Exodus Mara S Island Home Is Drowning As The Ice Caps Melt And Earth Loses Its Land To The Ocean But One Night, In The Ruined Virtual World Of The Weave, Mara Meets The Mysterious Fox, A Fiery Eyed Boy Who Tells Her Of Sky Cities That Rise From The SeaMara Sets Sail On A Daring Journey To Find A New Life For Herself And Her Friends Instead She Discovers A Love That Threatens To Tear Her Apart

Julie was born in Ayrshire and grew up near Glasgow, where she now lives with her family After a degree in English Language and Literature, she was the editor of a small magazine, a teacher and a freelance journalist Julie has written many critically acclaimed, award winning novels for teenagers and younger readers She speaks in schools, libraries and at book festivals across the UK.

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  • Paperback
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  • Exodus
  • Julie Bertagna
  • English
  • 16 October 2019
  • 9780330399081

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    Exodus tells a unique, interesting and compelling story However it is a story that should be told in 2 3 books 200 pages each, instead of the 368 pages it is The Premise We are taken to a time on Earth when the ice caps have melted and much of the Earth is under water To a small community in what was once England Stonehenge who are looking ground to the ocean every year This portion of the story is very well developed and gives us a solid base for our main gal to develop her character and cleverness From here we travel to one of the sky cities that are a marvel of engineering built way up above the ocean But of course, as is always the case with dystopian fiction, there is not enough room for everyone and so any newcomers are condemed to remain outside of the seawall that protects this sky city I won t go into details after this as that would ruin the progression of the story But at one point our lead gal meets with Treenesters who are easily my favourite of all the group she meets This group of people has so much literary potential to work with and Julie Bertagna only barely taps into it I could easily have read a whole book about this group, it s challenges, beliefs and construct.Really a story outline With the exception of the opening few chapters on the small island and the occasional chapter throughout Exodus feels like a story outline that deserves, if not begs, for to be revealed about it Bertagna has all these wonderous characters in extreme situations and instead of really looking at those characters and their way of life she rushes us through a albeit interesting dystopian plot that at times feels so convenient you d think you bought the resolutions at a convenience store This is a sign of under developed writing Authors should be able to make you feel like the characters survived because they deserved to, or made that future happen not just because someone opened a door at the perfect time I d definitely read Julie Bertagna again in the future as I think she has lot of potential as a writer Unfortunately Exodus just is rushed and doesn t do justice to the elaborate and interesting world she has built For this and of my reviews please visit my blog at Epic Reading Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review.

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    It s the year 2100 and Earth is underwater due to global warming Communication with all parts of the world has ceased to exist because what other parts of the world are left Mara and her friends and family live on Wing, an island that has managed to survive the massive rising waters until now The people on Wing assume that there are other people somewhere in the world living on islands like they are but they have no idea where Little do they know that Mara uses her antique cyberwizz similar to a laptop each night to try to find a way to save their lives.Sure enough, Mara discovers that not all of Earth s inhabitants have drowned Instead, the people appear to now live in new cities built high over the seas on things like stilts, safely protected from the rising waters Curiously, these cities have towering walls all around them Confident that this is the answer the people of Wing have been looking for, Mara convinces everyone that making the dangerous trip across unknown waters to this new sky city will save them all After all, they wouldn t be turned away once they finally arrive there, right This is a great book, sure to be enjoyed even by readers who aren t normally fans of science fiction Exodus is the first book in a planned trilogy, and I m anxious to see what s going to happen in the coming novels The characters are likable and the author offers an interesting if not scary view of the future.

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    In a world in which the ice caps are melting fast, any piece of dry land is very precious land The last city that anyone knows about is New Mungo, and there are refugee boats surrounding it, and no one is allowed in well, occasionally people are picked to go in but no one is sure if this is a good thing or bad.Mara leaves her drowning island and arrives here to discover she s part of a prophecy It does feel like, and is promised to be part of a trilogy, but the original was published in the UK 5 years ago so who knows

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    3.5 starsThe themes in this book are very good, both the subtle and the upfront, particularly when they all come to a head in the end themes about survival, ideals, the brutality of reality, and patriarchal societies The worldbuilding is also interesting, detailed and thought out enough to be plausible and acceptable, although some of the tech stuff that arose near the end went over my head which maybe it was supposed to Either way, it was well written enough that it didn t bother me.The tech in the beginning as well as the first few times Mara ventures into the Weave their version of the internet were somewhat off putting because of how grandly vastly sparkly wow it was described, with so much glittery detail, and yet I couldn t picture it and was confused as to how the Weave and her cyberwizz actually worked Eventually I just had to accept at face value that it somehow connected her to the internet in a Matrix y Futurama y hacker y sort of way.There was some romance that went very quickly I wouldn t say it was rushed, per se, since the circumstances were both sudden and trying, but it was rather fast But since romance was not the focus of the story, it was all right.The novel was a bit slow sometimes, and a few things bout the city were never quite explained to my satisfaction, but overall Exodus was a satisfying read, especially considering the glut of post apocalyptic dystopias currently on the market.

