Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic

Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic From The Author Of REINCARNATION, Another Historical, Supernatural Romance, This Time Focusing On Five Sisters Whose Lives Are Intertwined With The Sinking Of The TitanicScience, Spiritualism, History, And Romance Intertwine In Suzanne Weyn S Newest Novel Four Sisters And Their Mother Make Their Way From A Spiritualist Town In New York To London, Becoming Acquainted With Journalist W T Stead, Scientist Nikola Tesla, And Industrialist John Jacob Astor When They All Find Themselves On The Titanic, One Of Tesla S Inventions Dooms Themand One Could Save Them

Suzanne Weyn grew up in Williston Park, Long Island, New York She has three sisters and a brother As a girl she was very interested in theater and in reading Louisa May Alcott was her favorite author, but she also read every Sherlock Holmes story Suzanne lived pretty close to the ocean and going to Jones Beach was one of her favorite activities Even today, if she goes too long without seeing t

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  • Hardcover
  • 330 pages
  • Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic
  • Suzanne Weyn
  • English
  • 02 June 2017
  • 9780545085724

10 thoughts on “Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic

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    I say this with complete sincerity This is the worst book I ve ever read.If I had written this review last night after finishing it, I d already be on my 11th curseword But I ve had time to calm down So let s calmly ish discuss why this book sucks so hard.It has no plot.It s a jumbled mess of failed messages, kind of like it wanted to say everything but ended up saying nothing at all.It s a big fat lie.As for the lack of plot Well, it has no plot There are some people They do stuff Nikola Tesla shows up once in a while to spout information no doubt taken from wikipedia or something I went there, and he said this to me, so 18 somethingsomething, when I was something years of age, I went back to this town YAWN It has no purpose It has no drive It s just text on paper And oh my god, was it dull.As for the messiness Sometimes the story throws some random message in your face, something that has nothing to do with anything once again, contributes to the lack of plot Spiritualism, what is real, what is not Racism this one was really random and let s not forget the sudden and pathetic love story.Oh, and the name dropping The author must be a huge fan of Nikola Tesla, cuz he drops in all the time, showing off his inventions. Like the earthquake maker wtf and THE TIME MACHINE are you friggin kidding me with this Not that the time machine contributes to anything in the story either. no, that would make too much sense Let s just put it in randomly somewhere Genius.We get to meet Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Unsinkable Molly Brown this one in particular made me gag, it was so stupid None of these people are a part of the story They re just there Of course.Last but not least, as for the it s a big fat lie thing What does the back of the book say We had foreseen that the ship would sink, but we didn t want to believe it A ship called Titanic.Ok So it s about Titanic The front cover and tagline give us that same idea SO HOW COME TITANIC DOESN T MAKE AN APPEARANCE UNTIL 200 300 PAGES INTO THE DAMN STORY Even then, what a pathetic take on one of the most famous and horrible catastrophes in history.It didn t even have to be in the book, since whatever the book was rambling on about in the first 200 pages had nothing to do with the Titanic It didn t resolve anything, it didn t start any new conflicts It was just There Adding to the randomness.I didn t learn anything.I didn t feel anything but dull rage throughout the whole book.It was just a waste of time.I HATE THIS BOOK.Ugggh, I m really trying not to swear here.I m just gonna leave it.Thank God it s so forgettable.

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    This cover was beautiful I also wanted to read it because the synopsis mentioned the Titanic. and then I was thinking about Rose and Jack. and then I pretty much was sold on this book Distant Waves was a pretty good and interesting book Especially any book that mentions anything about the Titanic Please hold, I m currently swooning at Jack right now in my mind Now in this book, four sisters and their mother go from New York to London They meet with some famous people read the synopsis if you really want to know and they find themselves on the Titanic.Yup, the famous sinking ship.Now if that were me. I d probably lose my shit However, they were all there willing to risk their lives Of course the entire book is them on the Titanic. or about the ship Nah, that happens at the half way point and beyond No, the first point was about their every day boring and mundane lives It honestly was kind of boring to read but I did find some character that I liked It definitely helped pass the time, pages, and chapters until I got to the exciting parts of the book.Once we reach the Titanic part well, it was a lot better than the first half in my eyes However, I could ve done without all of the knowledge and crap thrown at me about this boat I ve seen the movie and the documentary I m good Overall, it was a good book However, I guess I just expected from it Especially since the synopsis made me think that this book was definitely going to take me on a different journey than it did I did enjoy Jane and Thad though so that was definitely a highlight for me.

