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Just Another Girl Aster Flynn Is Stuck She Has To Spend All Of Her Free Time With Her Younger Sister, Lily, Who, Though Fifteen, Is Mentally Handicapped At Age Seventeen, Aster Should Be Hanging Out With Friends, Dating Boys, And Working At A Fun Job But Her Dad S MIA, Her Mom Is Always At Work, And Her Older Sister Rose Is Too Self Centered To Give Her Any Help It S Not That Aster Doesn T Love Lily It S Just That For Once She D Like To Be Able To Be A Normal Teenager So When A Cute Popular Guy Seems To Take An Interest In Her, Aster Hatches A Plan Somehow She Has To Get Her Workaholic Mom And Deadbeat Dad To Be The Parents Lily Needs So That Aster Can Have A Life Of Her Own But Can She Ever Get Her Parents To Start Acting Like Adults Is This New Guy Worth The Trouble And, Most Importantly, Will Lily Get Hurt In The Process With Its Real Life Characters And Struggles, Just Another Girl Will Immediately Draw Teen Girls In Author Melody Carlson Knows How To Write To Girls Just Where They Are

Melody Carlson is the award winning author of over two hundred books, several of them Christmas novellas from Revell, including her much loved and bestselling book, The Christmas Bus She also writes many teen books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the TrueColors series, and the Carter House Girls series Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspi

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  • Just Another Girl
  • Melody Carlson
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  • 03 March 2019
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    4.5 Just Another Girl is a GREAT book Now I don t absolutely postively love it, but it s pretty darn close I found so many similarities between me and Aster 1 She loves reading just like me reading has always been a handy escape for me I get to run away from my dreary little life for a few hours Of course, Rose thinks I m nuts She can t believe that I read because I want to 84.I love to read Nuf said.2 She says humph Only someone like Crystal or me would say humph I guess we really are nerds 79.My friends should know I say humph all the time when I m angry 3 She says Tar shay As I mentioned, I m of a Target girl, or Tar zhay, as Rose likes to say 53.My family says Tar shay for Target, and JC Pen ay for JCPenny.4 Aster is a Christian I am a Catholic and this book didn t shy away from the fact that Aster had Christian morals and views She even went to a youth group at church 5 She has a little sister I have a little sister too However, mine does not have any disabilities like Aster s little sis, Lily.I loved to read about someone so similar to me Aster cared for her sister, but she also found time to care for and respect herself Just Another Girl was about being responsible in your family, but also being yourself And the Christian values Aster displayed made my dad happy that I was actually reading a book of substance He says It was AWESOME

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    Personal ResponseI liked Just Another Girl by Melody Carlson from the get go The book started out interesting It was so well written that I wanted to keep reading throughout the whole book While reading the book, I decided to look at my own life and analyze how I lived my everyday standards I looked up to Aster I admired how she concentrated on her demeanor and believed in herself Unlike other teens her age, Aster did not focus on what others thought of her She focused on what she thought of herself Plot SummaryAster Flynn spent all of her spare time taking care of her sister, Lily She had no help from her older sister, Rose, or her mother Asters mom had to pay all of the bills and the expenses of the family, with no help from the father Rose, on the other hand, only cared for herself She did not help with Lily in the slightest bit Throughout the book, Aster began to realize that she deserved to have a life like everyone else her age Aster wanted to go out on dates and be able to live a life like a normal teenager She made a schedule and found time to go out behind Lily s back She found out it would have been better if she would have stayed home With Asters great christian morals she learned it is better to be true to her family, than to live up to society s expectations.CharacterizationAster was not only living with four other girls, but she was also the middle child Aster was a very bold sixteen year old girl that possessed the important aspects of life Unlike other teenage girls her age, Aster took care of her fifteen year old sister, Lily, who had a mental illness Aster expressed everyday gratitude and worked very hard Aster spent most of her time taking care of Lily She did her homework and studied during her free time During the summer of her Junior year, Aster found out her SAT score were the not only the highest in her class, but the highest ever scored At the end of the book, Aster realized she did not have a life She realized she needed a chance to live her life and go to college She could not wait to get out into the real world and see what it was like to live without Lily following her around SettingThe setting of Just Another Girl was an entire summer Throughout the book, Aster and Lily struggle in the summer heat This book was written in modern times The time period was important, because it related to the struggles of a modern teenage girl RecommendationI would recommend this book to any girl in her teens I would also recommend it to someone who has to take care of her mentally handicapped relative Other kids, like Aster, who have realized that there is so much to live for in life should read this book There are too many kids living down in the dumps and this book could inspire them Just Another Girl portrayed living life to the fullest and creating something out of nothing.

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    A good read Not a lot of meat to it but good enough for a short read while waiting for my new books to arrive.

