Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane Young Hawaiian Surfer Sean Jones S Simple Life Is Turned Upside Down When He Witnesses A Brutal Murder An FBI Agent Saves Sean S Life And Arranges For Him To Be Flown Back To LA, But A Trap Has Been Set To Ensure He Doesn T Make It When The Plane Reaches A Preset Altitude, The Enraged Reptiles Are Unleashed Upon The Unsuspecting Passengers And Crew

Christa Faust is an American author who writes original novels, as well as novelizations and media tie ins.

❮PDF❯ ⚣ Snakes on a Plane ✈ Author Christa Faust –
  • Paperback
  • 415 pages
  • Snakes on a Plane
  • Christa Faust
  • English
  • 15 December 2019
  • 9781844163816

10 thoughts on “Snakes on a Plane

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    The three stars, of course, come with the caveat that this book is exactly what it is A capable adaptation of a B movie notable for its title generated internet frenzy than for any actual inherent quality You don t read this book because you re actually interested in the story or the quality, you read it to be able to say that you didn t just watch the film, but you _read the book_ You re just _that_ hardcore And you re tired of those monkey fighting snakes on that Monday to Friday plane.

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    Christa Faust needs a new job Desperately How can the novelization of the screenplay of the most fascinating movie ever be bad But it is Everyday objects and interactions are described in minute, boring detail a table setting, how to play the game Go , while the really cool stuff like how the bad guys got a crate of deadly snakes on a plane is just glazed over The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is that it is a motherfucking amazing story Let s hope she isn t on board to write the novelization for the sequal, Ferrets on a Panel Truck.

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    Okay reading as movie books go It did keep me engaged the whole way through There is an obnoxious man on the plane who ends up getting eaten by a giant python I don t remember that happening in the movie version probably just as well So read only if you want to see how many types of snakes the screenwriters wanted in the movie Otherwise, fuggetaboutit.

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    This book is guilty of trying way too hard Trying to add depth and backstory made it tedious and overwrought If every page would have just had THAT S ITI VE HAD IT WITH THESE MOTHER FUCKING SNAKES ON THIS MOTHER FUCKING PLANE typed onto it in bold, this book would have been a lot amusing.

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    I can t believe I started this book, but I didn t manage to finish it It was painfully slow scene by scene and eventually I figured I d find out the ending faster by watching the movie The movie was delightfully trashy.

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    If you haven t seen the movie, give this novelization a shot One of its virtues is that you ll invariably go in with low expectations and be pleasantly surprised It s upbeat, unabashedly violent in some parts, but absent the tacky dialogue one would expect A quick and thrilling read

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    One reads this book as a joke, so it s difficult to rate it in the context of other books It has pages, two covers, and a spine That s all I really needed That and the title.

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    Holy moly, what trash

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    What can I say I loved the movie with Samuel L in it The book actually provide some background details that help move the story along and explain certain story aspects.

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