The Sins of the Father: Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty He Founded

The Sins of the Father: Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty He Founded The Sins Of The Father Is The Definitive New Biography Of Joseph P Kennedy Based On Extensive Research And Interviews With Kennedy Family Members And Their Intimates Speaking On The Record For The First Time, It Offers An Outstanding Personal History And Provides Shocking Revelations About One Of The Most Influential Figures Of Our Time To The Mythmakers Of His Day, Joseph P Kennedy, Like His Glamorous And Doomed Presidential Son Jack, Led A Charmed Existence He Was Celebrated As The Son Of An East Boston Saloonkeeper Who Rose To Become One Of The Richest Men In The Country He Served As The Wartime Ambassador To Great Britain, The Chairman Of The United States Securities And Exchange Commission, And The Chairman Of The United States Maritime Commission He Was Also A Major Legitimate Liquor Distributor, A Moviemaker In Hollywood, And A Master Manipulator Of The Stock Market Yet His Fortune, Estimated At Million, Traced Its Beginnings To His Career As A Bootlegger In Partnership With Organized Crime During The Prohibition Era Even Disturbing, He Was A Documented Anti Semite And An Appeaser Of Adolf Hitler The Beaming Family Portraits And Admiring Newsmagazine Prose Never Portrayed Any Of His Many Mistresses Or Hinted At His Seemingly Unlimited Corruption And Duplicity

Ronald Kessler is the New York Times bestselling author of 21 non fiction books about the Trump White House, Secret Service, FBI, and CIA.Kessler began his career as a journalist in 1964 on the Worcester Telegram, followed by three years as an investigative reporter and editorial writer with the Boston Herald In 1968, he joined the Wall Street Journal as an investigative reporter in the New York

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  • The Sins of the Father: Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty He Founded
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    This was a book I couldn t put down,it s amazing how clever he was in bribing and manipulating journalists into presenting the news as he wanted All his life he had news men feed lies to the American public I just read THE DARK INSIDE, which is about the big con in the early 20th century Joe K was the better than any of them What a piece of work What irony, that after he succeeded in getting a son elected president,11 months later he has a stroke that leaves him unable to speak He lives to see 2 sons killed and Teddy drown a girl at Chappaquiddick,but is totally impotent to do anything All he can do the last 8 years of his life is live in rage All in all a pathetic family that most likely has never felt anything other than superficial excitement The author didn t spend much time relating Joe s affiliation with organized crime and how it helped elect JFK Paddy whacked the untold story of the Irish American gangster had details there He also didn t mention how it was the mob that killed JFK,something covered in Paddy whacked and other books.

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    Over the past few years I have read a number of books about WWII and they mentioned Joe Kennedy as ambassador to England during the start of the war Ole Joe did not get high praise in any of the books So I decided to read a book about his life and this is the one I chose for better or worse.I don t think there is any doubt about it Joe Kennedy was a scoundrel, a philanderer, a manipulator and overall was not a very nice person Joe was always looking out for himself first, his family second and everyone else, well they just didn t matter Having said all of the negatives he did seem to be a very charismatic person who could talk his way into almost any woman s panties or business deal.Also, the myth about the Kennedy family and Camelot certainly doesn t hold up All of the Kennedy boys pretty much followed in the footsteps of their father when it comes to womanizing How any of them stayed married is a mystery Rose Kennedy, Joe s wife, was a real piece of work She loved to shop and go to mass every day and not much else She was a distant mother and a wife who wouldn t face the realties of her lying cheating husband As one person said about Rose she ignored what she didn t want to see or hear Overall the Kennedy family was about as dysfunctional as they come Not much to admire here.I thought the book was a bit disorganized and jumped all over the time line I think some of his sources are questionable and I don t think Kessler was looking for much nice to say about Joe Kennedy He calls Joe a miser and yet The Kennedy Foundation that Joe set up did give a lot of money to some worthy causes An interesting read that could have been much better.

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    This book was a good It exposes Joseph Kennedy for the disgusting womanizing crook he was but that isn t the surprise What was surprising in this book was how PRO NAZI Joe Kennedy was and the iron fisted control he had on his children even when they were adults The book is well written, the research is excellent, direct quotes and first hand accounts from the people who were there and knew Joe Kennedy, including but not limited to Gloria Swanson, Roosevelt and Hoover You ll understand the Kennedys a lot better once you understand the abusive, ego driven, criminal and controlling nature of their patriarch And you ll feel sorry for them This is not a family to envy but to pity.

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    A very unflattering portrayal of the Kennedy s Dad was a power hungry meglomaniac living his life vicariously through his sons Very interesting I didn t think I could think any worse of this family that has plagued America for far too long, but I did after reading this book.