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    Aster Flynn is pretty much a modern day Cinderella except without the evil step mom and stepsisters Instead she has Rose, the older sister who only cares about herself, her mom, who is mostly absent, and Lily, her mentally challenged younger sister.Aster is basically Lily s caregiver Every day she helps her get dressed, drops her off at the rec center, picks her up later, and then fixes dinner and helps her get ready for bed With all this on her plate Aster has no time for a life of her own.Aster never really minded this until she met Owen, the popular, handsome guy from school who seems to be showing an interest in her The only problem is, with Lily around, there is no time for a date of any kind and nobody else is willing to take care of her.Finally, Aster manages to persuade a friend to babysit while she goes out with Owen but Lily proves to be too much for anyone but Aster to handle When Aster arrives home after her date she finds that things are chaos The next morning when Aster wakes up her mom has already left, without a word about the night before.As Aster tries to find her independence Lily gets worse Aster finally decides to take control and make her mom take some of the responsibility for Lily so that Aster can have time with Owen But one thing is niggling at the back of Aster s mind Is Owen really the person she wants to be spending her time with Just Another Girl was a good book Not exceptional, not horrible The story was actually great but most of the characters seemed a little underdeveloped I would probably recommend this book as a quick, cute read It was very insightful and shows a realistic life of someone dealing with a mentally challenged child but also with a happy ending As a warning, this story is also a little bit religious so if that is something that doesn t appeal to you, this is not the book for you.

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    A quick read that s a sort of Cinderella story Aster just wants a normal life, but it seems like everyone is always dumping their burdens on her, namely her younger mentally challenged sister Heartfelt and honest, I liked the story, I liked Aster, and kind of wished the story would continue on in another book so we could see where life goes from here I m giving this 3 stars because I felt that ending was a bit rushed and maybe the answers were a little bit too pat Still it was a book designed to make you think a little bit, and was entertaining Just it could have been better.

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    I m older than the target audience for this book but I have enjoyed other Melody Carlson books If you re a reader, it can be read fairly quickly I could identify a bit with the main character, Aster She seems to possess a maturity beyond her years in some ways taking care of her younger sister for one and also in feeling the need to help others At 17, she s been responsible for the care of her younger sister, Lily, for quite a few years, but now she s wanting to have a life of her own where she doesn t always have to have Lily tagging along with her.Aster seems to blame this for the loss of her best friend Katie as well as for other things in her life I do think Aster deserves to have a life of her own in addition to helping to take care of her sister, but I don t admire the way she goes about obtaining it Apparently some of Aster s help has come in either the form of enabling or in the form of manipulation to get Lily to do what needs to be done Once Aster and her mom start working together, the situation improves I think because each can point out areas that need work with the other and they agree to rules with each other that allow them to not let Lily divide them.Aster also is so infatuated with BMOC Owen that she ignores the warnings of her friend Crystal as well as other warning signs though to be fair, I didn t pick up on whatever those were supposed to be until he went back on a promise he made to Aster God is mentioned in this book but not as much as I expected It wasn t a central point as it was in a similar book I read years ago called Sincerely, Kari There are many opportunities where Carlson could have injected a bit without it becoming preachy or spoiling the plot Still there are some good themes Help, but don t let yourself be taken advantage of Sometimes you need to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others Don t be fooled by the outside Make sure the other person s character is good as well as their looks Don t settle for someone who doesn t respect you and who doesn t treat you well.

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    Great book True to life, on a topic that only people who ve walked in Aster s shoes would understand Melody Carlson s telling of the story really is both believable and makes you think Fast read with a note of spirituality wove in.

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    Just another GirlBy Melody CarlsonPublished 2009FictionThe main character Aster is a middle child that has to do everything for her younger sister Lily Lily is 15 and was born with a brain problem so she is retarded as her older sister Rose would say Rose is 19 and doesn t want anything to do with her falling apart family Aster is turning seventeen soon and she wants to date guys and hang out with her friends Every day she has to take care of her sister and she s tired of doing it Her mom always works and their Dad left them because he couldn t handle Lily Their dad remarried and has the son he always wanted Aster wants their Dad to watch Lily because she is so stressed out from watching Lily Theirs Dads new wife is afraid Lily will hurt Nelson so when she saw Lily and Nelson playing together She pushed Lily down the stairs Lily broke her arm Aster was dating the popular boy in school Owen On their second date they went to a party and Aster left because there was drinking and she doesn t drink The next day someone told her that Owen was cheating on her with another girl Her church friend George finds her crying in the street and takes her out for a float Aster realizes what a nice guy he is and her and Lily start hanging out with them He is really patient with Lily They all hang out and celebrate Asters birthday.The theme of this book it to be you and to put the people you love first Hang out with your family and people who care about you A good example is when Aster was on her first date with Owen Lily called and said she was having a problem so Aster left in the middle of her date to help her sister Another example is when Aster was on her third date with Owen and her Dad called and said Lily was in the hospital, so Aster left before the movie even started to go make sure her sister was okay Every day of the summer when she doesn t hang out with her friends, she just stays home and cleans and controls Lily Asters Dad married Jana, and they had Nelson who is almost 3 years old Her Dad used to be a workaholic and now he s the stay at home parent until Nelson turns 5 and can go to school Asters older sister Rose always tries to look pretty with her perfect blonde hair and her blue eyes full of makeup Aster is of a natural girl who doesn t care what she looks like and she doesn t wear any makeup People that would like this book are the people who have a mental or disabled family member or friend To see how they manage dealing with the troubles and the tantrums I don t like this book as much as I ve liked other books from the author I think the book is slow and kind of boring in some spots My favorite quote from the book is I pretend to study the pink T shirt, seeing Minnie s face is partially rubbed off, which makes the rodent look slightly disgruntled sort of how I m feeling at the moment It is on page 7 That shows the authors sense of humor that continues throughout the story The book relates to me because my cousin has Autism and he is hard to deal with and I feel stressed out after babysitting because I babysit 4 young boys and one of them has special needs I can relate to how Aster is feeling after dealing with Lily I did not enjoy the book that much because it was kind of boring The beginning of the book started off slow and was kind of boring They gave to many facts about the characters Honestly I don t think I needed to know the girls bra size and what they do in the morning to get dressed The book was a little personal.

