Tenterhooks Because Edith Had Not Been Feeling Very Well, That Seemed No Reason Why She Should Be The Centre Of Interest And Bruce, With That Jealousy Of The Privileges Of The Invalid And In That Curious Spirit Of Rivalry Which His Wife Had So Often Observed, Had Started, With Enterprise, An Indisposition Of His Own, As If To Divert Public Attention While He Was At Carlsbad He Heard The News Then He Received A Letter From Edith, Speaking With Deference And Solicitude Of Bruce S Rheumatism, Entreating Him To Do The Cure Thoroughly, And Suggesting That They Should Call The Little Girl Matilda, After A Rich And Sainted Though Still Living Aunt Of Edith S It Might Be An Advantage To The Child S Future In Every Sense To Have A Godmother So Wealthy And So Religious It Appeared From The Detailed Description That The New Daughter Had, As A Matter Of Course And At Two Days Old , Long Golden Hair, Far Below Her Waist, Sweeping Lashes And Pencilled Brows, A Rosebud Mouth, An Intellectual Forehead, Chiselled Features And A Tall, Elegant Figure She Was A Magnificent, Regal Looking Creature And Was A Superb Beauty Of The Classic Type, And Yet With It She Was Dainty And Winsome She Had Great Talent For Music This, It Appeared, Was Shown By The Breadth Between The Eyes And The Timbre Of Her Voice

Ada Leverson 1862 1933 , the devoted friend of Oscar Wilde who called her the wittiest woman in the world , wrote six timeless novels, each a classic comedy of manners Love s Shadow, the first in the trilogy The Little Ottleys, is the perfect examples of her wit and style no other English novelist has explored the world of marriage and married life with such feeling for its mysteries and absur

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    In this second comedy of manners novel in the Little Ottleys series, the characters become believable, the story takes a serious turn, and we make a few new friends along the way.In Tenterhooks , Bruce Ottley is still the very model of narcissistic histrionic personality disorder His wife, Edith, is eternally kind and patient with him, and we finally find out WHY she puts up with his bullying nonsense she finds him amusing Edith loves to study human beings, and her husband is the most interesting specimen she has ever found We learn that Edith is fond of losing herself in ideas and in books , has an extreme aversion for shopping trips, and has banished clutter from her house because she doesn t like to have many things in a room they suggest too many different trains of thought.The dialogue is just as brilliant in the second book as in the first In this quote, Edith is talking to her young son Archie about the need to be kind to his baby sister, nicknamed Dilly Archie, what is the meaning of this Why did you make this census of your home Edith asked him gently Why, I didn t make senses of my home I just wrote down who lived here Edith looked at him reproachfully Well, I didn t call Dilly a beast I haven t broken Miss Townsend s rules She made a new rule I wasn t to call her a beast before breakfast What, you re allowed to call her these awful names after breakfast No She made a rule before breakfast I wasn t to call Dilly a beast, and I haven t How did you know it meant her anyway It might have meant somebody else I adore the Ottley s sweet best friend, Vincy His greatest pleasure was the study of people There was nothing cold in his observation, nothing of the cynical analyst It was not surprising that he was immensely popular generally, as well as specially he was so interested in everyone except himself He did not care in the least for acquaintances, and spent much ingenuity in trying to avoid them he only liked intimate friends.And then there s Aylmer swoon caring, warm, intelligent the polar opposite of Bruce He was the sort of man who is adored by children, animals, servants and women To be near him was like warming one s hands at a warm fire Women felt safe with him he would never treat anyone badly He inspired that kind of trust enormously in men also, and his house was constantly filled with people asking his advice and begging him to do things sometimes not very easy ones He was always being left guardian to young persons who would never require one, and said himself he had become almost a professional trustee Obviously, the scene is set for a love triangle of a love octagon, actually , heartache, and some life changing decisions To forgive, or not to forgive, that is the question.Thanks so much to Helen Taylor for the beautifully narrated free audiobook The ebook is free on gutenberg.org and in the Kindle store.

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    Edith and Bruce have an imbalanced relationship Edith is bright, witty, patient and universally admired Bruce is a hypochondriac and thought to be tedious to the point of imbecility even by his closest friends Nowadays Bruce s behavior would be recognized as abusive, but in 1912 Edith dealt with him the way she did her children When Edith meets a handsome man at a dinner party her life begins to change.This book is a comedy of manners and quite witty If it had been about 100 pages shorter, which could have been achieved by leaving out detailed descriptions of musical parties unrelated to the story, I would have given it 4 stars If the ending hadn t been so depressing, I would have given it five stars.

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    Non ero rimasta molto colpita dal primo capitolo della saga degli Ottley di Ada Leverson la storia sembrava essere una giustapposizione di capitoli slegati fra loro, da cui non si coglieva l intelligenza di Edith e la stupidit di Bruce, che erano personaggi relegati sullo sfondo Questo secondo capitolo migliora molto e le relazioni fra i vari personaggi funzionano molto meglio come meccanismo comico o meglio ironico Inoltre il libro offre una gustosa visione dell Inghilterra di inizio secolo, un momento storico in cui le relazioni e i rapporti fra le persone iniziano ad essere improntati ad un minor formalismo di classe e in cui le persone possono essere veramente se stesse.

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    Very good so far 4 Funny, as if was written today at first, although much of today s comedy is blatant Interested as to where it s going to lead.main character is interesting because she finds humour in everything.

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    Bruce is an ass, but that s what makes it.

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