Yoga for Wellness: Healing with the Timeless Teachings of Viniyoga

Yoga for Wellness: Healing with the Timeless Teachings of ViniyogaThis book has a lot of good information The instructions for the poses and the photos showing them are very good.The one thing I didn t really like about this book was the use of all the long foreign words for the names of the poses I like seeing that, but I d also have like to have seen what we normally call the pose in Englis When I go to yoga class the instructor doesn t tell us to move into Adho Mukha Svanasana, she says to move into Downward Facing Dog. So many great thought and truths, not to mention the poses.It s the process, not the product I ve been practicing yoga postures for 40 years and I learned something profound from this book. Mainstream America Is Finally Catching On To What Eastern Countries Have Known For Thousands Of Years That Yoga Is Not Only A Great, Low Impact Way To Increase Flexibility And Reduce Stress, It Is Also Useful In Healing Any Number Of Afflictions, From Common Aches And Pains To Chronic Diseases And Emotional Setbacks In This Easy To Follow Guide For Practitioners At All Levels, America S Leading Teacher Of Viniyoga Emphasizes The Physical As Well As The Spiritual Components Of Healing Through Yoga Beginning With A General Introduction, He Then Includes Case Studies And Specific Yoga Sequences Designed To Address Individual Ailments Best Of All, Each Step Of Each Posture In A Sequence Is Clearly Illustrated With Its Own Photograph The Exercises In This Book Are Truly Transformative And Certain To Help Those Searching For Alternatives To Mainstream Medicine And Those Looking For A Way Of Becoming Involved In Their Own Physical Well Being An excellent resource and quick read Something to go back to again and again to instill an understanding of yoga therapy and the most subtle processes of sequencing. I took Yoga teacher training a few years ago and this book was required reading Excellent book and I am still using it for reference. This was one of the first books I read during my registered yoga teacher training in 2010 It served as a wonderful companion to what I was learning on my mat. Kinda of old fashioned I had to learn some of the concepts in this book for an upcoming dance training intensive, so I decided to go ahead and read the entire thing.There s a couple of things I like about this book The author is all about encouraging yoga practitioners to modify each posture as needed to accommodate their own body He spells out how strict adherence to textbook perfect form can result in injury, or just a less efficient practice for your body He also discusses common release valves where postures lose integrity as we try to force ourselves to look just like the teacher or the person next to us Reading this book and comparing it to what I know about my own body has caused me to pay attention to my approach to yoga and stretching and to make sure that I honor my own body and work in the way that is best for it.I also appreciate the thorough discussion of anatomy, because I like knowing how and why the book works.However, the section on healing is a bit tedious, as almost every case study also talks about a problem in the student s life and how through their yoga lessons, the author also gave the student advice and they fixed their other problems as well as their physical problems, yay While sometimes I could see how it made sense to include it in the book student had a lot of stress, teacher gave them breathing exercises and such to manage stress, student had less stress, it s related to yoga, ok , other times I really felt like it was just the teacher tooting his own horn and or trying to falsely conflate a regular yoga practice with improving your relationships and such.I did appreciate that although there are yoga practices in here designed to help with various health problems, the author states repeatedly that they should be used alongside whatever treatment you re receiving from your doctor.However, he also states repeatedly that each sample practice was designed for that student based not just on the health problem in question but the over all condition of their body, and that it is not considered prescriptive As such, it seems like this book is better suited to the teacher or very experienced yoga practitioner as inspiration for developing their own healing practice than for the average beginner to intermediate student.And while there are photos of every asana mentioned in the book, and the modifications used in the healing section, I generally feel like it s less than ideal to learn movement of any sort from photos alone As such, I would consider this book a useful supplement to yoga classes or videos rather than a substitute for them.A little aside, because this book is a little older, it s funny to see that in the photos, all of the students are wearing leotards or shorts and t shirts, instead of the now ubiquitous yoga pants. Really nice book of case studies in Yoga for rehabilitation and treatment of injury and other conditions The author is very humble and provides a great host of reference material to look back on as a yoga instructor. This is a mandatory textbook in my yoga teacher training program I agree with other reviewers that in places it barely scratches the surface, and there are a couple of mistakes that I m sorry weren t fixed in later editions.However, as a teacher training reference, it s one of the best.

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  • Yoga for Wellness: Healing with the Timeless Teachings of Viniyoga
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  • 17 February 2017
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