Crazy Wisdom (Dharma Ocean Series)

Crazy Wisdom (Dharma Ocean Series)Intense I defintely recommend this book but, only after you ve read a few others on Buddhism Otherwise, it won t make sense It s quite good though, a book that may get overlooked by others but you ll be glad you found it and read it. I ve read most of Trungpa s books This was one of my favorites I m now re reading some of them. Ch Gyam Trungpa Describes Crazy Wisdom As An Innocent State Of Mind That Has The Quality Of Early Morning Fresh, Sparkling, And Completely Awake This Fascinating Book Examines The Life Of Padmasambhava The Revered Indian Teacher Who Brought Buddhism To Tibet To Illustrate The Principle Of Crazy Wisdom From This Profound Point Of View, Spiritual Practice Does Not Provide Comfortable Answers To Pain Or Confusion On The Contrary, Painful Emotions Can Be Appreciated As A Challenging Opportunity For New Discovery In Particular, The Author Discusses Meditation As A Practical Way To Uncover One S Own Innate Wisdom This is my second time reading this book, six years apart, and it seems like a completely new book now that I am familiar with vajra, dzogchen, and Padmasambhara The book covers some aspects of the crazy wisdom tradition, including questions by students and Trungpa s answers, relating to hope and fear on the tantric or crazy wisdom path , and the eight aspects of Padmasambava, the kind of original crazy wisdom figure As to be expected with Trungpa, his words are bright, provocative, simultaneously crystal clear and cryptic at the same time Now it is November, nine months from my second reading, and this has easily been the best book of the year, with the aspects of Padmasambava haunted me nearly daily The concept of taking the unjust blame continues to blow my mind and leach into my brain follow me wherever I go It is a suggestion, a riddle, a koan, a challenge, and an answer The approach of crazy wisdom here is to give up hope There is no hope of understanding anything at all There is no hope of finding out who did what or what did what or how anything worked Give up your ambition to put the jigsaw puzzle together Give it up all together, absolutely throw it up into the air, put it in the fireplace Unless we give up this hope, this precious hope, there is no way out at all p.84 In other words, you think you are able to deceive the path by being a smart traveler on the path, but you begin to realize that you are the path itself You can t deceive the path because you make the path p.89 We could say that our lives consist of this tremendous vividness all the time the vividness of being bored, being angry, being in love, being proud, being jealous Our lives consist of all these kinds of vividness rather than of virtues or sins created by those p.98 It is not hard to imagine that when you know what you are and who you are completely, then you can explore the rest of the world, because you don t have to explore yourself any p.101 Our degree of fearlessness should be, so to speak, the speedometer of our sanity p.117 Death is the desolate experience in which our habitual patterns cannot continue as we would like them to p.129 Edition 1 57062 984 710Both question and answer die simultaneously at some point.10hopelessness is the essence of crazy wisdom.11When we discover that we have made some progress on the spiritual path, that discovery of progress is regarded as a hindrance to further progress.17 spirituality is not really the path, but spirituality is a way of conditioning our path p 1724The intensity of confusion itself demands its own destruction You just let ego s neurosis commit suicide rathing than killing it That s the ruthlessness.51So let the phenomenon play Let the phenomena make fools of themselves by themselves This is the approach There is no point in saying Let me have a word with you I would like to explain the whole situation inside out 83To become one with reality, I have to give up hope of becoming one with thee reality This hopelessness is the starting point of the process of realization.84Nobody is going to comfort you, and nobody is going to help you.91You are completely desolate And even desolation is not regarded as home, because you are so desolately, absolutely hopeless that even loneliness is not a refuge any.107the very existence of the dharma itself is a projection162unless we are willing to get blamed unjustly, we can t cut our deception at all. This book helped me finally understand the attraction of Tibetan Buddhism Full review Always blown away by Chogyam Trungpa s writing This is a very advanced book dealing with advanced teachings so I was lost for a lot of it but had enough exposure that it sort of tickled parts of my brain This would not be a great book for those just new to Buddhism but those who have studied at least the Mahayana teachings and have an idea of what s to come, this is a great read. . A great book to read about Buddhism a school of Tibetan Buddhism if like me you have met too many passive aggressive westerner so called Buddhists who seem to have no real clue and mainly use the philosophy to suppress themselves escape themselves and the world No sentimentality, no spiritual consumerism, no escape Fascinating stuff

Meditation in Action , the first of fourteen books on the spiritual path published during his lifetime The following year he married

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