The Body in the Big Apple: A Faith Fairchild Mystery

The Body in the Big Apple: A Faith Fairchild MysteryWhat is with Page She jumps from Faith in the present to Pix to Faith in the past with each new book Why couldn t Faith have gone to New York in the present for some catering job or gotten a call from Emma needing help At the very least it should have been around the time that Faith met Tom, as that would have been relevant The suspense was good, but that whole swapping the past, present and Pix is just annoying Also, for really loving her husband Emma doesn t seem that upset about his duplicity in the end.Note I ve read this entire series up to The Body in the Attic, and the best rating I ve given any of them is 2 stars, which is sad and says a lot about the series I kept reading because it really has potential but it never lives up to it, so save yourself the trouble and agony and try a a different series, such as Carolyn Hart s Death On Demand series, most of which are fun and enjoyable, or stop after The Body in the Cast, which was probably the best of the series That s my recommendation, anyway. I usually enjoy the Faith Fairchild series but this prequel was a snooze fest Very slow moving and the author s infatuation with NYC was super evident. Before She Met And Married The Reverend Thomas Fairchild And Moved To Sleepy Little Aleford, Massachusetts, Faith Sibley Fairchild Had A Catering Business In The Most Colorful, Frenetic, And Exciting City In The WorldYoung, Ambitious And Single In New York City In The Late S, Faith Sibley Is Energized By The Early Success Of Her Have Faith Catering Enterprise But She S Cast Into An Unexpected New Role When She Runs Into Old High School Friend Emma Stanstead At A Swanky Uptown Party Sleuth An Anonymous Blackmailer Is Threatening To Expose Certain Secrets Of Socialite Emma S Less Than Glamorous Past Thereby Destroying Her Reputation And Her Conservative Husband S Fast Rising Political Career And Faith Fearlessly Leaps Into The Fray Though She Lacks Experience, Faith S Keen Instinct, Insight, And Determination To Unmask And Extortionist Quickly Carry Her Deep Into The High And Low Life Of The Bustling Big Apple And When A Murder Raises The Stakes, Faith Realizes That It S Not Just Her Old Friend S Good Name That S In Perilit S Emma S Life Itself The retrospective take on the 80s and Faith s future struck me as too smug and arch The story was pretty good Emma did not work for me as a character, but I would have enjoyed Poppy, Jane, and Chat. This book is a flashback to a young Faith still living in NYC I miss the regular characters in the later books This was just ok for me. Follows the formula of so many of Page s previous novels that I enjoyed so much But it is a tired formula I won t read another. I enjoyed this book but wasn t expecting a prequel After reading the first nine books in the series, I was planning on going back in time The book was interesting and I m glad I read it. A prequel chronologically 0.5 and tenth in the publication order in the Faith Fairchild cooking mystery series Faith Sibley hasn t met Tom yet and is just getting her first year of Have Faith under her toque in 1989 New York City.My TakeThis gives us some back history pre Tom on Faith s first year in business, and the start of her amateur sleuthing.There are some perks for Faith as she meets a joyful singer on the bus and everywhere everyone is talking up Have Faith even as someone attempts to kill Faith or is it Emma The end is a humdinger I try to tell myself I should have guessed but oh well It was interesting to read about pre Tom Ben Amy Faith with her views on ministerial husbands and the enigma of children ooh, baby, what she s got comin up The StoryOne of Faith s best friends from school, Emma, has a huge problem, and she tortures Faith with bits and pieces of it Part of the problem is the murder of Nate Fox, a dissident from the 1960s who has a clandestine link to Emma, which could create a bigger problem for Emma s right wing husband who is running for political office.Turns out Emma s been keeping some mighty big secrets from her best friend and she continues to flit and dodge even as she asks Faith for help during the busy Christmas season.The CharactersFaith Sibley is a chef with her own company, Have Faith, in New York City.Emma is one of Faith s best friends from school Her husband is running for office and has right wing beliefs Nate Fox is a dissident from the 1960s with a clandestine link to Emma. Though this book is 10 in the series, it predates all the others and has Faith in the first year of opening her catering service in NYC, the Big Apple Faith s girlhood best friend, Emma, now married to an upcoming politician, is being blackmailed as Faith learns on the job The blackmailer also may have been a murderer, and Emma s life, and Faith s, are on the line. Book 10 in a series, but a prequel of a cozy chef mysteries I enjoyed this book It was a bit slow going at first but I found that it picked up a couple of chapters in and I enjoyed the main character s personality I don t know if I will continue on with this series 3 Stars

Faith Fairchild

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