Astronomy: Out of this World!

Astronomy: Out of this World!The book Astronomy Out of This World is a book that describes the parts of the solar system in outer space It mentions a lot about the solar system and how each part of it works It even describes what will happen to it in the future This book was a really good book because I learned a lot about the solar system and the history about it I also learned about the parts that make up the solar system too This is why it was a great book So I would give this book 5 stars and would recommend it to all my friends because it is a cool book with interesting facts in it So this book was definitely a great book. Might be 10 years out of date but I don t think the bulk of the info has changed much I enjoy reading these books I know it s the right level for me when I still have trouble understanding everything A children s book on astronomy Simple to read and easy to understand A good choice for space loving kids. Genres for this class fulfilled by this book Non fictionCopyright Date 2009Estimate of age level of interest 5th 8thEstimate of reading level 8.7Brief description A nonfiction book about astronomy It starts out with the sun and ends with time space Each page has a description in the first person from that planet or space term explaining who and what they are.Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book Organization is a key characteristic of nonfiction and Astronomy does this well It starts out with the sun and ends with time and space Each page deals with one topic and includes a cartoon image of that object The different parts are split into chapters, with 8 chapters total The chapters have been color coded for quick access and there is a glossary of terms in the back These are just a few of the reference aids that have been used.In what ways and how well does the book as a whole serve its intended audience Astronomy uses first person narratives to make the language easier to understand for younger children The cartoon images are creative and fun and may kindle interest in the subject Awards if any Voice of Youth Advocates VOYA starred, 12 01 09Citations Library Media Connection, 11 01 09School Library Journal, 08 01 09Wilson s Children, 10 01 10Wilson s Junior High School, 10 01 10 The book Astronomy by Dan Green is an interesting book that talks about scientific discoveries the have been made about much in space He describes the planets and its atmosphere plus it describes the atmosphere on planets such as Jupiter and Pluto, but he describes them in a first person account Another part of this book is that this book describes particles such as the Milky Way and the Black Hole This book brings out the interest in others by describing space and its many wonders HE divides the book into groups to classify each particle from Space He also adds interesting cartoon pictures of the planets to intrigue the reader and he provides a description of the chapters Another interesting feature the book provides is the size of the planets, how many earth days are in a year, how long it takes for a planet to spin, its temperature, it gravity compared to earth, and the amount of satellites it has By adding this information he allows the reader to have the ability to understand what it is like to be on the planet and what its landscape is like This book is the best book to use if you are looking for a book that will tell you all about space and its many wonders Space is a fascinating place and with this book you are able to understand how it is like being on that specific place and it provides a description of what its weather is like By providing this information we are able to see that space is a place that is full of wonder Im addition to that he also describes galaxies such as the Milky Way and the Black Hole Hanging in space like a gigantic pin wheel, I am The Galaxy the only one that truly matter I m the place that your Sun an dbillions od other stars call home If you are the type of person who would want to read this book than I advise you to go to the second floor library and check out this book Read about the many wonders in space and maybe you will learn something new about space. Astronomy Out of This World by Dan Green, New York 2009Setting The Universe is the setting of this book The Universe is very broad and it introduces everything that it holds Theme Astronomy, Universe, and solar system.Golden Quote When you gaze at the night sky, you are looking at the best story ever told Plot Summary This informative book describes in great deal the Universe and everything that it controls With vivid detail the book formulates different areas which exist in the universe The first section begins by explaining about the Inner Circle These clusters of characters are considered to orbit the closest to the solar systems heat engine It explains in detail Mercury, Venus, Earth, Meteorite, Space Junk, International Space Station, the Moon, Mars, Mars Rover, and Asteroid Belt There is a fun fact included in every page about the characters it describes The next section describes the Gas Giant Gang In this cluster Jupiter, Jupiter s Moons, Saturn, Cassi Huygesn, Titan, Uranus, and Neptune are distinguished The key points of these characters are illustrated for the reader to comprehend the information Next are the Distant Outriders This section analyzes Pluto, Eris, New Horizons, Voyagers, Kuiper Belt, Oart Cloud, and Halley s Comet These outriders are usually excluded from the main planets Rising Stars are considered to be very dangerous Constellation, Star Birth Nebula, Open Clusters, Brown Dwarf, Red Dwarf, Alpha Centauri, Extrasolar Planet, and Supergiant are considered to be the Rising Stars There are sections like All Star Crew, Local Group, Deep Space Gang, and the Universals which are explained in the book which teaches children to learn about the Universe and all its wonderful creations Strengths Weakness The art in the book is very fun and creative it helps readers connect the words that are introduced through a visual manner The vocabulary introduced may be advance but it is combined with other words in