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    I liked the premise of the novel But I was bored reading it, and I didn t like it as much as I thought I would.I couldn t connect to any of the characters, and I felt like a lot of them were just there Not only that, but we didn t get much info about the world that Mara lived in I thought that was a little weird because Mara leaves her island, goes elsewhere, and doesn t really know anything about what s going on.And considering she goes on a journey to a completely different place, you d think it would be a little adventurous than reading that there were a lot of people on a boat and there wasn t enough food or water for everyone Seriously, that s all you have to say about that Nothing about what the boat looks like or how many people are on the boat I just felt a little confused about what was going on Mara didn t know anything, and so we didn t know anything It just got very irritating And it didn t feel very coherent I don t mind a novel being divided into sections, but the 3 sections in the book felt very random.I have to give it a 1 out of 5 I was bored, and I couldn t connect with anything in the book.

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    I am not a science fiction reader, but I was hooked to this story It took me about 70 pages to get really into the novel, but then I was hooked with the apocalyptic tale It reminded me a bit of Dante s Inferno I liked how it wasn t a fairy tale Some characters, that I grew to love, died or disappeared There was a strong connection to strong historical figures, like Martin Luther King The book made me self analyze if I could have the resolve and determination that Mara embodies I tossed between 4 and 5 stars for this one, as I wasn t sure if I liked it so much because I had low expectations for it to begin with In the end, it is a book that made me think Also, it is one that I won t forget in a year or so And lastly, it made the short list of science fiction books I have enjoyed Therefore, I give it 5 stars.

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    I am rounding this up to 4 stars I would probably put it around 3.7 or 3.8 if I had the option.I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend it It is a very good, involving story that gets better as it goes along The writing is good, but I agree with other reviewers that the style is best for, say, grade 6 and up At the lower end of that range, I would be concerned about some very scary scenes and bad things that happen, especially in the first half of the book It is fine for adult reading, but don t expect a lot of depth in the rendering of characters, or really detailed development of some of the weighty plot implications.As I have said in other reviews, I read plausible dystopian novels, like this one, because I want to know at a visceral level just how awful the future may really be I also want to see how some people manage to survive it, and what sorts of lives they are able to lead All of those questions were treated with considerable skill here, and for the most part the story flowed very nicely and at a rapid pace For me as an adult reader, there were missing details that would have helped to understand about this world But I don t see that as a problem for younger readers I was impressed by the strong, smart female protagonist 15 year old Mara and it was very easy to care about her and many of the other characters The emotional roller coaster action was handled very well, and in general the plot elements were quite plausible There were lots of interesting tidbits about the new world, its innovative engineering, and Mara s race against time quest there, and some nice bits about important relics from the old world There was a definite sense of momentum in the action that carried all the way through.I think this would be a very good book for parents to share and discuss with their young teen kids As things now stand, the world portrayed in this book is a lot likely than most people are ready to admit For kids who can handle the emotional trauma of fictional death, I believe that it would be a responsible act to let them know what may happen to their world They may want to get involved in doing something about it before it is too late.

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    Wing is drowning Mara Bell s home can no longer be her home As they sacrifice their houses to rising sea levels, Mara and the elder Tain convince the people they must leave Wing and set out for New Mungo, a city in the sky This whole book irritated me I didn t like the writing at all and the way every sentence was formed felt off I also got a migraine while reading this, so that didn t help anything The whole premise of this book was pretty damn depressing While reading this book I either would be tempted to go read something else or not read at all However, not only was this book depressing, it was really weird the whole time too We have Mara who was a pretty tame name But then once they leave their island the find treenesters, and all these strange things I wasn t a fan of it I ended up skimming this book and still being able to understand what happened Even that much I picked up irritated me One good thing about this book is that it does point out how extremely dangerous and serious climate change is.

