10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD: How to Overcome Chronic Distraction & Accomplish Your Goals (10 Simple Solutions)

10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD: How to Overcome Chronic Distraction & Accomplish Your Goals (10 Simple Solutions)People Think Of ADD As A Kid S Problem But Kids Grow Up Many Adults Also Struggle With ADD If You Or Someone You Live With Has ADD, You Probably Know That There Are Books On The Market For This Condition But They Are Often Too Long Or Too Complicated Or Too Dry And Clinical You Need Straightforward Tools For Coping With Real Experiences Simple Solutions To Adult ADD Offers Exactly What You NeedEach Chapter Takes Up An Issue Pertinent To Adults With ADD My Mind Wanders I M Always Misplacing Things I Have Trouble Keeping Friends I Have A Hard Time Getting Started In No Than Five To Seven Pages, The Book Outlines Strategies For Each Problem That Are Simple To Put Into PracticeGet Immediate And Lasting Rewards Better ConcentrationSharper MemoryRicher RelationshipsImproved Money And Time ManagementGreater Self ConfidenceVisit Her The Author S Web Site At Stephaniesarkis

10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD How to Overcome Chronic Distraction and Accomplish Your Goals,

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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD: How to Overcome Chronic Distraction & Accomplish Your Goals (10 Simple Solutions)
  • Stephanie Sarkis
  • English
  • 12 July 2019
  • 9781572244344

10 thoughts on “10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD: How to Overcome Chronic Distraction & Accomplish Your Goals (10 Simple Solutions)

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    I read this a few months ago because my Dad gave it to me I don t know if i finished it Probably not I think it was good, I don t remember, and honestly, I wasn t really paying attention.

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    New Harbinger Books never disappoints me As a licensed therapist who is also a bibliophile and recommends self help reading very often to clients, I found this little gem of a book to be an easy read with well planned chapters on Understanding ADD Medication Reduce Clutter and Get Organized Stop Being a Loser Manage Your Time Make Your Money Work for You Practice Good Self Care Find a Job That Fits You Improve Your Social Skills Enrich Your RelationshipsHonestly, which human being on the planet doesn t need to work on each and every one of these things Hence, the contents makes this a primer on adulthood whether you re challenged by executive functioning gone awry, social skill deficit or struggling in any way.In the Notes on the Second Edition, it s very clear that today s technology got incorporated into the writing research of this The author mentions our paperless lives enriched by apps fodder for some of the tips in this tome.Excellent resources end each chapter, including books by Gottman, Hallowell, Nadeau, and others Recommended websites and organizations add to the utility and in parts there are graphics such as first visit notes when going to the doctor A practical, simplified must read for anyone with attention deficit or honestly anyone looking to improve his her own life Loriann Oberlin, MS, LCPC

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    You don t need to have ADD to benefit from the sound, actionable advice in this book Self help junkies like myself would recognize much of this material as general productivity best practices with a few specific ADDer challenges and solutions mixed in.

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    Simply Informative.

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    Starts strong and ends in flames.The book works best when discussing how a person with ADD can get their individual life in order But the sections on getting along with coworkers and social acquaintances focused almost exclusively on how people with ADD can and should bend themselves to the expectations of others, with little attention paid to how others can adapt to and help them beyond accommodations under the ADA And the section on friends and significant others viewed those relationships through a transactional lens that left me frankly chilled.

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    While there were some interesting facts and useful suggestions, I found the book as a whole to be extremely patronizing and simplistic A good first read, but I ll be looking for in depth discussion and strategy in the future.

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    This is one of the first books that I read on Adult ADHD It was a great starter book and I recommend it to anyone newly diagnosed.

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    hence I ve heard that I have some adulting problem I had to look for a book that gives me one good sight about how to adult The book is well organized and bit of simplicity to understand The book shows how to improve yourself and your life in a way that avoids you from losing things, people or even your self motive to be a better person It tips you with solutions of how to break the obstacles of social skill deficit , self destroying time box Being away from papers and writing and switch them with apps is what the author called paperless life Those small reminders help you to adult somehow Yet helps you to merge yourself into of your often world which lacks your existence at many times stop being a loser , manage your time , find a job that fits you , improve your social skills enrich your relationships isn t something that s related to adults It s something related to being a successful person whether you were a young child or an old white haired grandpa the definition of adult is misleading in this book that might be for all of the people trying to adult on this blue planet

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    Title says it is for ADD, but relevant to those with ASD, PTSD, and other mental health conditions that interfere with executive functioning skills.For those who are ADD ADHD or ASD there are a lot of suggestions in the book But that is what they are, suggestions Not everything will work for everyone.For myself, I was thrilled to see many of the little things I ve started doing over the past year actually written in book So often the process of articulating these bits of processes are met with strange expressions, or suggestions of being ridiculous, or live a little But seriously minimalizing life, planning buffer time, accepting that half day a week where you just need to shut down, how to eat well, how to better manage finances, all excellent tips.Personally, I picked up the book for inspiration on how to feel better about just working differently than others While this book didn t do that, it was comforting to read that what I am doing isn t that strange.

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    The title is misleading which are the 10 simple solutions But the book does contain some good organization and life tips I ll share a few here.Going through the same routine each day can help you save time and avoid losing things Write out the steps you take getting ready in the morning and then laminate that list Use a dry erase marker to cross through the items as you go.Use the five box method, a streamlined process for tackling clutter When going through clutter, create and use four boxes fix it first consider if worth the time money to fix keep it give it away don t know revisit in a yearAlso use a trash bag the fifth box.The next time someone is upset with you and you do not know what you did to cause the person to be angry, ask, What do you need from me right now

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