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    I will be honest in saying that the cover and the hint of The Titanic is what captured my interest in this book Before I had even read the summary, the cover sucked me into the deep story of supernatural tales weaved into the historical tale of the Titanic Even with warnings of sinking of the famous ship Titanic, the sisters and mother still risk their life on sailing the seas in the hopes that someone will be watching over them With famous names that you read about in the history books, you will find yourself enjoying the story I for one loved the character of Jane and enjoyed Thad as well For the first part of the book, the story revolves around the characters home life and spiritual readings This is where we meet Thad and fall for him as well The second half of the book is about them setting sail on the Titanic and their voyage You can tell the author did some research for this book but at times going a little overboard on the knowledge This was not really a big issue for me though because I love anything and everything that involves the Titanic history If you are a fan of the Titanic history but like your psychic and paranormal themed books as well, then this book would be a great read to quench your thirst of both worlds I loved the weaving of fiction and fact into one tale A new author for me to keep an eye on

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    First off, I m just going to say that the title is VERY MISLEADING If you are thinking about picking up this book to enjoy a story that takes place on the Titanic, you will be dissapointed The Titanic does not come into the story until the last hundred or so pages and by then, the story is nearly over Now, after I got over being upset with the book because of the lack of involvement with the Titanic, I realized that I actually enjoyed Distant Waves It turned out to be a very interesting historical fiction, somewhat science fiction and paranormal read Once the story started to pick up, I was very engaged and eager to find out what happened next When we finally got to the Titanic, I did enjoy this interpretation of what occured and found myself not wanting to put the book down until the last page was turned I also did like the sweet and simple romance that was thrown in there It was evident that the author did do her research and overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book despite it not being what I was looking for when origionally deciding to read it So why only three stars To be quite honest, a lot of it has to do with the misleading title, cover, and synopsis I wish this book had been packaged differently because as stated before, I was really upset when I realized what this book was really about The other reason I only gave it three stars was because there is an insane amount of subplots And many of them were quite unnecessary and strange There was also many unnecessary characters and I felt like not a single character was fully developed In the end, I did enjoy Distant Waves But for those who are wanting to read this because it says it s about the Titanic, take caution and know what you re really getting yourself into.

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    Spoiler Alert A wonderfull piece of writing I relished, enjoyed,cried during the whole vogage of readng as I felt her tears, her every word she had wrote The time travelling confussed me but had made my reading satified near the end when Thad and Mimi appear not aged one bit.The twin sisters had held my interst but had me deeply upset by the loss even though they share a bodyI still wonder what it would be like if both were still alive in the boook.Not only did the book explain about the Titanic, it also gave me detail about the un noted people during the time of the titanic with a reclapse on spirts and science.The people the Fox Sister, Abraham Lilcon,Mary Todd Licon, Nikola Telsa, Einstein, Edision, Georoge C Bolt,Morgan Robertson, Sir Arthur Cocan Doyle, Kingsley Doyle, Harry Houdini Ehrich Weiss Willia Stead, John Jacob AShtor, LaRochhe Family, Madeline Force, Maggie molly Brown, Benjamin Guggenheim, Leontin ninetine Aubert,Victor,Susan B.Anthony,Fedrick Douglas They were all real people in the time of the titanic either in it or mentioned.This book has what other historical books may not have an inside to the Modern time I can say I sure travelled back in time with this book with all the genres scienes, paranormal,adventure,romance, family nearly everything please excuse the spelling error.

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    This book was probably one of the worst I ve read Probably because my expectations were fairly high, but none the less, it was a disappointment.I was hoping for a good book focusing the the voyage of the Titantic When I opened the book and skimmed the first view pages, I was a bit intrigued by the spiritualist aspect part of it So I made the mistake of buying it.I am about 115 pages in, but I am close to dropping it into the trash.The beginning is very jumbled, like the author wanted to create a back story for the actual story SPOILER ALERT FROM HERE ON The first thing I found odd was the part where Jane and her family met Tesla.I understood the book incorporates some paranormal aspects in it, but the part where the earthquake machine came around was just. odd It appeared out of the blue And instead of the guy just destroying it and stopping the earthquake so less damage would be done, he thinks, Boy, I d best help thems persons out dur, so that I canna take thems inside der buildin, where weh could all persobly die, and cuz mur duhstruction while der muhchine runs Dur Ohs well. Another was how Jane always commented on how she stood in the shadow of Mimi s good looks, and how that that was perfectly fine with her, and how she just felt a sisterly pride So..You feel proud of your sister that she got all the hot genes in the family Anyways, another thing that weirded me out was the sudden appearance and disappearance of her long lost aunt and uncle, and the way her mother tried to hide the truth from her.One minute, out of all the places in North America, they find her in Spirit Vale Then, in an hour, the aunt waves good bye and skips out of the book.My last complaint was how creepy stalker ish Jane was of Tesla, and how she remembered him after 10 ten years.Seriously, I can t remember the name of a guy I met a year ago And I d known him for a few monthes Not one hour.I d remember the machine caused earthquake, but not the name of the guy, much less what he looked like.At 6 years old, none the less.But I was a bit weirded out by how Jane collected everything that mentioned Tesla, and kept it in a scrapbook filled with pictures of him And how she connected Tesla to Sherlock Holmes, and swooned over him, a guy about 30 years older than she.Finally the icing of the cake , he goes all the way to New York just to interview him, instead of choosing a closer by topic, where she creeps out and stalks his intern her love interest, of course..I d give it 0 stars if I could, but alas, I cannot Sorry if any of these events turns around in the book, but I couldn t stand another page of it for much longer It feels like a children s book than a YA one, which was how I found it classified Perhaps I ll try to finish the rest of the 250 pages in one sitting no huge feat.Perhaps.

