The Misanthrope, Tartuffe, and Other Plays

The Misanthrope, Tartuffe, and Other PlaysVery clever speeches, some of which were brought into the film Moliere I particularly like the Misanthrope who always speaks his mind and when asked his opinion of a poem starts gently in the third person with I tried to tell this friend not to write any Also the incident where the young couple are singing to the father about loving eachother on the pretext of it being a singing lesson Has to be acted to be appreciated There is one play about wife being beaten with a stick by her husband, a bit politically incorrect these days, I wonder how it would be acted in a contemporary production There aren t enough Moliere productions I haven t seen one since Rock Tartuffe at the Edinburgh Festival years ago. French is said to be the language of Moli re, such is the author s fame I thoroughly enjoyed this book of his clever plays, it easily passes the test of time There were many sections when dialog made me laugh aloud Any one of these plays would make the book worthwhile but the combination is outstanding The translation of prose and verse is enjoyable and easy to read For others like me who read plays infrequently I ll suggest that reading an entire play, or at least an entire act, makes remembering characters easier They re not that long. I m not the greatest fan of theater and I m not very good at reading plays I tend to be underwhelmed by them Moliere s are no exception That being said, I did enjoy them I just didn t find them to be brilliant which is a shortcoming on my part than his, I m sure. Typically, I enjoy Moliere s literature, so it was a shame when I didn t find Tartuffe to my liking As soon as I started the play, I became disengaged, I think it is because there was this grand allusion and mystery around the protagonist, Tartuffe, and we are only introduced to him half way through the play I am aware, that the delay of the protagonist, adds a flair of drama, suspense and want, which is perfect for the theatrical stage however, in the written form, I found it exhausting When I did finally get to the scene where Tartuffe was present, I found his characterisation dramatic, overly animated and fake I am aware that these exaggerated characteristics heighten the atmosphere of hypocrisy, which is central to the play, but this type of behaviour is very taxing to read Maybe in time I will come to enjoy Tartuffe, but for now I am not satisfied. This would have been 4 stars but I really hate deus ex machina I only read Tartuffe from this collection I only read Tartuffe and found it entertaining The rhyming took some creativity and extra time on the part of Moliere. I read Tartuffe on a plane and really enjoyed it.This is a good translation that was enjoyable to read. The superficial entertainment of the 16th century French courtiers was too dated for me. Moliere is funny In all of my theater classes in college during which I never read anything other than Master Plots summaries and other people s notes I never really paid much attention to the things we were supposed to do It makes me sad to think that now that I have read some plays I should have read 11 years ago, I have no one to talk to about how damn funny they are, oh well, life lessons This Unique Volume Brings Together Four Of Moli Re S Greatest Verse Comedies Covering The Best Years Of His Prolific Writing Career Actor, Director, And Playwright, Moli Re Was One Of The Finest And Most Influential French Dramatists, Adept At Portraying Human Foibles And Puncturing Pomposity The School For Wives Was His First Great Success Tartuffe, Condemned And Banned For Five Years, His Most Controversial Play The Misanthrope Is His Acknowledged Masterpiece, And The Clever Women His Last, And Perhaps Best Constructed, Verse Piece In Addition This Collection Includes A Spirited Attack On His Enemies And A Defense Of His Theater, In The Form Of Two Sparkling Short Plays, The School For Wives Criticized And The Impromptu At Versailles

Jean Baptiste Poquelin, also known by his stage name, Moli re, was a French playwright and actor who is considered one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature Among Moli re s best known dramas are Le Misanthrope, The Misanthrope , L Ecole des femmes The School for Wives , Tartuffe ou l Imposteur, Tartuffe or the Hypocrite , L Avare ou l cole du mensonge The Miser , Le Malade

[Reading] ➵ The Misanthrope, Tartuffe, and Other Plays ➼ Molière –
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  • The Misanthrope, Tartuffe, and Other Plays
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  • 16 February 2019
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