The Reapers Song (Red River of the North, Book 4) (Red River of the North)

The Reapers Song (Red River of the North, Book 4) (Red River of the North)So many changes are taking place in a growing town God is still good and helps them through it all. The Bjorklund family remains the core of the Red River series However, by the time we were half way into the book, I was becoming bewildered by and characters Some of the family immigrated from Norway Some neighbors moved in from other areas of America Finally, a unifying theme emerged from the chaos developing a community In the first book of the series, two isolated couples on the prairie faced everything alone At the lowest point, the two husbands died, leaving the two widows to survive through a lonely winter Now we realize that some problems require the combined effort of the community reaping the harvest with the new giant reaping machines starting a cooperative bank confronting an abusive neighbor.I m still looking forward to following this series While this book can be read as a stand alone it would be better to read the first 3 so you know how the people ended up where they are The Bjorklund family is finally getting the land and houses they wanted when they moved from Norway to the USA Haaken goes on a tressing trip and the crops are ready to be harvested so his wife Ingeborg is worried about frost and not getting the outside work done.She goes out to the fields herself and has an accident The children and Haaken get the mumps and he is unable to work for a long time The one thing that really stands out is how hard their lives were and how hard they worked. Good book So glad I have it on audio Definitely read this series in order So much change in each book I love it. I ve enjoyed learning about the hardships and successes of the Norwegian immigrants who settled in the North Dakota Territory The courage and strength of these determined people is amazing and their faith inspiring Lauraine Snelling has developed a cast of characters in this Red River of the North series who are engaging, inspiring and memorable I have enjoyed all the books in this series Another great read in the Red River Series This is probably my favorite historical series thus far The small town of Blessing is growing and with that many new faces There is a lot to keep up with in this series but I feel it s worth it These Lauraine Snelling books are pure family and community and light on the romance which will always be my favorite They are not fluffy or cheesy or dripping with sweet words Just raw grit and determination to seek out God s will in the Dakota territory Wonderful descriptions of homesteading Another great read by Lauraine Snelling I just love reading about the Bjorkland family and their trials and triumphs as they homestead Lauraine Snelling is amazing. Ever So Slowly Dakota Territory Is Being Transformed From A Vast Prairie Into Rich Farmland With The Coming Of The Railroad, The Small Town Of Blessing Begins To Prosper, And The Bjorklund Family Is Reaping The Promised Harvest That Had Lured Them From Their Beloved Home In NorwayBut For Ingeborg And Haakan, Realizing Their Dreams Will Not Come Without A Struggle After Their Own Fields Are Harvested, Haakan And The Neighboring Men Take The Steam Engine And The Separator On The Road, Threshing For Other Homesteaders In Return For A Portion Of Their Grain With Haakan Away And The Fields Standing Idle, Ingeborg Frets Over Work Yet To Be Done Fearing An Early Change Of Seasons, She Takes Matters Into Her Own HandsHas The Land Become Important To Ingeborg Than Her Own Family EnjoyableExcellent and a joy to read I love the people of Blessing.Well written and well developed characters Very inspirational. I really like this family.

Award winning and bestselling author Lauraine Snelling has over 80 books published with sales of over 4.5 million Her original dream was to write horse books for children Today, she writes adult novels about real issues centered on forgiveness, loss, domestic violence and cancer in her inspirational contemporary women s fiction titles and historical series, including the favorite, Blessing books

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  • The Reapers Song (Red River of the North, Book 4) (Red River of the North)
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