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    Kessler s fast paced, scathing biography of the pater familias of the Kennedy Dynasty at times feels like a full fledged take down in book form Kessler often reminds the reader of the mythological facade of the Kennedy line, but proceeds to tear down that image with the bleak and brutal truth of Joseph Kennedy s life Kessler would have us believe that Joseph Kennedy somehow managed to maintain a clean and admirable public image during most of his life, but reading this text makes this task difficult In fact, reading Kessler s book can leave the reader wondering how anyone who knew the man could possibly have considered admirable or even likeable There were points in the book where I struggled to kept pushing forward simply because Kessler s portrait of Kennedy is so bleak and unpleasant.Still, truth is truth Kessler provides direct quotations from enough of Kennedy s peers and family members that it is plain to see that this book is not simply an attempt to smear the Kennedy legacy From his dishonest business practices, to his endless womanizing, to his draconian control over his family, Kessler uses a heavy hand to paint a portrait of a man with little or no regard for the wishes or well being of anyone but himself While much of the first half of the book is concerned with Kennedy s ruthless rise to wealth, power, and prominence, the second half of the book takes something of a tragic turn as Kessler illustrates the downfall of Joe s political aspirations and the destruction of his family While he can hardly be blamed for the assassination of two of his sons, the deaths of two of his other children, and the cruel treatment of his daughter Rosemary, bear the hallmarks of a man obsessed with his own image and with no one around him bold enough to stand up to him The details of the troubles of his children and grandchildren, the drinking, drugs, and recklessness, are all attributed either to Joe s expectations and control over those closest to him Kessler convincingly argues that the reckless abandon displayed by the car crashes, plan crashes, philandering, and substance abuse can all be traced back to the father and patriarch whose obsession with power contributed to his own self destruction in the public and political sphere of American life.

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    If you re a Kennedy fanatic, this is a must read This book shows how Joe Kennedy built his dynasty.

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    Interesting look into the Kennedy family to separate the political spin machine from the reality of the family s less than storied past and rise to fame.

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    excellent and insightful

