CantiNegli anni del passaggio dal liceo all universit da questo libro derivava la prima parte consistente della mia antologia poetica personale.Versi riletti, ridetti, risentiti, riscritti, rimuginati, rivissuti, rifiutati, reinventati.A SilviaLa quiete dopo la tempestaIl sabato del villaggioA se stessoUltimo canto di SaffoL infinitoIl passero solitarioLa sera del d di festaAlla lunaCanto notturno di un pastore errante dell Asia L Infinito alla resa dei conti duecento anni.E sembra domani.L InfiniToujours ch re me fut cette collineSolitaire et ch re cette haieQui refuse au regard tant de l ultimeHorizon de ce monde Mais je m assieds,Je laisse aller mes yeux, je fa onne, en esprit,Des espaces sans fin au del d elle,Des silences aussi, comme l humain en nousN en conna t pas, et c est une qui tudeOn ne peut plus profonde un de ces instantsO peu s en faut que le c ur ne s effraie.Et comme alors j entendsLe vent bruire dans ces feuillages, je compareCe silence infini cette voix,Et me revient l ternel en m moireEt les saisons d funtes, et celle ciQui est vivante, en sa rumeur Immensit En laquelle s ab me ma pens e,Naufrage, mais qui m est doux dans cette mer.Traduzione di Yves Bonnefoy Read in memory of a dear friend.You will be missed Human life was made of vanities, glad fantasies, and strange ideas we chased after them together what survives, now that the green has been leached out of things The certain, lonely knowledgethat everything is vain but grief Fate is heartless and denies fair weather to human courage, and a pure heart won t survive in a weak breast All is mystery except our pain Oh in youth, when hope has a long road ahead and the way of memory is short, how sweet it is remembering what happened, though it was sad, and though the pain endures Oh how often, remembering that you are not alive and I won t see you in the world again, I can t believe it What is this thing called death If only I could know it now myself, and save my unprotected head from savage fate I m young, and yet my youth is being spent and lost like old age,which I am afraid of, though it s distant But sweet youth isn t very different from age for me The two of us were born for suffering, she said There was nothing happy in our lives, and heaven took pleasure in our pain I strip myself of gentleness and kindness, becoming someone who despises men, thanks to the herd around me And all the while youth s beloved moment flies, dear than fame and laurel, dearer than the simple light of day and breath O single flower of my arid life, I m losing youjoylessly, for no good reason, in this inhuman place beset by suffering Hopes, hopes O bright illusions of my early years Whenever I talk I come around to you, for though time passes and affections and ideas change, I can t forget you Yes, I understand glory and honor are phantoms joys and things mere wishes life produces nothing, only senseless suffering Yet though my yearsare empty, though my mortal life is barren and lightless, I can see that fate s depriving me of little Yet sometimes I think back on you, old hopes of mine, and my sweet first imagining, and then I look at my life, so purposeless, so painful, and see that death is what remains for me of so much hope I feel my heart break, and I m totally inconsolable about my fate And when at last this death I ve prayed for is upon me and the end of my misadventure will have come, when earth will be an unfamiliar valley and the future flies from view, I m sure I ll think of you again, and my imagining will make me sigh again, will make me bitter that I lived in vain, and the sweet release of my last day will be alloyed with suffering Man is born by labor, and birth itself means risking death The first thing that he feels is pain and torment, and from the start mother and father seek to comfort him for being born As he grows, they nurture him, and constantly by word and deed seek to instill courage, consoling him for being human Parents can do no loving thing for their children But why bring to light, why educate someone we ll console for living later This I know and feel that from the eternal motions, from my fragile being, others may derive some good or gladness life for me is wrong Happy indeed if you re allowed respite from sorrow, blessed when death cures you of all sorrow I see not just the hope but the desire for loved illusions is done for us Be still forever You have beaten long enough Nothing deserves your throbbing, nor is earth worth sighing over Life is merely bitterness and boredom, and the world is filth Now be calm Despair for the last time Death is the one thing fate gave our kind You chose that life should disappoint the hope of youth, that the wave of years be full of pain, with death our only shield from suffering and this inevitable end, this changeless law, you established for the human journey Alas, after these streets of suffering, why not at least prescribe a happy end Indeed, why show us what we hold up to the soul as the certain future while we live, the one comfort for our painswhy show the port arrayed in black and beset by such unhappy shadows, frightening to behold than any storm How, O Nature, does your heart let you sever friend from friend, brother from brother, child from parent, loved one from lover, and, when one has died, expect the other to live on How could you let so much pain be necessary to us, in that mortal has to keep on loving mortal But Nature in her actions is concerned with something else besides our pain or joy Human nature, if you re merely weak and worthless, dust and shadow, why aspire so high But if you re partly noble, why are your best actions and intentions so easily, by such unworthy causes, both engendered and destroyed So youth fades out, so it leaves mortal life behind The shadows and the shapes of glad