Wall of Silence

Wall of Silence Her Children Have A Deadly Secret Can She Uncover It Before The Police Do Melissa Byatt S Life In Forest Grove Seems As Perfect As Can Be A Doting Husband, Three Loving Children And A Beautiful House In A Close Knit Community But Appearances Can Be DeceivingOne Evening, Melissa Arrives Home To The Unimaginable Her Husband Lies Stabbed On The Kitchen Floor, Their Children Standing Calmly Around Him With Horror, She Realises That One Of Them Is To Blame But Which One And Why Would They Attack Their Own Father Her Loyalties Torn, In A Split Second She Decides To Protect Her Children At All Costs Even If That Means Lying To The Police But When Someone In The Neighbourhood Claims To Know Than They Should, Melissa Discovers That Some Secrets Are Beyond Her Control Can She Find Out The Truth Of What Happened Before The Rumours Spread And Can The Family Unite To Escape The Spotlight Of Scandal Or Are None Of Them As Innocent As Melissa Insists

Hello Fab to see you here I live in Buckinghamshire, UK with my husband, my little girl and our very naughty puppy, Bronte I travelled extensively while working as a travel magazine editor, and have always been drawn to the sea after spending my childhood holidays on the south coast visiting family a fascination that inspires my writing I now dedicate my time to writing and procrastinating

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  • Paperback
  • 383 pages
  • Wall of Silence
  • Tracy Buchanan
  • 14 January 2019
  • 9781542017091

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    Wall of Silence opens with the inner thoughts of the person who has stabbed Patrick Byatt, the husband and father of the family It is automatically clear that one of the three children is responsible for it and there is a cover up being formed, not to mention overall panic Soon, Melissa comes home from a bike ride to find her husband bleeding on the kitchen floor The children provide some responses to her questions on what happened, but being their mother it doesn t take her too long to realize the answers aren t completely truthful.As you read, the author gives you a very well rounded view of what a gossipy small town neighborhood might be like The Byatt s live in a village called Forest Grove labeled Utopia of the Woods, where everything is seemingly perfect and serene That is except for the Byatt s, who have had their share of tragedies due to the death of one of their sons several years prior Joel and one involving Melissa s mother.The neighbors and the village play a decent sized role within the story as well Sprinkled through out the book are Forest Grove Facebook Chit Chat Group chapters, where we read the messages being sent in real time by their neighbors and what they are relaying to each other in regards to the events and what they think about them In these text chat messages we get a accurate sense of their inner feelings and prejudices that social media tends to bring out of some Sniping, conjectures, rumor starting.One of the main factors that will most likely determine whether or not you fully invest into this story is whether you can related to the style of the narrative and overall storytelling It has a different type of presentation than other thrillers especially with the chit chat group chapters It wasn t quite my style, but that is just me and I feel confident this will work for others.Rating 3.5 stars

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    I really enjoyed this book It had all the elements I love except too many characters which confused me at times I loved the way this book kept me guessing at who did the murder and the ending surprised me.

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    For my full review, visit me at a perfect family exist Well, that s the image that the residents of Forest Grove have of the Byatt family Yet, after a tragic event, cracks rapidly start appearing, proving that nothing is what it seems in this very close knit community.For my full review, visit me at

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    Melissa comes home to find her husband stabbed, all signs point to one of her children being responsible, and she decides to protect them Understandable, but she took such a passive approach that it seemed unbelievable She confronts the kids who are 15 year old boy girl twins and their 10 year old sister and basically they tell her they just can t talk about it So Melissa s response is basically, OK, I guess they need some space WHO REACTS THAT WAY Melissa was happy in her marriage, in love with her husband, so why would she not be a little inclined to put some pressure on her kids I was so frustrated with her through almost the entire book Especially after was revealed, is anyone really that clueless If you live in a small town where there are orgies going on at the local pub, wouldn t everyone have at least heard some rumors Spread throughout the book are chapters where locals take to Facebook to gossip about what s going on I ve never had a Facebook account, but it seems about as toxic as I imagined.Near the end, when Melissa finally located her spine, a lot happened all at once I m still left with questions Was that really the whole story of what happened with Melissa s mother What about what happened to Caitlin Shouldn t there have been some consequences for that or at least some intensive therapy