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    3.5 out of 5 I was having my monthly book shopping in the mall when I came across this book What enthralled me into buying this book was its title, Just Another Girl, because I thought it was a romance novel Doesn t it sound like a romance novel What s was that the cover was pretty effortless and simple, yet captivating And the synopsis seemed pretty decent above, in italics , don t you think All of these factors seemed enough for me, so I bought it.So like the title, Just Another Girl, is this book just another book, too The answer is no at least, from every book I ve ever read While this book takes on teenage romance and family problems, it adds God into the scenario something I do not always and freely read from teen fiction.Aster Flynn is pretty much a modern day Cinderella without the evil step mom and stepsisters Instead, she has Rose, the older sister who only cares about herself, her mom, who is mostly absent, and Lily, her mentally challenged younger sister.And Melody Carlson definitely took the risk of adding a mentally handicapped character I love Lily Even though she s mentally retarded and, let s admit it, annoying, she can be a very loving sister to Aster And while I love Lily, I hate Owen He s such a jerk Forget him being hot and all He s an egotistic jerk who doesn t care about anything but his pretty face and his rubbish reputation I know those so called jerks are supposed to be hot and scream worthy, but Owen Forget it, because while Conrad Fisher Summer Series was a jerk and didn t talk to Belly Summer Series for a while, he never did sour grape about their relationship and call Belly s brother retarded That s just low Oh Right, Owen, you are that low.Another thing that I liked about this book was the fact that in the end, Aster found the guts to break up with Owen She ended up with George McBride, a scrawny teen who s in the same youth group as Aster He s not exactly what I d call as handsome, but he s a decent guy, I guess He definitely went along fine with Lily He didn t call her retarded And Aster deserved a better guy than someone who sour grapes.In the end, I decided to give it 3.5 out of 5 stars, because while it was full of values, the conversations were somewhat lacking It doesn t have enough of that witty and bubbly vibe that I go looking for in teen fiction And also, I found the characters a little underdeveloped I also found Aster a bit dull and passive for a main character And it doesn t help that the book was written in her perspective.Overall, it was a good book Not exceptional, but it s insightful and realistic And don t forget its religious side, too I would definitely recommend it for a bit light reading I wanted character development but it was still a beautiful, short read.EDIT Despite the rating and the blandness of this book, it s oddly one of my favorites I don t know why but it is.

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    I absolutely loved this story It s going down in history as my favorite Melody Carlson book ever I ll tell you why Because it is so realistic and believable I have worked for the past eight years with people who have developmental disabilities and I have clients of various ages and levels of disability I have never read a book before that so accurately demonstrated the challenges faced by family members who are dealing with a teenager who is mentally much younger than her actual age The author blew me away with the accuracy because the details that are so true to life She described a number of female clients that I work with I was very impressed with how the author didn t try to be politically correct, but showed exactly how real people feel at times when dealing with such challenging behavior and the often overwhelming responsibility for another person The author also showed the family s dysfunction well The spiritual thread in the story was tight and fit the setting, but did not overwhelm the plot.I can t say enough good things about this story Wait, I think I already said this Well, it s so true I m saying it again I have read books before that slip in characters with disabilities but they are often so stereotyped that it annoys me That is not the case with this novel I d recommend this book to not only teens but also adults and family members who simply need encouragement There are no easy solutions here, but there are themes that will edify readers and help them to see that they aren t alone in their struggles.I also loved how the author showed that there is often help for families that they may not be aware of These services will help people better take care of their family member Maybe one of the reasons I also adored this story was because like Aster, I was that teenager, only I was responsible for taking care of my mother who had MS and was bedridden Like Aster, I felt like I had no life for a number of years It s tough being responsible for so much at such a young age It matures you quickly when you aren t able to be a typical teen Anyway, this book is making my favorites of 2009 list I m so glad I had a chance to review it

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