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    How did such a corrupt and dysfunctional family become one of America s most beloved sacred cows The Kennedy curse, if you believe it exists, lies with its patriarch The story of Joe Kennedy is one of seemingly limitless corruption A pro Hitler Nazi sympathizer who manipulated his family in the same way he did the stock market, his list of evil deeds knew no bounds He ruined lives and destroyed companies according to what suited his personal gain Joe Kennedy never did anything without thinking of Joe Kennedy, newspaper editor Early said.Joe s philandering kept him so preoccupied he failed to attend his own father s funeral He offered to pay a young woman, Eunice Pringle, 10,000 to accuse a business rival of his of of sexual assault and when Pringle was ready to come clean two years later, she died suddenly under mysterious means The Nazis used Joe s demoralizing and anti British remarks as part of their war propaganda Payoffs to the Catholic church and Boston police officers kept Joe out of bounds of accountability Jewelry, cash gifts, use of Joe s Palm Beach home, and HaigHaig Scotch kept editors and the Washington Press Corps in Joe s pocket Charitable donations to the Catholic Church in political battleground states ensured votes I don t think any of the Kennedys were capable of deep emotional attachment, Janet Des Rosiers, Joe s mistress of nine years said Of Joe she said, He was self deluding He could convince himself of anything to make it true and then he believed it Of all the evil Joe did, the ugliest thing of all was what he did to his daughter, Rosemary I could not get through that chapter without crying She was a loser, so Joe got her out of the way Then to discover the Special Olympics in essence came out of the family s need to make a uniform narrative about what was done to their sister by their father.When it came to the Kennedy children, especially the boys, the apple surely didn t fall far from the tree Recklessness was a family trait, and it affected others Joe, Jr died in a plane crash after being advised not to fly Daughter Kathleen died in a plane crash also due to recklessness JFK was shot Bobby Kennedy, shot Ted chartered a plane that crashed in fog and killed the pilot Later, a drunk Ted killed a young woman at Chappequidick Joe II s reckless driving left one young woman paralyzed for life JFK, Jr died in a plane crash when flying in less than optimal circumstances They were always told they were better than everyone else, cousin Mary Lou McCarthy said Just like Hollywood starlet who says, I can get into this car and go 150 miles an hour if I want and the officer won t give me a ticket I give them an autograph, they think they can get away with anything It s pitiful The girl was paralyzed for life in a jeep driven by Joe II Chappaquiddick took a life An almost incestuous atmosphere pervaded the Kennedy household, according to Langdon Marvin, aide to Jack Kennedy, who said he helped acquire women for them What I mean is at the Kennedy men passed their women around like community property, preyed off each other s dates, traded them like baseball cards Jack, Bobby, and Ted were all philanderers The sons grabbed everything that was introduced to them, Igor Cassini said All was permissible as long as appearances were maintained JFK, along with Addison s disease, had persistent complications from a case of gonorrhea he contracted at Harvard He deflected questions about his gaunt appearance with humor, attributing his weight loss to Jackie s cooking Jackie gave birth to their first baby, stillborn, at Newport Rhode Island Jack, meanwhile, was on a yacht in the Mediterannean with several young women JFK declared the White House must be the center of moral leadership A month after, he begins affair with Judith Exner, introduced to him by Frank Sinatra White House telephone logs record 70 calls between the two of them She was also seeing mafia boss Sam Giancana, who gave money to JFK s campaign.An American media every bit as corrupt and dysfunctional as the Kennedys continues to prop up the family image The following updates from the book are insights into the depth of the scandal, the love hate relationship with the Roosevelts, etc 98.38% The man does not know truth from fiction any , Mary Lou McCarthy said of Ted How can you when you spent the last twenty five years doing what he s been doing 94.91% Jeghegian was shocked by the way the members of the family walked around the house nude They often were nude walking around Jack was the same way There was nothing sacred about being privatea door would be open and someone would be getting out of a bathing suit into some clothes It was Eunice or Pat or the president 94.21% Family invents fairytales to the media and the media reports them, on the condition of Joe s improving health 91.44% Rose used to throw newspapers out the window when she was chauffeured When warned, she giggled and said, oh they know who I am 90.05% Joe insists Jack make Bobby attorney general, even though Bobby had never gone to law school nor had a case in his life 89.58% Joe relies heavily on payouts to the Catholic Church, especially that in Boston and New York, for his son s election 88.66% Jack did what Joe wanted him to do, George Smathers said that included becoming president 88.43% Jackie pressured Jack s friend Red Fay to cut 2000 words from his book the pleasure of his company She went to court to demand major deletions from William Manchester s death of a president In the years after her husband s death, she gave only one interview In that respect, she mirrored the rest the Kennedys, whom Joe taught to control their image as carefully as communist party leaders Reporter Fred s Sparks over heard Jack and Jackie arguing at La Caravelle Asking for the check, Jackie said, I m going to walk out on you Every Kennedy thinks only of the family Has anybody ever thought about my happiness 88.43% Jackie was ready to divorce Jack, and Joe offered her 1 million to stay until Jack entered the White House, said Igor Cassini Then she got a taste for being First Lady But she knew all of his infidelities He paid 1 million for her to stay with Jack until he was elected He didn t tell me, but my brother and I learned about it Jackie knew about her husband s philandering and developed a visceral dislike of politics 86.81% Joe furiously begins funneling money into West