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    WALL OF SILENCE is wild, a who dun it rollercoaster The story launches with a bang with one of the most original openings I ve read Tracy Buchanan has crafted a novel where the plot literally thickens with every page turned and new secrets simmer as the reader is pulled deeper into her cast of character s web of lies and silence I was captivated from page one, entertained throughout, and shocked over the final reveal Loved it

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    The plot was very promising, and Melissa was a relatable character Her anxiety and her indecision about how to get the truth from her children was well written So was her love for her children and her desire to protect them.I thought how the backstory was woven into the main narrative was very well done It was easy to follow and it wasn t drug out for too long I had enough time to wonder what had happened in Melissa s past, but it didn t take too long to find out.There were several things that didn t track for me, which is why 3 stars.1 If the twins always knew their father had killed their brother Joel, how had they had such a loving and happy relationship for the last 11 years 2 If Ryan and Daphne knew that Lily was really Patrick s child, why did they allow her and Lewis to date They were half siblings and didn t know it That could have been disastrous, to say the least.3 The small and close knit community setting doesn t jive with Melissa not knowing of her husband s not so secret serial cheater behavior 4 The kids telling their grandad all They knew he and their grandma helped to cover up Joel s death Why would they trust him and not their mom

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    I hadn t read any of Buchanan s books before this one but was gripped from the very first page to the last, and look forward to reading her future novels Part literary in that it delves into the individual characters lives their personalities, beliefs, desires, fears, motivations, and their relation to each other, part psychological as it also offers a plausibly described explanation of familial structure The plot is so authentic I kept forgetting I was reading a novel This is a work of excellent fiction that reminded me in parts of Jo Spain s Dirty Little Secrets Original, compelling, and I had absolutely no idea who done it or why until it was revealed This was a definite five star read for me

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    When Melissa s husband Patrick is stabbed, she knows one of her three children is to blame Was the culprit one of her fifteen year old twins Lilly or Lewis Could their younger sister Grace be responsible On the outside, the family seems so perfect But is any family Patrick s parents are oh so supportive Oppressively so Neighbors gossip online with theories and innuendo while Patrick lays in a coma One child confesses in a diary Which child WALL OF SILENCE is a wild ride Red herrings galore Everyone had secrets Everyone in the family and in the village And everyone lied Some lies to save face can t really hurt, unless those lies cause someone to do something potentially deadly.I guessed the Who in the whodunnit incorrectly, although the Why was much important WALL OF SILENCE is a twisty, turny journey from stabbing to what the heck, oh that makes perfect sense.

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    Holy crap No, let me rephrase that Holy shit Stop whatever you re doing and read this novel Immediately Do not pass go, do not collect 200, just buy this and read it It s amazing.I don t give many 5 star reviews But this one grabbed me from the blurb and didn t let me go It s character driven a must for me and all the characters are incredibly well developed At the end of it, I was a little tearful because I now know these people I m a part of them I thought the author s use of Facebook posts was really cleverly done as well I liked how it broke up some of the drama but still moved the plot forward And I loved that I didn t quite know who did it until a few pages before the reveal I went back and forth between several different suspects and every time I was convinced I knew, I was proven wrong or rendered uncertain again within a few pages I m so excited to have stumbled across an author who clearly knows her craft well I ll be reading of her work for sure Highly recommend this one.

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    A great read with some unexpected twists As soon as I read the first couple of chapters of this book, I was drawn in For a while it was quite hard to work out why what had happened had happened, but after a few careful clues I had an idea, yet there were further twists I did not expect I thought including the Facebook group was clever and very realistic in today s modern world with all the community groups I sometimes found it hard to remember everyone s names as there are quite a few mentioned and I d find myself trying to think back to who that person was, however this did not affect how much I enjoyed this book I personally feel that some aspects of the story no spoilers left some unanswered questions and could have been explained a little , but overall an excellent read I finished in two sittings.This is my first book by Tracy Buchanan but definitely not my last

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