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    Full Review LinkRod Serling s Summary Picture a future, call it the year 2100 This girl you see here is Miss Mara Bell, and that rock she stands on is what she thinks is the last island in a sea covered world We re about to discover that the sea won t stop rising, and Miss Mara Bell is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime across an ocean of dreams, hopes and nightmares She is about to skirt the edges of a strange new world, one that we call The Twilight Zone.Review In the year 2100, Mara bleakly emerges from her battered family home after weeks of being sheltered inside, during a rare break in the hot, torrential rains Her world, the island of Wing, is a drowned relic of older times and she s alarmed to see that the sea has risen several feet, claiming ever precious land for its own in the while she has been shut in Mara knows that she and everyone left on Wing must soon leave their small, drowning island and soon, and after speaking with the village elder, Tain, Mara has some hope for the future Tain remembers the early days when the floods started to claim the planet, and he remembers watching the television and seeing the construction of new cities in the sky, safe forever from the rising sea levels Before young Mara can lead her people across the vast unknown ocean, she needs proof that someone or something else is out there, and she uses her ancient cyberwizz to scan the remains of the Weave for any evidence of life When she meets another person, the Cyberfox, in the electronic ruins and then discovers the virtual superstructure of one of those mythical cities, New Mungo, Mara finally has all the proof she needs and just in time The latest storm has pushed the water even further up Wing with an immense tsunami, and with no other solution, the villagers hastily prepare to abandon their small rock with nothing but hope and fear to guide them.Mara s ship reaches New Mungo though the other two are missing , but what she finds there is far from comforting the city, twin towers of flexible, indestructible metal swaying over the sea is surrounded by a thick wall And outside that wall there are boats countless boats full of emaciated, dying refugees Also, there s a welcoming party for Mara and her fellow villagers a shiny police speeder fires warning shots and charges at Mara s boat, exploding in the water near them Mara despairs, for she has led people from death by drowning to a death by starvation, and she resolves to find a way into the city, and to save her people, or die in the process.Exodus is a breathtaking novel for its scope alone from the submerged ruins of what used to be Britain, Mara travels across towering waves to the tattered outskirts of a wondrous city, then to forgotten covered forest remains of Glasgow beneath the city, and finally into the futuristic city itself In Ms Bertagna s world, Earth has succumbed to a death by way of global warming The ice caps are melting at an exponential rate, and by Mara s time what ice is left at the poles is leading to the rapid water rise and destruction of the little island they call home This is a book about the strength of the human spirit in the face of certain death and despair, as Mara and her people leave all they have ever known for a dream of hope in another city and then when they reach the city, they are turned away like so much floating rubbish In the waterborne slums surrounding the protective wall of New Mungo, Mara s world changes from the quiet solitude and gradual despair of drowning on Wing, the villagers face a new challenge in the refugee camps death by starvation or sickness, forced to eat poisoned fish from the toxic waters of the city s waste Those few who are strong and young enough are whisked away by pickers from the city, but for what purpose, Mara has no clue, and she instinctively does not trust them When hope is lost and Mara makes a last desperate stab to get past the outer wall, she finds herself in another world altogether beneath the city itself, anchored to the remains of Glasgow Treenesting people here face the same threats that Mara did on Wing though they are safe for the moment, the storms and ever rising sea threatens to submerge their refuge below forever, so Mara undergoes another transformation as she sneaks into the city itself From the desperate worlds she has known all her life, the city is completely alien to Mara people embrace a high technology society, without a thought or care for the outside world, or for their collective past.The shifts in location are dizzying, but brilliantly written Never once did I feel like the story got away from Ms Bertagna rather, she handles the numerous shifts in locations, scope and idea with a skilled, tempered hand In addition to being a book that traverses wide and far physically, thematically it also is quite grand in its conception Fear of death is Mara s initial worry, but it melts and changes to fear of living while others suffer, or living a lie as those in the city of New Mungo do There s a discussion of the extent humans will go to in order to protect themselves and survive, whether it be on the cruel harsh reality of the refugee ships outside the city, to the cool blissful life inside its walls but it all comes down to the same human element, as Mara discovers through Ms Bertagna s sharp pen There s also a look at how prophecy or spirituality plays into the end of the world as you might tell from the biblical title but rest assured this is not a religious book Something I ve noticed in dystopian apocalyptic novels is the tendency to go all or nothing in terms of science or religion but Exodus manages to weave both prophecy and science together in an entirely satisfying and impressive way.So far as characters are concerned, the story is narrated in the rare third person present tense, with insights to Mara s thoughts Getting to know and understand Mara is easy as she is a believable, scared, and sympathetic teenager She s a bit of the usual reluctant hero character, but her fears and worries and her willingness to brave the odds in the face of impossibility makes up for any blandness The secondary characters too are well constructed, with a shocking amount of subplots and character arcs Even though Exodus is just over 350 pages, there s an immense wealth of detail and character here My favorites had to be the eldest treenester Candleriggs and her heartbreaking story, and the orphan water rat Wing, named for Mara s home Even the characters we meet for just a few scant pages felt completely real, and this is testament to the strength of Ms Bertagna s writing It s truly impressive stuff.So, in short, I loved this book Moving on a number of levels, filled with action and with carefully constructed characters and a stunning breadth of plot, Exodus is easily one of my top notable mention reads of the year And now I need to run out and get Zenith Immediately.Rating 8 Excellent

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    Review and rating to come when all book club members have finished reading.

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