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    This was a just okay historical novel that centers around a family of spiritualists around 1910 The mother and her five daughters move to Spirit Vale, a village full of mediums after their father dies The mother becomes a famous medium after an encounter with Tesla, the scientist, inspires her to talk about spiritual vibrations The daughter at the center of the story, Jane, is not sure if she believes that her mother and her twin sisters can really contact the spirit world She is interested in science and becoming a journalist Jane is fascinated by Tesla after their encounter when she was just a four year old child, and she decides to go back and interview him when she is sixteen She and her older sister, Mimi, head into New York City to meet the scientist and are swept into events that lead the whole family to Europe We don t get to the Titanic until than halfway into the story, when an influential spiritualist tells the girls mother that he belives the ship will sink Mimi is booked to travel on the ship and the sisters sneak on board to try to persuade her to disembark, but become unwilling passengers when they ship leaves before any of them can Away from their mother, the girls get swept up in the glamorous life aboard the ship, but we all know where this is going and can only wait to see what twists the author will employ to save or not her characters A very, very silly plot twist wraps up the story Very silly Not just implausible, but absolutely ridiculous The story and the characters moved things along well enough to keep me interested, but this is not really one I d recommend.

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    WOW I really loved this book It s A Novel of the Titanic but the Titanic doesn t happen until near the end of the book It s a book that s interwoven with history, the paranormal, and a great story of five sisters and the events that lead up to them being on the Titanic on its maiden voyage I loved the name dropping and the important people that Jane, the main sister heroine, meets This includes the crazy inventor Nicholas Tesla, who fascinates me, the financier John Jacob Astor, author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, George Boldt, manager of the Waldorf Astoria who built his wife a beautiful castle on one of the Thousand Islands this isn t in this story but I ve been inside this castle , and a lot of other important people in history mentioned in passing Also, I ve read about Lilydale, NY, known to be a town of psychics and spiritualists This book is set in Spirit Vale, NY, which I believe is really Lilydale.When 4 year old Jane s mother is left a widow in 1898 with also a 6 year old daughter, 2 year old twin daughters, and another baby on the way, she is intelligent enough to seize an opportunity to do psychic readings The family moves to Spirit Vale, where she sets up her practice On the way there they meet crazy scientist Nicholas Tesla who becomes a major fulcrum of the story The book spans the years of the 5 girls growing up and there are some surprises along the way My only concern complaint is that the author really reached FAR into the world of incredibility to give this book a happy ending The story was much believable until that event

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    This one takes some great liberties with the Titanic story and gets a little bit loopy It is the story of five sisters, two of whom are clairvoyant, who all end up on the Titanic There are mentions of almost every person who was every person of the time period, and it makes one wonder how an ordinary person would run into so many celebrities It seemed like the mention of the celebrities were what set it in this historical period and not much was in the descriptive details which it could have used of The plot was a little bit far fetched and without revealing anything it became even far fetched, to the point of beyond believability.

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    what a letdown take a lot of really, super fascinating historical subjects the titanic, spirtualism, tesla and write an utterly uncompelling book about them what a feat seriously, i had such high hopes and i was admittedly beguiled by the pretty cover but it s such a not great book totally bloodless and by the numbers characterization and wooden and no soul and utter mish mash, with an ending that is just laughable spoiler it s tesla s fault the titanic sank luckily, the people our main character loved were spared death because tesla also compelled them to travel into the future which everyone totally accepts without question and whee happy ending probably i should only give it one star, but i didn t hate it this much while i was reading it whilst reading, i just felt bored by it it s only when i m giving it some thought that i dislike it so.

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