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All of Me From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Cupid, Texas Series Comes An Enemies To Lovers Romance About Two People With Broken Hearts Who Find Love With The Last Person They D Suspect Each Other Can Two Broken Hearts Become One Attorney Jillian Samuels Doesn T Believe In True Love And Never Wished For Happily Ever After But When A Searing Betrayal Leaves Her Jobless And Heartbroken, A Newly Inherited Cottage In Salvation, Colorado, Seems To Offer A Fresh Start What She Finds When She Arrives Shocks Her The Most Gorgeous And Infuriating Man She S Ever Met Is Living In Her Home Tuck Manning Was A Gifted Architect Who Left A Skyrocketing Career To Care For His Dying Wife But The Life He S Made For Himself In This Quiet Town Is Turned Upside Down When Jillian Appears On His Doorstep Tuck Won T Go Without A Fight, And The Two Resolve To Live As Roommates Until They Can Untangle Who Owns The Cottage Yet As Tuck And Jillian S Days And Nights Heat Up, They Realize Than Property Rights Are At Stakeand That Sometimes, Salvation Comes When You Least Expect It

Lori Wilde can t remember a time when she didn t want to write She even went to nursing school so she could have a schedule flexible enough to allow her to write on the side She nursed for 20 years, working in a variety of settings from the newborn nursery to the recovery room, to dialysis But she never lost her desire to write.She sold her first book in 1994 to Silhouette Romance but later dis

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  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • All of Me
  • Lori Wilde
  • English
  • 06 January 2018
  • 9780446502054

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    Yeah, well this book wasn t for me I was expecting a love hate story and what I got was a water downed version of should I or shouldn t I from the widowed hero and why can t I be loved from the heroine Not to say that they re whiners, but I just felt like the story was going in a circle The book needed development to get things moving along.The back blurb gives the impression that this is a love hate story which it sort of is but love hate lite The h h go from disliking each other given the situation that they find themselves in initially, to being friendly, to falling in lust, and then in love The banter I was expecting is mild and what you d find in your standard romance not a love hate one There is the odd funny scene but it s all too fluffy for me even if the author tries to get into the serious at times I felt that the book needed to be reworked so that it didn t feel like things were being repeated The h h aren t in the best of places in their lives and when they meet they don t really know what to do.There s too much endless introspection concerning the widower hero with his I love my dead wife but am I betraying her if I hook up with someone else and the tough on the outside heroine with her I ve been abandoned all my life and no one will ever love me get over yourselves and move on was what I felt like saying than once The book just stagnated towards the middle with Tucker and Jillian s wallowing The author repeats this pretty much right up to the end of the book so it gets old fast almost like when an author does repeated flashbacks recapping of the same thing and you start skimming over those parts The heroine is constantly described as being regal which got on my nerves variety in descriptions is so important The hero is also borderline chicken sh t than once and I just had a hard time doing the ol forgive and forget believe in the love thing There s one steam scene worth mentioning nearly at the end and that s about it There s a secondary story with the hero s sister and husband that just had an I ve seen it all before feel There s some magic in the book with old Irish lore and Native American visions which I thought were both hokey and eye roll worthy.I didn t read the first three books in the series however this last one has an underlying silliness to it like Ann Brashares The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but for adults only here it s a wedding veil and not a pair of jeans and an overall Robin Carr Virgin River corny tone I didn t like either book but if you did the odds are pretty good I think that you ll like this too Like I said, just not my kind of read