order for it to be understood The color brings encouragement to readers because it portrays learning as a fun experience.Personal Critic This is a great instructional book which allows kids to explore a fun and creative manner of studying the universe The vocabulary is challenging but is properly explained Astronomy can be very confusing but this book does a tremendous task of explain it in an enjoyable approach.Target Audience 6th to 8th grade. Astronomy Out of this world by Dan Green is a very intriguing nonfiction book that is unlike any other nonfiction book This book gives us an insight as to how everything in the outer world works and gives us a visual of outer space It is unlike other nonfiction books because it doesn t spit out concrete facts but also gives a visual representation of how the outer space is I really favored the organization of the book One enthralling factor of the book is that it is written in the first point of view This gives readers a sense that they too are experiencing what happens in each place as they flip through the pages In addition to that, there are also little tidbits on the pages that are both humorous and captivating At the same time, they provide information as to the current topic that it is talking about There were a numerous amount of topics that were talked about and mentioned in the book although there wasn t a lot of factual information about the book But, that is a good thing because the readers have a good idea as to how the universe works In addition to that, the pictures and visuals that were provided gave us of an insight as to how our universe is and the roles of each specific element in the universe Because of my interests in studying astronomy, I really enjoyed the book because it had taught me the essentials, as well as cool facts about our universe Overall, what I learned is that our universe is very vast and that each of the planets, galaxies, stars, comets, space probes, and most importantly are sun contribute a lot to how our world works even though some of them might be controversial I rate this book 4 5 stars because it has taught me a lot about our universe It is also a unique book and stands to among the other books because of its idiosyncratic presentation Presenting us with these facts had helped me learn about our universe in a fun way instead of just studying facts. Like A Facebook For The Universe, Astronomy Gives Every Important Celestial Body And Concept Its Own Page, Where Readers Can Learn Its Behaviors, Likes, And Dislikes Up Close And Personal From The Flashy Stars To The Shadowy And Strange Objects That Hang Out Like Loners At The Edges Of The Universe, No Player Goes Unnoticed Every Profile Has A Hip Anime Style Portrait To Round Out The Picture, But Make No Mistake While The Presentation Is All Style, The Science Is Rock Solid The Book Includes A Super Cute Poster Of The Solar System In The Back The Universe Has Never Been So Cool Astronomy Out of This Worldby Dan Green is a nonfiction book about the universe Green creates visuals of planets, comets, space probes, galaxies, several kinds of stars, and an array of other celestial bodies in a cartoon style It is very different from the normal non fiction books that drone on and attack you with facts The presentation is odd but the facts are concrete Each body has its own page and is written in the first person point of view The language was very descriptive and comprehensible There are short lists of interesting information and offers a humorous description The description is both accurate and spiced with details.One aspect of this book that I liked was its organizational scheme There were chapters focusing on a specific part of the universe It allowed the characters to explain difficult concepts well For example, Green states on of Jupiter s moons is described to have a strong magnetic pull along in addition to their attractive personality The illustrations helped enhance the meaning of the text as well Voyagers 1 and 2 were drawn to look like tourists of the universe Similar to tourists, the Voyagers are sightseers The writing was organized, and didn t bombard readers with fact after fact Moreover, glossary was included in the back of the book Although, the book was short, it covered numerous topics well This book isn t a textbook, but it is a great introduction to astronomy The overall purpose of this book was to inform readers about astronomy I ratedAstronomy Out of This World4.5 stars out of 5 stars I would like to learn about our vast universe I would recommend this book to my peers, mainly anyone who desires a short but concise book It was fun reading a book that presented such facts in an interesting way. The book Astronomy Out of this World is great book if want to learn the basic facts of extraordinary space objects The is like a social media site where there is a picture that is drawn to represent the way the object looks The book is great for kids if they are interested in Astronomy and would like to learn about it The book is in first person where the book is made where the planets are describing themselves and their jobs and how the work The book is organized into different categories making it easier to learn With every different object there are 6 or facts that are pretty interesting The book also contains a glossary which makes much easier to understand the information given The start of the book discuses Galileo and his achievements Then it moves on to the Inner and Outer planets and the sun After that it starts talking about dwarfs and the ort cloud After that it moves on complicated things like stars and constellations The book continues to discuss stars and galaxies Finally, at the end it discuss dark matter and energy Another I liked about this book is that it had a poster to help kids understand were things go This is great and other kids should read it. usa home.html He has also written humor books, comic strips for Horrible Histories and Horrible Science, and is the author of the Footprint Venezuela Handbook.Visit his website and find out what he is up to

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