illusions flee, and distant hopes, that prop our mortal nature up, give way commit to present pleasures your brief life Alone eternal in the world, all creation bent your way, Death, our naked being rests in you not happy, no, but safe from age old suffering Deep night in our troubled minds obscures the terrible idea the arid spirit lacks breath for hope and desire freed thus from strife and fear, peaceably it spends the empty, inexorable years We lived, and like a terrifying ghost a nursing infant s fitful dreama vague memory of living flickers in the soul But memory s a far cry from fear What were we What was that bitter moment known as life To us today it seems a secret, fearful thing, the way that death seems alien to those who are alive As it fled death in life, now our naked being shrinks from the vital flame, not happy, no, but safe since fate bans happiness for mortals and the dead. Leopardi died just under forty, so possibly his many poems about dying grow from his own health, but they may also derive from his Romantic replacement of religion like Keats s odes, the Nightingale My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains My sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk , or his Grecian Urn, or even his To Autumn Leopardi was my first Italian mentor s favorite poet outside his Medieval specialty John McNally, Chaucerian at the U of Minnesota Since my mentor was a hilarious former Chicago cop, I did not realize what a downer Leopardi can be Many of his occasional poems here are sepulchral On one ancient bas relief, a youth is depicted departing, Al nido quando ti parti, Non tornerai, from the nest you fledge, never to return L aspetto De tuoi dolci parents Lasci per sempre You leave the sight of your family, your new home is underground 77 But one poem I ve quoted and referred to, since it evokes astronomy which I spoke on at Harvard Center for Astrophysics Leopardi seems to counter Pascal s fear of space perhaps vast space challenges the existence of God Famously, Pascal wrote Le silence ternel de ces espaces infinis m effraie Pens es Leopardi fixes his mind on the infinite silence, from a withdrawn hill with a hedge shielding part of the horizon, and Il cor non si spaura L infinito, in Canti 34 The sound of the wind contrasts the living present with the infinite silence, questa Immensit s annega il pensier mio E il naufragar m dolce un quest mare final lines of 15 hexameter iambs The immensity drowns my thought, but it s sweet to sail on this sea Alla Luna, sometimes called by its twelfth line, La ricordanza, begins invoking the Moon, O graziosa luna, over this hill, now as the year turns, I come full of wonder and anxiety Now the delightful Moon reminds me of the great pain I remember from this time of year But I thank you, Gracious Moon, for filling me with memories, even of pain Another, La Sera del Di di Festa, The Feast Day Evening, also begins with looking at the Moon, again preferring a windless night, as in L infinito Oh, my lady, the Moon reveals every mountain, every path ogni sentiero , but where are the sounds of the ancients, the Romans The rumbles across the earth and the ocean Tutta pace e silenzio All is peace and silence Contrast plenty of noise from the soccer field in A un Vincitore nel Pallone, To the winner at Soccer, with a beaming face and happy voice Learn how feminine timeout wins over sweaty virtue listen how the heart moves with high desires The crowd at the arena or the track echoes with your shuddering Apprendi, E quanto al feminile ozio sovrasti La sudate virtude 18 In a couple of translations of Simonides, he adapts Christian teaching, Ogni mundano evento di Giove..o figlio Every World event derives from Jove or his son Men struggle through a thousand evils, but Leopardi S Rejection Of The Catholicism Of His Childhood And Enlightenment Optimism Gives His Work A Contemporary Feel In JG Nichols S Translations We Grasp The Consistent Strain Of Thought In Writing, Including A Biography Woven Of Leopardi S Own Words This poetry collection was a little bit out of the ordinary for me I usually read poems in fits and starts, savoring them as I go along with other things, and sometimes a collection can take much longer to work through than you would think And I don t always read about the poet while I am reading the poems, unless I am stumped for any idea of what they are trying to say When I was setting this title up on my currently reading shelf I noticed a review which said the poems were very depressing I thought oh, great Well, I ll give it a go anyway Along came the preface, with this bit of insight for me Leopardi was substantially a poet, that is to say, he had imagination, sentiment, passion, an intense love of beauty, a powerful impulse towards things ideal The sad tone of his speculations about the universe and human destiny gave an impression of mournfulness to his lines, but this rather deepened the pathos of his work.Okay, I was really ready for sad poems after that And they were sad And angry And sometimes whining In the first poem To Italy 1818 , he wonders what happened to the ancient splendor of the country, and what would the heroes of past times think of the current country, where The youth of ItalyTheir hireling swords for other lands have bared Oh, wretched he in war who falls,Not for his native shores,His loving wife and children dear,But, fighting for another s gain,And by another s foe is slain I did not know enough about Italian history to know what was happening at that time, so I did a little exploring and it seems this was the time of the Napoleonic Wars and their aftermath Italy was not even a truly unified country at that time So there was even of an explanation for the sadness A patriotic poet, trying to shame his countrymen into becoming