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    All of Me is Lori Wilde s fourth and last book in her Wedding Veil Wishes series Like the other books in this series, Wilde mixes humor and sadness, joy and despair, and always, disbelief vs love This last book had me smiling, laughing, sniffling, and crying Both characters had their hearts badly scarred by love, but both did get their happy ending and I enjoyed reading about their journey.Jillian is the realist She doesn t believe in fairy tale love She believes in the fight and the law and enjoys the high winning a tough case brings But one day the joy disappears, so she heads directly for her mentor, her father figure, her boss Only to find he dropped dead that morning of an incurable tumor that he never told her about Feeling deserted yet again , hurt, and angry, Jillian quits her job Then she discovers her mentor left her a lakeside cabin in Salvation, Colorado It must be fate.Tuck used to be the Magic Man His architectural skills won him fame and fortune and his beloved wife But when she was diagnosed with cancer, he spent his fortune trying to find a cureonly to discover none Her last wish was to die at her estranged father s lakeside cabin in Salvation and so she did After her death, his father in law deeded the cabin to Tuck and he s never left it It s his last link to his dead wife It s the place where they had planned to raise a family It s also the same cabin Jillian has inherited.There s so much to this story and these characters than the brief description above They are both carrying so much pain and loss around, at times I wondered how they could move with such a weight on their hearts Yet, slowly, slowly they each begin to change They are both strong characters and fighters and neither is willing to back down so they do clash at first, and second, and third But somewhere in those clashes, they find a friendship that leads to caring that leads to love.I enjoyed reading about Jillian and Tuck From their initial banter as they trade quips and insults through their growing camaraderie and understanding of each others sore spots and faults All four of Lori Wilde s books in this series featured a different type of heroine and hero It wasn t the same story written four times with different names or locations This tale was about risking hurt, taking chances, and second beginnings There are bumps aplenty and hurts too But in the end, the happiness outweighs the sorrow and I ended All of Me with a big smile on my face.

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    Two haiku review Her life falls apartMoves to inherited houseWidower lives thereGreat book, great seriesLove the depth of characterSweet happy endings

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    Lori Wilde, is an accomplished romance author, was a RITA finalist in the Romance Writers of America, and a three time Romantic Times nominee for Best Romantic Comedy Other titles include Addicted to Love, Once Smitten Twice Shy, There Goes the Bride, You Only Love Twice, Mission Irresistible, Charmed and Dangerous, and License to Thrill She resides in Texas.When attorney, Jillian Samuels career took a nose dive after a bitter betrayal, leaving her jobless and heart broken, she thought the newly inherited cottage in Salvation, Colorado was just what she needed to start over and heal But when she arrives, she finds Tucker Manning residing there instead Confused, the two agree to live together until they can resolve just who it is who really inherited the cottage in the small mountain community Tucker, still grieving over the loss of his wife two years ago, and Jillian, unable to trust in love or fairy tales, discover that than a property dispute is at risk here when things between them heat up, it s their hearts as well This book is part of the Wedding Veil Wishes series by this author, and I think there are four books total I found this book delightful and funny There was a strong element when referring to the deceased wife, and you could feel your heart breaking for Tucker It s always difficult to have a young character as a widower, because you have to make the plot realistic to the situation I found this very true to life and didn t question the characters motives surrounding the issue The setting was perfect, as it provided both an escape and sanctuary for the characters The wedding veil and back story was cute, adding just a bit of fairy tale without over doing it Without having to issue a spoiler alert, I thought that how the property dispute came to be and its resolve was cleverly done The plot flowed smoothly, was well paced, and difficult to put down I loved the secondary characters in the small town, as well as Jillian s friends Remind me to never get in a sweat lodge for a vision quest And, may I add, Mutt was just endearing All of Me, by Lori Wilde, is a feel good, sweet, and charming book that you simply must read Kelly Moran,Author and Reviewer

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    I threw the book across the room and my husband looked over at me and said, That bad, huh WTF kind of ending was that

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    This is Tuck and Jillian s story and it will surely tug at your heartstrings Tuck is still mourning his wife, Aimee, who died two years ago Jillian is very insecure Everyone she has ever cared about has either died or left her A great story watching them tip toe around each other I loved every minute of this book Lori Wilde never disappoints me.

