Some Dog!

Some Dog! George Was Once A Bouncy Pup Now His Pace Is Steady And Slow Still, He Feels Special Then Ya Yippity, Yappity, Yeep Yeep Yeep A Stray Dog Bristling With Energy Lands On George S Doorstep And Wiggles Himself Right Into George S Family Full Of Tricks, This New Dog, Zippity, Is A Wonder But When Zippity Disappears, It S George Who Proves That An Old Dog With A Few Tricks Of His Own Can Still Be SOME DOG Expressive Watercolors Brimming With Humor Make This A Perfect Choice For Dog Lovers Of Any Age, While Any Child Who Has Felt His Status Usurped By A New Sibling Will Cheer As George, A Most Unlikely Hero, Saves The Day Some Dog Is A Bank Street Best Children S Book Of The Year

Mary Casanova is an award winning children s author of novels and picture books Many of her books stem from her life on the Minnesota Canadian border yet some of her stories have taken her as far away as France, Norway, and Belize for research Whatever the setting for her books, Casanova writes stories that matter and stories that kids can t put down.Her book awards include American Library A

[Download] ➻ Some Dog! By Mary Casanova –
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Some Dog!
  • Mary Casanova
  • English
  • 28 June 2019
  • 9780374371333

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    A cute story about a dog whose owners gets a new dog, a little yappy one, that the first dog doesn t like The story line is typical and predictable, but the illustrations are adorable The sounds the different dogs make are fun, especially if you get into it My kids like repeating the fun sounds and so it went over somewhat well in our house The different sounds were fun than the story though The reading level is somewhere around a level 2 but probably still better as an adult read, not really for beginner s.

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    I love George It just goes to show never underestimate age over youth.

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    Finally This is the awesome basset hound picture book that I have been waiting for The whole thing was perfect I love that the author is also a basset owner Both she and the illustrator captured George the basset perfectly Some Dog is the story of George the basset hound who lives a lazy comfortable life with a man and a woman until a stray comes to live with them The stray, Zippity, is hyper and enthusiastic about everything He is also good at many things He can get the paper, fetch sticks and even catch fish George starts to feel a bit outdone and ignored Then a loud storm hits and Zippity gets scared and starts to run, jump and crash around the house and finally goes outside and gets lost The man and the woman call on George to catch Zippity s scent to find him George is the best scent tracker there is and he tracks Zippity all over even after the man and woman go home Finally George finds Zippity and rescues him He brings him home and is a hero From that day on he and Zippity are friends and live a happy life with the man and woman I loved this book It shows that even when someone new comes into your life and makes you feel not as noticed because they can do things that you can t that you should remember that you are still just as loved and needed as you always were You are special because you are you and can do other things that only you can do The other thing that made this book so great was the artwork It was adorable and captured the essence of a basset hound perfectly The sad, droopy eyes, the fat feet and every wrinkle The expressions on George s face were priceless In contrast Zippity was just as well executed to be the excitable yippie little stray He had a happy grin and scrappy fur and was constantly in motion This a wonderful children s book I adored it

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    George the basset hound has it made, as far as dogs go His owners adore him, calling him Some Dog, and the charming illustrations show just how happy George is, and how much he is loved He s not a very active dog, but his life is full Then a stray dog happens along This little fellow is so full of energy that his owners name him Zippety Zippety seems to do everything right, making George a bit jealous Then there is a thunderstorm, which calm George takes in stride, but which freaks Zippety out completely Soon Zippity is on the run, and lost And soon George is out in the miserable weather looking for someone he doesn t particularly care for A sweet story of friendship with entertaining illustrations.

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    George is a basset hound with a good life until a yippity zippity stray shows up and joins his family Zippity does tricks and gets all the attention until the day George smells a storm coming Zippity gets so wild trying to get away from thunder he is put outside and races off to become lost George s true talents are used to save the pup and the two get along fine after The pages about the storm and finding the lost pup are in grey and blue tones.

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    Show Me Winner Good read aloud for families interesting turn, the story features an older couple as the humans, not a child as is usual the story revolves around the quiet life of the basset hound Georgeuntil a stray christened Zippity, takes over his perfect life However, when Zippity messes up and runs away, its up to George s superior nose to find and rescue him George really is SOME DOG Cute story, simple read, good sound incorporation book

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    Love the storyline and its depth

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    Basset hound for the win

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    George the hound has a good life, but then a stray energetic pup shows up and puts George and his family in a frenzy During a rain storm George proves he s still a some dog

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    George was a dog that had everything He had a good life His owners read the newspaper with him and also took him fishing George was considered Some dog One day thought, George and his owners were greeted by an unexpected visitor, a stray dog This lively dog, like a jackrabbit, leaped, zipped, and flew all around the house Needless to say, it had way energy than George Soon, Zippity, the new dog in the house, started to take over George s role Zippity started to fetch the paper and help out cutting wood The dog stated receiving compliments from the local townspeople as well When they all went fishing, George stayed in the middle of the boat because he could not swim, while Zippity jumped from lap to lap, caught fish and swam like an athlete all around the boat He was staring to become Some dog Poor George though started to become sad as Zippity began to take over the household One day though, a lighting and thunder storm scared Zippity and this cause the dog to cause ruckus in the house The owner was so furious at Zippity that she threw the dog outside Moments later, Zippity was gone The owners were worried and scared, but George was happy He now has his own bed back and all the attention he use to have However, the owners approached George in sadness and requested that George go out in the storm to find Zippity Using the sent of Zippity s blanket, George was able to use his incredible sent to locate Zippity When George finally found Zippity, Zippity was stuck in mud and was helpless George rescued Zippity all by himself and the owners were so incredibly happy All four of them lived happy as George and Zippity got along just fine With water color illustrations, this book was a good read I think that any child who loves animals can connect to this book George is a hero

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