great again The first few poems are repeats of this same theme long verses that ask what would Dante and Cicero think about the Italy of 1818 I thought there might be a change in the poem To His Sister Paolina On Her Approaching Marriage but Leopardi earned his first virtual smack upside the head from me here Imagine writing to your sister on such a supposedly joyous event as her wedding and instead of wishing her happiness etc etc you tell her this in the very first lines of a long ranting poemSince now thou art about to leaveThy father s quiet house,And all the phantoms and illusions dear,That heaven born fancies round it weave,And to this lonely region lend their charm,Unto the dust and noise of life condemned,By destiny, soon wilt thou learn to seeOur wretchedness and infamy,My sister dear, who, in these mournful times,Alas, wilt unhappy souls bestowOn our unhappy Italy Oh, brother And then the sister didn t get married at that time after all, go figure But this made me curious what was this guy s problem Off to wiki I went and found that he had huge health issues probably tuberculosis of the bone and very strained relationships with his parents, and had fallen in love when he was eighteen but was rejected and never got over it, and wrecked his already fragile health by too much study as a young man and on and on In other words, he was a mess and as I read along in the collection, I began to wonder how he ever managed to keep from killing himself But I also became very annoyed with the man Many people have serious issues in life and still manage to find and focus on Joy, even if it is just one moment of it a day They find it and they don t constantly complain about their past or their present It is called acceptance, and is a mature thing to be able to do Leopardi was a deep thinker, very true, and a talented poet, also true But he was a very unhappy, miserable person who never seemed to grow up, and to me most of his poems were merely fancy versions of high school angst. Da ragazzina Leopardi stata una vera e preziosa scoperta Mentre i compagni di classe si annoiavano, lo sbeffeggiavano, ridevano della sua vita, io dalla prima lettura della prima poesia, l ho subito sentito dentro, mi ha smosso qualcosa di profondo proprio nel cuore Ancora adesso le sue poesie mi affascinano, mi commuovono, le sento risuonare nell anima Versi eccelsi, musicali, capaci di evocare immagini di una potenza straordinaria, presi per da una vita quotidiana semplice e dura allo stesso tempo Per me Leopardi un bellissimo tuffo nel passato.Stupendo Come a, grandiloquente, a tentar entusiasmar, mas o entusiasmo n o me cai bem e pior me cai o entusiasmo partilhado do patriotismo Depressa muda de tom numa refer ncia a Colombo Desvaneceram se os sonhos num momento,e o mundo cabe num pequeno mapa eis que tudo semelhante e, ao descobrir,s o nada cresceNo fundo, nem ele se entusiasma E, no resto do livro, todo entusiasmo salomonicamente admoestado H pathos e erudi o sobre coisas antigas, mas o pathos parece agora mais antigo que as coisas Tem mais perman ncia o doce pessimismo Assim no meiodesta imensidade o pensamento se me afoga e naufragar me doce neste mar. ProfumiDa La Ginestra 1836 E tu, lenta ginestra,che di selve odoratequeste campagne dispogliate adorni,anche tu presto alla crudel possanzasoccomberai del sotterraneo foco,che ritornando al locogi noto, stender l avaro lembosu tue molli foreste E piegheraisotto il fascio mortal non renitenteil tuo capo innocente ma non piegato insino allora indarnocodardamente supplicando innanzial futuro oppressor ma non erettocon forsennato orgoglio inver le stelle,n sul deserto, dovee la sede e i natalinon per voler ma per fortuna avesti ma pi saggia, ma tantomeno inferma dell uomo, quanto le fralitue stirpi non credestio dal fato o da te fatte immortali.Maggio 2018Primo acquisto ebook di anni fa E oggi mi torna in mente solo quel fiore di progresso che nasce da terra bruciata, speranza di azioni civili e politiche, profumo di vita E se gli uomini vogliono piuttosto le tenebre che la luce, non so, ma io penso solo ai fiori che nascono.La letteratura taumaturgica Giugno 2018Ci vuole il tempo che ci vuole, anni forse Ma, a mano a mano, pu nascere un fiore ginestra in questo giardino, che neanche l inverno potr mai gelare Una delle mie canzoni preferite di Rino Gaetano, che accoppio volentieri a questa poesia Luglio 2018Rinasci ginestra dalla cenere.2019Lenta ginestra che fiorisce pian piano Si sta bene Speriamo regga tutto il freddo inverno. O INFINITO Cara me foi sempre esta erma colinaE esta sebe, que por diversos ladosO extremo do horizonte veda ao meu olhar.Mas, sentado e olhando, intermin veisEspa os para al m dela, e sobre humanosSil ncios, e sossego profund ssimo No pensamento imagino ent o por pouco O cora o se n o sobressalta E, quando o ventoNas folhas ou o sussurrar, aqueleInfinito sil ncio a esta vozVou comparando e lembro me do eterno,E das mortas esta es, e da que agora passaE vive, do seu rumor Assim no meioDesta imensidade o pensamento se me afoga E naufragar me doce neste mar Giacomo Leopardi foi um dos maiores poetas italianos depois de Petrarca e Dante Infinito o seu poema mais curto e considerado o mais perfeito Eu n o gostei muito quer deste, quer dos outros achei uma poesia muito geogr fica mais focada na natureza do que nos sentimentos humanos.

Italian scholar, poet, essayist and philosopher, one of the great writers of the 19th century Leopardi s love problems inspired some of his saddest lyrics Despite having lived in a small town, Leopardi was in touch with the main ideas of the Enlightenment movement His literary evolution turned him into one of the well known Romantic poets.In his late years, when he lived on the slopes of Vesuvi

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