Interview with the Robot

Interview with the Robot This was actually fun than I expected I liked the story and the way it was presented And I liked the twist from the end as well It s not the most original thing, but it worked for the story really well I also really liked Eve, and it was easy to get attached to the characters, which is nice, considering this is quite short I liked the message about family too, it was really nicely done and integrated in the story As for the audio, I think the narrators were great, and the other audio effects were also really nice and they didn t drown out the narrators in any way, while also adding some much needed context from time to time, since this doesn t have any descriptions So that was nice, I think I would have felt a bit lost from time to time without the extra audio effects. This is a wonderful little middle grade science fiction story I imagine if I were twelve, this would be kind of mind expanding with all the implications of artificial intelligence and the questions of who is property and who has rights, etc There are also some wonderful themes here about friendship, love and the true meaning of family.There are so many big questions tackled in this story, that a much longer grown up version could easily be written There s a wonderful twist near the end that will come as no great shock to any veteran reader of science fiction but could easily a very awesome reveal for a kid.All in all, I enjoyed this one immensely with one tiny thing I would ve done differently, view spoiler I would have come up with of an explanation of how she managed to free Emory from his father s control Simply appealing to friendship seems like it shouldn t be enough She could communicate directly in binary code Surely there should have been a way for her to get into his programming and open those memories up to him Her appeals to friendship could have at least have weakened his defenses enough so that he let her do that That s how I would ve done it anyway hide spoiler Listening Length Hours And MinutesFugitive Criminal RobotEve Looks Like An Ordinary Year Old Girl, But There S Nothing Ordinary About Her She Has No Last Name No Parents Or Guardian She S On The Run From A Dangerous And Secretive Organization That Will Stop At Nothing To Track Her Down And Most Astonishing Of All She S A Robot, A Product Of Eden Labratories When She Discovers The Truth, She Realizes Everything She Thought She Knew About Herself Is A Lie Eve Manages To Escape, Fleeing The Lab, The Only Home She S Ever Known After Being Arrested For Shoplifting, Eve Is Interviewed By Petra Amis From Child Welfare Services Her Incredible Story Unfolds During The Interrogation, With Flashbacks To Her Life Inside Eden Laboratories, Which Has A Dark Secret Exploring A Range Of Topics That Drive Our Society And Our Lives Topics Such As Artificial Intelligence And Human Nature Interview With The Robot Is A Story Told By A Startlingly Original Protagonist, A Story That Explores The Vast Potential Of Technology And The Deep Complexities Of Humanity What does it mean to be human To have a family Of course the title is a reference to Interview with the Vampire, but I think this story is a combination of that with a bit of Frankenstein, and some other classical science fiction This was a wonderful middle grade suspense sci fi that had a really interesting twist I like where it went and would be happy to share this with many middle grade readers in my life There is an Aesop trope at the end, but it s about the theme of found family, which I tend to love And I feel this story did an excellent job at conveying that.The only real problem with this story is that it is a little unresearched in its approach to law or even adult reactions Plus the antagonist doesn t have much nuance to them in the end But I think that these problems were really acceptable for the age group this is dedicated to, and with some suspension of disbelief allow adult listeners to still get enjoyment out of this story There was a lot of symbolism, allusions, and other interesting literary choices that made this feel like not only a good introduction for sci fi or suspense stories, but also to literary stories in general for kids that struggle to get into them I truly believe that if Lee Bacon works on their adult characters a little , they could come up with some pretty fantastic middle grade stories that could share some fascinating ideas. This was a true middle grade novel The premise of the novel I thought was very interesting playing off Interview with a Vampire , to learn about the life and escapades of a seemingly 12 year old robot The setup of how the robot was made and how they came to be in the interview all were fun I was able to enjoy that part of the story Some of the reactions of the adults especially, and some of the other actions of various people throughout the story made it difficult for me to suspend my disbelief I think if I was a younger reader those things would not have bothered me, but reading as an adult made it difficult to ignore some of the issues that I had Overall the story was cute and fun and a short glimpse at the life of a 12 year old robot I would recommend for younger readers to delve into AI robot stories I would probably suggest skipping if strict realism in a potential AI situation might bother you. I hope this Audible Original will be made available to everyone What a fun, engaging YA story My 12 year old and I listened to this on a day trip The story gave us lots to talk about The story is acted out by around 6 characters, and only 3 at a time so it s easy to follow The performances are amazing It s the story of a 12 year old girl that gets arrested for shoplifting The list of items is quite funny She is sent to the jail and because she s a child Eve is interviewed by a caseworker with Child Welfare Services The caseworker becomes a trusted confidant for Eve and is truly on her side Eve divulges that she is actually a robot She tells the story of her beginning through flashback scenes It s mostly easy for kids to follow until the end The story has a surprising twist that can bring up conversations on