Gaige Rizik Is Captain Of The Sorcerer S High Guard, And Known For His Lethal Ability To Hunt Down His Prey With No Remorse His Orders Are To Infiltrate The Draegan Rebels Camp, Learn Their Plans, And Identify Their Leader So He Can Be Destroyed But When Gaige Joins The Rebels, Posing As A Human Sympathizer To The Draegans Cause, He Discovers The Shapeshifters Aren T The Bloodthirsty Beasts He S Been Led To Believe, And Their Leader Is A Passionately Captivating Man Who Only Wants What S Best For His People Keiran Sparks Powerful Emotions In Gaige, Tearing Down His Walls Of Steely Control, And Stirring A Longing In Him He Can T Deny Torn Between His Duty To The High Sorcerer And His Growing Feelings Not Only For Keiran, But For The Draegan Way Of Life, Gaige Knows He S Damned No Matter Which Side He Chooses In A World Of Lies, Deception, And Dark Secrets, One False Move Will Bring Destruction To All He S Begun To Hold Dear With The Fate Of So Many Lives On His Shoulders, Gaige S Only Hope Is To Follow His Heartand Pray It S True Enough To Save Them All NOTE Don T Miss The Exciting Sequel, Lords Of Kellesborne Genres Gay Fantasy Shapeshifter Witchcraft Magic Action Adventure BDSM Series Spoilers, probably.So this book has all the makings for things I usually don t like Insta love Dummy MCs who are like, What, it s YOU and can t see the obvious Typical characters in an M M Romance book Soulmates But despite all that, I ate this shit up.There are so many awesome things in the book and you read it, and know it s not really the most in depth book you re ever gonna read, and know it s basically dragon smut, but fuck, I just loved it Dragon cum magma White blond MC meow Such the hot sex Angry sex Enemies to lovers Hidden identities Jealous best friend Dragon sexSo, uh, yeah If you re into this kinda stuff and if you can accept the book just for what it is, then you ll probably read it and have a good time. 3.5 StarsThis book had a slow start for me It felt a bit hazy, like I couldn t envision the world crearly But about a third into it, it really changed for me The story became a lotinteresting The plight of the draegans was writtrn well and had some bold plotlines of opression, even genocide.Kieran and Gaige were extremely hot together I really enjoyed them.Overall good fantasy I would recommend. 3.5 Stars Dragons check well, they re dragon shifters but who cares Hot shifter sex check M M check Likable characters check A little non con check Bondage thrown in for good measure check What s not to like here Admittedly, I do have a thing for dragons so I could possibly be a tad biased but I doubt it Dark wizard Byram from Velensperia has been perpetuating the myth that his people are the underdogs to the sinister draegans must be eradicated however, it turns out the draegans are the downtrodden, the persecuted They ve been waging a guerilla war in an effort to stave off Byram s advances Gaige, Captain of The High Guard of Velensperia, is sent to infiltrate the draegans but soon finds enlightenment Keiran, Draegan leader Now faced with an impossible decision Gaige must decide to either betray his country or the man he loves.I must say for a seemingly run of the mill paranormal erotica novella it has strong contemporary political sociopolitical undertones So, I guess that makes it smart smut or perhaps smartly smutty It s a tad sappy sweet in the romance department but I can deal The storyline s strong enough for me to want to continue The obscure language is somewhat off putting a glossary in the back would ve been nice but, I guess this is the way of books in the paranormal scyfy fantasy genre. By nothan 15 pages in, I already knew this was going to be an exceptional read ML Rhodes possesses the level of writing ability which allows the reader to forget the words before his or her eyes, and instead see the story revealed as one would a movie With imagination to match writing talent, the story took off with amazingly well rounded characters that brought out the adventure and excitement of this Robin Hood type tale. Paranormal fantasy at it s finest Wonderful world building and suspense kept me on my toes and turning pages The tension between Keiran and Gaige was palpable and their love story a joy to watch.This first book in the series had a beautiful ending for our lovers, but it left many things undone in the war of a despotic leader against the draegons, which makes me happy knowing there are severalbooks to go Can t wait. Idiotic anachronisms Plot foolishness.LO, I HAVE SUMMONED DISAPPOINTMENT AND DESPAIR. Gaige Rizik, Capitan of the high guard of the sorcerer Byram is a man with a mission He MUST discover the where the rebel group of Drageans are, and most of all get information about their leader Gaige is not a regular human He is the best soldier and because of his blond almost white hair, and his ruthless, he is called The White PantherKeiran is a Draegan He is one of the few Draegan still alive after the begin of the war All of his race are humans able to shift in powerful dragons Are they human killers, as Gaige was told Are they animals, lusting for the end of humans You will question it with Gaige, one step at time, while the story will be told.The both men narrations add a special aspect in this amazing fantasy You will hear sometimes Gaige, and his doubts and pain, other moments will be Keiran, with his overwhelming passion I ADORED this dual narration love, pain, betrayal, moral both are very strong men, and certainly both voices were necessary in this story.So do I recomment it Yes, to all fantasy readers, crazy about dragons as I mYes, to all romantic readers, because it s not possible to a human and a Draegan have a mate bound, or is Yes, to all readers interested in read the first M M novel, because the love scenes are very erotic, and incredible beautiful It s not the first M.L Rhodes book I read, and again I was stunned with all the love the characters shared is so strong so beautiful so perfect 5 stars, and I m already starting the second of this serie One book was not enough.

I m author M.L Rhodes and I write m m romance and fantasy This means my books are about gay or bisexual men meeting, falling in love, and finding happily ever afters with other men Sometimes the settings are contemporary, sometimes the stories take place in worlds filled with dragons, witches, or other fantasy and paranormal creatures But there s one thing of which you can be certain in my

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