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Always a Bridesmaid Violet Abrams Has Always Been In Love With Everything Love And Weddings Good Thing, Too, Since She S Been A Bridesmaid No Less Than Seven Times Sure Her Turn Was Next, She D Been Planning Her Own Nuptials Meticulously In A Treasured Three Ring Binderuntil Her Longtime Boyfriend Left Her For Someone ElseFast Forward To The Day Of His Wedding, An Ill Advised Match Being Lit To Said Binder, And The Fire Department Getting Called To Her Sister S Bakery Violet S Always Been A Little Impulsive And A Lot Awkward, But Having To Explain To The Super Cute Firefighter, Ford Maguire, Why She Was Setting Fire To A Bunch Of Wedding Dress Photos Worst Day EverExcept Now Her Bridesmaid Expertise Has Her Helping Ford Cover His Man Of Honor Duties In His Best Friend S Upcoming Wedding Ford May Be A Bridesdude, But Forever Is The Last Thing On His Mind And If There S One Thing A Perpetual Bridesmaid Knows, It S The Importance Of A Happily Ever AfterEach Book In The Getting Hitched In Dixie Series Is STANDALONE Just One Of The Groomsmen Always A Bridesmaid

Cindi Madsen is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance and young adult novels She sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting revising, and falling in love with her characters Sometimes it makes her a crazy person Without it, shed be even crazier She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a new pretty pair, especially if theyre sparkly, colorful,

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Always a Bridesmaid  Author Cindi Madsen –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Always a Bridesmaid
  • Cindi Madsen
  • 13 October 2019
  • 9781640639041

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    4.5 starsWhat a fun and entertaining read Always a Bridesmaid by Cindi Madsen turned out to be, I really enjoyed it.The storyline is well written, well paced and entertaining from start to end.I loved Violet and Ford, they re likable characters that made me laugh, smile and swoon while watching them fall in love.If you re looking to forget real life for a few hours, I highly recommend you read Always a Bridesmaid, and you too will be left with a heart full of love and a huge smile on your face Pre Order your copy 3culOhOBN 3anq6FOiBooks 2TlBHiM Thank you to the publisher via Netgalley for the advance copy

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    absolutely adorable Proper review to come.

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    Original review A Novel GlimpseNote This review is for an ARC and is my unbiased opinion.I have been impatiently waiting for Cindi Madsen to release this book since I read Just One of the Groomsmen I could not wait to be back with the amazing cast of characters she created and the friendships they shared All that build up could have lent to some self over hype or a big let down, but I m incredibly happy to report it didn t Always a Bridesmaid was just as great of a read as Just One of the Groomsmen.This book makes me feel all gushy and I don t want to be too long winded in this review, so I m going to give you my 3 favorite things about it.1 You know how some contemporaries are just fun to read It doesn t matter what the deeper issues are the characters because the romance is that sweet That s how I felt about Always a Bridesmaid Violet and Ford both had reasons to avoid dating Both had to fight through their issues to admit to themselves what they wanted and needed I liked that they had this in common Their love story was so cute and sweet 2 The friendships in this story continued to be fabulous Ford had his whole bridesdude thing going with Addie Tucker, Shep, and Easton were still around Even Lexi joined in on the friendship fun I loved every minute of all the wedding planning for Addie and Tucker that involved the gang I m also going to throw family in here Addie s nonna continued to be a highlight of the series, and Violet s sister was also a great addition All these moments with friends and family added in so many laughs.3 Puppies Yes, you read that right Three adorable puppies try to steal the show.A sweet relationship between great characters, great friendship moments, laughs, and adorable puppies What else could you ask for in a book, right Well, maybe first person, but the writing and story was so good I didn t notice the third person at all That s saying a lot because usually I m complaining about third but right now all I m complaining about is having to wait for the third book in this series of standalones I can only pray Cindi Madsen doesn t make me wait too long for Easton s story.

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    Violet Vibrant, beautiful, resilient, impulsive at times, quick with sassy humorous comebacks, hearts been stomped on before, photographer, complicated immediate family past, eye for fashion style weddings, wants the whole package love, marriage, children, won t be used tricked again.Ford Firefighter, paramedic, rescue dog trainer, all around good guy town hero, family history baggage, knucklehead actions words at times, afraid of marriage, falls for the heroine despite trying not to, calm in a crisis but love makes him panic.Well, this main couple was like bread and butter, my fellow romance book loving friends Yeah, they truly went that well together From their at first glance, sizzling, instant attraction chemistry to their funny, sassy, flirty, at times argumentative back and forth banter, I couldn t get enough of them The great posse of friends that surrounded them as side characters just added to this romantic mayhem mix Throw in the cute, adorable puppies, and, really, what do I need to say I was hooked from the get go As a lover of relationship angst, I can handle knucklehead words actions when I know it will ultimately lead to soul searching, hard on the heart regret, groveling, and life changing, light bulb moments of realization on what s truly important We definitely get that in the form of a direct punch to the heart here, folks Here s to hoping you ll feel the same way and enjoy this book as much as I did Romance Safety Gang view spoiler Hero had been celibate awhile due to his heavy work schedule commitments There is mention of some past OW but they don t make an appearance Violet is getting over a 10 year relationship that ended with a cheating boyfriend Neither are with other people after meeting hide spoiler

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    I loved this book So I have been a fan of Cindi for a while and so when the first book to this series came out the first book was entitled Just one of the groomsmen please read I felt that in order to read this one you need to read that and trust me you want to read that one Now normally when there is a second book, they are not as good as the first one but that was not the case with this book, it was just as good or even dare I say it at times better Now I love the relationship with Addie and Ford, they are hilarious together, there is a scene in the bakery that had me laughing out loud, it was so funny So in this one we meet Violet and she was a nice addition to the group Some times she annoyed me with the woe is me, but it was a little understandable, her ex was horrible and her father did not help Now Ford u loved and I truly understood him Violet was obsessed with weddings and I was scared for him,but was a complete 160 from bachelor to being in a relationship, he should not have to pay for her bad experiences what saved her was that she was funny and you felt for her and her ADHD.rcvd an ARC at no cost to author. netgalley voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions.