the meaning of family My son and I loved this story and highly recommend it Five stars This was actually pretty good It definitely reminded me of the movie Replicas which features Keanu Reeves No idea why that movie came to mind while listening to it but it probably had to deal with the whole robot family Or child and soon to be mother Not quite sure where Eve fits into this picture.That being said, this sci fi adventure was dark and fun to listen to In it, you will meet Eve who is not quite a girl and not quite a robot She s adapting to every little thing that she learns and she definitely has spunk Maybe even sarcasm Throughout the book, she is telling the story of how she became her Then we get some little twist and turns about what happened along the way Again, it was interesting and I really enjoyed this one Definitely a good audible original and look forward to the next book by Lee. A nice, somewhat short story, with an interesting premise that is all wrapped up in a nice little package.The story, while short, had some twists I didn t expect and some I did, which managed to keep me on my toes just enough to be interesting while still remaining a comfy read The ending did have a single deus ex machina moment, though that almost feels right, due to the subject matter.The characters didn t really get a chance to get fleshed out due to the length, but I did enjoy the main character s transformation throughout I feel like any additional detail might even be a disservice since it makes sense with how the plot turned out.In the end, the story is a fun medium length one that felt nice to read I would recommend it to any fans of AI and robots, or of their discovery. I gave this book 4 stars even though I thought it was pretty hokey I think it would appeal to kids and young teens since the main characters appear to be 12 years old.Note This is an Audible Original audiobook play The voices are a little comical, like one would hear in a TV cartoon I kept thinking of The Simpsons although this audiobook is nowhere that funny I doubt it was intended to be that funny, but the voice connection was there Also, the voice of the father was reassuring, but when he became angry, it was sudden and discordant How could a man with such a loving voice become angry so suddenly I know it happens, but it didn t fit It was like a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde without drinking the magic potion to clue you in to the change coming.The story opens with a Child Protective Services representative sounding a lot like a police detective who is interviewing what appears to be a 12 year old child caught shoplifting She has no apparent connection to any adult and claims to be a robot The robot, Eve, tells the story of her first awakening and development into a real girl uh robot Whatever What starts as a welcome dream turns sinister, and finally ends with the reason why Eve was shoplifting in a store It s a good enough reason that I doubt any child would be convicted of a crime Really Any problems with the story Well not really The story was clever The plot was predictable, but the author placed enough surprises in it to satisfy an adult listener The twists and turns in the plot were well done The ending was improbable, but once I thought about it for a while, I realized that it could happen maybe depending on how one thought about it.FYI, a similar story for teens and young adults is MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza A teenager moves to a new town with her mom and soon discovers that she is not like all the other teens in school She is, in fact, a military grade super weapon made into the form of a teenage girl, Mila Every government agency should have one Now she is on the run from people who want to exploit her, or just take her apart to see how she ticks Check it out.Any modesty issues No None that I can tell There is one rather juvenile fart joke On the other hand, these are juveniles Right I probably won t listen to this audio play again unless I m with my grandkids Then it should be a pleasant listen for all of us except for the grandkid who is married She is probably too old for this one. Eve is, apparently, a twelve year old girl, who gets arrested stealing an unlikely variety of items at a tourist gift shop in New York City Since she s obviously a minor, and claims to have no parents, no guardian, and no last name, the only thing to do is call Child Welfare Services Petra Amis is the CWS social worker assigned to interview her When she insists she wants the truth, no matter how bonkers it sounds, she gets a truly wild tale Eve does take the sensible precaution of first demonstrating that she really is a robot, by opening up a section of her arm and showing the metal, wires, and circuits inside.What follows is the story of her origin in the labs of Eden Laboratories, the brainchild of engineer David Sharpe, who lost his wife in a car crash several years ago It s also the story of Emory Sharpe, David s son, who was at a boarding school in New Hampshire when his mother died in the crash.Or maybe he wasn t It gradually becomes clear that David Sharpe has a goal both and less ambitious than merely making humans safer.Eve s progress from a small gray box on a shelf, to a fully mobile, apparently completely human child, alongside the gradual revelation of what really happened in the car crash and how unhealthy his reaction has been, makes for a compelling listen The narrators are all excellent, and add to the creation of Eve, Emory, and those around them It makes for a very compelling listen.Recommended.I received this audiobook as part of the Audible Originals program, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

I grew up in College Station, TX and first began writing in elementary school I would write stories and poems with the intention of making my classmates laugh Twenty years later, I used this same technique to write my first kid s book Over the years, I ve worked a lot of different jobs farm laborer, art gallery assistant, bartender, assistant literary agent before settling on the two jobs that

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