Virginia primary to swing a largely protestant state Tip O Neill witnesses the payoffs to sheriffs and other officials 86.34% Eleanor Roosevelt is berated by Jack for a statement she made on ABC, saying that Senator Kennedy s father has been spending money all over the country and probably has a paid representative in every state by now The two battle back and forth for a while before she outwits him by asking is she should write another column on him He concedes let t rest 86.11% In his 60s, Joe openly philanders with girls as young as high school students Multiple at a time Rose, continues to live in a land of make believe, pretending she does not know what is going on Prescription tranquilizers meanwhile begin to take over her life 85.42% Joe contrives to give the image he had nothing to do with his sons political career Joe Timilty, however, asserted that Jo was, quite simply, the mastermind of all jacks campaigns Without his father, he never would ve entered politics 85.19% The yarns of touch football made good copy, but Richard Harwood, then a Washington Post reporter, gave a telling description of how the game was played Bobby jammed his palm into my face in a deliberate foul After scoring a touchdown anyway, Harwood turn to Bobby and said, you re a dirty player, and a lousy one, too 72.45% Kathleen Kennedy dies in May 1948 in a plane crash Joe put out word that she had been traveling with her boyfriend to France to obtain his approval for marriage to make her death look better than its actuality Rose does not attend the funeral 71.53% Joe Kennedy represented the height of vulgarity, Doris Lily said He was horny, that s all he was 70.83% Krock described Bobby Kennedy as cruel and driving and ungrateful 70.37% Rose never saw things or acknowledged thing she didn t want to pitcairn said Like she was a non person Daddy was it meanwhile, the children were always quizzing you at Meals Which one of us is most popular Which one of us do you really think is the brightest l 70.14% Rose was equally bizarre Pick Karen recall that Rose will come to the lunch table in Hyannisport with scraps of paper pinned her address On the scraps her questions to ask the children who has taken your father s steamer trunk 70.14% Joe outraged his daughter Kathleen s friend, charlotte McDonald, by forcing her to join them in the bathroom to impress will Hayes, the United States film sensor She found Jo s behavior sick and said she would ve left if her father play the same trick on her friends 68.52% Luce considered Joe profane and articulate, but a shrewd capitalist who jumped in and out of business without taking operating responsibility Joe knew what money was for, how to enjoy it, and did it all for the sake of acquiring power 67.82% Joe paid Joseph Russo, a janitor, to enter the race to ensure that jack won the primary campaign This split the votes cast for Joe Russo, a legitimate politician who was already on the ballot, thus confusing voters 66.9% The same man who was obsessed with appeasing Hitler now told his son Jack that his wartime record would be the centerpiece of his campaign 66.67% Rose s father and subsequently her mother left her out of their will 66.44% In Palm Beach during Christmas of 1944, Joe gave Jack his orders he was to take Joe Junior s place in our politics 66.44% Truman threatens to throw Joe out of the Ritz Carlton window in Boston after Joe says to him regarding Roosevelt , Harry, what are you doing campaigning for that crippled son of a bitch who killed my son 65.97% Arthur Krock was convinced that the reason Joe Junior and volunteered for such a dangerous mission was to compensate for his father s reputation as a coward Roosevelt had told many people that Kennedy was yellow.65.05% The Kennedys will sacrifice anyone for their own power, Igor Cassini said He found Joe s relationship with Rose particular curious For photographers, they posed holding hands and smiling It even when Jo and Rose are in the same city, they stayed in separate hotels 64.58% Neither Rose not Joe attend their daughter Kathleen s wedding because she married a Protestant 64.35% Dinneen wrote a book called The Kennedy Family and included three paragraphs from the interview with Joe, detailing his virulent hatred for Jews Jack saw the galley proofs and demanded that those paragraphs be removed When he resisted, Jack cursed him and insisted the paragraphs be taken out of there 64.35% Boston Globe fails to publish an interview with Joe in which he claimed Jews brought hitler s extermination of 2.5 million in 1944 on themselves 61.34% To Arvad a suspected Hitler spy with whom JFK was having an affair , the entire family was weird The way she thought of it, Tim McCoy said, the old man would push Joe, Joe would push Jack, Jack would push Bobbie, Bobbie pushed Teddy, and Teddy would fall on his ass 58.33% The Kennedys focused attention on mental retardation was for the wrong reason, in order to hide that it really was mental illness, Dr Brown said 58.33% Dr brown, director of NIMH from 1970 to 1978, said that from his dealings with Eunice and other family members he came to realize that the families ever did and I that Rosemary was mentally L affected their attitude about psychiatry and helping the mentally L And his role in the Kennedy White House, dr Brown constantly tried to overcome the family s antipathy toward psychiatry 56.71% According to a review in the American Journal of psychiatry of a report on all lobotomies ever done, the procedure was only used for psychiatric illness not, for mental retardation 56.02% The family considered Rosemary a disgrace and a failure 55.32% Joe could not tolerate losers any than he could tolerate crying He banned Rosemary from the house 54.86% Roosevelt ordered the investigation of a report that just before Czechoslovakia fell, JoE sold Czech securities short, making a profit of approximately 500,000 in the time of that country s greatest need 54.86% Roosevelt ordered the investigation of a report that just before Czechoslovakia fell, JoE sold Czech securities short, making a profit of approximately 500,000 in the time of that country s greatest need 54.63% Roosevelt said Joe is and always has been a temperamental Irish boy., Terrifically spoiled at an early age thoroughly selfish and thoroughly obsessed with the idea that he must leave each of his nine children with 1 million apiece he has often told me that Has a positive horror of any change