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    Sometimes it takes a total shake up of our lives to see we are headed in the wrong direction In this case Jillian Samuels had goneto work for the D.A s office straight out of law school Blake her mentor brought her in He was her rock and father figure Especially, since she didn t come from a great back ground no family except her dear friends Delaney, Tish, and Rachael and of course Blake, an old professor she heard speak and then kept in touch with He was her father figure and she was the daughter he had no relationship with after his marriage broke up On a bad day at court no she didn t lose she won which was worse Why you ask Because it meant nothing and she felt not one thing That scared the crap out of her So, she went to seek out Blake but when she arrived at his office she received the shock of her life Blake had died of a brain tumor that morning, one he knew he had and didn t share with her The hurt she felt from that was then she could share Then, as if the week was not bad enough, the one man she let her defenses down with and let a man into her heart it turns out he is a lying, cheating bastard Why you ask He started dating her without telling her that one little thing that matters most to Jillian, He s Married Plus, he is the one who is going to take over Blake s job as D.A and as her boss Of which he wasted no time to call her in his office and expected her to take up the affair, so she quit Then she remembers the wishes the girls made on the wedding veil Delaney, wished to get out of marrying the wrong man and she did marrying her soul mate, Nick Vinetti.Tish, wished to get out of debt which brought her back together with her husband she lost and never stopped loving.Rachael, wished to stop being so romantic, she did, ended up marrying the hero of her dreams.Jillian, didn t believe in dreams Saying it was a load of crap But, she d lost everything else the veil was all the hope she had left She wished, I wish I d been born into a loving, trusting, giving family I wish I wish I wish I wish I had a brand new life Jillian s whole life is about to change A new man will be entering it, Tucker Manning Will she allow herself to trust him Will he allow himself to open up to Jillian Life has been hard for Tuck the last few years His heart has suffered a major blow Can he love again Can Jillian truly love for the first time in her life, a toe curling love Do You Believe In Magic I really enjoyed this story It had some really funny parts but it also had some really gut wrenching parts too When I read this the first time I gave it a five star and I would not change it but I was made at the ending but this time around the part before the epilogue is where the truth comes in and I missed what was really being said So watch for

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    This is the final book in the series I liked Jillian and Tuck and enjoyed seeing their emotional growth as the book progressed Jillian was the last recipient of the magic wedding veil, but she doesn t believe in magic or true love After the emotional blow of losing the mentor who was like a father to her and quitting her job to escape a sleazy new boss, she puts the veil on and has an incredible dream of a really hot guy When she inherits a cottage from her mentor she packs up and moves there, only to find that same guy living in her new house.Tuck has been merely existing since the death of his wife He no longer feels the magic he used to feel when designing the buildings he used to love and is working as a simple carpenter He s not at all happy to have Jillian appear and lay claim to his home, especially since she s the same woman who showed up in a sexy dream he had I enjoyed their initial clash and the sparks that flew The attraction was there, but neither one wanted anything to do with it Neither is willing to give up their claim to the house so they agree to share it until they can figure out who really owns it Living together as they are brings their attraction into sharper focus, but they fight it all the way They agree to be friends and that actually works out pretty well I liked the way that they really got to know each other without letting anything else get in the way While the friendship grew stronger, so did their attraction Both Jillian and Tuck had major issues that were keeping them from seeing that they belonged together Tuck was still grieving for his wife and believed that she was the only one he d ever love Every time he even thought about being with Jillian he felt guilty His feelings for her kept getting stronger but he couldn t give up the idea that having a future with her wasn t possible I had high hopes when they got snowed in together, but he really screwed up Jillian has spent so long protecting herself that she s not sure she s able to trust herself when it comes to her feelings She has been abandoned or betrayed by so many people that she cared for that she has stopped expecting anything good to happen to her She starts to feel some hope for her future as she and Tuck become closer friends When she decides to kick things up during the blizzard, her hopes take off, then come crashing down I was actually pretty impressed that she didn t physically maim Tuck after he pulled that stunt I really liked seeing how she had changed and gotten enough confidence in herself to move on after that.The ending was pretty good I really liked the way that Jillian made Tuck work for her forgiveness when he came back The whole confusion about who owned the house was settled just the way I thought it would be.

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    3.5 stars Another fun romantic, sexy story from Lori Wilde.

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    A quick, good read for all writers You will feel buoyed and validated in Goldberg s hands.

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