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    I loved this book It s both funny and sweet, with some poignant moments The funny parts made me laugh out loud and fall in love with the characters Both Violet and Ford are somewhat damaged and have a fragile sense of self, however, when the meet, they can t seem to stay apart What follows is delightful the kind of book that just makes you smile I was totally invested in their story and wanted them to get a HEA ending Put this one on your must read list.

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    Are there any books that feel like a guilty pleasure For me it s this series To me this is the perfect small town romance with enough drama that isn t over the top and lots of steam that can make you blush.Violet is trying to find her way After leaving a rough relationship behind she is now questioning her every action, she s on a journey of rediscovering and getting back to loving herself She has a wild spirit, a sense of humor that keeps you on your toes, and loves so fiercely Gotta give it up to Ford though A fighter s fighter who is comfortable in his own sexuality and had zero problems with being a Man of Honor for his best friends wedding He s completely ready to give in on center pieces and the great debate between which shade of red not to use I mean if the author wanted us to swoon, she couldn t have made a better character for it than Ford I fell hard for him He was the perfect mixture of funny and sweet.This book reminded me of a Hallmark movie love story with a light dose of Lifetime movie drama This book made me feel the feels It was sweet without being over the top and had the right amount of drama, though it did frustrate me at times For example, I didn t enjoy how Ford let others project their insecurities onto him causing him not to be able to think rationally There were times he acted like a stereotypical guy where the mention of marriage and babies had them running for the hills and it was frustrating The writing, for me, also made this book read a little slow At times I was wishing this would read like a first person narrative than a third.This book was fun and entertaining Though the plot was predictable, it was an enjoyable story with swoon worthy moments that gave you butterflies The friendships portrayed in the story were the backbone of this book and were the heart of the story I m excited for the next installment of the series and to see where the story takes these characters Thank you to NetGalley and Entangled Pub for this eARC

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    My favorite type of book balanced with romance, angst and emotion Violet has always been the bridesmaid, but she has been fastidiously been planning her wedding to her longtime boyfriend for years Until he cheats on her, breaks her heart and makes her swear of all men Headed home to help her sister remodel her bakery, Violet has no other option but fall head first into an emotional upheaval First, she is letting her guard down with a half sister that she only began to appreciate as an adult, she is facing off with a father who has always treated her as a dirty secret and second best, a stepmom who didn t like her and a town who always gossiped about her Violet then finds herself sparking with a hot fireman who she can tell would never want to settle down and could only break her heart.Ford is, as they say, fit to be tied Yeap, he is man of honor for his best friend Abby and is knee deep in wedding planning When new to town and temporary Violet is thrown in the wedding mix, Ford can t help but be attracted to the beautiful woman, She is fun and witty and a little quirky, but she is fun and sexy and Ford is very attracted to her Problem is, he can tell she wants forever and he isn t a forever dude Ford and Violet can t resist their attraction and soon give in and have fun They are amazing together and you can t help but want a happily ever after, despite knowing she s burned and he s gun shy of forever But can they walk away from what they have This brings up the emotional part of the story that I loved I highly recommend this wonderful book

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    I am loving this series It has been so fun to watch each of these friends fall and get their HEA Violet is a woman who has written off men and just trying to get by She wants to help her sister out and because of this she has a very awkward but yet funny first meeting with Ford Once thing that I really liked that the author did an amazing job at was the character development of Violet I loved that at different times we got to see her have all kinds of different emotions She was strong but yet needed someone to stand beside her in others To me, this made her feel real We all have these sides to us and it was nice to read about someone we could relate to I also liked that Violet had ADD I liked that this wasn t the focus of the book but yet it explained it in a way that was both informative and supportive.Ford was a harder man for me I really liked him but yet I was a little thrown off about how he could be swayed so easily especially by people he knows and he knows their angles Why did he let him inside his head There were many times my heart would beat a little faster for this man I loved the times that Ford was working with the dogs for training I also loved the relationship between Ford and Addie I loved their friendship and you always knew where his loyalty was They has some of my favorite lines I loved that he was her dude of honor Addie Yellow Dandelions make me happy.Ford Then they turn white and you can blow them and make wishes and sh t.

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    This was a fun, quick read Violet has come to stay in a little, Southern town where her natural father and her half sister live She s never been comfortable there because she is the result of a love affair that her married father had and so of course she wasn t ever really welcomed there On top of that, she s ADHD and just has a hard time focusing on things no matter how sincerely she wants to help out at her sister s bakery Violet was dumped by her long time boyfriend and had to leave town after she was arrested for taking a golf club to his Mercedes She s sworn off guys, but sexy Ford, the firefighter who helps out when she sets fire to her sister s bakery oven, might entice her to break her personal vows.Ford has his own insecurities because his family was a trashy, wrong side of town family with an alcoholic dad who basically ignored him all the time he was growing up He s vowed to make something of himself and never get involved with any woman who wants a family and children because he thinks he s undeserving Instead he trains search and rescue puppies Could anything be adorable than a hunk raising puppies Violet doesn t think so And luckily for her, he finds her quirky, absent mindedness is dang cute.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.

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