in the present methods of life in America 53.94% despite the fact that Kennedy was nothing but a stock market gambler with no political background and no social outlook, Roosevelt brought him here to make them chairman of the SEC, Ickes wrote Ickes thought Joe s appointment an example of Roosevelts management at its worst October 20, 2018 page 23253.7% When the rest of the world Saul right through him, the New York daily news and William Randolph Hearst defended Jo s record and called him a find an effective ambassador October 20, 2018 page 23153.47% The daily news said, we can forgive wrongheadedness but not bad faith How little you know us, after all Your three years as ambassador have not given you insight into character and traditions of the British people October 20, 2018 page 23153.47% while Joe was here, his suave monotonous smile, his nine, over photographed childrenconceal a hard boiled business men s eagerness to do a profitable business deal with dictators He deceived many decent English people 52.55% Joe s dimwittedness as an ambassador 50.0% The Nazis use Joe s sentiments against England and propaganda claiming Churchhill did not represent the views of the British people 48.38% Aware that he was becoming an outcast, Joe Ray cast himself as a profit and made of honor, a candid man beset by hypocrites In other words, he use the media to help reshape his image 48.38% Joe defied state department policy guidelines by making promises that the American government did not approve and did not support 47.92% Arthur Krock confirmed that Joe hoped to be nominated in 1940 However Krock had tested the waters and found out that Joe s reputation wasn t clean enough Without missing a beat, Joe turned to his eldest son, Joe Jr to fulfill his own aspirations Two days after the Times reported Joe would not run, Joe Jr filed nomination papers as a candidate for delegate to the Democratic national convention 46.3% Amid all the chaos, Joe s media friends did not abandon him Henry Luce placed Joe on Time s cover for the second time, although Luce was well aware of Joe s three year affair with Gloria Swanson 46.3% By now it was widely assumed that Joe was using his position to enhance his own wealth Foreign office officials and a former Swedish minister to London commented on funny stories about Joes stock market dealings Joe was thinking all the time about his own financial position and his political future 46.06% Joe continued to be a pain in the neck to Roosevelt But Roosevelt saw him as a bigger political threat outside of the state department 44.91% Roosevelt drags his feet to take a stand against Nazism 44.91% Joe banks on a war on England helping his income from liquor importation 44.21% State dept holds Joe Sr in contempt, both for his cluelessness regarding international affairs, but also for his offensive remarks among British government Officials in both British and American governments find him pro Nazi, antisemitic, and convinced that Britain would be defeated Joe also supposed Hitler could be bought for the right price 41.67% Roosevelt and Hull rebuke Joe s interference in London to censor influential journalist who opposed Neville Chamberlain s Nazi appeasement policies 41.44% When Joe s aide Harvey Klemmer reported to Joe on the treatment of Jews in Germany, Joe dismissed the atrocities by saying, they brought it on themselves 40.05% We have a rich man, untrained i diplomacy, and unlearned in history and politics, who is a great publicity seeker and who apparently is ambitious to be the first Catholic president of the US, wrote Josiah Wedgwood, a member of Parliament opposed to chamberlains foreign policy October 10, 2018 page 17338.66% Joe remonstrated with Roosevelt for criticizing fascism in his speeches, Ickes recalled Joe said very frankly that he thought we would have to have some sort of fascism here Roosevelt said Joe would likely organize a small powerful committee under himself as chairman and this committee would run the country without much reference to congress 38.43% Joe threatens newspaperman Salzburger on an unflattering piece When Sulzburger refused to make changes, Joe warned that his publisher was a close friend When the article was published, Sulzberger found it so changed that it seemed as if Joe himself had written it he said Joe double crosses longtime patron Currier when Currier goes on vacation overseas Congressman names Joe chief racketeer in the RKO swindle and is called out by others for his fraud September 28, 2018 page 5312.27% Joe promises the founder of KAO he will continue to expand the chain after buying them out But once the papers are signed on May 10, 1928 and Joe s chairman, Joe said bluntly, Don t you know , Ed Your washed up Through September 28, 2018 page 4911.34% Trust funds were for binding his children permanently to his own dreams, wrote Doris Kearns Goodwin.The trust funds favored his sons Significantly, the later trusts provided only for his children, not for Rose September 28, 2018 page 4710.88% Morton Downey Jr said Joe and his father would refer to Jews by a code word Canadian geese, apparently because of a perception that Jews have long noses Dad was known for his indiscreet remarks, Ted would later say but never for being bigoted or prejudiced September 28, 2018 page 4710.88% Joe Kennedy s feeling toward Jews was the only way he could be a success, in that every day when he got up, he focused on one deal involving a Jew, and he would win the deal That was this whole driving spirit, said Morton Downey Jr., quoting what his father told him about Joe September 28, 2018 page 4610.65% Mort did him favors in the department Joe liked best girls, a confidante said He knew chorus girls Dave Farrell, former managing editor of the Boston Herald said, I used to play touch football games with the Kennedys It always amused me, this myth about them and touch football Jack, Ted, and Bobby were not good athletes But they created this myth that they were marvelous athletes.

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    This was a well researched and though provoking book However, I felt that too much of the book focused on Joe s political shenanigans and not enough on why he made the decisions he did I would have liked to hear about his relationship with this family Then again his political shenanigans were quite legendary Haig and Haig pinch anyone

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