The Aromatherapy Bible: The Definitive Guide to Using Essential Oils

The Aromatherapy Bible: The Definitive Guide to Using Essential Oils Inside Each Bottle Of Essential Oil Lies The Key To Beauty, Health, And Wellbeing And This Comprehensive Illustrated Reference Contains All The Information Needed To Work Aromatherapy S Magic It Includes Complete Instructions For Skin And Body Treatments Recipes For Creams And Lotions Remedies To Overcome Negative Emotions Advice On Psychic Cleansing And Techniques To Enhance Meditation And Massages Of All Kinds There Are First Aid Therapies To Relieve Simple Ailments, And To Use During Pregnancy And With Babies, Children, And The Elderly A Directory Of Essential Oils Gives The Properties And Applications Of Common And Exotic Oils

Gill Farrer Halls is a practicing Buddhist who has spent time studying in India and Nepal during her career She has published several Buddhism related books as well as those focused on alternative therapies Besides writing, Gill is a producer for London s Meridian Trust Buddhist Film and Video Archive, and she teaches aromatherapy, meditation, and spiritual awareness workshops Artist and writer

[Reading] ➿ The Aromatherapy Bible: The Definitive Guide to Using Essential Oils ➶ Gill Farrer-Halls –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • The Aromatherapy Bible: The Definitive Guide to Using Essential Oils
  • Gill Farrer-Halls
  • English
  • 23 September 2018
  • 9781402730061

10 thoughts on “The Aromatherapy Bible: The Definitive Guide to Using Essential Oils

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    Oh, my God What an AMAZING book this is It is so well writen and organized and analyzes so many things Not only about essential oils and how to use them in aromatherapy but it also has recipes of face creams etc, perfumes and so many other things I also liked that the writer analyzes feelings, body conditions, psysical and emotional distress and how to cure them with the oils.There are descriptions of massages and even ways of relaxing etc.The descriptions of the types of oils, where they come from and what they are useful for, are amazingly organised and described In general, this book is great for everyone who enjoys nature s goods It is well written and fun to read and you will enjoy it very very much

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    The title is misleading While the book has a lot of useful information it is not definitive by any means The guide of oils in the back is oddly organized and very short The author seems to want to connect essential oils to many other alternative therapies, but in a non prescriptive way That is why I don t think the title is accurate If you are not going to tell people what to do, don t use the word Bible I would rather have a book that is clearer in its objectives The author spends time explaining massage and other therapies She uses the phrase New Age mumbo jumbo and then on the next page discusses crystals and oils.

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    I have always been fascinated with flowers, herbs, spices and their therapeutic properties I loved how comprehensive the book is, the pictures inside and the skin care treatments If you are into aromotherapy or you are just a beginner wanting to know , I think you will find this book useful.

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    I like this but I m not too fond of the layout Having used the A Z of Aromatherapy as a reference for a while which is alphabetized I found this hard to find what I wanted in but otherwise the information was great.

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    Goed boek Leuk om als beginner te ontdekken hoe je essentiele olie kunt gebruiken.

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    Good information I will buy this one and keep it on my shelf at home.

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    Aromatherapy, the art of healing through the use of various scents, is a wonderfully delightful holistic therapy useful in many instances Following along the same lines of the The Wicca Bible and the widely popular The Crystal Bible, the Aromatherapy Bible is loaded with the history and procedure of administering aromatherapy and a thorough directory of essential oils.Hidden inside this miniature volume is hundreds of techniques of help relieve numerous varieties of illnesses and or problems, from depression, stress, grief and much, much This book is by far the best and most comprehensive compilation of information on aromatherapy I have yet to read.

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    I bought this book in the Bangkok Airport on my way to Munich It was so wonderful to read it on the plane, since I had much time to learn all the theoretical things outlined in the book I have absolutely no clue where to get such things like flower water, but the book convinced me that it will be well worth the search

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    A basic quick guide book to aromatherapy However, I didnt like how the layout of the glossy of essential oils as it will sort by the type of oils e.g wood, flower, spices, etc Its not by alphabetic order.

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    I picked this book up to study the specific essential oils their application and benefits of use This book does included that information and much In fact it had a lot information than what I needed Some parts were to new age for my taste though

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