So You Want a Puppy?

So You Want a Puppy? A new puppy in the house Follow the adorable children as they play, train, and love up an adorable new puppy named Murray This children s book is a delight I love the rhyming prose and the feel of the words bouncing off my tongue Not only are the illustrations adorable and colorful, but they pull you into the story and anyone who has ever been around a puppy, will feel the excitement and emotions of the children as they experience the rambunctious little fur ball.Raven Howell has a done a wonderful job of capturing the joy of pet ownership and even gives some new pet advice at the end of the story.This is for any child to enjoy, and even so for those new pet owners Getting A New Puppy Or Dog Can Be A Lot Of Fun, But It S Also A Lot Of Work, Especially When The Pup Tracks Muddy Paw Prints In The Kitchen And Chews On Shoes So You Want A Puppy Tells The Story Of A Family Welcoming A New Dog Into Their Home The Family Learns How To Train, Care For, And Share Love With New Dog Murray As They Explore Daily Life Adventures This Picture Book For Early And Young Readers Is An Introduction To Pet Care, And Its Responsibilities And Joys I don t know how to I loved it and so did my grandchildren. Great introduction to children about the idea that having a pet means having responsibilities I love the poetry and the expressive illustrations Excellent book When I received a preview copy of the new book written by Raven Howell and illustrated by Ann Pilicer , I thought, Well, it s about dogs and I m a cat person how much can I end up liking it Was I ever wrong I am so happy I ve had the opportunity to read So You Want a Puppy and am ordering a hard copy The story is balanced delicately and thoughtfully between real life advice and teachings about owning a new pet, and a light hearted and funny plot of puppy prowess and the family trying to keep up with Murray s the pup s shenanigans The rhyming text moves along seamlessly and phrases such as Dashing through the puddles, he doesn t care to rinse Indoor kitchen tiles leave us patterned muddy prints give a delightful poetic lilt As an adult, it reminded me so much of my own experiences when I was a young kid with our dog in the household As my third grader cousin read it, he kept grinning, cracking up, and became inquisitive and was engaged One of the cutest moments from the book When Murray s chasing his tail, trying in vain to catch his rump I recognize illustrator Ann Pilicer s work from the picture book, Greetings and found her style here just as endearing full of light, color and images that pull the reader from page to page Her twilight skies, picnics, bedtime, children s expressions, night stars and squirrels are favorites Five stars Love it Excellent book for the grandchildkren The illustrations are great.

Poetry and rhyme has always come naturally to me In school years, I excelled in creative writing, enjoying the freedom of language in poetry and its various forms I went on to work in New York graphic arts firms, and was a songwriter and worked in publishing for NYC record labels.I transitioned my focus from song writing to writing poetry for greeting cards, and had much success, inspiring me to

❴BOOKS❵ ✸ So You Want a Puppy?  Author Raven Howell –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • So You Want a Puppy?
  • Raven Howell
  • English
  • 09 June 2019
  • 9781947854598

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